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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Bulldogs, R6 of 2023

Pavs: Evening all. Who to vc English or Bont?
PigeonPies: bont
navy_blues: gone english
J.Worrall: Get along little doggies
Cottees: English cause im the guy without bont and im scared of him lol. Got Miller this week instead
Pavs: Thanks Pigeon bit worried about a tag
navy_blues: have both so no doubt i went wrong way lol
J.Worrall: Bont for me, though English does appeal.
PigeonPies: good point
wadaramus: Been to LIV Golf and loving the new Metallica record.
wadaramus: Evening all 🙂
navy_blues: got 5 in this
PigeonPies: evening, how was everyones week
frenzy: chaps
Cottees: I was nearly tempted on Serong but didn’t so watch him go 150
TheFlagger: evening everyone
Baldfrog: Thank goodness Witts is back and Libba is due for VC
wadaramus: Superb, thanks for asking pigeonpies 🙂
navy_blues: think dogs win this mids/fwds wilol win for them
TheFlagger: baker spike game please
Baldfrog: Serongs dad picks the fruit Cottees so….
bhg26: I?m also on board the Touk Touk train Cottees
wadaramus: Honour and remember the ANZAC’s, hope that we don’t need them again.
Cottees: Touk Touk bhg! lol
TheFlagger: Feels like the whole SC community is getting Touk Touk in
bhg26: Just under 6000 trade ins so far flagger
Baldfrog: Last year igot touk worst decision ever in SC
Cottees: I’ve gone Stewart to Docherty to Saad to Touk. So be warned everyone. Good luck have fun
bhg26: He averaged 120 last year baldy
sc_god: Hey lads, new here
Baldfrog: Not while I owned him bhg
TheFlagger: Touk running up and down the corridor last year while the ball was on the wing was so annoying lol
bhg26: So you?re saying you mozzed him? Stay away from him please
Baldfrog: Jeebus cottees you a jinx or what?
wadaramus: sc god, subtle introduction mate!!
navy_blues: game on lol
Cottees: Must be Baldfrog. Welcome to my supercoach life lol
Baldfrog: Haha cottees mines never much better m8
Gotigres: I have Johnson on field ahead of Baker, so I expect Baker to ton up and MJ to be subbed off.
Ash777: I bought in serong so expect him not to ton
sc_god: lol
Gotigres: English vc, so I expect him to go sub 80. Yes, I am an optimist.
wadaramus: With a name like that we expect high level insight and informative comments 🙂
DrSeuss: English getting pushed around in the ruck by Darcy early
ItsDaroose: Shout out to the WHLC boys
ItsDaroose: Shout out to the WHLC Boys
original: English being +4 for that kick is hilarious
bhg26: Onya Shrek
ch1p5y: fridge. solid
DrSeuss: Damnit – leave it for English Baker
navy_blues: ugle on fire
sc_god: haha wada, my record speaks for itself but I don’t want to pump my tyres up too much so soon lol
TheFlagger: lol bont
bhg26: What?s Daniel ducking for? He?s 4 foot 2
Baldfrog: Lucky for us god isn’t real
Hazza09: Anyone know where Johnson is playing
original: Hazza – appears not near the ball
navy_blues: shoulda vc ryan with dogs kicking
TheFlagger: jones you potato
DrSeuss: How is Ryan on 100% – he has turned it over at least twice out of the back line
TheFlagger: thrilling prime time
bhg26: Doggies need 6 more shots on goal to catch up, at least
MrWalrus: Long kick to contests don’t count as turn over
Baldfrog: Guessing game how many points will doggies end up with?
