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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for Melbourne vs Richmond, R6 of 2023

J.Worrall: Go Dees
Gotigres: Boo Dees
J.Worrall: Go Dees
bushranger: Good evening one and all
Cottees: Told you all guys. Stewart to Docherty to Saad to Miller. Going Bont next, you’ve been warned
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ElstyBoy: wonder how Clarry goes off the flu
frenzy: howdy
Wends: Evening. Question: my original trade was Davey to Jones. Bailey Laurie onfield to pick up Hollands’ 75. Laurie named sub
Oddsy5: go dees
MrWalrus: Eveing, Dees been on the chipolatas? Looks like they’ve all been spewing
Nurfed: go trac
Wends: Davey named for tomorrow night. Wld you edit trade from Davey to Laurie? Laurie no cash gen now… Davey some atleast
bhg26: Please no cottees, I can?t take anymore
Pavs: I have Bont Cottees, could you pick someone
ryan: get off fanfooty shay
zadolinnyj: Hey frenzy, Howdy all
zadolinnyj: go crows
Troglodyte: Gawny – try not to trip over your teammates
Wends: Lol 🙂 last minute panic stations. Edited trade FWIW
Cottees: I could go someone else to Bont. Who would you recommend lol
ryan: need a big game from trac tonight
circle52: grundy on bench – not ideal for we who were hoping Grundy would be R1 when Gawn returns
circle52: So back to Gawn pre injury structure oouch.
bhg26: Just please think of others cottees, especially me. Leave my players alone
PigeonPies: so glad i wenttouk over oliver this week
MrWalrus: Surely that was HTB? Better be consistent…
PigeonPies: cumberland’s left boot is elite
MrWalrus: How Cumberland hasn’t been in since R1 is beyond me, just knows how to kick goals
PigeonPies: i rate him more than like half the team
PigeonPies: that was weak taranto lol
TheLegend6: Cumberland very good
Crave: TT out muscled bye a stick figure
thommoae: Max “still does ruckman things”. Lol.
PigeonPies: luke darcy calls every player “one of the best” in their position
Nurfed: well if you think about it pigeon, theyre technically top 18 in the nation
PigeonPies: very true
TheLegend6: Have gone Naicos C instead of Clarry, hopefully doesnt burn me
sc_god: nice dive there by the cucumber
ryan: get the crab on baker monty
MrWalrus: Lol lever, what a muppet
Crave: dive followed by strange 50 lol lipstick for richmond
TheLegend6: Crab on Baker? Why?
MrWalrus: Baker crab? Averaging over 100 and just a total champ
Bazza2023: since when is there a protcted area behind the guy on the mark. JOKE AFL
MrWalrus: Dive? Nah then that was just pure muppet brain fart from lever
TheLegend6: Cumbers you beauty
MrWalrus: Since the stand rule Bazza, 5m
PigeonPies: cumbergoat
PigeonPies: best player in the afl
a1trader: agree Bazza, that is ridiculous
Bazza2023: BS, i have seen last kick of the game with 10 guys on the mark. pi55 off spud
Social: there once was a team that would shepherd the man on the mark and it was deemed outside the spirit of the game
TheLegend6: It’s poor if that is the rule imo, especially kicks for goal
Bazza2023: JVR is like a 6 month old german shephard with thos giant feet and doesnt know what to doi
original: Is it too late to trade grundy back out for gawn/English
frenzy: 5m from the player with the footy, or 5m from the player on the mark
Bazza2023: there once was a team that deliberately rushed behinds in a GF and throughout the season, now rule changed
TheLegend6: Gawn just walked through the mark?!
Loggy17: haha original, thinking the same thing!
pcaman2003: Grundy out of favour or injured? Only played less than half a qtr.
Bulky: Grundy to anyone with a pulse next week.
Social: exactly, Clarkson’s greatest achievement was abusing rule loopholes
Social: and now the revised rules suck as a result
TheLegend6: Shame Short is no longer a DEF
Jaypa: what is the point in playing Grundy if they arent going to use him?
a1trader: Grundy been off the ground more than 50% of the quarter
original: Grundy getting paid $1m a year for 48mins game time a week
Bazza2023: abusing. its called thinking outside the box. salty.
