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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R5 of 2023

Wends: Need reverse voodoo doll – Conigs and Sic to go v large.
navy_blues: go giants
Wends: Worps and JKell to go v low x
Raspel31: I am a humble man who rarely asks for much-
Wends: Hey, we’re in the breakout room. Wine anyone?
pcaman2003: HaveWorps and Green here. Could come unstuck in this game, but hoping not
pcaman2003: Just try and keep the clangers low Worps, for a nice change.
Raspel31: Think many have Green- I need a game saver from Callahagn- snort
duckky: This is the game I am worried about. I traded Callaghan out for Amartey.
duckky: This game hates me
Harambe: Tiny wings at Norwood might not suit Callaghan
Urbs: Having some technical issues with this game, bear with me
Wends: Ahh ducky, bad luck!
Wends: Pedal harder urbs 🙂
pcaman2003: Green and Worps v Cogs and Buckley.. Ugly start!
zadolinnyj: Prefer to beer with u urbs
pcaman2003: FFS Green you potato. 3 clangers so soon?
Gotigres: oh no, Mackenzie is the sub. Got him on field.
Harambe: Whitfield just laid 3 tackles and was awarded none of them
duckky: Get off the bench MacKenzie
Harambe: Stop wishing injury duckky
duckky: Is it too early to be wishing for a strategic sub?
bhg26: That Mitchell kid should be subbed off, hes had his chance
pcaman2003: Catch up to Cogs and Buckley Mr Green
PigeonPies: go well in your career cadman, good luck
zadolinnyj: Good on ya cads
Wends: Tricky game for SC’ers… lots of OotF’s?
beerent11: Take the game off Luke. Get the sub on
Fromage: Bruest hammy?
Baldfrog: Much better game to watch than the other one
Urbs: I think the issues have been sorted now, thanks for your patience everyone
pcaman2003: Get that DE up Worps. You do this rubbish all the time. Smarten up!
Baldfrog: How do you do 2 games at once Urbs?
Wends: Corked glute, not hammy for Breust.
Wends: *supposedly
Hazza09: Bruest looks fine ffs
navy_blues: breust will play full game
Raspel31: My only hope is Callaghan reaching 80- hard when your butt is firmly planted on the pine?
pcaman2003: This better Green after a horror start. Good comeback.
PigeonPies: de goey out
Dredd: Buckley and Haynes to beat Green..
pcaman2003: Get out there Worpel. I need points.
Hazza09: Looks like both Ginbey and CMac are done
pcaman2003: Dredd. I hope not. I need Buckley and Cogs to stay low. Fat chance!
PigeonPies: thats a mark to cadman surely
Wends: Gah, Green on-field over Chandler would’ve been handy :
Hazza09: Get moving Sicily ffs, 626k for this
Bazza2023: Hawks with a UK feel, Seamus, Reeves, Fergus, Conor,
Wends: *F Greene
Raspel31: Seamus is actually an African name Bazza
PigeonPies: good comeback jelly
Bazza2023: Seamus is a boy’s name of Irish origin. It translates to ?supplanter? and is the Irish equivalent of the name James.
Bazza2023: sorry Raspel.
Raspel31: To be sure to be sure Bazza
zadolinnyj: Raspel got the fishing rod out and snags a fish instantly
Bazza2023: as Raspael is medieval German origin
PigeonPies: elite from you two
Fromage: Wingard face plant
RooBoyStu: De Gone officially out
Raspel31: Lol zado and indeed Bazza
pcaman2003: Have a rest Cogs.
Wends: There you go Macca owners
pcaman2003: Another HB clanger Worps? Learn to dispose of the ball properly and hit your own targets.
Bazza2023: Go Fergus
Bazza2023: Seamus great start to his career
Harambe: Tom Green in trouble for that tackle?
Wends: Worps surely you’d prefer a sanga sandwich behind the stands?
zadolinnyj: Is Wingate done. Probably was a free. Just needed a goal from him and he missed twice
DrSeuss: Callaghan really has had a massive decline – high hopes to SPUD
pcaman2003: Worps and Green 8 clangers so far hurting my score against Cos and Bucks.
oc16: Green might be in trouble
beerent11: Surely not harambe
Raspel31: Moi torts exactly DrSeuss.