sc_god: Ryan on fire
MrWalrus: I’ll take 23 bald
zadolinnyj: lads and Wends
bhg26: Johnson may not get his break even
DrSeuss: FFS Brayshaw – running into space and just being ignored – get the ball for yourself
Vultures: that’s 100% of time on the ground, not efficiency
Cottees: Already regretting Miller over Bont hahaha
Vultures: 100% means he hasn’t been benched
DrSeuss: Vultures – Next to TOG is 100% on Target – you might not be able to see it on phone
runners47: Baldfrog – 18 points for me
TheFlagger: wagner a real goer
MrWalrus: English doing ok given shrek is kryptonite to oppo rucks, good time to VC him
runners47: Should have swapped to Marshall for C instead of English – and now can’t use the Naicos loophole
navy_blues: walters the peanut
Wends: Evening Zads and all… Can’t believe I traded Wagner back out 1 min before lockout 😐
Jaypa: how is English on 30 SC, 4 touches at 75% and 6 hitouts
Migz: hit outs to advantage are like 8 points jaypa
Jaypa: i think theyre being a bit lenient on what a hitout to advantage looks like in that case…
Vultures: Ryan’s on the bench at 94% now..
navy_blues: omg dogs gave them that
original: does taking the ball out of the ruck count a sa hit out to advantage?
DrSeuss: And his target is still on 100 Vultures
sc_god: English has had 2 scoring assists as well
Gotigres: That’s not good Wends. I traded in a spud and put the spud on field ahead of Baker (Johnson)
Migz: i have no idea, i wouldnt be surprised if it is. its a ‘hitout’ and you end with possession
wadaramus: Bont SC tax being applied liberally.
PowerBug: There’s no hitout recorded, so no it doesn’t
wadaramus: Bont on target for 280 SC?
Wends: Gah! Fri night dodgy trades do suck Gotigres 🙂
DrSeuss: Bont deserves it Wada – is killing them singlehandedly at the moment
TheFlagger: I only watch freo for potential wharfie time
Vultures: Lappy here, can’t see anything with 100 for Ryan
Baldfrog: Doesn’t really matter scores won’t change cause we whinge about them
Pavs: Must be your lappy then Vultures Ryan going at 100%
Legix: bont wtf
Vultures: Bker covering for Green on SC.. yay
myteamsuks: Bont (Vic) Darcy English and Ryan. Not bad
Pavs: Apologies Pigeon, went for English its only early but it seems your correct.
wadaramus: Go Oskar Baker!
ItsDaroose: Darcy > English
sc_god: relax Vultures, Baker didn’t score for the last 20 minutes
navy_blues: 200 point qtr can handle 4 of those
Gebs: Should be purple superman for darcy!!
Baldfrog: Myteamsucks you will need a name change
Gotigres: I should have noticed MJ has only a 92% chance of reaching his BE of -1 before trading him in.
Yelse: englh becoming a SC fav like bont is
Vultures: Wow, Baker got 20pts in ten minutes lmao
sc_god: lol
bhg26: Darcy get an effective disposal for that lmao
PigeonPies: anyone else take the vc off bont 5 mins before the bounce?
original: a bit generous the commentary suggesting he was looking for naughton
Baldfrog: Yep to Libba pigeon
DrSeuss: Freo backs getting lots of possessions but losing them the game kicking it around between themselves
original: Pigeon YES same. fuming
PigeonPies: still going well baldy
biggs2dujj: Darcy giving English an absolute bath
Vultures: VC off Bont onto who ?
original: Baker score is lower than it should be
Baldfrog: Yeah not complaining m8
original: laird VC
Grimes Jr: Get on the ground macca
Yelse: i took off bont onto laird into oliver
Wends: How we going with the redaction function development m0nty? Prefer not to see Wagner’s score rn…
navy_blues: nice goal
Vultures: Baker has a SC 59 average.. I’d be happy with that & thrilled to bits over that.. yay.. Party time lmao
Gotigres: I have seen reports that Oliver has the flu
BigChief: What’s with Brodie’s TOG?
Yelse: two opponents have bont and darcy VC lol i am scrwe
biggs2dujj: English ducking his head. Gutless
MrWalrus: Wagner is locking himself in for a nice cash grab next week
Migz: great tackle
navy_blues: back on ground baker plz
Baldfrog: Lol chief is that sc most asked question
bhg26: 14 shots to 4
original: Brodie’s TOG explained – Coach doesn’t rate him – hence him being dropped and sub. youre welcome
BigChief: It might be Baldy 🙂
MrWalrus: I dunno chief, coach probably has no idea, he’s a gun!