Bazza2023: my line is fresh with a good lure.
pcaman2003: Grundy on bench and Tigers killing it. Mmmm!
beerent11: Lol jump back on the ruck merry go round
wadaramus: Grundy just a bit player when Max is on.
Bazza2023: havent traded a ruck all year. touch wood.
zadolinnyj: can this last from richmond. they look good
beerent11: Why don?t you grundy owners go down Bryn teakle?
MrWalrus: Very good zado, not really confident on it lasting though
TheLegend6: No it won’t Zad haha
frenzy: 2/3 of the qtr and grundy get a clock, Lol
sc_god: depends if they can keep this contested ball winning advantage
lana2146: Tigers will win tonight we due another upset this round only 1 so far
TheLegend6: Ryan competing well
lana2146: Dogs over freo..unless dons beat pies tomorrow ? Unlikely
bhg26: Chandler got to go next week
Bazza2023: richmond getting thr rub of the AFL again
TheLegend6: Behave Bazza
Bazza2023: Balta caught cold IMO
MrWalrus: Again? OK Baz, your bias is making you look a goose
beerent11: Lots of rookies dying this weekend. Chandler looks to be joining them.
Bazza2023: Bias, Balta dropped it like the spud you are, tell me another story
TheLegend6: Sniper May
Oddsy5: all eyes on the footy
sc_god: just an ear massge
Bazza2023: the Legend, nice call but Tom Berenger is already on the other side
Bazza2023: Danny Frawley wouldve larfed at that
PigeonPies: bazza got his fishing rod out and failing, making it too obvious
TheLegend6: You’re a boring troll baz
MrWalrus: Balta exactly the same as early one which led to dees first goal, consistent umpiring for a change
Bazza2023: i got so much burley in the water
Wends: Bummer having to field Chandler & McVee over Hollands & Pedlar-bad calls + double edged sword of no red dots to field
Bazza2023: berley???
pcaman2003: beer. Greene has been my one good rookie this week.. He’s doing okay and will improve.
MrWalrus: Baz got a rod in his hand alright
Bazza2023: cmon Dees, Tom Berenger shouldve retired
Manowar: not very ANZAC of you Pickett!
Bazza2023: #freekicktigers
Bazza2023: least i have a rod , spudgina
TheLegend6: Obvious one against Brayshaw that Bazza
PigeonPies: wait, hows that not 50 against rioli?
Bazza2023: how is that not farking 50
Oddsy5: pretty sure thatd be a 50, resulted in a goal for richmond 😮
zadolinnyj: that was interference with mark
Bazza2023: its a joke
Manowar: the Cumman should have got that free!
Spifflicat: Wow, that non 50 was a shocker
Bazza2023: bout time jnr rooey i need that goal
TheLegend6: up the tigs
zadolinnyj: umps invested in richmond me thinks
Bazza2023: shouldve been a 50 to worst of the riolis
LuvIt74: GOD I had Taranto as Captain this week
Bazza2023: thanks Zado, im not the only biased person on here eh Soudgina?
MrWalrus: First time in 6 years, should have been 50, wasn’t, I’ll take it
Bazza2023: 4 of my 6 goal kickers scored, well done fritschy the kid
a1trader: as an independent, the umpiring has been fine
PigeonPies: grundy looks terrible, i had to hold him
sheezel420: Ben Miller to pay $3 to have a kick before the end of the game
Bazza2023: grundys body cashing cheques with an overdrawn account
PigeonPies: agreed a1
Legix: Baker hasn’t had a touch this qtr
Bazza2023: another deliberate punch out of bounds, not called this one
circle52: The only shocker imo as an independent the non paying of the 50 against Rioli
pcaman2003: Pigeon. Me too. He’s sulking now Gawny is back.
bhg26: I saw Daniel Rioli is a 92 in the new AFL video game. For reference cripps, neale, bont, clarry and trac are all 94
Raspel31: I have never, ever been less offended by the umping.
TheLegend6: Short makes such a difference to how we play
PigeonPies: correct circle
Bazza2023: Go Clarence
PigeonPies: he is pcaman, just like at pies he stopped showing any effort
MrWalrus: Agree circle
zadolinnyj: that was high against whoever hit langdon in middle and another free goal. umpires terrible
TheLegend6: There’s some spuds with 88 ratings too bhg
Bazza2023: Short was always going to be a diff, with metres gained, but will be bakers detriment
MrWalrus: Short plus Taranto and Hopper are really gelling
beerent11: Nearly bought in one of my favourites Liam baker but was not sure how short might affect his score
Bazza2023: tackled and went to ground ball on ground handball out, but no call.
