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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R10 of 2023

frenzy: the Reid cup, which team throws this in
Spifflicat: I doubt that anyone could do a better job than your lot yesterday Frenzy!
Troglodyte: a draw for maximum disappointment
TheLegend6: eagles genuine chance here
Cottees: I am actually scared for my tip this match haha
frenzy: it takes skill spiff
Cottees: Don’t worry frenzy. Hawks will find a way
sheezel420: Day only -1 for a clanger? (:
Czars: wheres seamus playing? the wing ??
TheLegend6: half back
sheezel420: Keep going Seamus
pcaman2003: This looks like being a real scrap today. Hawks to just get up
Cottees: hoping he channels his inner sheezel, sheezel lol
sheezel420: Hawks will win by 50 pca
GOD: who is Harley Reid going for today?
pcaman2003: sheezel. Would be nice. Have Seamus and Weddle in this.
TheLegend6: Day loves a clanger
sheezel420: As long as Eagles go forward a little bit for Sic man
pcaman2003: Okay, now sound the final siren,quickly.
Cottees: Go on Mitchell, tackle away!
Czars: good kick from sicily
a1trader: Brockman, Sicily, Allen and Kelly – need 400 boys
pcaman2003: Nice one Weddle. Go Seamus and Weddle. Keep it going fellas.
Cottees: One positive is both teams getting goals rather than points
Cottees: Damn Weddle. Making me regret not getting ytou
bhg26: Wow Weddle
pcaman2003: Nice one again Josh. Keep those coming
PigeonPies: weddle looking the goods
Cottees: pca, you loving the young kids. So keen for our future
navy_blues: this wont happen every week tho
pcaman2003: I brought Weddle and Seamus into the team in the nick of time.
bhg26: Now Hawks just have to lose this and they get Harley Reid too Cottees
Cottees: Weddle first 200??? lol
Cottees: Only Kozy would ruin our perfect goal kicking classic
Cottees: bhg, I don’t think we can purposely lose against this eagles with so many injuries 🙁
bhg26: Chesser is not very good is he
pcaman2003: Weddle already past his proj score of 44
Wends: Afternoon all, hope everyone’s team is humming along noicely
bhg26: You just need the hawks to make some “skill errors” that lead to eagles goals
Cottees: Man Hawks aint tanking well at all lol
PigeonPies: on track for 2600 this week, had ashcroft atkins and humphrey, unfortunately weddle on the bench
navy_blues: think id be saying dont want to move to WA if i was harley lol
Cottees: bhg, we will start making errors but eagles will make more haha
Nicko006: Little bit more time on the ground would be nice Worpel..
bhg26: True
J_Herer: wow, the eagles suc badly!
danarse: I looped in Wilmot’s 83 over Weddle. Might be a mistake
pcaman2003: Just wait! Our 2nd halves have been very poor in most games.
GOD: welcome to WCE Harley Reid
Cottees: Harley will go to WCE than want a trade in a year haha
GOD: yep right to Carlton!
Cottees: Yeah GOD, if he wanted to have 0 top 8s for his career 😉 lol
GOD: thanks for the positive feedback Cordial man!
Raspel31: Benching Humphrey won’t seem so bad if Mitchell keeps this up.
TheLegend6: Ginbey looks cooked
PigeonPies: shows day’s talent if hes already copping tags
Cottees: GOD, happy to help mate. I love providing feedback
navy_blues: if you go #1 in draft the clubthat gets you should be for at least 3 years
pcaman2003: Have Weddle and Mitchell against Kelly and Ginbey. Happy so far 🙂
Cottees: pca, I had the option of Buckley to Weddle to set up an ugprade next week but meant boost so kept Bucklety
Wends: Loving Sic & Smitch… Day visualising the hulk in Q3
Hazza09: Anyone going Marshall C?
Czars: as if theyre tagging day
Cottees: but got Mitchell so cannot complain
Wends: Yep Hazza
Cottees: Hazza, I am after Gulden VC failed. Surely goes big against Briggs
PigeonPies: if saints are dominating marshall will probably be subbed
pcaman2003: Cottes. Having Mitchell is a good win. He and Weddle will be good for us.
Hazza09: Can?t decide between Daicos & Rowan
Cottees: Hazza, flip a coin. Both should go big
Cottees: pca, yeah agreed. Good young blokes
Cottees: Pigeon, will be okay than cause Giants will be up at 3 quarter time and Marshall to kick goal after siren
Hazza09: Thanks Cottees
PigeonPies: would be nice cottees
sc_god: how does chesser keep getting games?
Wends: No loopdy for Taranto, Pigeon. If not Marshall then it’s Green, Naicos, Conigs or Sinclair
PigeonPies: because they have no players? what kind of question is that
Cottees: You know Eagles suck when Kozy getting multiple goals lol
pcaman2003: Hazza. Or use the time machine and go Butters.