DrSeuss: WTF has happened to Freo – they are very average this year
Vultures: Putting head in hrms way is gutless ?? lmao
slydon: Pull your finger out and push up coz holy moly come a down
TheFlagger: both teams have massive list holes
MrWalrus: original, you’re just playing along with the joke right?
Gotigres: Johnson only 2 sc points for a tackle which resulted in a goal is injustice
slydon: cox youre washed, retire
Wends: What’s everyone doing re rook trades (if that chat hasn’t already happened…)
pluggerpig: Jye is well and truly amiss tonight
slydon: how you gonna play such a defensive style freo yet give up up to 6 goals a quarter WHAT DA HELL
Hazza09: If that was Bont Gotigres he would of got 20
original: Walrus if you think brodie is decent youve clearly got no idea. i mean just look at 2022
Baldfrog: Only swans Roberts for me Wends this week
TheFlagger: Majority boosted 2 down 1 up. most common was roberts, johnson touk in
slydon: @wends, i dumped mackenzie this week, next week jye menzie and alwyn davey will take a bow for wagner and a port rook
bhg26: How did you know my trades flagger
MrWalrus: I went Chandler ginbey out, Cincotta premo
TheFlagger: who else jumped on serong
MrWalrus: Next week will be at least one more down then im going to Disneyland
slydon: im just stoked cincotta is finally getting a game, hell be to carlton what sheezel has been for nm
TheFlagger: lol let me guess ginbey, mackenzie, baker out
Baldfrog: Johnson a flop already
clay007: Brodie is a good player. He is so clean in close and his contested work is very good.
Wends: That’s who I backed out of Wagner for Baldy… It’s who to trade out was the struggle. Interesting Walrus and Sly
bhg26: Why is Brodies TOG so high?
MrWalrus: Original it wasn’t a serious question from chief, Brodie has no tank, well documented.
Baldfrog: Mackenzie was the one wends who went
slydon: at this rate cox is going out with cowan/ginbey for dawson and someone else
slydon: sick of you cox, youre killing my supercoach team every week
original: i wasn’t playing along at home walrus lol
beerent11: You picked him slydon
TheFlagger: Lobb has been the best key forward since pavlich i understand why theyre so bitter
MrWalrus: Cox was a classic Vickery trap sly, don’t worry we all fall for it from time to time
Baldfrog: Go Libba
original: This just in. Treloar has had a huge qtr
DrSeuss: Dogs getting a lot of iffy frees in front of goal
Wends: Serong turning into the Dependlebury of ’23 (knock on wood)
beerent11: Tim English has been well beaten and still on 63. That?s why we love him
MrWalrus: Sturt and Wagner in looking likely, gonna have so much cash to waste on poor choices
Troglodyte: Evening lads. Who we all tipping for this week’s sling tackle suspension?
Harambe: Touk Laird Oliver and sling someone and get 2 weeks each
MrWalrus: Evening Trog, hmmm Rowan Marshall would would hurt me most so him.
Baldfrog: Laird doesn’t have a sling in him a gentle midget
Harambe: Marshall to sling tackle an umpire
Pavs: Charlie Dixon simmering due for a sling tackle
Vultures: None will sling tackle this week, I’d put money on it
Grimes Jr: Young should be more than 53
Harambe: Don’t even need to sling to get weeks, look at Will Day
Baldfrog: Risky bet vultures white line fever and footy players not the brightest
Vultures: Playrs are focusing on holding the tackle rather than bringing them to the ground..
frenzy: forget the bump, the tackle is dead
Baldfrog: Yeah Broad will agree with you
Baldfrog: Then footy is dead Frenzy
Vultures: The duty of care kind of turned it into a circus of sorts..