PigeonPies: taranto just needs to learn how to kick a drop punt
TheLegend6: It seems negatively beerent haha
PigeonPies: you doing this all night bazza? get off the bevs
Bazza2023: you’ll have KD calling in soon he should be a 99
MrWalrus: Clutching at your rod again baz
Gotigres: So far glad I did trade out Pickett for Neale after all
Bazza2023: 4 day weekend pigeon, having a red for the diggers
Bazza2023: melb seriously getting the short end of the stick from the green maggots
Bazza2023: Tom Berenger playing well, seemingly camoed so far
Yelse: captain oliver come on lift ffs need 130 min
pcaman2003: Grundy will be lucky to crack 50. Another of my inspired choices this year. Call me Mr Jinx
gazza39: Could this round get worse?
Bazza2023: Baker just shephered the mark on the short kick, hey SPudgina?
zadolinnyj: terrible call
bhg26: Dont worry yelse he’ll probably have another 30 disposal half
Crave: free kick richmond
Bazza2023: you can tell from the crowd melb are getting the shaft
Pavs: Bazza on world record pace for posts in a quarter. Keep going mate enjoying it
pcaman2003: gazza. It could! I have Naicos tomorrow,so be afraid,very afraid.
Bazza2023: didnt clarry have the flu last few days and was nearly going to be awithdrawal, he’s doing ok for a flu
Raspel31: Phew Bazza- I was missing you.
pcaman2003: Bazza. Fake news! He was having a “few”, not the flu.
beerent11: Chandler breakeven 47 will probably be a popular Mitchell downgrade
Bazza2023: ive been busy all weekend, rejoicing after my $2434 multi got up
Legix: keep it up tracc
Bazza2023: same with the pies then, they having a few and no flu?
Harambe: Jacob is Van Rooyening his cash generation
bhg26: Gonna use another trade boost this week, miller chandler and probs wilmot to cogs day and seamus. Just warning everyone
PigeonPies: that is class harambe
Bazza2023: JVR definitely overawed will be subbed for nLaurie, basically a withces hat
beerent11: Gonna hang onto wilmot. Good js and def/ mid handy with day.
pcaman2003: Opponent has McVee on ground against my Grundy..Can’t remember dropping more than 350pts proj in a round before.
lana2146: Cogs,day and seamus is what everyone will be doing not me though I got day but not going near the other 2
sc_god: lot of boosts will be used this week. with the likes of Baker, McKenna, Jones, Chandler etc gotta go
beerent11: No one is getting their Friday projects pca
lana2146: Cogs be up and down like a yo yo and not gonna win nothing following the pack
sc_god: picking touk over laird wont win you much either
lana2146: @sc_god that?ll be their final boost for a fair few punters out there lol
MrWalrus: Oddly im on for 2200+ and beating my proj even with 50 rook points on the bench
gazza39: i hear you pca, my proj has dropped 400 points since Friday…
lana2146: @sc_god ohh hindsight is a wonderful thing
Raspel31: Indeed gazza- roj 2350- lucky to break 2000. A week to forget.
beerent11: Projected 2066 here with 6 scores under 50 infield so far plus another likely from chandler.
sheezel420: Come on grundy, get to 20
beerent11: *onfield
frenzy: Lol sheez
lana2146: Grundy to Miss his b/e by 30
pcaman2003: beer. Are you going for the wooden spoon? Lol!
bhg26: The bont 182 vc gave me high hopes for the week…
beerent11: Stay down clarry no 20 possession qtrs this week please.
beerent11: Worst year I?ve ever had so far pca. Going super poddy now just for fun.
MrWalrus: Seems I’ll be rising the rankings this week from embarassing to mediocre
ballbag: ouch! imagine having grundy. why did grundy move to the dees anyway?
Raspel31: Enormously selfish of you to wish Clarry ill beer.
beerent11: I?m tanking for wembynyama
bhg26: You almost got it beerent
pcaman2003: I hear ya beer. This may be the year to forget. Will run out of trades quick at this rate.
