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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Carlton vs St Kilda

Chat log for Carlton vs St Kilda, R6 of 2023

sheezel420: Just got Sinclair this week, go huge son
navy_blues: omg blues have lead boots on i see
Wends: Afternoon all and happy rugbeh league. Really wanting to grab Sinclair over last couple of wks @Sheezel-had other issues
navy_blues: Cincotta number 39 Urbs
MrWalrus: Sinclair may come in for me next week
Wends: Walsh already 😮
MrWalrus: Got my TV back, hope it’s a good game
pcaman2003: Have Owens and Marshall. Need big scores from both.
Urbs: m0nty has control of the jumper numbers i’m afraid
navy_blues: no probs
Legix: Owens is a pleasure to watch
MrWalrus: Liking Cincotta early, not loving CD 1pt for contested intercept effective disp score involvement
FlaggersXD: Yeah Cincotta super stiff or what
MrWalrus: Very stiff, Cripps getting ripped off for a change too
FlaggersXD: Carlton kissed on the D by umps every game
MrWalrus: Have the umps gagging flag
Migz: What happened with wood? Was he a high draft pick who just couldnt make an impact on a bad team? seems in a good spot no
Wends: Had to go C Marshall – too worried Laurie would be a late in to take Serong VC. Happy so far
pcaman2003: Go Marshall and Owens. Just tuned back in. Great qtr lads.
zadolinnyj: Where is Steele playing
MrWalrus: Finally found consistency it seems Migz, used to have a good game like this then go missing for 4-5
Pavs: Unlucky pcaman. Went down swinging
pcaman2003: Pavs.Lost opportunity, but it was a hard,good game.
MrWalrus: Cincotta score is a CD hate crime
Migz: thats what it seemed like walrus, got a nice frame, shame he couldnt do more with it
original: How many dives from Higgins or gresham so far
MrWalrus: None?
MrWalrus: Umps absolutely reaming saints so far
Legix: please get up Wood
Wends: Wood ribs?
sc_god: can cowan finally crack 60 today?
MrWalrus: There’s medication for that Legix
Wends: Stays on though
zadolinnyj: Wish bt would learn players. Has said Steele 3 times this quarter so far and has not touched it
BigChief: Pittonet’s going to cost Carlton this game. He is useless.
pcaman2003: zad. Just put him on ignore. Mute him!
MrWalrus: Don’t worry chief, the umps have this covered
sc_god: steele 163 breakeven, could be a bargin in a few weeks
pcaman2003: Need you to get going Marshall. Don’t let Cripps outscore you,please.
MrWalrus: Curnow massive dive, umps strike again
Wends: Doll time PCA
Yelse: so whats wrong with oliver? is he seriously a concern?
pcaman2003: Who for Wends?
Ash777: steele going to be cheap
zadolinnyj: How does he get a gig without knowing players
MrWalrus: Had flu or something was the word Yelse
Pavs: Cripps and Sinclair killing me going to lose the unloseable.
Wends: Yr best “go large” pins on Marshall…
pcaman2003: Does Steele have a certain smell about him?
zadolinnyj: BT just said Walsh 1st touch for quarter when he just had 3
pcaman2003: Wends. Can’t do I’m afraid. In my side.
Hazza09: Time to go Phillipou, thanks for the 80k
RooBoyStu: Cincotta sounds like a Pasta dish
Ash777: what is cowan’s be?
thommoae: Wonder how many “they’ll blow the roof off” moments bt will find.
navy_blues: 22 ash
frenzy: be 22 cowan
sc_god: ash, it’s 22sc
Ash777: oh good
navy_blues: BT going for saints always tell who he favours
Wends: Mine too! He needs a little reverse voodoo
original: Another Higgins dive not paid better stop
RooBoyStu: Stay low Marshall
m0nty: new player icon
sc_god: navy will cincotta keep his spot when saad returns?
pcaman2003: Marshall has stopped after the 1st qtr. Scored maybe 1 to 3 pts.
navy_blues: i hope they give him a good run at but your guess is as good as mine sc
navy_blues: at it
bhg26: Hollands you dud get on the ground
BigChief: navy BT always supports whoever Carlton play. He hates them with a passion.
RooBoyStu: @m0nty need a Cheezel for Sheezel mate
navy_blues: cincotta looking good atm
MrWalrus: Lol original, I’m going your lot but all the diving is navy blue and the umps are your BOG atm
navy_blues: yes chief but ita over all his commentary
RooBoyStu: Cincotta is the pasta from Italy, good quality not the cheap version lol
MrWalrus: Cincotta been great, CD don’t quite agree but they’re wrong
zadolinnyj: Acres playing very well
m0nty: no one plays on Sheezel
navy_blues: well carlton finally plays a reasonable half of footy
Wends: Subs for GC v NM: Humphrey & Shiels
frenzy: whats Ross the boss got for us
navy_blues: m0nty Cincotta is number 39
RooBoyStu: Phillipou needs an Icon say his last 3 words lol. @m0nty they will soon enough mate
zadolinnyj: Thanks wends
RooBoyStu: *letters
Hazza09: What a joke Phillipou
MrWalrus: Not sure frenzy but I’ll wager it’s extremely boring
sfenda1: cincotta been good but no metres gained hence low sc score
