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Chat log from R4 of 2023: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R4 of 2023

Number 8: Oh boy. Have taken a big punt on Yeo. Feeling … toey
Number 8: Oh boy. Have taken a big punt on Yeo. Feeling … toey
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Number 8: Oh boy. Have taken to double posting
Gotigres: I’m on JVR watch as I missed out on Chandler
navy_blues: lets go capt clarry rack em up!
Legix: go big JVR
Bazza2023: double the toeyness Number 8
BRAZZERS: toey as a roman
beerent11: Reckon barass might go big with no McGovern for a long time
wadaramus: Sandal.
TimT14: If eagles don’t sort out their structure this is going to be 100pt margin
BRAZZERS: yeo on fritsch wont help his scoring
a1trader: Got the C on Grundy, A lazy 140+ would be fine
Malaka: The Eagles reserves have started well.
oc16: Yeo playing key defender
Legix: you can start playing football now tracc
Wahab_18: Let’s go Captain Grundy
BRAZZERS: yeo has no idea as a dfender lol
Raspel31: Tracca playing a very tactical game.
navy_blues: dees look they are the underdog
BRAZZERS: jvr and chandler are up and about
Wahab_18: Why would u do that Grundy
clay007: Grundy so dominant, yet Tracca and Oliver down. Who is he hitting it to?
LuvIt74: chandler see that yellow ball touch the bloody thing
TheFlagger: Grundy is going nuts
Wahab_18: He’s tapped a few to himself
clay007: He is burning his mids and going Hans Solo Wahab?
TheFlagger: yes fritsch take chandlers points
Wahab_18: Yes i hope he continues that way
clay007: I don’t-I have the Track and Oliver. Cannot wait until Gawn comes back.
Hazza09: Wtf Chandler
Wahab_18: Thank God I changed my Callaghan trade from Chandler to Phillips
Social: Move Chandler ya hobo
Raspel31: Still think peeps trading too early- just saying- though been some bad outs.
Legix: Langdon burnt his team mates twice now
TheFlagger: rowston what a trade in ay
BRAZZERS: it’ll be the same ppl complaining late in the year they don’t have enough trades because of “injuries” lol
Oddsy5: 35 trades allows you to be way more aggressive. takes so much strategy away from it
teachrtony: Will stilll go balls up if you run out, alreday carnage most rounds.
TheFlagger: chandler huge
Hazza09: Chesser to Rawston and Callaghan to Chandler worked out well
Raspel31: Chesser my cap tonight Hazza to work the English loop.
Kevin07: evening boys. new here, be gentle
navy_blues: welcome Kevin
Legix: welcome Kev
BRAZZERS: welcome aboard muppet
Kevin07: thanks dad
Migz: flair up kev so we know if we need to abuse you when playing against certain teams
LuvIt74: Glad i chose phillips over Rowsten
Kevin07: looking into it
Raspel31: Bed at half time Kevin.
TheFlagger: sps’ haircut looks like a pineapple
TimT14: What a boring game
wadaramus: Picket the spear lacking trajectory so far.
wadaramus: Welcome Kevin07, you a fan of KRudd?
Oddsy5: welcome kev
wadaramus: Ginbey underperforming.
Kevin07: fan of his solid grasp of mandarin
Wahab_18: Ginbey where you at
wadaramus: He’s all class Kev.
wadaramus: Sometimes AFL footy just grinds to a halt because of its overprofessionalism.
wadaramus: Everyone is too good and it makes for bad footy.
Wahab_18: Ginbey do something
Ash777: Chandler & Ginbey 🙁
Jaypa: Grundy doing well
Migz: its ok, anybody serious with the game has ginbey so it doesn’;t matter what he does
Sheezus: By “do something” we didn’t mean get a cut Ginbey
Legix: get back on Ginbey you aren’t even bleeding
Raspel31: I still have a Ginbey but thinking of getting it removed.
Pav300: Didnt think you would get Rebecca removed Rasp 😉
Jaypa: there are creams for those Raspel
Social: just don’t Pickett
TheFlagger: oliver 50 point quarter lol
J.Worrall: Gruny killing it!
J.Worrall: *Grundy
Raspel31: Actually worked with her Pavs and lol jaypa
LuvIt74: Chandlers done stuff all, he doesn’t need a rest ffs
Social: Chandler clearly been on the buffet chipolatas this morning
Jaypa: he asked for the round 1 Laird special
beerent11: Only gonna have tons for the whole round unless McKenzie goes nutbags tomorrow
Social: ya reckon they’d learn Jaypa
bc__: Chandler overscored.
beerent11: Plus a Witts sized donut.
beerent11: *5 tons
J.Worrall: Many may have Ginbey. I hope they have him on field, Migz.
beerent11: He?s averaging 88 so probably so worrall
Social: If Ginbey beats Cowan’s 51 then he’s done his job
beerent11: To be fair his coach has him trying to do a defensive
beerent11: *job on clarry
MrWalrus: that’s incredibly cruel of the coach, one of the toughest jobs in footy that.
