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Chat log from R5 of 2023: Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Adelaide vs Carlton, R5 of 2023

bhg26: vc Dawson, Laird 150 incoming
bushranger: Gidday gents, looking forward to gather round and Laird showing is why he cost so much coin
frenzy: Yo
zadolinnyj: Howdy. Hard game this will be
MrWalrus: Nice featured player, one of my good moves in a season so far full of carnage
Gelly: ed curnow to go to dawson
Mattzo: mcgovern out ffs
Mattzo: cmon the baggers
navy_blues: plowman in omg
zadolinnyj: Think curdle on laird
navy_blues: 2 backman out gonna hurt think crows should be fav now
BigChief: Blues no chance with Plowman coming in. He will gift Crows 3+ goals
exatekk: Curnow will go to Laird
H A MM E R: Ya’ll think the Blues have got this?
bhg26: Gone back to Laird vc, I?m a coward
bhg26: Or Dawson I don?t know
navy_blues: agreed chief
exatekk: go dawson bhg. we can sink together
bhg26: For the sake of my tipping, go crom
Wahab_18: McGovern out hopefully Cowan goes 70+
Bazza2023: evening peptides
Bazza2023: Pride of Sth Australia, i think they will win
MrWalrus: VC Laird do your thing
bhg26: Let?s go exatekk
Devero: Far out I missed Walsh
Devero: Fast start!
Harambe: Looked like Hewett might be doing a job on Laird but swapped to Rachele at the last couple of stoppages
wadaramus: Happy Gather Round Y’all.
pcaman2003: Apologies bhg26. I went Laird VC too.
bhg26: Good cause I switched to Dawson lol
BigChief: Walsh started strong
Harambe: WTF, Rankine is just walking around punching blokes
MrWalrus: Laird 2 points for cotested effective clearance HB, could be a long night for VCers
zadolinnyj: Gift.
bhg26: I know it?s early but I know my choice will be wrong
bhg26: Dawson now you kick a goal
MrWalrus: Wait, fixed then gravy goal, all is well.
Wahab_18: Watch Laird go 150 coz no one VCed him
zadolinnyj: Calamurry playing well lately
pluggerpig: i got the vc on Laird…
NickyD: Laird my VC
BRAZZERS: i vc’ed Laird into English
beerent11: Evening, looking forward to watching laird make all of those that traded him out look stupid.
bhg26: Dawson 9 percent vc Laird 8.3 percent vc
Zags32: Howdy boys, been lurking for 2 years
m0nty: umps have Michalanney in their DTs
Zags32: Thought I?d finally join the chat 🙂
bhg26: Welcome Zags
Harambe: Welcome Zags
MrWalrus: Laird into Clarry or English here
zadolinnyj: Welcome zags
Pavs: HI all , Welcome Zags
Wahab_18: Welcome Zags
thommoae: Shout out to the Umps. Motlop drops it twice looking for Frees. Nothing doing.
wadaramus: Tex’s leg is elite.
pcaman2003: Hollands 3 kicks 0%DE and on 14pts. Mmm!
zadolinnyj: Good will power Monty to hold the butts jokes so far
Harambe: Damn, I should have zigged when the rest of you zagged
MrWalrus: Beer surely you jest, what idiot would have traded Laird out?
Zags32: would have loved it Harambe
wadaramus: Howdy Zags.
MrWalrus: Should have pinged him HTB I thought thom
thommoae: I believe Monty’s up to Buttsjoke #321. That’s all the text book has, I’m afraid.
BigChief: I have a feeling this will be a very 1 sided game.
Zags32: Gotta love this start aye wada
zadolinnyj: Lol
Cottees: Vice battle between Dawson and Laird cooking 😮
pcaman2003: I brought you in Mr Saad so I expect a big score.
bhg26: Somehow picked up Fogarty in free agency in the draft league
zadolinnyj: Surely he can pull one more out the butts thommoae
MrWalrus: Fogarty’s leg also elite
Harambe: Crom premiership favourites?
Wahab_18: Loving the Dawson Pick
Raspel31: Just hoping for a close game- so far so good- no butts.
elvundir: got dawson in this week, and put the VC on him.. happy so far!
pcaman2003: Dawson working in well with Laird.
