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Chat log from R4 of 2023: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R4 of 2023

frenzy: will LMAO if horforn get up
TheFlagger: go finn
Legix: Hope hawks play well
navy_blues: need 1 poss from mckenzie to win this week
dezlav: If Greene and McKenzie can get 85+ between them I’m Home
Wahab_18: Will Day and CMak lets gooo
PigeonPies: i need 133 from day and mackenzie
dezlav: @Navy_Blues. Lets hope McKenzie ton’s up. He he
blashtroko: need sicily to score within 56 of Day, not conifdent
ausgooner: need 4 points from Worpel to win my cashie matcup. surely he can’t muck this up.
Depressed: If you’re at this game and booing you have smol pp energy
navy_blues: im happy cos my opp won sc 2 years ago
Wahab_18: 2 goal assists for Day loving it
dezlav: GREENE you good thing
PigeonPies: me too wahab, hes a good player
Raspel31: I am watching simply in the hope Day and Sardinia stay low- so far not so good.
TheLegend6: Day could be a keeper
Malaka: The sh!t and p!ss are off to flyer!
dezlav: cKenzie get off the bench
Urbs: Apologies for the lack of blog and icons etc all, having some technical difficulties!
navy_blues: go hawks
cmperrfect: Looks like Doc to Day this week.
dezlav: @Urbs, All good
frenzy: Amen Amon
Raspel31: Mackenzie, sniff, sniff?
DANGERous: go Blicavs
AuroraBore: Worpel being played as FF?? itchy rage trade finger
TheLegend6: Bowes bad role
DrSeuss: Worpel playing forward is not great – especially with Hawks mids for delivery
Wahab_18: Why go so close to the man on the mark
navy_blues: mackenzie warming up now
Legix: Mackenzie what are you doing son
dezlav: @Legix. My thoughts 2
Wahab_18: will day looks amazing inside the guts
navy_blues: geelong have flicked the switch
PigeonPies: day is a great player
beerent11: Jezza running em ragged
Harambe: Agreed Wahab, had question marks over his inside game but he looks like a jet at the moment
TheFlagger: trading ridley, docherty and green to day, dawson and mitchito owens
TheFlagger: death taxes rat 30 point first quarter
beerent11: Is wombats from the draft league lurking out there?
AuroraBore: Worpel starting on the bench lmao, he’s gone
bhg26: Don?t think he is beer, he?s the one that has the Chad
PigeonPies: will day got some strength in those hips
bhg26: Will Day is so good, want to get him in
TheFlagger: well done fergus
PigeonPies: i started him – going better than i expected to be honest
PigeonPies: will day that is
navy_blues: greene been busy
DrSeuss: Looks like Worpel role has gone to Ward and Stewart not needed as much with Duncan back – Fantastic
bhg26: Role is excellent PigeonPies
BRAZZERS: thought abouy Day but wasn’t impressed with his rd1 score, on fire since tho
Bazza2023: afternoon, AMON no touched first qtr , 4 kicks in 3 mins and a goal.
dezlav: Green, Big Tick. McKenzie, Need more.
TheLegend6: Gonna try Doc + Ridley to Dawson + Day this week
cmperrfect: enjoy the VFL for the rest of the year Bowes.
Harambe: Starting Xerri was actually the best thing for me, it prompted a restructure that made me start Day, Sicily and English
beerent11: Gonna give doc another week. Trying to save trades for injuries only for a couple of rounds.
bhg26: Also want to get rid of those two, but also want to bring van rooyen in on the bench
beerent11: Which green are you trading flagger?
BRAZZERS: thoughts on nick haynes?
Raspel31: Bad Day in the office for me with Day shining.
beerent11: Like it nackers looks back to near his best.
bhg26: Definitely value there braziers, looks as good as did when he was scoring previous years, good point of difference
Depressed: It’s legit just Cameron vs everyone
DrSeuss: Geez Guthrie taking Stewarts kicks in the back half as well – pick it up Tom
beerent11: Jezza is close to best in the comp at the minute.
