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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Melbourne vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Melbourne vs North Melbourne, R7 of 2023

J.Worrall: Go Dees
sheezel420: pls be gentle
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
obbynl: fielding van rooyen hopefully he goes off
pcaman2003: Big VC score please Ollie.
navy_blues: went clarry C
frenzy: Go Worralls
pcaman2003: I wonder if Grundy will be wasted again this week.
clay007: Who is the sub for Melbourne?
Bazza2023: josh schache
TheLegend6: This looks to be getting ugly
Crave: harmes
Bazza2023: he is on the ground but , technically he is the sub, sub par player
Pavs: Harmes
clay007: James Harmes is the sub, Monty must be making a coffee!
BigChief: Harmes is sub
bullet08: harmes sub not schache
TheLegend6: Broken leg
Gotigres: comben down
pluggerpig: are we going to see a 200 from the Dees today
Bazza2023: cobden broke his l;eg
lana2146: North gonna get absolutely pumped tonight lol I took the demons to win by 100 points on tab
sc_god: too bad phillips isnt the sub
sheezel420: Comben tombstone
Gotigres: No replays apparently of comben’s injury because it’s so graphic
sc_god: Combstone
Raspel31: And I picked Norff to win this- sigh.
Pies20: That looked nasty poor bloke
pluggerpig: i rewound kayo and the injury wasnt that graphic from that angle.. did look like his foot was pointing a funny direction
pcaman2003: Grundy will be nice and cheap for everyone soon, if he’s worth having still.
Bazza2023: was pointing away from his body his foot,
Pies20: Obviously tipped before taking your meds ol mate raspel
Pies20: Took bont bc score should have stayed with clarry
Pies20: Vc
sc_god: lol unless gawn gets injured no one should want manbun grundy
beerent11: Clarry may go 225
TheLegend6: Crazy start Clarry
Raspel31: Lying of course Pies20- oh yeah.
Cascadian: How the hell is Ziebell on 19 points
Pavs: Tried to go to Ollie but the lock out was a bit early or I was a bit
navy_blues: go capt clarry
Vultures: Casc.. SC rewards efficiency
Raspel31: Sme Pav- sigh.
beerent11: Took a chance and downgraded sheez this week. So far so good.
pcaman2003: Got the VC on Ollie this week, so hopefully makes up for last weeks debacle.
navy_blues: tooboy disappeared?? been talking crap bout other teams
obbynl: fielding chandler, could get a high score 90+
pcaman2003: beer. Who did you downgrade to/
Raspel31: Perhaps beer but surely there were more pressing issues?
navy_blues: roo
beerent11: He?s at the game navy
sc_god: ziebell pinged a string
beerent11: Mitchell and turned Cowan into day. Had Mitchell on the pine.
TheLegend6: JZ down
beerent11: I?m so far behind I need to go early to catch up
pcaman2003: I brought Mitchell in too., but a bit disappointed in hiscore today.
navy_blues: waste of money lmao
beerent11: I don?t take as seriously as others navy.
DrSeuss: Ziebell done?
Raspel31: Norff got this.
Bazza2023: witches hats
Troglodyte: This is the way
J.Worrall: went there also, beer!
pluggerpig: traded ziebell in this week.
sc_god: i think he is done, grabbed his hammy straight the way, down in the rooms atm
pcaman2003: Ollie’s score has dropped from 52 to 44 in 8 mins without being near the ball. How scores change so fast.
beerent11: This is the way
DrSeuss: Well there goes the decent score that I was looking at this week – bad luck Ziebs
navy_blues: im not saying anything bout you beer so plz dont think i am only the mouthy one
Pies20: Beer not a stupid trade i didn’t do it still got the sheez be 100
Raspel31: pcaman- deep breaths- 3 more quarters tto come.
sc_god: wow ziebs is back!
PigeonPies: grundy on 8, awesome
Pies20: He hasn’t touched it pca
sc_god: lol wtf i was sure he looked cooked
Social: Get back out there Ziebell
Pies20: Navy rank?? Just asking
beerent11: All good navy
Bazza2023: some very selective witches hats
pcaman2003: Pies20. 15 touches with 5 CP’s and still only 48.
Bazza2023: better
pcaman2003: Raspel. If he only gets a mere 180, I’ll be moderately happy.
navy_blues: lol, pies lets just say we better change the subject lmao
bhg26: Not enough points to go around pcaman
Pies20: 12 in the 1st at 50 sc has to even out with others doing more that quarter
PigeonPies: oliver nearly has bont’s full stat line
sc_god: no he doesnt
runners47: 50 at quarter time – Demons keep this up, and their score could be anything…
Pies20: Move on i agree navy 😁
pcaman2003: bhg26. I’llerp to phone around to scrounge up some extra points.
Hazza09: Is Ziebell ok?
PigeonPies: 4 clearances 5 tackles and hes there sc god, easy for clarry
Pies20: 12touches i meant
pcaman2003: bhg26. I’ll get Trump to phone around to scrounge up extra points.
TheLegend6: JZ is back on
Pies20: I’m v Grundy but that sc score is cooked he’s kicked a goal
_Wang_: Fuck off razor
pcaman2003: Pies20. Grundy may as well go home. He’s hurting the Dees.