Troglodyte: They said Ginbey asks for the match ups
DrSeuss: How is that not a penalty to Waterman?
Hazzalowry: They need to tag Oliver
beerent11: Clarry is burning him on the spread from stoppages
Migz: J Worrall – Picked Starting/Bench 96%/4%
DrSeuss: Ginbey is manning up on Oliver – but Melbourne are taking out Ginbey and no-one else picks him up
clay007: Petracca more of a concern than Ginbey. He is well paid and been in the caper for ages. Lift ffs
beerent11: Barrass is a gun
Kevin07: tracca of old
BRAZZERS: get off the piss nackers
beerent11: Which nackers, nackers?
Wahab_18: Ginbey is cooked
DrSeuss: Off the pine Chandler – lowest TOG for Melbourne now
BRAZZERS: you mate lol
beerent11: What do you mean nackers?
clay007: That is better Track.
sheezel420: there you go Petracca friends
DrSeuss: Looks like the Eagles are about to run out of steam unfortunately
clay007: Brazzers has gone quiet after his confusing post beerent.
beerent11: Chandelier might be a sub risk in the last qtr. him or jvr.
Pies20: He means what he said dah haha
MrWalrus: if Yeo get’s through OK I think I might jump on for the ride
Pies20: Beer
Pies20: Wouldn’t mind chandler and gibney to get to 50 odd 🤔
Wahab_18: I want West Coast to stay within 30 so Grundy doesn’t get subbed
clay007: Chandler should have kicked it himself. Good work though son!
Troglodyte: Keep it coming Long
J.Worrall: Chandler, Hey!
Troglodyte: McVee the sub my pick in the sweeps
beerent11: Chandelier!
clay007: He deserved that one! Well done Chandler!
Migz: cant wait till gaff is off this team, hes a nothing factor now
Raspel31: Time to sub Grundy surely?
BRAZZERS: chandler smells a carcass up for grabs
BRAZZERS: agreed, gotta look after the big man.
beerent11: Sounds good to me rasp
DrSeuss: Oliver sub wouldn’t be terrible
Wahab_18: No I need 150 from Grundy
Wahab_18: Yes sub Oliver pls
DrSeuss: Oliver drops the ball in the tackle – No penality. Ginbey holds onto the tackle = penalty. Terrible
Pies20: Ive got 34 trades left 200k sitting in the bank and im flowering shower at this game flower me
BRAZZERS: no one cares mate, sub grundy pls
Pies20: Someone does brazzer
BRAZZERS: lol ferals
Raspel31: Brazzers is a wise man so I can’t help but agree- give the Grunter a rest- Ollie- no.
Migz: yeah drsuess. one of the worst changes they have made. If you had the ball you should be allowed to complete the tackle
Migz: how the fuck are you meant to know they threw or dropped the ball as you tackle them properly
clay007: Dr Seuss, I’d prefer to see you rhyming your words sir.
DrSeuss: I agree with Migz, And I will try to Clay, If Oliver gets subbed, It will just make my day
clay007: If Oliver gets subbed I won’t be dubbed-@Dr. Seuss
BRAZZERS: oliver has never been subbed out in a game
Kevin07: not allowed to sub a ginger
DrSeuss: Brazzers over here with some helpful stats, Probably lives in a house full of cats
Social: Rubbidy dub, three men in a tub
Social: One slips over and
Hazzalowry: I question why teams don’t sub out the stars when the game is over
Raspel31: Melbourne is full of Gingers Kevin- except for Grundy.
toddless: Percentage is a factor Hazzalowry
BRAZZERS: someones gotta keep you muppets in line
Wahab_18: No points for the contested mark and inside 50 for Grundy?
Kevin07: i know rasp, gross isnt it
Raspel31: In honour of Bestcoast- who we lost a couple of years ago- Weagles still in this.
Pav300: Cheers Bestcoast
Raspel31: Gross indeed Kevin.
Pav300: Rasp Fondly remember you and he making up words
DrSeuss: Good Old Bestcoast
Raspel31: Funniest guy on this site Pavs- and bang- gone- vale.
BigChief: Awww Hibberd subbed
circle52: Hibberd subbed so Oliver safe
Wahab_18: Grundy safe! Hibberd subbed
Hazzalowry: Good point Toddless. I’d rather know my player is 100% safe than a quarters worth of percentage though
Pav300: just got to keep hiim off the bench now Wahab
J.Worrall: Grundy having a night out!
BigChief: Yeo also subbed.
clay007: Spargo loves throwing the head back. Glad umps stayed strong.
