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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R6 of 2023

bhg26: Did someone punch goldy in the face?
slydon: big game from sheezel please, bad game from ldu as ive traded him and want him to drop more
pcaman2003: bhg. He’s had that most of the week.
MrWalrus: You traded LDU out?
pcaman2003: Bit the bullet and put the C on Touk after Dawson disaster. Hoping not 2 disasters. Go Touk!
Wends: Holman playing on Sheezel
BigChief: If Suns lose this is Dew in trouble?
bhg26: Oi suns players stop burning touk
RooBoyStu: A week late bhg
slydon: reckon i vc loop english with daicos?
MrWalrus: I reckon so chief
biggs2dujj: Dew will get another 10 weeks after beating Norf
bhg26: I miss one norf game
RooBoyStu: Razor Ray umpiring there goes a Goldy 300 fairytale win
MrWalrus: LDU v Touk, that’s a contest well worth watching today
zadolinnyj: Dew may eat some players if they lose
RooBoyStu: Re Goldy black eye no Lions suspension was a joke
bhg26: LDU holding touk every contest
Troglodyte: He “walked into a door” Stu
pcaman2003: Go large Ziebell.
RooBoyStu: Troglodyte his name isn’t De Goey
MrWalrus: Lol zado
Troglodyte: Does De Goey get beaten by his wife too?
Hazza09: Great start Touk, this week gets worse
beerent11: Afternoon. Happy National Goldy Day! Bloody champion.
beerent11: Very interested to see how hall affects cheez and ziegull
RooBoyStu: 2 things worse than Kelli Underwood commentating for Goldy 300 is Razor umpiring and Russell commentating
bhg26: Touk not even in stoppages atm
RooBoyStu: Agree Beer Cheers to that mate!
Wends: Noice Weller…
bullet08: holman seems to be running very close to sheezel.
Troglodyte: This Norf side could really do with a little JHF magic right about now
beerent11: Are they in lockdown on the Gold Coast?
circle52: LDU running with Touk Hazza
RooBoyStu: Troglodyte what did the muppet do yesterday nothing, useless, nobody was booing him lol
MrWalrus: I don’t think that is a thing that exists Trog
MrWalrus: Hazza you’re rather dramatic, for example you say Sicily is a disaster
bhg26: North are literally only manning up one player
zadolinnyj: Ainsworth block elite
bhg26: Power off hall youre ruining sheezel
bc__: Show me those 130s LDU
MrWalrus: That Comben tackle was a beautiful thing
frenzy: welcome back Witts
beerent11: Probably expect cheez and jz to lose 10-20 points each while hall is in
RooBoyStu: Lucky only 19 down
pcaman2003: Touk is out to taunt me now.. Redeem yourself and go big now next 3 qtrs.
RooBoyStu: Kayne Turner is useless why we redrafted him. Just like Atley as useless as a veg with bbq tongs in hand
bhg26: Get moving touk touk
bhg26: Touk after all the faith i have had in you all these years this is how you repay me
biggs2dujj: Oh Captain Took Miller. What a spud
beerent11: Cmon boys!
RooBoyStu: Lift Kangas Lift for Goldy!
lana2146: Why did I bring in touk over Laird hahaaa
bhg26: I was on track for 2400, now lucky to get 2200
loginpaul: awesome – loginpaul
Hazza09: Geez Touk
loginpaul: awesome, from loginpaul
zadolinnyj: Hall effecting sheezle
loginpaul: rooboystu, you are very correct. from loginpaul
Wends: That whooshing sound around 8pm Tuesday… critical mass of Sheezel dumpers?
loginpaul: do you guys have jobs, from loginpaul
navy_blues: who is this dropkick?
RooBoyStu: @wends worry about your useless mob, I don’t have one Swans player in my sc team
loginpaul: loginpaul, from loginpaul
sc_god: wheres your muppet brother?
RooBoyStu: Last time NM lost a GF was 98 the year after in rematch we smashed Crows, then in GF we smashed Carlton
bhg26: okay?
Wends: It’s officially witching hour, lol. Sun arvo, never fails
beerent11: We should have one the 98 gf rooboy. 12 goals 21 points
zadolinnyj: 3rd person spud for loginpaul Monty
zadolinnyj: Yes please beer with Darren jar an commentary
RooBoyStu: Oui Beer but redeemed ourselves the year after
Wends: Weller, keep it going!
The Hawker: holman tagging sheezel
RooBoyStu: m0nty where are you champ? You said nobody plays on Sheezel lol need the Cheezel icon. Told you they will soon enough
bhg26: Fuck off Touk seriously touch the pill
beerent11: Curtis, sheez, Phillips, powell, comben and larkey. Got some good young talent at least.
pcaman2003: I’ll need 200 from Ziebell to make up for super spud C Miller.