Zags32: They?ll look at it Harambe but probably not
Munky14: Please god Cam, don’t go on, I tried to use him as a captain loophole
BRAZZERS: good contest
Troglodyte: Was Ginbey’s injury serious? Asking for a friend who also has Merrett and now Green suspended next week
PigeonPies: poke in the eye in the 2nd trog, i think they rested him if anything
Harambe: It’s an absolute lottery though Zags, Christian just covers his eyes and presses a random number
Zags32: Dangerous living Munky, he was announced as sub earlier in week
Troglodyte: the game feed said he did his ankle in the 3rd
beerent11: Jeff Buckley continues to score like a premo defender
Dredd: Jack fkn Buckley.. what a pick a few weeks ago
Zags32: Not wrong Harambe, I didn?t understand Rohan vs Day tbh
Harambe: WTF Munky he isn’t even a medical sub, like he is guaranteed to come on
navy_blues: Jeff?
beerent11: Jeff?s not doing much these days
Wends: Need Calvin to bark at Sic dog
Wends: It’s prob his last goodbye tho Beer
Hazza09: What a joke Sicily
beerent11: Been on the lilac wine wends
beerent11: Why hazza?49 points
Hazza09: When you picked him at 626k it?s not good enough beer
beerent11: Seamus Mitchell would be handy fwd/def if he stays in
Hazza09: Looks like he?s playing more KPP this year too
beerent11: Righto haz
Zags32: I have Sic, Greene and Titch vs Stewart +69. What are my odds
Wends: Hallelujah beer 😉
beerent11: He definitely scores better when jiath is not there
Zags32: F.Greene to clarify
benzammit: Where?s MR Football game gone Monty?
Wends: Gather round will stay in SA for another 3 years
zadolinnyj: Boom
bc__: Keep it going Cogs please
Wends: McKenzie vest off
zadolinnyj: Wingate subbed
Zags32: Poor Munky 🙁
pcaman2003: Geez Mitchell! Can you please tag Cogs b4 he kills us?
Ash777: wingard is a bit special not to wear a mouthguard
navy_blues: deserves whatever he gets if gonna be that stupid
pcaman2003: C’mon Green. You need to keep up with Cogs.
DrSeuss: So this is what happens when Sam Mitchell is forced to play Worpel as a mid?
bc__: Don’t stop Cogs. Lift son
pcaman2003: Seuss. Without Day, he goes okay. Just needs better DE and fewer clangers.
Bazza2023: and the African kicks his 3rd!
pcaman2003: Greene making it harder for Kosi to regain his place. I prefer Greene.
bhg26: F Greene is going to make us so much money
Wends: When you have FGreene on yr bench and Chandler on field…
navy_blues: newcombe changing this game
mattmac24: Is Tom Green looking at a holiday? Haven’t seen the incident.
oc16: Seamus looks good
pcaman2003: Good hard game this.C’mon Hawks!
bc__: Get cogs on you nuffy
Wends: Fully sic, as the kids say
pcaman2003: Wish Green would stop giving it to Cogs all the time.
LuvIt74: Wheres Norwood?
Bazza2023: in Sydney Luvit
DrSeuss: Callaghan back to sleep again after a few touches I see. Mckenzie might overtake him by full time
wadaramus: 1 kilometre East of Adelaide LuvIt.
saintzzz: is green introuble for that tackle? not watching the game
pcaman2003: Newcombe on fire today and hitting targets. Do the same Worps and get past 100
beerent11: Dollar sign Fergus
wadaramus: The home of Garry McIntosh and Michael Aish.
Crave: Kelly must still be in the change rooms after HT….
Grimes Jr: lift sic
Napper: Cogs didn?t nothing wrong that wuarter and got no points for multiple handballs. Fix that CD
Zags32: Mattmac/saintzzz 50/50 it was a sling tackle with arm pinned
mattmac24: Thanks Zags, got Green and Merrett to worry about now..
DrSeuss: What was Worps doing at the end of that qtr? Did Mitchell move him forward again?