Harambe: Apparently Haynes was carrying a bad foot injury the last couple of seasons and now he’s fit again
Wahab_18: Day oh my
pluggerpig: i got $50 on jezza kicking 6, at $7.75.. would be nice
DrSeuss: FFS Duncan taking kick-ins now as well?
zadolinnyj: Common guthrie
Legix: Duncan needs to leave kick ins to big tommy stewart
pluggerpig: is there a common guthrie and a rare guthrie, zado?
Legix: lmao rohan
BRAZZERS: stewart b/e 161, looks a delicious pick up in a few weeks
dezlav: Ouch!!
wadaramus: Ouch.
Bazza2023: Nash cooked
Harambe: How good was Meek selling the candy to Rohan earlier
bhg26: That will quickly go down again with the 160 last week braziers, reckon next week is the week to get him
dezlav: So glad I didnt start Stewart
Searly34: Enjoy the holiday Rohan
BRAZZERS: thanks mate, i’ll have a look at him i reakon
DrSeuss: Worpel at full forward again – obviously well known for his forward craft
BRAZZERS: not spot for him in there, hawks mid is deep
bhg26: Ward has been so solid for my draft side
mattmac24: Man this is rough to watch as a cats supporter!
BRAZZERS: you won a flag last season, life isnt that bad nackers
zadolinnyj: Would be matt
AuroraBore: big fan of Worpels game plan today: go missing for 10 mins, go to FF, kick the ball OOTF
dezlav: Thanks McKenzie and Greene. Just secured this round SC for me.
Bazza2023: good half hawks
Bazza2023: a better team wouldve put the cats to the sword in the first half
navy_blues: geelong are tanking lol need draft picks
MrWalrus: not secured yet but Greene is certainly making my league matchups interesting
mattmac24: Bazza, no one has put Geelong to the sword in the first half so far.. Why would the Hawks?
DrSeuss: Need 58 from Mackenzie to win my matchup – going to be a close one
Bazza2023: you missread my comment, salty Mattmac
Bazza2023: Owen Three
Davo27: Day, Greene and RAT doing well, I need MacKenzie to start scoring
frenzy: Horforn lads out in force, good to see
Bazza2023: Cats playing 24 players Owen someone his name is
StuL: Most of our team look horrible compared to last year.
Bazza2023: we wont have many games to cheer at all year Frenzy, so gotta enjoy when they playing ok
Davo27: I reckon MacKenzie gets some cbas In the 2nd half with Nash injured
Bazza2023: Cats class over Hawks lack of polish should get it done for them, but hoping.
Bazza2023: I reckon Nash will be subbed for the CHAD Davo
Urbs: Apologies for the first half, but we’re back in the drivers seat for the second!
mattmac24: Yeah fair enough Bazza, not salty, just didn’t get the comment at first!
TheFlagger: worpel please 85+
Bazza2023: all good Mattmac, its wohat the chat is about, i know where we are, i also know where we were in 2009
TheFlagger: nank injured gives grundy another soft match up. feels like witts last year all over again
Bazza2023: i just smashed a KitKat Bunny and a pint of Stout
Bazza2023: Im subbing URBS out for m0nty
Davo27: Nash has a massive bandage, but is going on starting in mid
Bazza2023: wow Nash on the ground
zadolinnyj: Have geelong got a new boot sponsor. Can?t kick now
Bazza2023: whats Duncans BE, is he gettable?
TheFlagger: duncan is made of glass dont go there
circle52: Duncans B/E 93 but would like to see next game
m0nty: first half was my fault, I forgot to press one button! Soz!
frenzy: Bews vested
TheLegend6: ffs Day gonna get a week isnt he
Harambe: Day in MRP trouble
navy_blues: hmmm will day may be in trouble
Legix: Day tackle didn’t look good
Bazza2023: thanks Circle
beerent11: You guys might have to wait a week for a day
navy_blues: a slab each m0nty and we will forgive you lol
clay007: What about the fact that Close got straight back up?