Hazza09: 620k for this Touk
bhg26: Hang on hazza he got a handball
RooBoyStu: Dear Freo Merci for Logue and Tucker Bisous
loginpaul: wtf kayne turner actually just did something wow. from loginpaul
beerent11: Chuck sheez fwd clarko if he?s copping the tag anyway.
pcaman2003: How useless can you be Miller? My round is done and dusted just like that. Pfftt!
bhg26: Touk turned into a spud and hes breaking my heart
beerent11: We get it pca
RooBoyStu: If the brickwall icon is on Sheezel that’s bullshower, as tagged, should’ve been put on JHF but might offend him
Wends: They’re kicking it around so much, Miller could still get to 50 at HT
pcaman2003: bhg. Hurts that I brought him and Dawson in this week. Dud VC and C
bhg26: So you did this pcaman!
sc_god: touk hasnt been good enough to earn the C
beerent11: It?s not rooboy
beerent11: That?s hilariously bad luck pca
pcaman2003: bhg. Afraid so!
beerent11: Did you bring in roberts as well?
RooBoyStu: Beer I’m talking by end of game
pcaman2003: beer. Story of my year so far.Oh well! Life goes on.
RooBoyStu: Flower Razor Ray umpiring this, who has the voodoo doll on here, grab it and put him to do a hammy lol
bhg26: For the sake of the sc community, retire
beerent11: Yep it?s just a game.
Wends: Starting a Weller appreciation club, drinks from 6pm today.
loginpaul: get on the piss will you, from loginpaul
Troglodyte: Lift Ziebell. from logintrog
PigeonPies: i got touk this week, sorry fellas
RooBoyStu: logoutpaul
sc_god: well done Ziebs, was concerned with Hall back
MrWalrus: That had to be HTB before
Wends: Any dees fans here – what are the chances Laurie is the sub?
RooBoyStu: Oliver sub
Troglodyte: Its between Laurie and Schache. The other two played for Casey
Wends: Thx Trog – hoping to grab Hollands’ score.
Hazza09: Absolute pathetic Touk
RooBoyStu: Aaron Hall as useful as Salad in Winter
sc_god: ldu been garbage for a month
RooBoyStu: Disgraceful performance North for Goldy, logging off. See you all next week.
MrWalrus: As useful as a turd in a urinal
navy_blues: lol bye
sheezel420: Lmao sc you haven’t clearly watched any North games, bad troll
lana2146: Wow some pathetic scores this week,,,a lot of fake premos killing our teams
sc_god: not trolling, his sc scores have been poor
Wends: LDU down to the rooms with ankle issue
pcaman2003: Touk not even performing to 1st game rookie standard. Worst game I’ve seen him play.
lana2146: I think touk has fallen asleep out there I can?t see him
Troglodyte: I’m surprised Hall was named. I thought Clarkson was giving him the Matt Crouch treatment
lana2146: Them 2 big scores to start the season tricked a lot into buying LDU
zadolinnyj: Dew happy. Will eat rosas tonight to celebrate
navy_blues: touk gone
sc_god: miller dead
lana2146: Omg Miller gone wow
zadolinnyj: Tombstone miller
Troglodyte: Bye Touk. lol
suns4ever: glad i didnt get miller this week!
sc_god: not just 2 games, LDU was very good second half of last season
Pavs: Tricked me lana. Not hard to do mind you.
beerent11: Poor bugger
Wends: Tombstone for Touk, in a lot of pain 🙁
sc_god: who was subbed for nth?
navy_blues: guess 143 155 102 and 90 lol pretty poor
MrWalrus: LDU dominant since byes last season, last 3 include a 150, other 2 tagged for 96ave, not poor
TimT14: Witches hats incoming
lana2146: Hahaha just got miller looks like we going to Laird Tuesday
pcaman2003: Traded in this week. Rage trade out by Tuesday night. A very soft game.
Hazza09: This just Ices the cake
Pavs: Will phillips
LuvIt74: phillips
beerent11: Even as a norf bloke I really don?t like hall.
sc_god: ok thx
Baldfrog: Hey Pcaman was at liv golf did we use a get out of gaol free card today?
beerent11: There goes his cash gen too then. This sub rule is making sc pretty challenging
MrWalrus: Hall is just an average footballer, oppo would be happy for him to have 30+ touches
Manowar: my oppo has the C on Touk Miller..whata mistakea to makea!
Pavs: Not poor Walrus, not sure he looks fit might be carrying a niggle
Number 8: Miller was playing an unbelievably lazy game, footy is unforgiving
Spifflicat: Laird tweaked a knee, so hold off
zadolinnyj: Getting smashed. Try sheezle on ball
Wends: LDU back on the bench atleast for those with him
Manowar: thanks for the update and good news
Vultures: uninterrupted preseason is an imperative, Touk was never considered
pcaman2003: Baldy. You missed a good one.14pts up with 5 to go and we lost it. Crows did okay.