MrWalrus: Dead? Nah but it may have just peaked.
Baldfrog: I wont watch touch football Walrus
clay007: Hi all, will Ginbey play this round or late out. He seemed injured last week and was flagged to be managed.
MrWalrus: Me either, they’ll never remove tackling but they will continue to soften them I reckon
Vultures: you’ll adapt, frog.. lmao
navy_blues: i think eer since they pin a arm in tackle concussion increased plaher cant protect their fall
Baldfrog: Doubt WC can leave him out
Social: Liam Jones, phone for you
Vultures: Ginbey wasn’t injured
Baldfrog: English plz navy
MrWalrus: Sub risk at minimum I’d have thought clay
clay007: Ginbey’s BE is 81 and might be primed for a trade
Ash777: AFL is just trying to keep themselves for being found liable
navy_blues: lol trust you to pick me up on that baldy lol
Ash777: I already trade Ginbey to seagull lloyd
clay007: Any thoughts on a trade to Chayce Jones?
Baldfrog: Haha soz m8
Ash777: only played the 1 game so far clay
clay007: I haven’t got the cash yet Ash to make such a good trade.
MrWalrus: I think you’ll find he was vulture, got a nasty eye poke early then copped a corky, nothing serious but still injured
Baldfrog: Rubbish Ash there is many studies that says 3-5 concussions they should retire but AFL won’t adopt it
Vultures: Don’t chase Chayce
clay007: Thanks Walrus-you must have watched the game also.
beerent11: The crackdown on tackling is working. It had to happen. The afl is doing the right thing whatever their motives.
clay007: Chayce was a high draft pick and they say he has found his place in the side. I’m so close to trading Ginbey to Chayce.
Vultures: I wouldn’t consider a corky or mild eye poke injuries, MrW
MrWalrus: I did clay, not one of the best
clay007: Vultures-he was subbed out.
MrWalrus: My advice clay, it’s a long game, if you can’t go up and down just downgrade then next week get a gun
Vultures: Ginbey 67 ave Jones 75.. Waste
Vultures: 007.. it was classed a tactical sub
Baldfrog: I have still got Rebecca till the bye
clay007: Alright-thanks for the advice-I will hold on Ginbey.
MrWalrus: Yes, he was clearly not right vultures, he’s a kid playing inside mid, 100% rest risk.
Grimes Jr: Cmon young
clay007: Rebecca?
Baldfrog: Rebecca gibney ginbey
Vultures: MrW.. agreed but he’s holding up well in a injury ravaged team
MrWalrus: Gibney clay, you must be a little younger than us codgers
beerent11: Flying doctors. Do yourself a favour.
clay007: Great work Bald One! Lol
BigChief: Kiwi actress Clay
sfenda1: bont and darcy racing to 200
Legix: umpiring shocking tonight
suns4ever: Chayce jones is a massive yes over Ginbey – that 75 average includes a game as the sub went 90 then 100+ last two weeks
Troglodyte: Keeping Ginbey against Port is risky given his BE
Social: Liam Jones to the Principal’s office
clay007: I’m googling Rebecca as we speak
clay007: Ivan Drago-Goal!!!!!
suns4ever: Jones with the -32 BE too!
Vultures: Hotty
BigChief: Will Davey Jr get named this week?
Baldfrog: Whilst he is alive and playing Trog no need to trade
Social: in her day humena humena
clay007: Suns-I am with you. Have Wagner, Johnson and Jones gone home?
Vultures: Davey Jr will play
Pavs: I Reckon Chief he was only rested last weeek
PigeonPies: how can treloar drop the footy and it get called holding the man? these decisions are ruining games
bhg26: No fucking way was that holding the man
MrWalrus: I reckon cash him in while he’s plateud & there are downgrade targets, cash is king
Baldfrog: And we have 4 umps now
ballbag: @clay like walrus said. hes such an old fart now he doesnt even float. thats why he has fart icon next to his name
clay007: I agree pigeon-I have Johnson as my sub, he loses points
MrWalrus: 4 umps just means more opportunity for bad decisions
Gotigres: Just got back to see my vc kick a goal and my spud have a goal assist. I will enjoy these happy 5 mins for the season.