Migz: bailey williams is legit one of the worst ruckman i’ve ever seen. i would hope grundy would crush him
circle52: Yeo subbed for Eagles
Pies20: Well said migz
Wahab_18: Come on Grundy make it massive
clay007: Lot of reviews tonight
Migz: like he has 16 hit outs.. have any of you seen any to advantage? I don’t remember a single one
BRAZZERS: migz you’re very bitter, sniping gaff now williams lol
wadaramus: Hmmm, how do you make it massive?
PigeonPies: this goal ump isnt even doing his job, hes asked for a review l;ike 6 times
PigeonPies: he is right, bailey williams is awful
frenzy: hitouts are the most useless stat, shouldn’t even be counted
BigChief: wada you give it a rub and a tug
J.Worrall: Gogo, Grundiji!
clay007: What is Jayden Hunt’s nickname?….The ….
Migz: not bitter man, just keeping it real. williams whole thing was he was gonna out jump the other ruck. He doesnt do that,
PigeonPies: hit outs to advantage should be the only stat, not hitouts
Social: That’s one for the Cardinal wada
clay007: I played footy with his dad Mike Hunt.
Wahab_18: I swear Oliver touches someone slightly and gets awarded a tackle
Migz: and gaff. Hes too slow to be a proper wing, and hes too small and weak to be an inside mid, what do the eagles do ?
Pies20: You can’t in your case wada sorry you have to live with it 🤣
wadaramus: Thanks for the guidance BC!!
pcaman2003: Oliver paid a tackle after player got rid of ball. What a joke CD. Specsavers calling!
Migz: and his disposal % has never been great, so hes stuck in an inbetween zone where he doesnt excel at anything anymore
J.Worrall: Mike Hunt ran Squash Centres.
Raspel31: Tell Brayshaw that Migz.
BRAZZERS: this endurance was his trump card, past his best now
wadaramus: Ouch, that’s harsh Pies20!
clay007: Greg Clark played big when he first arrived, he was a rookie gem. Now he is just average
Pies20: Some of the Rookies spudn it this round
Migz: yeah he just used to run the other wings into the ground, and he did it well, but hes getting paid 900k to be an
Migz: undersized inside mid
Social: TK wondering who’s wearing his premiership medal
PigeonPies: oliver’s score a bit low? i know he has 7 clangers but he has 10 tackles 10 clearances
BigChief: clay Culley, Hough, Clark and West all in the same boat. Average at best.
clay007: Could be years of pain for the eagles BigChief!
Hazzalowry: Hough had promise early
BRAZZERS: wasnt naish a bit still to get the flick? thought he showed a bit
clay007: Grundy won’t be as good against Draper and potentially Phillips. Williams not top notch
Migz: i actually liked naish. atleast he tried.
Hazzalowry: I agree Brazzers. Very rough
PigeonPies: yes brazzers, i wouldve delisted 3 players over him
pcaman2003: Pigeon. DE cruelling his score too
DrSeuss: Eagles tried to stay relevant for too long playing older guys – now too many young guys trying to learn on the job
Social: Need to get some overnight Brett Heady biceps on them
PigeonPies: maybe pca, its good for me as my oppo has him, but i still feel hes being robbed a bit
Migz: Yes. they didnt blood enough young mids. Now we have sheed shuey yeo nic all injury prone… thats our mid core all fuck
J.Worrall: Brett Heady is King Charles now!
BRAZZERS: na hes butchered the bal all game plus a heap of clangers, score is fair
Wahab_18: How can u pay that htb wtf
clay007: That one went through the middle, should they call for a score review?
Migz: the trick is just throw the ball as you get tackled, then you get holding the man
Raspel31: There goes the tracca abuse.
DrSeuss: Fair comeback from Tracc after that 1st qtr
BRAZZERS: he tried to fend off
J.Worrall: I thimk Grundiji has gone large!
Social: This Grundy looks like a good pick up for the dees
Migz: timekeeper wants to go home
Wahab_18: Grundy wtf get back on
Wahab_18: Get him back on or west coast will keep kicking goals
BRAZZERS: migz did you pull the plug? lol
The39Steps: Gather Kelly’s contract up for renewal this year?
PigeonPies: i actually miss the clock counting up
J.Worrall: Barrass DT/SC pretty amazing!
clay007: How good will Grundy be when Gawn returns?
navy_blues: grundy hammy wahab
TimT14: Is Stanley playing tomorrow?
Ash777: any ruck should go large against eagles.
J.Worrall: not funny, navyblug.
Wahab_18: Surely come on now
Social: He’s in according to the team sheet Tim
Wahab_18: Better scale him to 150 this is so frustrating
BRAZZERS: he wont get the scaling nackers
Migz: DT doesnt reward spoils or intercept marking does it?
BRAZZERS: scaling gotta got down lol

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