Bazza2023: oli just got a shoulder stinger
bhg26: Wouldnt call dyson daniels a superstar
bhg26: Chandler exists!
Pavs: It was Darcy bhg he likes to embelish
pcaman2003: Grundy doubled his score in 5 minutes. Keep going Big fella.
circle52: and as we speak Grundy on bench
Pavs: Sorry pca time for the bench for Grundy
pcaman2003: And back to the bench he goes again to go cold. Crap!
Yelse: ffs oliver get on it
Nurfed: grundy ill maybe caught clarrys sickness
bhg26: How is samson ryan scoring against Grawndy but can score against ladhams?
bhg26: *can’t score against ladhams
Yelse: why is grundy not resting fwd
pcaman2003: Yelse. Is he your C this round?
Yelse: yeah @pcaman regrets
blonde0na: seems like adelaide are missing a consistent good key FWD
blonde0na: why do melb ignore Grundy at every opportunty?
clay007: Why is Petracca score going down
LuvIt74: Grundy needs a Beard & spud icon beside his name
pcaman2003: Yelse. I think most of us have had big regrets this round, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
LuvIt74: Dee’s will win easy
TheLegend6: Dees get a freebie
Bazza2023: Go chandler
m0nty: nothing better than a +14
Wends: Chandler saving my bacon
Cascadian: Chandler getting going now
Cottees: Chandler going huuge thiss quarter
bhg26: Lovely chandler
MrWalrus: Still uumpires all tiges way?
DrSeuss: Chandler is having himself a quarter after doing nothing in the first half
BigChief: Evening all. Have I missed much?
zadolinnyj: umpiring got better
MrWalrus: The old boy still has it
bhg26: Chandler may have to stay
beerent11: Holy shit just had dinner, come back and chandler shoots up in score
bhg26: Hes on the chopping block for most teams and hes rising to the occassion
beerent11: Maybe I should go have desert
Wends: It’s a thing of beauty beer
BigChief: OMG Oliver. What’s with the 8 clangers?
beerent11: Or does dessert have double s? Desert or dessert?
circle52: Probably flu hangover Bigchief.
beerent11: Think it?s dessert
BigChief: ss beer. 1 s is sandy
beerent11: Desert sounds like it would be too dry
TheLegend6: Stay low Grundy
BigChief: Maybe so circle.
MrWalrus: That throw on the boundary before, not ideal but well played
lana2146: Chandler lost -10 points in a minute or so
Wends: McVee need you back onfield…
MrWalrus: Ball!
bhg26: What the flower was the free?
Raspel31: Comfortable Clarry will crack 50- makes my week.
bhg26: (Chandler owner btw)
pcaman2003: Keep going Grundy. Better qtr ,but keep it going.
ballbag: damn, whos that fookie who has Van Ruined my team
Legix: Van Rooyen frozen in time
Yelse: ugly game and oliver wtf is this way a week neale and touk
bhg26: Holy flower samson ryan making me some mullah
Bazza2023: that wasa tough holding the ball, he didnt drag it in, he slid rolled uside down and was beset upon
Cascadian: Oh Gawny
TheLegend6: Maurice my lord
BigChief: Brayshaw kicked that.
circle52: He did kich that so should not be free against
bhg26: Pretty sure he kicked it
Oddsy5: how is that HTB
Pavs: Why is that a free he kicked it
zadolinnyj: how is it holding the ball when he kicked it
Bazza2023: karma
bhg26: Ball dont lie!
MrWalrus: Yep but may have been better for tiges if they let it go too
beerent11: Terrible decision from an impartial
Harambe: How did the umpire think the ball magically deflected 10m sideways without hitting a foot?
sheezel420: Chandler been huge this quarter, almost deserves superman
pcaman2003: Grundy has lowest game time on ground. What a friggin waste.
TheLegend6: Hahah I love Marlion
BigChief: Great goal Clarry
zadolinnyj: umpiring disgusting again
Oddsy5: clarry bang
Harambe: If you lack even the most intuitive comprehension of physics, you shouldn’t be umpiring
Bazza2023: tigers had lots on the mark and sitting on the haunches well within to be called to close
beerent11: Gee clarry?s good
MrWalrus: That not sure the dees player handballed that, even up then some
TheLegend6: couple of freebies for the dees this quarter
bhg26: How isnt olivers score worse?
