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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R10 of 2023

J.Worrall: Carna Same Olds!
Ash777: I want to see the live show not the fox panel
J.Worrall: MCG? Wear the fox hat?
_newcomber: wanted to get hobbs after late out but didnt have time, hope he doesnt go big now
Urbs: Looks like the dreamtime symbols are taking their time updating
pluggerpig: looks like they need to have a stat before they get the flag appearing
TorturedSC: Will appear when they get a stat
bhg26: Any minute now samson
TheFlagger: of course ridley
bhg26: Fuck off ridley
navy_blues: wow cmon umps
Gotigres: ump has Ryan in his team. Other umpire should have overuled
BigChief: 1 hand 1 bounce now a thing in AFL?
navy_blues: umpire guessed wrong there
DrSeuss: Great call Ump lol
dodgybros: Why can’t they simply call that as a ball up
bhg26: There you go that wasnt so hard was it?
Malaka: FFS, there’s 4 field umpires and they all missed it.
navy_blues: imagine if that decided a GF
TheFlagger: nic martin is such a gun
naicosfan: mark of the year by ryan there. hit the ground and still gobbled it up
bhg26: Ridley absolutely taking the power now
TheFlagger: ridley piss off
navy_blues: hope there is a good photo of that “mark”
pluggerpig: why doesnt tippa have a flag
Hazza09: Merrett getting shafted by CD
Urbs: Couldn’t tell ya plugger
sc_god: because he was raised by caucasians
BigChief: Tippa might need to get a kick for it to show up.
pluggerpig: im confident he is aboriginal enough sc_god…
Ash777: thought tigers have 5 indigenous players playing tonight
dezlav: “The Package” has been quiet tonight
bhg26: Brought Zerrett in this week. Nice
Urbs: Maurice Rioli isn’t playing tonight
Raspel31: Noice indeed bhg.
slydon: why doesnt davey have a flag
sc_god: weed has the yips
DrSeuss: Zerrett going to get 50 possessions here if no one pays him any attention
Hazza09: Same here bhg
FoopyTime: big fan of burgoynes commentary
slydon: we got a heavily undermanned midfield here. merrett deserves the superman logo
Soups07: need a goal from draper to win a multi
Soups07: all other legs basicly garentied
clay007: guarantee!!!
thommoae: Soups yore doinng mye hedin.
Raspel31: Fine and true words thommoae.
navy_blues: tigers supporters on strike??
navy_blues: none here lol
Crave: can’t complain about umps because they are receiving the lipstick, that’s all they do
chazlenka: easy 50 touches this game from merrett if noone tags
chazlenka: easy 50 from merrett if no tag
chazlenka: imagine if dons could convert
chazlenka: let langers know bro ffs
hmmmm: lets go hobbsy!
bhg26: Come on samson, do something
dodgybros: Second paid mark after hitting the deck
bhg26: That is fucking nuts
loginpaul: navy_blues… we meet again
loginpaul: sincerely, loginpaul
sc_god: they at the game navy
TimT14: Good to see the whistle put away so far this game..
chazlenka: anyone could kick that one by shai lets by real
chazlenka: yeah where tf is stringer
dodgybros: Dons skills are letting them down
Crave: Richmond love a throw
bhg26: The surprise package
Hazza09: Cmon Merrett
bhg26: Watching just Samson Ryan is really funny, doesnt know where the ball is half the time lmao
Ash777: that’ll hurt
sc_god: it is funny, but all he’s made me 216k so far which is hilarious
sheezel420: lift merrett
bhg26: Never thought I?d be fielding the bloke that got -1 on debut sc god
Ash777: tigers cant win close games lol
navy_blues: lol oh no what a shame
sheezel420: get rekt tiges
Cottees: hahahah my poor tips 🙁
pluggerpig: rhyan missing the lot from straight in front a few mins ago…

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