Pavs: 4 muppets killing him Pies
Pies20: Pca he’s welcome back any time
pcaman2003: Pies20. I just want him to improve on last weeks score. Not a good start thouigh.
beerent11: For a pay cut though huh pies
pcaman2003: I hope beer isn’t watching Sheezel fire up now after trading him out.
beerent11: I took a punt pcaman. No big deal.
wadaramus: Poor Norf.
pcaman2003: Huge call punting a guy out with a 102 average,but, it’s only money. Lol!
sheezel420: idc if we get pumped, as long as Ziebell and Sheezel go huge
Pies20: Haha beer yeah, he got day similar $ lower be not that bad pca
beerent11: It?s only a game you mean pca
sc_god: its not real money lol
Social: Bit lopsided this one
sheezel420: I don’t think anyone thought it was lmao
pcaman2003: beer. Yep! with quirky characters.
NickyD: Darcy Cameron wondering if he can get $1py from Pies now
beerent11: Big spike game for chandler hopefully
beerent11: Even as a norf bloke I don?t like watching hall play footy
beerent11: If we?re playing him you know we?re going backwards
PigeonPies: hall serves no purpose in this sport
Bazza2023: zurhaar witches hat, gone backwards
Raspel31: Damn- I only have Oliver, Tracca ans Sheezel in this!
DaicosQB: Flat track demons tonight
cobrakai00: retire mcdonald.. just retire
Fromage: Melb on track for 150
pcaman2003: Raspel. Commiserations man! Such rotten luck.
Bazza2023: i have tracc, oli, cheezel and ziegull
Hazza09: JVR will get subbed
Pies20: Clarry and sheez chandler for me
Raspel31: Back to the drawing board pcaman-sigh.
Bazza2023: bailey scott muppet kick , no left foot
pcaman2003: I have 3 kings and a pair of 9’s in this.Winning hand?
sheezel420: JVR having a mare
DaicosQB: That might be the most selfless thing Fritsch has ever done
pcaman2003: Grundy doing his best to be the new Muppet king.
PigeonPies: ive never seen fritsch give up a goal and im shocked
Raspel31: Norff still in this.
PigeonPies: oliver letting me down
pcaman2003: So far I think I’ve counted 25 throws and none of them called. The HB rule is broken.
Pavs: JVR has a lot to learn. No leading needs cardio.
navy_blues: clarry needs to lift 2nd half
navy_blues: raspel u sound like BT get the next goal and they are in this
Raspel31: Just trying to keep the perennial losers happy navy- I’m a nice chap.
Bazza2023: are scores not updating
PigeonPies: what is hall doing… starts rolling his eyes when the ball was still in play
pcaman2003: Hall stopped and let Fritsch get the goal. Oh dear! Very poor effort.
bhg26: Wait, you guys expected hall to do something defensively?
PigeonPies: i expected him to do something at all
obbynl: grundie has to go
obbynl: grundy
Fromage: Chandler for F6?
Raspel31: Tight game- absolutely rivetting.
NickyD: @obbynl – grundie is right
Hazza09: Chandler should be on more
Raspel31: Marshall to Grundy next week- pick the differential.
elvundir: guys should i captain, dawson or daicos or take 122 from bont?
Bazza2023: when was the last time 2 100 point margins and on the same night?
Vultures: Take the bont or Dawson.. be weary of Vics playing interstate
Raspel31: Daicos will get a serious tag- same dilemna- your call.
Hazza09: In the same position as you elvundir
thommoae: Who’s the tag for the Crows?
Vultures: Not gonna happen Bazz
sc_god: gawn yingyang or bin
Hazza09: Crows are saying Keays going to Daicos
Ash777: oh gawn is back no wonder grundy isn’t scoring well
sc_god: lol keays is so slow, he’ll get torched
Harambe: Note says Tom Powell had 4 goals to 3QT?
Harambe: Everyone in fact
Davo27: Keys on Naicos, but Naicos performs even when tagged so your ca
Pavs: Will Laird play?
obbynl: pretty sure it means that north has 4 goals to 3QT
Raspel31: Not often I have 3 players in a game and they are Tracca, Ollie and Cheezle- oh yeah!
sc_god: wont know till tomorrow but i dont think so
Pavs: Wouldn’t think they would risk him. Might have to Captain Dawson just for fun.
elvundir: I’m going to have a gamble with Dawson
Harambe: Good grief what a wretched night of footy across both games
pcaman2003: Giving Clarry a clanger for a missed diffucult mark at boundary line is a joke. Barely got an arm to it.
Pavs: LDU Libba and Laird don’t think I will be winning this week.
Raspel31: Harambe- this was closer than the score suggests.
Bazza2023: we have the close game
Pavs: Watching Hall makes me laugh
TheLegend6: Heart for Ziebs
Bazza2023: now we have the close one!
obbynl: north one point this quarter
Bazza2023: well done shitake
Vultures: sheet Bazz, it might happen lol
pcaman2003: Clarko must be loving the challenge.Lol!
pcaman2003: Keep going Clarry. I need more than 140 from you.
Bazza2023: carltank dont wanna bring up the 100
Vultures: Not gonna happen Bazz lol
RooBoyStu: See you all in 2024, dusting off the fishing rods
Bazza2023: Norf gonna get it under??
TheFlagger: chandler killing me
Bazza2023: you deserve it rooboy its JHF karm
Bazza2023: thats what you get for bagging a 19 yr old out.
Bazza2023: carlton take the choccies
Raspel31: Marshall and Tracca out for me next week- find it hard to deal with success.
MrWalrus: Wow, last I checked Zeibell was done with a hammy, well done him

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