PigeonPies: fair wends, not much choice then
Cottees: pca, oh yeah true mate. good option for Hazza
PigeonPies: sicily spoiling day smh
Rebuild: Ah Frosty
Wends: Weddle has sealed his place in the team
bhg26: Day, any danger
pcaman2003: Nash has vastly improved this year. Looks good through the mid.
PigeonPies: hes being tagged for some reason, its working really well for the eagles
Wends: Was on the road yesterday Pigeon, trying to panic work that app was not fun
pcaman2003: bhg. No danger at all .
Spifflicat: Cameron in for Pies, Ginni is sub
lana2146: Thoughts on Day I?m thinking he?s a sell he?s heavily owned and just not getting the job done
navy_blues: agree lana he will be leaving my side at the end of the day
pcaman2003: lan a. Time for an upgrade on Day.
Yelse: thinking Day will be my D7 or D9
J_Herer: Worpel going backwards
PigeonPies: wasted cash, better off flipping him to a premo
Wends: What is happening with him pca, role change?
PigeonPies: no, hes just getting tagged
Pavs: Getting more attention Wends
Yelse: the big question who to C Daicos, Green, Marshal or cogs
TheLegend6: Green
a1trader: Marshall
beerent11: Went hopper to telly this week. So far ok.
Cottees: beer, good POD I reckon. I got butters this week so happy as
Pavs: Love to help you Yelse but I seriously can not get it right myself.
Pavs: Darcy Cameron to play.
beerent11: Always a bit nervous first game in cottees. Lack of cash gen has made me hunt value. Nice on the butters pick
Cottees: yeah I was so nervous to get Butters. No injuries for both of I hope beer
Hazza09: @Yelse who are you leaning towards?
Crave: jeez harsh on a rookie lol
Hughsy: Wait is darcy cameron playing pavs?
Cottees: Yeah Cameron in the side late change. Ginnivan gone to sub
Pavs: Yes late change
Spifflicat: Mentioned it about 30mins ago
Pavs: Ginnivan sub
beerent11: Yelse, I?m taking clarry, but I would?ve gone Marshall if I didn?t.
Pavs: He might not have been on 30 mins ago Spiff
Dredd: Faced with the same problem.. will win all league games.. but do I risk more score with Marshall C or keep Clarry VC
Yelse: I am down to Diacos and Marshall choice now don’t see diacos getting tagged
DiggaDogga: 120 always the cut-off for me with loophole. Bird in the hand…I stuck with Clarry.
TheLegend6: Daicos will rack it up today, good weather for footy too
sfenda1: surely ed curnow will go to daicos
Hazza09: Can Curnow go with Daicos?
BigChief: Curnow too slow for Naicos
Cottees: Whole Carlton team bullies Naicos? Team tag lol
TheLegend6: Cottrell maybe?
sfenda1: hewett left sub for curnow to play. must be for daicos reason
TheLegend6: Grind out a 90 Day
navy_blues: what a stupid move that is having hewett sub
BigChief: Maybe Boyd to tag?
navy_blues: cripps be sub next week
sfenda1: wouldnt put it past voss navy
TheLegend6: Ginbey is having a mare
Pavs: Ginbey what a shocker.
pcaman2003: Weddle and Mitchell have guaranteed my win. Thanks boys!
Spifflicat: I?m getting done over in my two leagues, so despite Clarry?s 120, it?s time to gamble. Walsh C
Cottees: Man we missed Lewis haha. Reckon Hawks could tank enough to loose?
Dredd: Adam Simpson must be taking Day to win his SC matches.. lol
Hazza09: Made up your mind yet @Yelse
Dredd: Tagging*
Czars: holding the ball’
Pavs: Sicily’s kick outs from full back have been good
Cottees: Day got tagged. Nash stepped up lmao lol Eagles
sheezel420: Day stinks
Baldfrog: Hawks will play finals at this rate
navy_blues: what price is nash any1 know?
pcaman2003: Baldy ,Lol! In my dreams mate.
Cottees: Bald, I tell you what. If we make finals this year. Ill give you $100 bucks
frenzy: don’t think you will every loose cottees Lol
Baldfrog: Haha ok cottees ur on lol
Cottees: Frenzy, tempted to do my life savings I am that confidant haha
Baldfrog: Glad I got waddle this week for chandler
BigChief: 464k @navy. Too high to think about.