Baldfrog: Vultures didn’t you say ud bet no one sling tackles this week? Get off the internet m8
beerent11: Are they saying knee for Touk?
Baldfrog: Cheers pcaman will watch replay later
navy_blues: start well every week and crash on sundays it seems
Baldfrog: I don’t even look these days Navy to scared to lol
beerent11: Sunday Bloody Sunday navy. Bono knows.
pcaman2003: Vultures. I took him on performance. low score of 105 and Average 115. Not too shabby. Players get hurt. Part of the ris
beerent11: At least Phillips breakeven was only 7
Spifflicat: It?s an injury Vulture stop being twat
Baldfrog: I had Roberts in my side for 20 mins
beerent11: Sheezel breakeven 39
Vultures: Nearly everyone did, Baldy
Wends: No update on Touk’s injury beer – it was a leg, with 2 trainers needed to get him off field.
Spifflicat: Knee according Foxtel
Baldfrog: Sheezel needs to stay till byes anyway
Wends: Weller officially snouted <3
pcaman2003: This round is like “open misere” for me. Lose every trick. Shocker of a round.
LuvIt74: I think Sheezel is a premo, forget todays game
Baldfrog: Welcome to our world pcaman
Vultures: Ashcroft for Walsh.. 7 primo mid 4 me..
Migz: i made every wrong choice this weekend so its all good, had neal has Captain aswell
Wends: Crutches and knee brace for Touk
Vultures: bruise or medial Touk
Baldfrog: You should be on fox footy wends
beerent11: Typically wholehearted game from goldy. Just like the first 299.
clay007: Hi All, does anyone know when the Pies/Ess teams are due to be announced?
pcaman2003: I’m losing most of my trades to injuries more than upgrades. Grrr!
dezlav: How many % drop Sheezel after this round
beerent11: Haha, so far I have six under 50 scores on field this round. I?m so bad at this game. This year anyway.
Vultures: Bugger all Dez
beerent11: Only the dumb ones dezlav.
pcaman2003: Goldy playing like the champion he is, trying to lift his team.
Wends: Lol Baldy… more a closet researcher
beerent11: They select hall and it changes the whole vibe of the team. Terrible choice. Backwards move.
beerent11: Sheez won?t lose cash this week at least
Baldfrog: Sheezel will have to work hard now teams will tag him more
pcaman2003: beer. Sheez will bounce back big next week.
Baldfrog: Bet theirs plenty of skeletons to research Wends
Loggy17: LDU looks lame
pcaman2003: Anyone would think I set the Voodoo doll onto my own team it’s that bad.
Vultures: this chat lag is ridiculous
Danstar: Ldu 2 poor games now?
Baldfrog: School holidays vulture monkey’s off m0nty pedals himself
cherry9: Goldy is a Norf and SC legend
beerent11: Yep he?ll be fine pcaman.
Wends: Very perceptive.
pcaman2003: Good game Jack, but another 70+ would be awesome, thanks.
Loggy17: super (s)crappy game this
Wends: PCA put the doll out in a full moon, then wash and leave in the sun for a day. Works every time.
pcaman2003: Great advice Wends. Will try taht.
pcaman2003: Wends. Any advice for spelllling errors?
beerent11: Sheez finishing ok
Loggy17: why is LDU on the bench again? Is he injured?
beerent11: Don?t sell him yet. Will be baby naicos
sc_god: yes he injured
BigChief: Vultures if you don’t like it here, don’t let door hit you in the ass on the way out.
Loggy17: what injury sc god?
Spifflicat: What?s par gonna be? 2000 flat?
sc_god: ankle late in the 3rd
Wends: Lol, none PCA. Weller in danger of de-snouting 😐
sheezel420: Apparently constrictive criticism isn’t allowed BigChief
Loggy17: cheers
Pies20: Went witt c to bad he played half the game
beerent11: 2 more games to go spliff
Manowar: Uniacke & Miller well played today
wadaramus: Stinky round SC wise, at least the Crows got out of jail.
Spifflicat: You?re right Beer, Oliver a late out? 1900?
sc_god: still proj 2366
Pies20: Just wada concerning??
original: still predicted to score 2290. no touk. cowan on field lol
Vultures: BigChief is what a narcissist calls itself.. lmao Loooser !!
wadaramus: Don’t understand your question Pies20?!
Pies20: You wouldn’t mate dahhh
BigChief: Looks like you were right sheezel420.
Wends: Weller you beautiful beautiful human
Warney: Even Clark can’t polish a Norf
wadaramus: Is there a reasom you feel the need to be an arse hat?

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