BRAZZERS: too bad about your other 29 rubbish picks tho
Pavs: Dawson worth the hype. slow down ol mate I will put you in next week
Zags32: When do I earn the privilege of my team next to my name boys?
bhg26: This is the Laird I picked start of the year
Cottees: What a quarter by Adelaide, Dawson and Laird
pluggerpig: 67 disposals to 27… massacre so far
Harambe: Dawson is surely a massive tag priority, can’t have him winning clearances and kicking lasers all game
MrWalrus: Gotta add it on the options thingy Zags and welcome
pcaman2003: bhg26. Glad I wasn’t one of those who traded him out. Go VC Laird.
navy_blues: what a load of crap
MrWalrus: That insufficient was a terrible call
Gelly: you think so harambe, seems the blatantly obvious
navy_blues: fisher gets pushed over line free kick against
DrSeuss: Adelaide certainly getting a nice run from the umps at home
Cottees: I mean, doesn’t supercoach tell us everyyear to not trade after 1 bad game in round 1 lol
BigChief: Fisher pushed in the back and penalised for deliberate? Joke
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
pluggerpig: Carlton seem to be really missing Docherty’s insipid, confused play
navy_blues: carlton are playing bad enough without umps helping crows
casey22: get the cape out
zadolinnyj: He will be tagged rest off game would think
wadaramus: 4 to 1 DrSeuss, hardly a noteworthy nice run.
Pavs: Fisher should have carried it over not handballed. bit tough though
LuvIt74: wonder if laird will continue
BRAZZERS: rattled without McGovern
MrWalrus: Only bad call was that fisher one I reckon, this outcome isn’t the umps doing
jlitza: pour it on
Gelly: nope dawson just left standing on hsi own in the corridor, carlton have lost the plot
pcaman2003: Luvit. He seems to have his mojo back tonight. Hope he continues to go big.
beerent11: Pedlar!
DrSeuss: Haha Wada – free kick count doesn’t count the ones that are missed
bhg26: Pedlar also in my draft side
Wahab_18: Dawson and Laird in this one great start
DrSeuss: Never said the score was due to umps – Adelaide are winning every contest and hitting targets
Zags32: Witches hat Monty
beerent11: Play a bit of draft do ya bhg?
zadolinnyj: Sloane was impregnated without the ball before and no call. Crows playing very well
pcaman2003: Crows scorching the Blues in SC points.
bhg26: My classic side in strife, draft is my only good mode
Harambe: Astonished how well these small forward rooks like Pedlar and Chandler have scored. Expected 40-50 with those roles
exatekk: feeling better bhg?
Social: This reminds of when the Crows first joined the VFL, they could get very excitable
bhg26: Very much exa
saintzzz: i have dawson just hurts i didnt vc
pcaman2003: Welcome back to the elite Mr Laird.
LuvIt74: I did saintzzz
MrWalrus: I reckon the missed ones I’ve seen would have been mainly too crows Seuss, ie Motlop just dropping it twice
beerent11: They both play as high half fwds harambe. Not solely reliant on goals.
Cottees: if Dawson got that wow
bhg26: Give crom the cape
Raspel31: For every Dawson we have we sstill have a Cowan, sigh.
exatekk: whos in the FF draft league Beer organised?
BigChief: bhg cape is for DT points
beerent11: Got pedlar on the pine with no loophole in fwd line.
pluggerpig: does anyone still play DT?
beerent11: I am
Gelly: dbl capes
bhg26: Me plugger, Laird vc Dawson and Pedlar on field
beerent11: Cowan on field for cole
Wo0lfeee: @bigchief I think he’s referring to crom scoring 50pts in a qtr
exatekk: you organised it beer lol
Harambe: Of course plugger, it’s the best
beerent11: Oh yeah
MrWalrus: Pedlar & Michalanney on, cowan and hollands bench with potential loops here
bhg26: Off the pine michallaney
ballbag: dont plow me in te alps now peddlar. i can loop you this week
Harambe: AF is only more popular than DT because it’s the ‘official’ game
zadolinnyj: I?m calling draw now
MrWalrus: In the Butts I think you meant ballbag
ballbag: yes. all 3 AFL fantasy formats are different
wadaramus: Well, that was a pretty fucking good quarter!