Wends: Hope they’ve got some strong coffee in the sheds Marshall. (& no worries zads)
bhg26: Ffs hollands
MrWalrus: But he’s been intercepting, getting clearances, contested. Since when was metres gained the most important thing?
MrWalrus: CD are almost as bad as the umps this game I reckon
navy_blues: agree walrus
BigChief: Compare dud Pittonet with Cincotta and tell me who has been better? Not Pitto
zadolinnyj: How amazing are bugle players. All done with mouth. Crazy good
navy_blues: and going at 90% DE
MrWalrus: Really liked Cincotta’s game navy, has been stiff not to have been playing
frenzy: ur clearly not carlton bigchief
slydon: he hasnt been played coz they wanted to get him healthy and fit enough to play walrus. i stupidly had him in my teamday1
slydon: hes a good player though hope he keeps his spot
navy_blues: well long as they keep playing him
sfenda1: pretty sure backwards kick is 0 points walrus
zadolinnyj: Big chief goes for the Washington redskins obviously
MrWalrus: Over to the other game, hope LDU has a blinder, my favourite player to watch at the moment
slydon: cincotta potentially could be a sheezel type mid/def running player
navy_blues: if he can have another half like that pretty impressive debut
BigChief: No such team Zado, but Dolphins are my team.
zadolinnyj: Most I imagined change of name ever Washington. I?m cardinals.
sc_god: lol they called commanders
zadolinnyj: Commanders a terrible name
BigChief: Yeah Commanders is shocking.
Raspel31: wson as new team members- no tears re Steele.
Raspel31: Ah- my bad.
original: Newman is playing terribly. Ignore the sc
TorturedSC: That was a ridiculous call
lana2146: Are we concerned with Marshall?
RooBoyStu: In the next 6 weeks Carlton will win only 1 game, against WC, mark my words
Wends: Blumin heck Marshall!!
lana2146: I got English at R1 but I ddon?t like Marshall
lana2146: Hope Teakle continues to start might bring him in
slydon: wow mckay… speechless
Wends: Aperol spritz time :l
navy_blues: played 1 good half now back to normal crap
BigChief: So 1 more than Norf RooBoy?
slydon: cripps has to be one of the most inneficient brownlow winners ever surely
sheezel420: Flair up BigChief so it’s even
RooBoyStu: BigChief big difference mate, 90% of people had Carlton in 8 and North bottom 4, have a look at 6 weeks after today
RooBoyStu: Tell me honestly how many wins for Carlton
Social: Gresham is an enigma
RooBoyStu: @slydon what about Jabber Watson lol
navy_blues: rooboo wow u can tell the future
navy_blues: pity doesnt work non your horse tips lmao
navy_blues: on
RooBoyStu: Tip more winners than you navy_blues
navy_blues: lol
Gelly: best game butler has played for years
Social: Urbs stand-by… the Parkville neighbours are getting feisty
RooBoyStu: and I get paid for it lol
thommoae: Interesting tackle from Motlop there … looked identical to a few others in recent memory?
slydon: i wont be having any of that from you about my boy jobe.
RooBoyStu: Gelly Butler has been good this year
navy_blues: but i know carlton arent as good as the hype i admit that
navy_blues: cincotta still impressing
Ash777: carlton look like they’re in for another point loss from missing finals end of season
Vultures: Carlton have a quality mid & a spine to die for..
pcaman2003: Marshall letting Pittonet rule him. Get going Marshall.
Social: GWS last round Ash, unlikely unfortunately
Ash777: carlton have a good balanced list but they let themselves down with poor skills
pcaman2003: Is Marshall still alive? What a pathetic effort so far this half.
Ash777: good example that last goal
navy_blues: ash bit like dogs huh ash?
Troglodyte: Who had the Wilkie pod?
Wends: Started burning white sage PCA, starting to work.
Vultures: Carlton are top four, their supporters are bottom four lol
ballbag: @vulture and what have you got. your top 4 teeth or bottom 4 teeth
LuvIt74: As cold as Steel… He’ll be very cheap soon enough…
Vultures: Eye Rest My Case lmao
Wends: Cold as ice ballbag
sc_god: ppl so sensitive here its hilarious
LuvIt74: Everyone who hasn’t got Seamus Mitchell will be bringing him in this week especially with DPP Defence/Forward
zadolinnyj: Correct luvit
Vultures: Desperate for rookies, Seamus most traded in 4 sure
Wends: Jones over Cincotta wasn’t quite avoidance of the dreaded double downgrade that I thought it was (sip)
RooBoyStu: Ying Yang Marshall surely
RooBoyStu: First time I’ve seen witches hats on a winning team lol
RooBoyStu: Go Saints!
zadolinnyj: Who got Wilkie in
sc_god: lol McKay 1 goal is unstoppable? All his marks up the ground
Gelly: mckay stopped himself
suns4ever: a few people using trade boosts this week! Rookies have been bad!
PigeonPies: cincotta looks good for supercoach, finds the footy easily
MrWalrus: CD don’t seem to like him though PP
sc_god: only 6 kicks thats why, he was a seagull. Score is fair

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