DANGERous: cd love him bhg
Pavs: I think the umps are a little caught up in the excitment. Need a good lie down.
MrWalrus: Compared to normal though Legend I’m certainly not complaining
bhg26: Like compare olivers stats with tracs
Baldfrog: Nice to see Ryan making some moolah BHG
bhg26: Ya love to see it baldy
MrWalrus: Cracking game, hope it goes down to the last seconds
Pavs: The muppets hurt bhg
Baldfrog: Same to tigres Legend Brayshaw got a boot totally but umps love giving tiges free shots on goal
Oddsy5: bhg if tou have watched the game oliver is butchering the footy?
Wo0lfeee: Jesus, played JVR over Ryan. Have Young on the field too :/
zadolinnyj: hope tomorrow the whistle is put away and we get a true battle
MrWalrus: Apart from not being true play on was probably better for us bald
pcaman2003: Your time to shine Brodie, so let’s go.
Bazza2023: Oli has kicked a lot to the tigers from rushed kicks
frenzy: Cumbersum ying yan
bhg26: Yes oddsy
TheLegend6: Who was taking $3 for Miller to get a kick earlier? hahaha
Bazza2023: tigers missed 3 set shots in a row
Pavs: Love it when the umps put the whistle away Zado.
MrWalrus: What’s with Brodie’s TOG?
Crave: Clarry looked gassed 3 qtr usually never does flu affecting his game, no groundball gets
bhg26: Chandler!
pcaman2003: Go Dees!
Bazza2023: go chandler, its your birthday
clay007: Chandler’s boots make him easy to spot. Well done Tracca and Chandler!
TheLegend6: piss off chandler
bhg26: Yeah hes got the excuse for being a little off crave
Pavs: Chandler a keeper. lol
Raspel31: Wwf is Grundy doing on the ground?
MrWalrus: Should have been a free to vanrooynan, I want my points damnit
sheezel420: Chandler stealing JVR’s goal is the most beautiful thing ever
Oddsy5: JVR woweee had to field u instead of greene cos davey playing. go boy
Bazza2023: young rolled his knees in like a wanker
Pavs: Knees in
bhg26: Wowee footy fights are terrifying arent they? The poor jumpers
BigChief: Nice grab JVR. Not a good look from Young.
sc_god: lol whats manbun going to do lol
Bazza2023: JVR with a bit of Cordner too him
beerent11: Could chandler ton up? Gee were fickle. He was out of sides 45 minutes ago.
MrWalrus: Young did the opposite of dropping the knee, tried to avoid it, shouldn’t have bothered
pcaman2003: Bugger me! Every time Grundy fires, they take him off. What’s going on here?
Bazza2023: Young racking the muppets up
Bazza2023: correction possibly vlaustin held his left
bhg26: He was on 16 points 30 minutes ago beer lmao
Bazza2023: take the cash young
TheLegend6: Big learning experience for Young here
BigChief: I think it was both holding him Bazza
Bazza2023: JVR i take it back, not the option to be subbed
Baldfrog: Bit too easy for JVR
Legix: carn JVR
Bazza2023: woo hoo JVR
Oddsy5: omg JVR u sexy man.
LuvIt74: wtf happened to JVR he was on 20 now on 54 now
bhg26: He can kick 10 in a quarter at this rate, 3 set shots in 2 minutes
DrSeuss: Goodnight Richmond – valiant effort
thommoae: Van Rooy: “One for each knee, Tylar!”
MrWalrus: Oh well, was fun while it lasted, go JVR at least
Bazza2023: he was held JVR
pcaman2003: Off the bench Hopper and get busy.
sc_god: dees with too much class in the end
LuvIt74: 68 omg that was unreal
davywap: Fuck you T. Young
Gotigres: Chandler and JVR killed us
MrWalrus: Brown legit tried not to knee him, hope he’s learnt his lesson
davywap: Fuck you L. Baker
BigChief: Why is May’s number yellow?