DrSeuss: Laird with 16, Dawson with 13 possies – no Carlton player with more than 5
zadolinnyj: Isn?t it amazing what some confidence does for a team
MrWalrus: VC Laird would have a happy bulge in my pants going if I were wearing any
bushranger: DT the only way to go
Pavs: I also have Laird vc Walrus but i’m sure i can talk for everyone, we dont need walrus bulge talk.
wadaramus: SC is king, DT is for fun.
clay007: Surely if you are Vossy, you tagged one of Laird of Dawson. Destroying them.
zadolinnyj: Correct wada
MrWalrus: It’s ok like I said, Walruses don’t wear pants
original: was pretty glad i couldnt log in on mobile and swear all that qtr
bhg26: If Hollands keeps this up, do I loop him in for Phillips or Mackenzie?
Harambe: What’s funny is they still call it DT Talk, Deck of DT etc but they pretend RDT doesn’t exist
MrWalrus: Agreeish wada, SC certainly king but fantasy is the fun format
Wahab_18: Curnow tagging Laird now
wadaramus: AFL Fantasy price changes every week is challenging, DT is flat.
Wahab_18: Dawson about to go backwards now
BigChief: Is Acres yet another dud trade from Carlton?
original: have a mate that refuses to play SC. plays DT solo. loser
original: acres cost nothing, nice try tho
DrSeuss: Stupid to tag Laird and just leave Dawson standing on his own – much more damaging
Harambe: Why are you mates with losers Original?
ballbag: fantasy sports never took off in Aus. Not even 100K play it.
thommoae: What’s wrong with fun, Original?
Bazza2023: hewett getting frost bite
BigChief: I think losers attract losers Harambe.
MrWalrus: Cripps is on Dawson it seems, needs to be better
oc16: Why isn’t Vossy tagging Dawson or Laird?!
Gotigres: Went Doc to Dawson this week but had to go Cogs to Kossie Pickett to do it
pcaman2003: Looks like everyone will have Dawson very quickly
BRAZZERS: baggers lifted, need a few snags to make this interesting
DrSeuss: Cripps is too slow to be on Dawson – Curnow has gone to Laird, not very successfully yet
MrWalrus: Could be a fantastic move GT’s
clay007: Does Dawson ever spend time on the pine?
BRAZZERS: how mny trades you got pca?
Harambe: How about the tank on Hollands, just having his first rest now
Gelly: finally curnow on dawson
Gotigres: Hope so Walrus, or Cogs could go huge
ballbag: so i gather holands and pedlar wont touch it til the 4th qtr now
Legix: Silvagni isn’t having a good night
pcaman2003: Be so much better if Laird hit a target on his own team. Score would skyrocket then.
beerent11: So?. Anyone trade this week? I went doc to barass and Witts to English.
Gotigres: Pittonet subbed
Harambe: Pittonet, Pittonet, you can beat the cigarette
original: beerent doch to stewart
Zags32: Harambe stealing your gimmick DrSeuss
beerent11: Far out Walsh is special
MrWalrus: Doch back to Stewart for me beer and may pick up Vanroonen(?) For cash gen
beerent11: Nice original. Might take cole up to Stewart tomorrow.
frenzy: doc to dawson, for me
oc16: missed a pedlar handball
Wahab_18: Liam Jones up to Dawson
Harambe: I already stole his logo, might as well take his identity
circle52: beerent Day, Doc and Jones to Dawson, Daicos and Ryan
Raspel31: Me to frenzy- not rocket science.
MrWalrus: Motlop just enveloped by Butts before
LuvIt74: OUT: Witts, Hollands, Setterfield and brought IN: English, Dawson, Van Rooyen
beerent11: Far out circle. Nice backline work.
bhg26: The ?tough guy? act in footy is embarrassing, just people smiling and lightly pushing each other
DrSeuss: Admittedly it is difficult to find something that rhymes with Harambe
beerent11: Gather round people, I?ll tell you a story, an eight year long story about??
LuvIt74: I wanted to use Davy but not enough coin and had to trade Hollands which sucks as Hollands is kicking butt
original: DrSeuss ya dont say
MrWalrus: Setterfield out Luvit? Big call
Harambe: Crom crumbling
pluggerpig: that was a weird free…
wadaramus: Crows not good enough when it comes to an arm wrestle.
Harambe: Why oh why is my Harambe dead, couldn’t the zookeeper have shot me instead?
pcaman2003: C’mon Saad. I need you to beat Hollands.