frenzy: you could lose, loose lips sink ships
navy_blues: ty chief
Cottees: Yeah I am to scared Frenzy lol
Cottees: That is why I am happy to lose 100 if we make it lol
bhg26: Do i loop weddle on for sinclair lmao
Cottees: bhg, surely have too, to guarantee it right
bhg26: Never thought id be looping a rookie on for sinclair
navy_blues: this will be 4th ton out of last 6 games not bad chief
a1trader: Nice SC score Brockman, need you to ton up
Cottees: but than sinclair goes 150 if you do lol
bhg26: Well its him or naicos cottees. Itll be a stressful watch
Cottees: Yeah so stressful bhg
bhg26: Im doing it, looping weddle on for sincalir
bhg26: sinclair*
bhg26: By far the ballsiest move i have ever done
Cottees: I think you’re correct bhg. Think Hawks gonna just put them away and weedle gets another goal
PigeonPies: good choice
Butch14: sic the goat
Czars: thats not really that ballsy mate like weddles already got the 100
sheezel420: Agree with Czar, it’s the opposite of ballsy
TheLegend6: What happened to Gaff
bhg26: More ballsy in that im backing a 160k rookie over sinclair against gws
bhg26: It is a no brainer but sinclair can always go big
sheezel420: You’re backing a potential 115 score over someone averaging 97
bhg26: Now that i look on it, may be overhyping it. But saints gws will be a pretty nervy watch
Cottees: GOod percentage gain Hawks this game ha hahaha
TheLegend6: bhg getting roasted hahaha
bhg26: Probably fair enough legend, its a no brainer lmao. Just nervous about what sinclair can do
Davo27: Why can’t we play like this is Melbourne more often?
pcaman2003: Cotees. We should be allowed to play WC every week
sheezel420: Davo it’s like you’re asking to be the new Tassie team
Cottees: Pca, That would be the dream
Davo27: We play our best footy in Tassie
sheezel420: Day having a huge quarter, might get to 60
Davo27: Sheez were a powerhouse club in Melb, you guys should just try and survive and not throw rocks in glass houses :p
Wends: Hunt has picked it up too
lana2146: Hahaaa Day be gone outta my team soon as trades available
sheezel420: Powerhouse club that averaged 26k at home games last year. Eagles had more
Davo27: True Day is all over the place
lana2146: I think witches hats would offer more of a challenge
Cottees: Come on Mitchell, your turn to get a goal
Davo27: You’re not very smart, we get 10k at our Tassie games
sheezel420: Eagles averaged 36k, even with the tassie games you’re nowhere a “powerhouse” lmao
DrSeuss: Keep going Worps – big finish young fella
Davo27: We have huge membership and have a lot of cash, we’re also successful, you’re just a joke of a club that Carlton owns
Number 8: Fair play to Sheed. That’s a monster effort
Davo27: North are so irrelevant if they died like Fitzroy no one would care or notice
sheezel420: Davo so defensive cause it’s no longer 2008 lmao
bhg26: Get a touch weddle
Cottees: Oh Davo, shut up mate
beerent11: 10 more telly
Davo27: People might notice you loses if you went to Tassie
Number 8: I’m not sure no-one noticed Fitzroy died, Davo. Plenty still mourn the loss of the club
Davo27: You’re so dumb we won from 2013-2015
Dredd: Hawks win a game by a big margin, first time in a few years and they sound like Tigs fans after being the cats last week
beerent11: Sheez stirring the pot for a change I see
Cottees: Davo, mate its 2023. Stop living in the past
Davo27: Nah I like arguing with idiots, let’s get dirty
bhg26: Uh, weddle got a kick cd
Number 8: North’s time will come again. Hang tough, Kanga supporters
sheezel420: Enjoy your 100 point win mate, I love the hawks, was just saying they’re not a powerhouse atm haha
Yelse: all i need is Allan o e more goal for 400
bhg26: Finally gave it
sheezel420: not that controversial
beerent11: Gee the 80 point scores go a long way down the hawks list
a1trader: This will be Simpsons last game
Ash777: good job west coast
Number 8: Please collect some junk, Will Day
Cottees: beer, poor effort by the Hawks. not even 100 per player
Number 8: … and Day hits the bench. Sheesh.
pcaman2003: I’ll take a 100 pt win any day,but would prefer against a competitive team
Ash777: how to ensure the spoon lose by 100+pts
Cottees: Mitch Lewis confirmed better than Eagles
sheezel420: The kids aren’t the problem with eagles, it’s players like gaff not caring
Cottees: Eagles have many problems Sheezel. But yes their older players need to go
Number 8: Gaff has fallen off a cliff. He’s almost un-selectable
sc_god: worpel has garbaged up the second half
pcaman2003: Sheezel. Gaff has 3 sub 50pt scores in these last 4 games. Says plenty bout him.
Ash777: gaff will probably request a trade at the end of year
Davo27: I think those 2×30 disposal games in the vfl helped MacKenzie
Wends: Somewhat reasonable-ish recovery from Day at least
sheezel420: Remember when Tim Kelly refused to go to Freo because Eagles were in good form, karma
lana2146: Weddle wooooow you made my Sunday mate
J_Herer: wow, huge loss
Number 8: Would be a long time since the lowest ranked player in a team was on 47DT

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