TheFlagger: weeks. should help worp and cmack short term
DrSeuss: Didn’t look good with Day’s tackle – no intention though – tough to tell
Wahab_18: they slipped cant give that dangerous tackle ffs
Bazza2023: yeah Day cooked
oc16: i thought it was 1 motion
DANGERous: cya later Day
MrWalrus: didn’t even see it but if it even looked bad it’s got to be 2 minimum with what others have been getting
Bazza2023: it was one motion, but his handbag hit him in the head
circle52: Is it any worse than Rohans on Jiath in 2nd qtr,
Davo27: Day is fine, it was nothing
clay007: Day needs to make sure he stays focused on today’s game. He was killing it. Stay cool Day!
Bazza2023: you are a spud Walrus, commenting 2 weeks, when you never saw it, #spud
thommoae: If ya didn’t see it – stay quiet fps.
beerent11: Pretty much anyone that has day in their team or is a hawks supporter goes innocent. Everyone else says in trouble.
Bazza2023: rohans much worse
navy_blues: im betting both will miss time
Bazza2023: i said day was cooked
Legix: why on earth would hardwick be taking kick outs
Davo27: Geelong are on a roll now
clay007: The Hawks have put the cue in the rack. This could be a blowout!
beerent11: Damnit had the c on brockman
Davo27: You guys are just jealous you didn’t pick up Day cheap
clay007: Mackenzie not getting much mid time
DrSeuss: Mackenzie – I need 58 from you. Stewart – would be nice for you to get a touch or two
oc16: agreed Davo
MrWalrus: why can’t I comment? If Pedlar got a week then nobody is safe
DANGERous: day getting easy weeks
navy_blues: isnt there a rule commentators gotta retire when they get to 61yo lol
frenzy: brockman vested
MrWalrus: you guys said it looked bad, if it actually looked bad then it will be multiple weeks because the AFL has lost the plot
StuL: This is more like it. We need the next Gen to come through. There’s signs of life.
oc16: it honestly does feel like a lottery at this point with the MRO
circle52: @Dangerous if Day gets weeks so must Rohan not a lot of difference in the two
MrWalrus: Absolute gong show oc
DANGERous: circle im all for Rohan getting weeks too
Bazza2023: Walrus you cant comment if you didnt see the vision spusnutrz
wadaramus: I saw Roahn, 1 week should suffice to let him know it’s not how we do it anymore.
DrSeuss: Geez – Stewart might not see the football again if this keeps up
TheLegend6: Hawks stopped
circle52: Thank you for clarifying apolgy thought maybe Cats bias.
StuL: They only stopped having premiership beers at Tuesday training I think
Bazza2023: what a numbchuck , no wonder you have the spud icon.
beerent11: JC rising on Easter Monday.
Bazza2023: dont think hawks even started this qtr
MrWalrus: yeah, OK bazz, how dare I comment on the MRO, enjoy the game through your salty tears
Bazza2023: seems cats delisted OWEN Three from their list
Bazza2023: my salty tears are great, go dogs
Wahab_18: idk if i should call the afl wusses or the umps
TheFlagger: Worpel wake up
DANGERous: all good circle haha, i just didnt comment when Rohan did it
Bazza2023: for a team pre season that had a mortgage on 18th and wouldnt win a game , im content in what i see,
navy_blues: mackenzie seems a bit stand offish today not interested
dezlav: Danger showing flashes of past brilliance
MrWalrus: That Day, what a dirty sniper eh bazz 😉
DrSeuss: Stewart just running away from the ball – get a touch ffs
Wahab_18: he is interested hes tackling well but the umps are wusses today
TheFlagger: time for mackenzie to be managed
Bazza2023: good to see T Lynch with a few weeks off Walrus, will get a week for his CV as well
pluggerpig: cmon jezza 1 more goal $$
Bazza2023: Tom Lynch much dirty sniper , same as Cotchin worst Charlie winner ever, lol
Harambe: Hawks are on the right track, reckon they’ll be great in a few seasons
Bazza2023: Bews on his Mobile, backing the cats
Wahab_18: thank god they didnt call that high or dangerous
Bazza2023: 2027 Harambe
beerent11: Good luck plugger
dezlav: Who’s ypur biggest “Gone Missing” for the day. My Vote: JK
pluggerpig: thanks
Baldfrog: Ty to all who bought Stewart in this week 2 massive price drops coming
BRAZZERS: god had nothing to do it it
Harambe: Remember when Fagan took over in 2017, we barely won a game for two years then suddenly were playing finals every year.