Pavs: Butts hard done by
MrWalrus: That was a terrible call
seanfc99: left arm held not a terrible free but softish
Gotigres: Keep going Cowan. At least 50 please
LuvIt74: @MrWalrus why big call, his B/E was 86 and his average was about that, i would rather have Dawson then Setterfield
DrSeuss: I can’t believe Dawson is still getting no attention – like a training drill for him
beerent11: 200 watch
MrWalrus: Dawson must have poo on him or something, how can he be getting uncontested receives
bhg26: Cowan for 4 51s in a row
Raspel31: I think a misunderstanding re injury Luvit but MrWalrus has very busy fingers.
pcaman2003: Free kick and HB worth 5 pts. Laird’s score went up by 3. Huh?
Harambe: I imagine that Walruses often have poo on them
original: no way cowan has had that many 51s in a row. is this legit
pcaman2003: Actually should be 5.5pts.
beerent11: Hewitt could make himself useful and shut Smokey down.
Cottees: Cowan good for 51 original. Guarantee lol
Harambe: I remember Matt Boyd started 2016 with four consecutive 92s in DT
Gotigres: How often do you get a player in and he scores 200?
LuvIt74: cmon Dawson my VC is gonna get locked in…
Pavs: Cowan better stay on 100 percent then as he is not touching the ball much
MrWalrus: Thought BE was lower Luvit, still nearly 20 under ave but not crazy at all, right you are
original: 5m kick there
Jaypa: Sloane’s kick wouldve been lucky to make 5m
Bazza2023: is cripps being tagged, or just lost and shit
bhg26: Michallanney done flower all since qt
DrSeuss: Might have been 7 metres original – maybe
DrSeuss: Cripps is playing on Dawson and getting absolutely owned
MrWalrus: Loat and shower Bazza, especially given it seems he’s lining up on Dawson at stoppages
pcaman2003: Reilly O should be killing this with Pitt out.
Bazza2023: i have VC on dawson, but i have cripps, so its a win lose at the moment, a brekeven maybe
frenzy: ditto gotiges, VC to boot
slydon: what wheres mcgovern?!? ive been at basketball what happened to selection
LuvIt74: I only have VC on Dawson and have Laird thats it and Cowan on my bench.
pcaman2003: BAZZA. Have a feeling Cripps would have to be better in 2nd half.
Pav300: Beer they were opposite men on opposite sides. Classic tune
MrWalrus: Late out slydon, tight calf
Pavs: Grundy or English in for Witts? Need to make 2 trades to get English in.
slydon: thats straight rooted my defense
beerent11: Grundy will likely take two trades as well pavs. You?ll probably want to trade him when max is back.
MrWalrus: English for the season pavs if the 2 trades don’t compromise you elsewhere Pavs, could be highest ave this season
beerent11: Been humming that all week pav300
Pavs: Good point beer/walrus get in English bank some cash with Amarty to Vanrooyen.
original: cripps hewett too slow in the middle
beerent11: Gee will Gould must be shithouse to not get a spot in the swans defence this week.
Pavs: Hate this ruckman thing they all look like they are going to get injured.
bhg26: Injured beer, along with francis rampe mccartin mccartin and melican. We have no defenders
beerent11: Ffs laird get off the bench!
beerent11: English injury can?t be too far away now.
beerent11: Cheers bhg. He?s not on the injury list
bhg26: Him and Francis pulled up sore in training
Pavs: That is what concerns me beer. trying to look into a crystal
MrWalrus: English finally looks to have a mature body this year, fingers crossed he stays fit, if he does he’s R1 by 15-20 pts
beerent11: Finger on the pulse bhg
Gotigres: I saw him play in a reserves match beer cause my nephew was umpiring (it was on tv) and yes, very average
MrWalrus: Well at least that Dawson possie wasn’t uncontested
bhg26: Games ive seen him he was very good. Won b and f for reserves last year gotigres
Bazza2023: dawson is washing his nutz with cripps
Bazza2023: go dawson need you to go huge cocky
Gotigres: Wow bhg, didn’t know that. I will anticipate his debut soon
Yelse: so cut witts didn’t come back in cost me getting dawson had to get ryan instead
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird! You’re drifting sideways. Get going!
Wahab_18: no love for laird by the umps
beerent11: How?d your nephew go gotigres?
Raspel31: that worked pcaman.
