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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Chat log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R5 of 2023

Gotigres: 50 possies and 4 goals please Captain Naicos
Troglodyte: Windhager not tagging him?
Urbs: Looks like we’ve got a couple technical difficulties again, will try to sort them asap
Wends: Stay down the s bend Poo pls
pcaman2003: Have Owens V Titch. Could be in a lot of trouble here.
Fromage: Jaicos needs to score 500 fire me to break 1900 😩
beerent11: Surely if romar is any good he dominates this.
wadaramus: Go Titch.
Legix: Naicos you need to go godmode for me please
Grimes Jr: tag the soft cock pls
Pavs: Just turned over how is Marshall on 1 with those stats?
Legix: sidey winding back the clock
beerent11: Starting to wonder if romar is another failed starting pick
Fromage: Windbreaker is playing well
Hazza09: What?s Marshall done to be on 3?
zadolinnyj: Frees against mate
pcaman2003: Hazza. Not much which is why he’s on 3. .2 clangers don’t help
saintzzz: if marshall cant score well today i dont know anymore
beerent11: 2 possessions, 2 fa?s
DrSeuss: Stocker and Marshall – fantastic start lads
Pavs: CD catching up now Hazza they were wrong earlier
beerent11: Need a double ton from naicos to cover degoey. Not too much to ask.
Hazza09: Saintzzz think he has to become English
beerent11: Hope you?ve got 200k in the bank to do that hazza
Hazza09: Haha Beer I?ll use a boost
pcaman2003: Please catch up to Titch Mr Owens.Close the gap!
Bazza2023: Is AMrshall being beat by Billy Frampton??
beerent11: He came into the game in the last bit of the term bazza.
Bazza2023: he needs to get his butt moving
beerent11: On track now mate
slydon: come on jaicos put some work in
beerent11: Just needed hazza to write him off
Hazza09: Hopefully it works Beer
MrWalrus: Watching Naicos run around 5-10m off the play with his arms out calling for cheap ball is not raising my opinion on him
beerent11: I think you?re the only one who cares I?m afraid walrus
pcaman2003: Get moving Owens and catch up to Titch.
PigeonPies: its affecting your mental health, its all you talk about lol
wadaramus: You neglect to acknowledge that SC scores are all that matter MrWalrus.
MrWalrus: Really rate his brother though
MrWalrus: Pies being kissed by the umps so far too
Pavs: Walrus must be hungry, he is doing some fishing.
MrWalrus: I’m pretty well fed but always looking for an easy feed.
zadolinnyj: Needs Raspel bait
NickyD: Phillipou making some good cash
Wends: It’s a bib big sound!
Wends: whoops! sorry – wrong chat 😮
thesilentl: all you are is sad mrwalrus, every game every week nothing but pies hate
Pavs: Off the wine Wends.
thesilentl: also suprised you’re in here after getting a spud last year for your unhinged anti ash johnson rant
bhg26: He’s back!
Wends: Haha! Did I accidentally leave the webcam on?
Bazza2023: so i turn to the this chat, and its same sheisse different day from Walrus.
navy_blues: wouldnt want to have mcstay
Wends: Just trying to drown sorrows over not picking up Sinclair when the opportunity arose.
Pavs: Who am I to tell you what to do Wends. Open another bottle. lol
beerent11: Hey walrus naicos just went up 4 points during ht
BigChief: Did you expect anything different Bazza?
Bazza2023: no i didnt Chief, he is always starting wars, must be eastern European!
beerent11: And another 3
BigChief: And Naicos get another 4 points at 1/2 time. That’s +8 now
Bazza2023: is it because Richmond ar crapola?
thesilentl: He needs help, commenting how much you hate the pies every game of every round for years is messed up
Bazza2023: woo hoo Go Naicos
Pavs: They have taken points off Marshall must have confused them as.0
BigChief: No Bazza it’s because Walrus is just so sour.
Wends: Cheers to that Pav, going down in both league games, but on the + side, may make it back into top 1k
Bazza2023: has he just run off, or lurking in the back ground, wish we could see who is logged on
wadaramus: Gather Round sticking with Radelaide for 3 years 🙂
Bazza2023: i take the good with the bad #freekickhawthorn and im able to larf at myself, we got caned last week, still was here
beerent11: Phillipou is one I got wrong. Didn?t expect him to make this much money
Bazza2023: as if they could do a gather round in Sydney, GIllon should piss off, WA maybe, and definitely Melbs for all games
wadaramus: You’re right Bazza, I don’t think it would work in many other cities.
Bazza2023: they just mentioned maybe sydney or WA. far out if its in sydney, its not an AFL state
BRAZZERS: syndey dont get crowds as it is! WA is the better option
beerent11: Here in Wa they?re all over it demanding it in Perth ion the next few years. Big followings of vic clubs over here.
wadaramus: WA too far away and time zone sucks.