Grimes Jr: Lift young
Pavs: Libba explaining Karma to Serong
BigChief: Darcy you can’t be knocked over by Daniel
Vultures: Oh yerrr ! I’ve got Baker on the field. lmao
Social: Liam Jones now doing better than the so-called Arthur Jones… huzzahh!
MrWalrus: Small surface area concentrates the force chief, physics 😉
Yelse: some huge scores in this game
DrSeuss: Brayshaw hasn’t done anything since half time – pick it up Andy
BigChief: Time to sub Bont Bevo
Vultures: Now there was a trap.. Liam Jones
Baldfrog: Freo with another rebuild Brayshaw and serong could be gettable
Harambe: They aren’t old Baldy
MrWalrus: Funny game Supercoach, you can only have lots of big scores if there are also lots of small ones
Migz: oof thats soft
bhg26: I guess thats a free
Troglodyte: Anyone get their hands on a can of Lobbster Tears?
Gotigres: Interesting walk up there by Amiss
Baldfrog: Tasted fishy Trog
Grimes Jr: Kermit for Ryan
Migz: ryan turns that over directly infront of goal leading to a goal and still gained a point haha
Harambe: Lobb flopped his head toward the ground trying to draw a sling free
BigChief: Kid kicks a goal and gets subbed as a reward.
Hazza09: Geez Johnson atleast get to 50
bhg26: hes done his job chief
Social: Jones you bewty!
bhg26: How the flower is that not a reversal
Yelse: I hate the sub rule absolutely hate it
MrWalrus: English looking to post a decent VC score, good work lad
sc_god: lobb you plonker
Pav300: cracker game
Vultures: If Lobb kicked that it would have been on
BigChief: Agree with you on that Yelse. Get rid of the sub rule and have 5 on the bench.
suns4ever: 70+ from here please baker
Vultures: lol sun
suns4ever: have him as emg <3
bhg26: He meant that Jamarra
Baldfrog: What numptie would want grey hair before the age sheesh
Migz: wtf is this game
Social: ice cream on ya boot
Gotigres: I think Johnson is playing as a decoy midfielder
Vultures: The sub is designed to not effects rotations when an injury occurs..
Yelse: fck all i need is walters 2 goals seriously to win 689 on multi
bhg26: If you take a shot everytime hodge says smart youd be dead at quarter time
Baldfrog: Doing a good job the gotigres
DrSeuss: How underwhelming has Brayshaw been so far this year.
navy_blues: cant stand walters
suns4ever: why would you put that geriatric on the multi
Legix: omg trelor 25
bhg26: Brayshaw going to be dirt cheap but flower youd want to see him have some form
Vultures: Someone has brayshaw, I have Macrae.. we’re even DrS
Gotigres: Sure is Baldy
navy_blues: need macca to get 1 more touch and dogs to win
Yelse: Ryan 2 tackles FF and a HB 2 points
runners47: Brayshaw on the trade table come Tues
beerent11: Tool then wolfmother. Rock on !
Yelse: Walters averaging 2.5 goals a game @suns
Baldfrog: Lol Navy not on struggle street there
Pavs: Scaling the points down
JayEm: Brayshaw to Serong
runners47: Sounds good JayEm
Pavs: Brayshaw carrying an injury
Social: did Bont get a touch that qtr?
sc_god: 8 goals vs wce and gold coast tho lmao
MrWalrus: Oh yeah beer, check nglah out, new Aussie metal alternative band BIL is drummer.