MrWalrus: Dawson got points for a handpass to Oppo which saw laird get a dodgy free against
beerent11: Smokey is hogging all the points pca
Wahab_18: He lost points Walrus he was on 116
MrWalrus: Then Laird got decapitated and HTB, SC is a cruel game
DrSeuss: Well Pedlar, Hollands and Cowan have all certainly stopped
pcaman2003: beer. Yes unfortunately. But Laird doing clangers not helping much.
beerent11: The crows foot skills have improved out of sight
pcaman2003: Raspel. Let’s hope he goes onwards and upwards.
Gotigres: He’s gone well in all games I’ve seen him umpire. He was emergency ump in 3 or 4 AFL games last year, but never got
seanfc99: do you do anything else or spend your life complaining walrus
seanfc99: getting tiresome
Gotigres: onfield.
MrWalrus: That was more an observation actually
bhg26: Going to go out there and poke Michalanney with a stick to see if hes still alive
ballbag: pffft i said a qtr time hollands and pedlar wont touch it til 4th qtr. same old
pcaman2003: Not a good start to my tipping. Last few weeks been disastrous.
Trindacut: Laird is a hack. Eyes are too close together
LuvIt74: Wonder if Laird has a injury, he’s been rested so much thus far
bhg26: Pedlar hasnt touched it since qt
LuvIt74: Hollands was on 44 at quarter time
MrWalrus: He is alive bhg, just concentrating on locking down Motlop
beerent11: Trindacut comes in swinging!
zadolinnyj: Same happened last week luvit
beerent11: 84% game time luvit
Ash777: Keays loves the blues
Raspel31: Cruel but fair Tindacut.
MrWalrus: There’s our boy bhg
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj exactly mate, sorry i meant this season not just this game
bhg26: Okay after poking him with the stick hes got a kick, think it did something
zadolinnyj: That was sweet
beerent11: Great footy
Pavs: Laird so much better when Dawson is on the
Badgerbadg: Whole blues team deserves the PUMPKIN 🎃
Harambe: Pedlar gone backwards since QT
pcaman2003: I need Saad to fire up. He’s well behind his proj. score.
RooBoyStu: No Umpire help = No Carlton lol
LuvIt74: I want Dawson to score 160+ and Laird 130+
Social: pffft
MrWalrus: You crows boys must be pretty happy with how your backline has come along, look super solid this year
DrSeuss: Can’t tell if Adelaide have been amazing or Carlton just absolutely terrible
LuvIt74: i ton of people traded in Will Day last week poor buggers
zadolinnyj: Definitely walrus
MrWalrus: I think Adelaide pretty amazing Seuss, especially the defence
LuvIt74: Rachele has been super consistant
BRAZZERS: lol, just run into the open goal you wonker
Ash777: lmao mckay going for worst miss at goal of all time.
Social: From Milan to Minsk
dezlav: Got the V on Dawson so pretty happy atm.
Harambe: Tex is Cowan’s biatch
Gotigres: Anyone else notice Sheezel named in the fwd pocket
bhg26: Did that last week ash
DrSeuss: Adelaide seem to have 3 extras at every defensive contest – whereas Blues defense is non-existant all over the ground
BigChief: He got that last week Ash.
Harambe: That means absolutely nothing Gotigres
Wahab_18: Sheezel gets named HF every game but he plays HB
bhg26: My vc Jordan “swans fans have nothing to worry about” Dawson looking good
Wahab_18: slower u plowman saad was wating you dud
MrWalrus: Rachele will be the best player from his draft class, he’s just so good.
Gotigres: Ok, good to know Wahab and Harambe
beerent11: Don?t think that?s a thing anymore gotigres. Coaches name players all over the place. Horse is the best at it.
BRAZZERS: Big harry wishes we got suspended last week
beerent11: As long as hall isn?t named sheez will play back
frenzy: dont care where they name Sheez
beerent11: 10 more points lachie
MrWalrus: Yep, I think the only rule on positions is named on field starts on field, position irrelevant
pcaman2003: beer. Lol! He’s a consistent lad. Will do it no doubt.
beerent11: Naicos was in that draft walrus.
zadolinnyj: Good point beer
beerent11: They?re the best two though.
MrWalrus: Well aware of that beer, i stand by my icon on this call
LuvIt74: Wonder what % made Dawson VC?
Raspel31: Indeed beer.