davywap: Piss
bhg26: Taranto having a blinder
Bazza2023: young will be fined for kneeing
Nurfed: fell on the interchange gate paint bigchief
Pavs: Leading run scorer Chief. Soz wrong sport
slydon: huge sammy ryan lets f gooooo
MrWalrus: Grass stain I reckon chief
Bazza2023: he had a michelle last game @Pavs
Bazza2023: have the tigers kicked 5 points in a row
zadolinnyj: massive push in grindys back
BigChief: haha Nurfed and Pavs
davywap: It’s coz he’s a coward
navy_blues: lookin good taranto chandler
Gotigres: Hopper down
Gotigres: looking ok now
Bazza2023: shouldve stayed in Russia Hopper
Bazza2023: 6 points in a row
slydon: stoked i put my cap on nick this week instead of clarry. hell barely make a ton at this point
Nurfed: trac stuck on the bench cmon
navy_blues: grundy no fgood when max is playing by the looks
TheLegend6: Grundy did nothing there except get the last tackle while Bolton on the ground. +17. Bull shit.
BigChief: Grundy now outscoring Max atm
DANGERous: big maximus
Bazza2023: woo hoo Maxy!
TheLegend6: Balls well over the line, what a pisstake
bhg26: Strategic placement of van rooyen, genius
Bazza2023: well done Rodan
slydon: JVR deserves an assist for that one
BigChief: Really Legend? You can see through JVR can you?
Bazza2023: sorry legend thats a goal
MrWalrus: That’s a point I reckon but like last year’s finals inconclusive
sheezel420: TheLegend maybe don’t miss 6 set shots in a row next time and you might win
beerent11: Hopper does the job again
navy_blues: lol sheezel
MrWalrus: Oh wait a minute…
Pavs: JVR making my rookies look good
bhg26: Rooooo
Harambe: Cape quarter for JVR
thommoae: Max with an ‘assist’ for JVR. Hmmmm.
Bazza2023: JVR go dees
Crave: x factor for the roo
Baldfrog: Dees ain’t gunna miss Jackson with JVR in the side
pcaman2003: Ton up Grundy and blow me away.
DANGERous: thanks davey for getting named so i had to field JVR
beerent11: Great effort tiges just a bit undermanned
Bazza2023: good move from richmond coaching balta, blanketed the young fella, lets move him
bhg26: Fanfooty deleted the other 37 o’s in my comment
Bazza2023: runnin out of tricks Dimma
Harambe: Who’s the genius that was saying JVR should be subbed?
sheezel420: Monty is censoring the people bhg, we need to fight back
Bazza2023: i did i called it, but Dimma then took Balta off him in genius move, and won the game for the dess.
navy_blues: richmond were up by 25?
bhg26: Are you saying revolution sheez?
BigChief: Rioli hammy?
Pavs: We could fight back Seez but i reckon m0nty might have veto power
sc_god: good games from jvr and chandler for more cash generation
Bazza2023: worst of riolis shot by someone in the crowd in the leg
TheLegend6: Vintage Dusty
slydon: vintage dusty
davywap: When Richmond sucks I hear Michael Rosen sing “and everything was lovely once again”
bhg26: That was fucking grouse from dusty
thommoae: Vintage Dusty. A pleasure to watch for the neutral.
MrWalrus: That was one oe his most brutal ever, buried him
TheLegend6: Can Clarry get some of these free Grundy points
navy_blues: pity the vintage doesnt get better with age
TimT14: Kane Cornes is a fuck head, Hopper and Taranto have been great
davywap: Yep, every now and then you get a bit of a kick but mostly it just gets more rotten
TheLegend6: Fair effort, matched it with the flag favourites for the most part, gg
bhg26: And he calls for people to stop booing JHF, with all the shit he said against ginnivan last season tim
LuvIt74: Richmond are pretenders this season and might end up holding up the ladder
Bazza2023: go dees, better luck next week SPudgina
thommoae: Watching Jezza and, Hopper and Taranto is hard … for a ‘neutral’ GWS dude.
davywap: Richmond got pwned by a couple of rookies
MrWalrus: And happy that if we had to lose it was JVR cashing in
bhg26: People saying well done to richmond for competing with a few injuries. but when we lose by on 198 points, nothing
Wends: Good recovery McVee & Chandler
bhg26: *only 198 points
sc_god: lol a 3rd gamer played on JVR tho
BigChief: And JVR has played 4 games.

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