Wends: Believe Bails of Fantasy Fanatics pod was bringing in Johnson this wk… wonder if he went thru with it
Yelse: what happens with SC when tasmania comes in
Baldfrog: Plz tell me Yelse
Ash777: be like 2011 yelse
Social: telegrams make a comeback
MrWalrus: There was a story this week where longmuir reckons Brayshaw has been on fire, best season yet he said
Wends: Y2K yelse
Migz: you can play better team footy than collecting stats though
Ash777: though I cant remember what SC did in 2011
clay007: Don’t you love it when your opponent has player vs your player? Baker vs Johnson.
Social: 2011 was a very good year
Ash777: pretty sure it was best 18 every week
Raspel31: They all said Serong but did I listen?
Grimes Jr: Young useless
beerent11: We?re you born then social?
Mattzo: what a pitch invader
Social: born again that year beer
bc__: Your fkn shit freo
Lodgy: Tinglish just seems too fit? Seems to score well late in games
Hazza09: Johnson fraud rookie
bhg26: Getting subbed out in your 100th game is just mean
navy_blues: cmon english big finish
navy_blues: daniel played well
beerent11: He?s been ok hazza.
Grimes Jr: Young u r a disgrace
Napper: Bont 7 points for turnover nice
BigChief: Great tackle Frederick
beerent11: That?s not hybrid on Daniel
Raspel31: Not being rude but perhaps the Bont worth considering– hmm.
beerent11: *htb
Lodgy: @bhg i agree with ya mate, especially since they look in control
frenzy: the bont inflation is real
Migz: i didnt even realsie mcclean was playing so probably a good sub
beerent11: 20 more Timmy boy
Wends: Oh Macrae, you’ve done it again…
DrSeuss: Brayshaw was getting his hands on everything – Longmuir moves him forward – stupidity
beerent11: He was unreal in the first half frenzy
beerent11: He?s injured Seuss
MrWalrus: Hit the showers first, start celebrating, seems like a reward
Migz: why has macrae fallen off? has he been carrying an injury?
J.Worrall: Gogo Bonto!
Grimes Jr: Not playing fall time mid migz. Hasn?t fallen off that much
BigChief: Longmuir may be 1st coach sacked.
Migz: i say that as he posted over 100, but he hasnt looked as dominatnt this year
Pavs: Every week we hear about how lucky Bont is. Just put him in your side.
Baldfrog: Less chips Migz
ballbag: Oh macrae, what a mess
DrSeuss: Beer – he was on the ball getting heaps to start this qtr, then Longmuir moved him forward of the ball
Ash777: Macrae has gone from a 120+ premo to a reliable 100+ rock.
bhg26: Playing a lot more in the forward line migz
suns4ever: brought in bont this week because i want those points for breathing baby
Yelse: mac spending too much time on the pine
bhg26: For some reason
beerent11: Being managed in game
Gotigres: Apparently they love their grass in WA
Raspel31: Macrae still alive as far as I know Migz.
bhg26: Freo are out of the game just gang up on lobb
Gotigres: I think BT would know
beerent11: Libba just keeps on truckin
MrWalrus: Let’s go Timmy, enough rest now get out there & top up that VC score
Social: how green is it
Migz: still got 300 points to go, so bont can still reach 250+
Legix: Bont lmao
Davo27: I swapped Bont vc to English ffs
Vultures: me english too
Gotigres: According to the commentators Social, it is very green
beerent11: Green
bhg26: Nick Madden is my captain once again
ballbag: has speaker no got any points in the last 40 mins?
Social: far out, so green
Raspel31: I find Bontempelli owners extrememey annoying.
Harambe: Madden been a jet for me this year bhg
Legix: libba cement head
navy_blues: cmon english 20 more
Migz: 10 more timmy boy come on
beerent11: I?ll take that Timmy boy
Pavs: HaHa I find Bont non owners annoying Raspel
Davo27: Nice English
Yelse: at what score do we take baker?
MrWalrus: Yes ballbag, quite a few in fact
BigChief: C’mon Tim 100 more please.
beerent11: Against who yelse
Grimes Jr: Get to 90 young
Baldfrog: Depends who else you have Yelse
Wends: Agreed Rasp. On the plus side, both league oppts this week have him but didn’t VC 🙂
Davo27: 2 hit out to adv for 0 points
Ash777: brayshaw in trouble maybe
Baldfrog: Wanted 140lib
MrWalrus: I find CD bias annoying even on my own players, there’s no hope for me.