Bazza2023: any chance HTB in this game?
beerent11: They should just keep it in sa
Bazza2023: and pulls that one out for titch
Pavs: It would work in WA people will travel. It will have a fair bit of momentum in 3 years time
PigeonPies: how is hoskin elliott on our list? one of the worst players ive ever seen
PAFC4eva: gather round in sa for next 3 years:)
Ash777: the AFL GF at optus is proof enough it’ll work in WA
Grimes Jr: is daicos the softest footballer in league football?
PAFC4eva: just on the news
Bazza2023: your a bit behind the 8 ball PAFC
BigChief: That would be Shai Bolton Grimes
duckky: Merrett banned for a week for a sling tackle
Bazza2023: is GrimesJR walrus’s alias?
MrWalrus: Shhh Grimes, you’ll upset people.
beerent11: Throwing a line in grimes? Bit bored?
bhg26: My draft boys remain undefeated
BRAZZERS: thanks PAFC, but it was mentioned here 40 minutes ago lol
Bazza2023: Quite sure all the Tigers supporters walk around lop sided, need to get rid of the chip lads.
MrWalrus: Love a personal attack don’t you Bazza, bit soft really
PigeonPies: did richmond fans sign a contract that forces them to hate on daicos? only tiges fans seem to do it. comical
PAFC4eva: sorry guys just got home
navy_blues: i like caminiti
Troglodyte: The Green tackle was similar. Looks like I’ll have 3 suspended players on my bench next week including Day
Bazza2023: at least im not delusional
Bazza2023: lets go Naicos, fantastically great effervescent player
BRAZZERS: lol I don’t hate him, he’s a great player imo
TorturedSC: Don’t lump us all in with some of the idiots here who support the tiges
PigeonPies: youre soft as it gets walrus, you back down every time you say something, weak as it gets, stay on your coach slob
bhg26: *eats popcorn
PigeonPies: i didnt say all tiger fans brazzers, but i only see tiger fans do it
PigeonPies: couch*
TorturedSC: Lol bhg
MrWalrus: Day won’t get weeks Bazza?
zadolinnyj: Ease up lads. I think it?s time to end the Daicos rubbish. If sides were good enough they?d stop him
Bazza2023: apologies to the good Natured level headed Tigers,
MrWalrus: Crows boys in on it too pigeon
oc16: Stocker doesnt have anything to worry about
Bazza2023: these umps are poor, thats frontal contact every day
navy_blues: agree zado
BRAZZERS: its a rvalry thing me thinks, tiges hate pies, pies hate tiges. people just wanna troll
Ash777: saints getting stitched up again in the frees
wadaramus: Sinclair putting his feet up on the bench this qtr?
MrWalrus: And I never back down as much as I know some wish I would
Pavs: The alcohol is kicking in. Can i have some of your popcorn bhg?
bhg26: Plenty to go around Pavs, we can watch that imaginary game you keep talking about
MrWalrus: What rubbish, he’s a good player but a seagull.
Bazza2023: i dont believe Days action was the same as the cats action. but they are making a point on actions now
PigeonPies: it is brazzers, but some wanks just go on and on and on and its pathetic and borderline obsession, sad
MrWalrus: I see you’re just letting it drop calmly pige
GJayBee: Had a great weekend. It?s like a small miracle. Go pies!
Bazza2023: i think Wanks is the correct and politically correct term, eh Walrus
PigeonPies: youve been going for 2 years i wouldnt talk about dropping it
Pavs: Can Wends come as well bhg she can bring the wine?
Bazza2023: Two Words Richard Tambling. Mic drop!
Gotigres: I could have started Rat (88) or Greene (75) but no, I started Caminiti
MrWalrus: I agree with that Bazza, Rohan should have got 2 as well, Day was a bit unlucky but 2 standard for that now
Bazza2023: Saints seem to be just holding on here
bhg26: Sure it can be a fun gathering
Legix: kayo is deadset useless
zadolinnyj: Crowd waiting for the finale
DrSeuss: Stocker and Phillipou – any chance to get involved this qtr?
Bazza2023: i thought greems was 1 and Zerrets 1 on that basis, but im not michael farking christian
Bazza2023: sorry Walrus i just dropped my sandwich on the floor.
MrWalrus: I don’t like seagulls, been going on about soft outside players for mor than 2 years to be fair
BigChief: Okay Naicos need you to lift.
Bazza2023: dont bag kayo out, i have shares
Wends: Have a lovely Blanc de Blanc chardy skin from Yarra Valley to share Pavs, just quietly
Legix: it’s on thin ice bazza
Bazza2023: against the flow i think that goal
MrWalrus: Saints defensive run is insane
Pavs: If we are going to watch last years imaginery grand final we might need a few more but thats a good start.
Bazza2023: great work Seagull Naicos i love ya
wadaramus: Absolutely superb contest, low scoring but entertaining.