Pavs: Urbs hands out the dollar signs. m0nty definetly anti Wilmot.
saintzzz: lets hope cam mackenzie isnt sub again if green is gone
Wends: Sic just moochin’ around
Napper: No points for cogs tackle
beerent11: Greens tackle was way on the minor end of the spectrum. But who knows ?
Ash777: looks like worps will ton.
BRAZZERS: Green will miss 1 game, no doubt based on the season so far.
Gotigres: Get into it McKenzie
pcaman2003: Ash77. Hope he does. I need every point this game. Need green to stay ahead of Cogs too.
Wends: Wowwee Toby
bc__: Don’t do this cogs. Lift
TigerTime1: Cogs scores always seem low. 30 touches, 7 tackles, 9 contested. 5 clangers tho hmmm, still seems low
Bazza2023: could be Conors best gave, ever, ever and ever
pcaman2003: Off the bench Worps. You’re needed!
Napper: Fix cog score. Always scaling backwards after possessions his score is staying still when doing things rights
pcaman2003: Worps and Green 12 clangers. Get real you two. Stop killing my scores.
bc__: Go get em Cogs. W
Wends: So frustrating picking the wrong on-field rooks. Is there an online tutorial?
bc__: Go get em Cogs, win it for your team son
BigChief: Napper you have done this long enough to know scores come from CD and not FanFooty.
The Hawker: Sam frost needs to learn how to kick or handball
Bazza2023: Napper=Nufty
Ash777: a 80 from callaghan would be ok
saintzzz: tom green wtf are u doing
pcaman2003: The Hawker. Often has brain fades and doesn’t think.
beerent11: Mitchell might have enough to keep his spot when day returns.
LuvIt74: What do you think the average will be this week on SC 2150 2200?
pcaman2003: Get involved Green. Scoring has dried up son.
mattmac24: I’m on SC 2250 with Green, Naicos and R.Marshall currently playing.
The Hawker: Grand Final preview right there haha
TigerTime1: Dylan Moore got no points for that contested mark before. Lame
LuvIt74: Will Green get a holiday sorry missed it
pcaman2003: Green you disappointing potato.
PigeonPies: i need you to push josh kelly please
Ash777: just another 10pts pls worps n callaghan
pcaman2003: Luvit. He’s already started his holiday. Stopped this half
BigChief: Hogan you spud.
pcaman2003: Worps and Green gone back 11 pts last 6 mins.,while Cogs destroys them
beerent11: Mattmac. Are you on 2250 plus those players? So looking at 2550?
The Hawker: that behind by hogan is gonna kill us..i dont like this
LuvIt74: @mattmac24 Your doing well, Rank will improve quite a bit. Are u on 2250 projection or are u on 2250 now with 3 to play
mattmac24: I wish Beer, nah, that’s the score with their current live scores. So looking at around 2350
Bazza2023: im nervous
BRAZZERS: would you have rather him kick that goal then?
Bazza2023: far out himmelbuglar
mattmac24: Current live projection is 2380
Bazza2023: sod off
pcaman2003: Where are you Worpel? Should be 110 by now.
Wends: Mark of the year candidate there for HH
BRAZZERS: lol Sic got a knee in the hard pretty hard there
beerent11: Yeah I?m about that too mattmac
beerent11: But with jelly as well
BigChief: Doesn’t beat his rd 1 mark Wends.
PigeonPies: how’d this become game of the round
pluggerpig: one of the best goal line saves ive seen
Bazza2023: sod it, better game hawks, but shouldve won it
Bazza2023: fark it
The Hawker: DGB playing last game of his career
pcaman2003: Hawks lose yet another game which they should’ve won. Weak!
BigChief: Oh shit I have GWS in gauntlet.
PigeonPies: in better news, mackenzie hit his be by 1 point! woohoo
Wends: Its a big big sound!!
beerent11: Himmel went from 77 to 90
beerent11: Pretty good effort pcaman.
Pavs: This year will test Sam Mitchells temper. Angry little man by the end of the year.
Amare: hahaha Hawks
BigChief: pcaman 10.17 to 11.9 says different.
pcaman2003: They let the game go at the end with bad turnovers.

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