LuvIt74: by the length of the flemington straight
MrWalrus: I prefer Rachele, he’s no seagull
Wahab_18: think it was 8 or 9% of his owners
zadolinnyj: Lol walrus. Embrace the spud
PigeonPies: come one laird push to 130 lad
bhg26: 9% luvit
beerent11: Thought you may have been fishing walrus. It is your main food source after all
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird and get 140+. Saad,pull ya finger out. Traded Doc for you this week. Sigh!
PigeonPies: i didnt mean push in the back laird
LuvIt74: bhg how the hell did u find that out
BigChief: Wow Cripps got a disp.
bhg26: I am all knowing
LuvIt74: pca how could ya go past Dawson
PigeonPies: walrus, naicos elite for contested ball and #1 in the league for loose ball gets, stats dont lie
bhg26: You need sc plus
MrWalrus: That and shellfish beer, delicious
Harambe: Crommywobbles?
zadolinnyj: My draw call still alive
Gotigres: What was Dawson on at HT?
pcaman2003: Luvit. not quite enough coin in the bank.
PigeonPies: we can lock in a 10 point quarter from cowan
PigeonPies: gotigres, 98
MrWalrus: Stats do lie pigeon, was getting awarded CPs the other week when no one within 5m of him
beerent11: About 97 gotigres
LuvIt74: @Gotigers 95
Harambe: Still mad that Pedlar chose football instead of cycling
beerent11: Laird 6 tackles. That?s a good sign
Gotigres: Thanks PigeonPies
PigeonPies: whatever you say walrus
LuvIt74: actually yeah Pigeon is right 98
MrWalrus: Also loose ball gets are chips to the seagull, I chose Rachele
pcaman2003: More kicks and fewer HB’s Laird. Need points.
dezlav: Hinge I think is holding good value for a Mid range
LuvIt74: i think I’ll lock in Dawson or should i go Madden as C?
PigeonPies: loose ball gets are more important than contested, theres literally experts that say that, not some dude on fanfooty
ballbag: 4th qtr so now hollands and pedlar can touch it
Gotigres: Get on the ground Cowan
zadolinnyj: Probably both important pigeon. Need hard wins to get loose ones
LuvIt74: crows have just been so much cleaner all over the ground but their defence tonight was Special
BigChief: Plowman is soo food he gets outmarked by Sloane.
Migz: i thought a loose ball get is a contested possession?
Ash777: nice goal fogs
MrWalrus: Some also say they’re over rated, besides never said he’s not good, he is, very in fact
sheezel420: wrong week to trade in soligo
PigeonPies: i agree zado, not saying one isnt, a stat i think is useless is hit outs
DrSeuss: Annoying thing with Hollands is that he runs into space all the time but Carlton just bomb it long
Migz: basically anytime nobody has possession = contested?
PigeonPies: it is migz, but its not a contested just under a stoppage, loose ball you actually win the ball
TorturedSC: Who got subbed?
zadolinnyj: Think he is talking about the backwards handballs and kicks migs
TorturedSC: Came up as I hit enter
PigeonPies: anyway to change the subject im really enjoying watching adelaide this year, fun playstyle
beerent11: Can Rory catch Smokey?
Migz: ah fair enough, i only just saw the latter part of the convo, prob missed earlier context
zadolinnyj: When Walsh gets match fit it will be scary
beerent11: Laird needs a nickname
Yelse: all i need is one more goal from curnow how hard can it be ffs to hit 1k multi
MrWalrus: Hit out to advantage is a glorious thing, are you saying nic nat feeding his mids is meaningless?
zadolinnyj: As me yelse
PigeonPies: good luck yelse
pcaman2003: Beer. If Rory catches smokey, I’ll be over the moon.
PigeonPies: no walrus, i said hit outs, the stat should be to advantage, sorry i didnt elabrote
dezlav: @Yelse. Heres you chance
Migz: HOA should be counted. not total hitouts – or they shouldnt be worth anything
Harambe: Nicks was vehemently defence-first with his players but it seems to have built a good platform to attack from now
bhg26: Here we go yelse
zadolinnyj: Here we go ylse
bhg26: Nope
Yelse: ffscurnow
bhg26: jinx
frenzy: cmon Hinge I want 90+
MrWalrus: Adelaide and Roos are my 2 favourites to watch this pigeon
PigeonPies: fair call, for me its pies, i hated watching us in 19, crows and i like roos too
zadolinnyj: Need 3 more cripps
bhg26: Someone needs to absolutely smash rankine. Legally of course
Harambe: I like watching Freo, exhilarating ball movement
PigeonPies: just liket hat, soligo dropped for mchenry
Wahab_18: 3 more saad
Devero: Bringing in Michalanney this week may have been a mistake 🙁
PigeonPies: yep freo are unreal
pcaman2003: Time to get off the bench Saad.