dezlav: Stewart currently in only 4% of teams. 2 weeks time that’ll probably be 20% at least
beerent11: How good jezza
Harambe: *Fagan. Hawks could be a dangerous team by 2025
Harambe: Apparently I can’t name the coach of the Lions without an asterisk due to the swear filter
Bazza2023: Hawks quite possibly couldve had 6 goals first qtr, and now hasnt got 6 for the game . ouchies
DrSeuss: Stewart will be fine – just no ball going back there and Geelong backs under no pressure.
slydon: jezza cameron is an absolute fken star
Baldfrog: True Harambe
DrSeuss: Hence Duncan and all of his uncontested possies – original seagull
Bazza2023: one way traffic.
slydon: looks like the cats are starting to click, perhaps scotts found some answers other than guthrie in the midfield
bc__: No -3 for Sicily turnover?
Baldfrog: The drop off must be alarming
bhg26: Wowee
Harambe: I think the answer might be playing a bunch of kids slydon
bhg26: CD have him in their team bc
thommoae: Jezza. Sigh.
pluggerpig: cats premiership favs again now?
DrSeuss: Not sure how Sicily is on 68SC tbh – has done very little since the 1st qtr
slydon: i was being sarcastic sorry, that was the most obvious answer but this bozo took 4 weeks to figure it out
slydon: do we reckon days gonna get a few weeks for that tackle?
mattmac24: Bit hard on Wingard for the petrol.. lol
Bazza2023: Rohan 2 weeks, Day 1
Harambe: C’mon Jezza, feast on the carcass in the last quarter
TheFlagger: one or two. worse than pedlars imo but not much in it
Davo27: won’t even go to MRP
Social: Our pre-season is finally done
jiska78: Days score is generous even with contested. Only 16 possies at 50 percent DE
beerent11: Anyone have jezza in their team? I just have him in a couple of draft leagues.
mattmac24: Not a chance pluggerpig. Still a top 4 chance in my opinion with a good run home but weren’t going back to back
bc__: So the hoy noodles sign means concede the next 10 goals
Social: Only 2 more weeks til we finally get a home game
thommoae: bc_ Good one!
navy_blues: noodle?? empty fuel gauge lol
Davo27: Taking off Brockman and not a ruck wasn’t smart
StuL: That was the beautiful game.
Bazza2023: brockman injured
slydon: the draft next year will be good but i didnt think it was that good that hawthorn would want to tank for it
Baldfrog: Did that hawks player just pick his nose then lock his fingers?
DrSeuss: Why is Mackenzie still on the bench – he spent the last of the 3rd qtr on the pine
Baldfrog: Lick *
Wahab_18: moore did u have to fumble ffs
bhg26: Other commentators kissing BTs pecker
slydon: mckenzie may have tweaked his ankle, they used a sub so maybe thats why?
DrSeuss: Hawks fumbling everything
BRAZZERS: stengle bin
Depressed: As a hawks member I’m gonna petition to delist chad
Wahab_18: flower u moore. Moore’s opponent has Day on SC
wadaramus: Spudgard.
beerent11: Here we go plugger
slydon: surely thats your coleman winner for this season?
mattmac24: Glad I held onto Ratugolea.. that being said, I was gonna trade him this week but might need to hold now
Wahab_18: see sam mitchell Mackenzie is an inside mid u empty brained coach
Baldfrog: Slydon u sure your not a cats fan?