Baldfrog: Wanted 140 libba for VC could be Neale now
Raspel31: And Wends- Macrae- still there- just.
beerent11: Darcy has killed english. Only 7 between them
Yelse: philips and hollands @ beerent11
beerent11: That?s silly bald
Social: wow freo really are shower
suns4ever: 200 bont
Troglodyte: So much saltiness for a rubblish player – poor Flea-mantle
PigeonPies: i cant believe i took the vc off bont last minute… kicking myself
Baldfrog: I’d use Hollands Yelse personally
Gotigres: Good. None of my opponents have Bont. But none have Johnson either.
sc_god: glad i put the vc on bont. almost went english
Migz: for being a full time forward lobb has an awkward kicking action
beerent11: Tight yelse. Phillips goes about 70 every game. Got the suns I think
Social: Jones you Bewty!
Baldfrog: Na beer GWS without Green Neale will have a field day
DrSeuss: Freo defense is terrible – Brayshaw is their only mid that consitently runs back defensively
Pavs: Not my fault Pigeon although i did think they would put a tag on him.
Wends: Macrae nearly ton, glass half full I guess Rasp
beerent11: 140 bald take it.
MrWalrus: Bald you wouldn’t seriously turn down 140VC score surely
4_Dots: i am so sad i didnt VC Bont
beerent11: I?m taking English
BigChief: Nearly ton Wends? He has 131
PigeonPies: did you end up vcing him pavs? i have no clue why i changed
Baldfrog: Libba just hit 140 sold!!!
ballbag: @pigeon a man who doubts himself rarely excels. for god sake man stick by yaself
bhg26: Fantasy im assuming bigchief
beerent11: Wends plays dt
Raspel31: Life in the old Macrae yet Wends- still rate him.
PigeonPies: yep i gotta start ballbag, at least hes in my team i guess
BigChief: Oh I never look at fantasy scores.
Social: Johnson you Cock
Pavs: Nope went with English Pigeon. I’ll take that.
MrWalrus: Wends is a fantasy girl, I’m taking English too gladly beer
ballbag: what a piuny score english after 60 in the first qtr
PigeonPies: still solid
Wends: Indeed Rasp… worse problems to deal with as they say. And correct beer.
beerent11: Cherry English
BigChief: WTF is BT smoking? Bont has been Dogs best this year.
bhg26: As long as English and Darcy get similar scores im happy
beerent11: Serong breakout year is upon us
sc_god: lol he was on 36, not 60
MrWalrus: English was 60 @ half time ballbag
Vultures: lol
PigeonPies: why did freo tag laird but let bont do whatever he pleased? terrible coaching
Raspel31: I’m innoculated against Serong.
ballbag: english had a cape in the first and was even higher in sc. cape means 50 in dt
frenzy: 115 ave thus far beer
Vultures: The Bont has a diverse game that is a lot harder to tag than Laird
PigeonPies: i get that, but they werent even playing closely on him
MrWalrus: No he didn’t ballbag, go get some rest
sc_god: lol was 23dt, darcy had the cape. go to bed
Wends: Serong’s VC tricky, but have been burned too many times not to take it.
ballbag: hmmmm i seem to have confused bont. ok then, carry on
suns4ever: english definitely not 60 at QT lol
ballbag: LOL go to bed?? im about to go out drinking. maybe you need to hit the pillow.
MrWalrus: It is Wends but I’d take 110+ in fantasy given how things have been going.
sc_god: lol you the one struggling to read, give lygon a miss mate
Wends: Hey, Mean Girls is on the telly! Night all 🙂
Harambe: Starting Serong, Setterfield and Green paid off nicely for me in AF
Vultures: Bakes got his average yay..!

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