Wahab_18: still on the bench wtf
beerent11: How long have scungy cracks been sponsoring the crows?
MrWalrus: Pies are ok, basically stole tigers game but you don’t have the real blue collar guys like baker
PigeonPies: is cowan not going to score 51? this cant be happening
BigChief: 1 more Walsh.
PigeonPies: cant argue with that walrus
bhg26: Theres still time pigeon
LuvIt74: Comon Dawson i said 160+ & Laird 130+ very juicy start for me
frenzy: now ton up Hinge
Harambe: Got prancing pretty boys like Nick ‘FIGJAM’ Daicos though
pcaman2003: Didn’t pay Laird fr that good tackle. Be serious CD FGS.
zadolinnyj: 2 more Cripps. No more Newman for 5k
Legix: get off the pine Saad
Ash777: a smashing
Wahab_18: wtf happened to saad
Gotigres: Do something Cowan
beerent11: Hinge has swung this game
LuvIt74: can you imagine if Cowan scores four consecutive 51’s
pcaman2003: Saad now been on bench for 10 mins. Injured or being rested?
davywap: Ya love to see it
Devero: I guess there’s no reason to risk Saad at this point.
Wahab_18: surely come on now saad
frenzy: Lol beer, Im hanging off him
GJayBee: Loving the hate for Daicos. Only the legends have looser’s hate them.
beerent11: No need to get saad about it
Pavs: Ok rest Dawson now want to get him next week
Harambe: I am a pretty loose unit GJay
Wahab_18: massive multi gone begging coz this sport has become NBA now
LuvIt74: 11 points Dawson cmon mate, dont let me down
pcaman2003: 140 Rory! You can do this.
LuvIt74: Dawson is warming the bench for next 3 mins
MrWalrus: Laird has been dudded on tackles tonight should have about 20
pcaman2003: Another tackle to Lird. Let’s see if CD get this one right.
GJayBee: Don’t go changing Harambe
PigeonPies: facts wahab
PigeonPies: was just thinking that walrus, also had his head taken off about 3 times
Wahab_18: AFL gonna become non contact sport in 10 years watch
GJayBee: Laird must have a lot of VC’s on him tonight. Might have to take his SC
dezlav: Yeah, Thats game. Top work Hinge
spiff: wow they’re really just skipping Laird’s tackles tonight
davywap: What’s better than a Carlton flogging?
pcaman2003: CD fallen asleep. Laird not given that last tackle either. Crazy stuff! Ripped off badly
bhg26: Fogarty a masterful debut in my draft side
MrWalrus: Yep pigeon, and somehow got penalized for the privilege a couple of times
frenzy: blues smacked now
PigeonPies: not sure why they arent counting laird’s tackles
bhg26: Cowan not getting 51 🙁
Pavs: Not convinced he only has 9 clearances as wells
dezlav: I’ll take the VC loop on Dawson, def.
beerent11: Night lads and ladettes. It?s been real.
bhg26: This is the Laird i want every week
MrWalrus: Laird is a gun but should have the hulk, had Hewitt and Curnow hanging off him all night
GJayBee: Carlton hasn’t beaten Crows since 21
pcaman2003: There must be some new interpretation of a tackle. Who knows what CD thinks.
davywap: Beating them by a point in the last round to knock them out of finals after being there all year
bhg26: Take hollands score or gamble mackenzie?
bhg26: Who do you go for davy?
Ladbrokes_: Pretty sure tackles only count if it leads to a turnover or freekick
MrWalrus: Only 9 clearances? He’d have had 9 centre clearances alone
wadaramus: Go the Crows 🙂
Ladbrokes_: Or ball up
pcaman2003: Cowan 12 pt 2nd half. Spudded it badly.
davywap: See my emblem
bhg26: I was being sarcastic
MrWalrus: It’s a tackle if it leads to ineffective disposal too, he got ripped off
pcaman2003: Great win Crows. Goodnight all!
davywap: Needed a sarcastic emoji
bhg26: My sincerest apologies davy
davywap: No harm no foul
SydneyRox: i love dawson. swans must feel so robbed

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