beerent11: It?s rnd 4 slydon
Depressed: Chad wingard worst trade since pollack
Wahab_18: he flowering handballed u muppet of an umpire ffs
Wahab_18: the umpires for this match should not get their paycheck
slydon: im a dons fan baldy and brent, im a dons fan but telll me who else is gonna kick more goals? jezza can kick a bag a week
DrSeuss: Mackenzie – all I needed was 58 – but you serve up this shit
slydon: ill try stop d riding but hes and old school goal kicker and that gets me going
Hazza09: Is it time to trade Mackenzie
BRAZZERS: kebab you need to calm down
Bazza2023: Wingard has 8 kicks 6 marks for a qtr of footy, nufty, show ya colours
Wahab_18: stop blaming Mackenzie. Blame Sam Mitchell and the umpires
slydon: hes rooted my sc team as well seuss
Baldfrog: Slydon remember Cameron has errant elbows
Hazza09: Sicily shat the bed after Qtr time, sums up my week
mattmac24: Charlie Curnow has been kicking bags every week. Coleman will be a 2 man race
bhg26: My draft boys are doing so well!
DrSeuss: Haha that was a massive dive – these Umps have been terrible today
slydon: thats why i got jezza and curnow in my squad
beerent11: I?ve only got Cameron and miers in this bhg.
Bazza2023: Josh Ward has gone backwards since last year.
slydon: i am willfully ignoring that aspect of his game baldy
frenzy: I wish bhg
bhg26: Got Day Ward Ratugolea and Blicavs, just cracked 1600
DrSeuss: Why is Impey taking kick-ins?
Harambe: Kicking in danger needs to be suspendable. Selwood broke Oliver’s thumb last year and got nothing
Wahab_18: finally 1 decent call
DrSeuss: Also, Nash has been terrible – shouldn’t have been allowed back on since that head knock
Baldfrog: Bazza besides Sicily and Bruest who else can develop the young ones seems a bit light
Harambe: Nash could have seriously hurt Cameron there
Depressed: Bazza wingard barely at 50% eff.
Davo27: DrS I agree, Impey is a bad kick why is he taking the kick ins and Nash should’ve been taken off, he’s useless
frenzy: icicle Chad
PigeonPies: nash shouldnt be on a list
beerent11: Huge second half danger
Bazza2023: rosty, Sicily Breust, Impey, Amon, Hardwick all been around for awhile
DrSeuss: You have Sicily – why is he not taking kick-ins? Stupid stupid stupid decisions
Depressed: Chad could at least put himself into a stoppage as one of the few senior players
Legix: every player taking kick ins except Sicily. Blows my mind
Bazza2023: lots of Hawks players on 50% eff not just Chad
bhg26: Flower me worpels playing, having seen his all quarter
PigeonPies: hardwick is one of hawks best players, regardless of his stats in my opionion
bhg26: havent*
Bazza2023: you need a zanax Depressed, or i have a rope, dont eat your own, or shit in your own nest
Depressed: Sorry you have a hard on for a spud in long sleeves
Baldfrog: Chad’s never been classed as a tough player
Bazza2023: i do love the long sleeves, Tucky was a Fav.
DrSeuss: Couple more please Mackenzie
Wahab_18: pay that high u blind ump
Depressed: He has the ability to do more.than stand at full forward. I’d rather leave brockman on he at least pressure
Bazza2023: Andy Gowers good long sleever
Bazza2023: Brockman was injured
Hazza09: Absolute joke Sicily
Baldfrog: Jezza even kept the elbow in
Legix: lmao i’ve seen it all
Depressed: They reported it as tactical sub on the radio
beerent11: Jezzaaaa!!
Wahab_18: 4 weeks for jezza there
bhg26: Ball!
BRAZZERS: 8 weeks
Sheezus: Concussion protocol for the ump
bhg26: 12 weeks
DrSeuss: Come on Mackenzie a tackle or kick or mark or something to finish
slydon: what about a turnover instead dr seuss hahahaha
RooBoyStu: 1 year for Jezza can’t touch an ump
bhg26: Lifetime ban
DrSeuss: Yep – needed 58 – – will lose that matchup. Ah well
BRAZZERS: another year same of story hey mate! lol
Social: Thanks Hawks
DANGERous: go Jezza
BRAZZERS: duncan is a dumb as bricks lol, thought Adelaide is a state not a city lmao

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