Wends: Who’ll Ross sub out?
beerent11: Anyone got wood?
wadaramus: Why has Sinclair scored zero this quarter?
pcaman2003: Need a big last qtr from you Owens.
zadolinnyj: Same questions every 3rd qrt. Points are evened to we sure total for end of game.
Wends: None here beer, I am a lady.
LuvIt74: Naicos & hollar for a Marshall doing niceeeeeeeeee
pcaman2003: Unless Titch gets 61 last qtr and Owens no score,I should win. Current proj 2368
zadolinnyj: Not bad pc
beerent11: Haha wends.
Ash777: hoping for NWM to ton
Wends: When Stocker hits 60, officially lose both leagues.
Bazza2023: i had wood this morning @beerent
pcaman2003: Zad. Happy with a win and half reasonable score. Others on here doing better no doubt.
DrSeuss: Pretty sure Stocker was held after the ball had gone there
BigChief: 2301 proj but that included De Goey. So way less coming my way.
MrWalrus: Pca I reckon you may be selling yourself short, great round for you
Hazza09: Great second half Phillipou
pcaman2003: Unlucky about Goey Chief.
zadolinnyj: Considering rookies up and down and injuries, that?s solid mate pc
BigChief: pcaman had the chance to trade to Cogs or Wood. Held trade though.
pcaman2003: Chief. I only used 1 trade this week. Just wish I could afford Dawson. Probably a couple of weeks away.
Grimes Jr: Teams must not think that daicos is good enough to be worth tagging
DingaS2831: he will be tagged come finals and will struggle
bhg26: My draft boys have cracked 1600 2 weeks in a row
pcaman2003: I’ve sealed my win. Phew.! Touch and go for a while tonight.
benzammit: Where s Mr Football gone Monty ??
BigChief: m0nty not here Ben.
zadolinnyj: Great score bhg
DrSeuss: Geez Stocker open time after time – teammates just burn him
m0nty: I’m still working on it ben.
pcaman2003: Gotta go! Have a good week all.
BigChief: Oh m0nty is here LOL
LuvIt74: Doing bettet then i thought on 2254 with Naicos & Marchall so will probibly reach 2280 to 2300
benzammit: Well I?ll hunt him down! Hundreds of star players past and present gone. Lol
Legix: m0nty a workhorse
beerent11: Rob Harvey would?ve had some double tons of SuperCoach was around in his prime.
biggerz: monty, can you get the list of games back of the top of each page!
benzammit: Fair play mat? enjoyed that game
beerent11: *if
m0nty: yes big, during the week
benzammit: Hey those Diacos boys look concussed, get em off no Anzac Day lads!
Ash777: commentators says it’s over so time to turn it off
LuvIt74: Who do you guys think was the best RUCK for sc? Sandilands?
BigChief: Fean Cox by a long way LuvIt
zadolinnyj: Cox was good.
Pavs: DEfinetly Big Cox
BigChief: Dean Cox even LOL
LuvIt74: oh yup true, Dean Cox was very consistant for a long time
Grimes Jr: Collingwood chant so arrogant, sums up that footy club #scum
biggerz: Thanks Monty!
benzammit: Cox-Hale -Martin
mattmac24: 12 more points from Naicos and Marshall and I hit 2400
gungaginga: Naicos should be 160
Bazza2023: Ablett sr wouldve had a few big scores
gungaginga: Naicos should be 170
Rebuild: Gawn easily better than Cox. 4 years averaging over 120 (not biased at all)
BigChief: Very nice mattmac
NickyD: 42 from NickyD. Superb game. 3 Brownlow votes again.
Pavs: No clearances and only a few contested slows Naicos’s score
Troglodyte: Caminiti the 4th suspended player for next week. So tanking next week
beerent11: My round buggered by degoey. Would have been around the same matttmac
Legix: good man Wood
BRAZZERS: mitchell injured? tog low
beerent11: Just a solid naicos game. No goals. Shows how good he is.
mattmac24: Yeah JDG being a late out would’ve sucked!
doghungry: why would marshall go on the bench with a minute to go
beerent11: Uh oh
Pavs: Game on. lol
zadolinnyj: He spent first 7 minutes of qrt on pine brazz
Ash777: go the draw!
BRAZZERS: yeah, only been on the ground 10 minutes this quarter!
Legix: oh my
MrWalrus: 3 Brownlow votes, turn it up
MrWalrus: That was an unexpectedly exciting finish
Grimes Jr: Lol soft daicos
zadolinnyj: Looks ok. Maybe some cramp.
Valorlonga: Josh deserves more votes than Nick
BRAZZERS: yeah zads, seems to be walking around alright
LuvIt74: Ndaicos absolute legend, without a doubt 3 votes, he should get 6 votes…
Crave: odd Atlas’ given last 2 games
navy_blues: 6 CP out of 42 poss easy kicks
bhg26: 2344, finally a decent week
thesilentl: clear 3 votes for naicos, probably got 12 already

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