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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Brisbane vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2023

Troglodyte: Anyone else think these jumpers clash a little?
sheezel420: this stupid 7:32 start time again
clay007: no
Cottees: sheezel, was like why is the stats slow for a second haha
Pav300: first world problems Cheezel,enjoy the games
suns4ever: great to see kelli underwood get rewarded with a prime time game. well deserved
Raspel31: Macrae has to go they said- time up. Why on earth did I listen?
pluggerpig: kelli and derm… i’m switching to the other game.
_newcomber: pls sharp 70 plus
beerent11: Did he go shit today rasp?
BigChief: Other game will have a biased BT and Richo.
NewFreoFan: Q clash and dreamtime, 2 games steeped in tradition in a head to head battle. Tough choice
Raspel31: Lol beer
beerent11: Genuine question rasp. Had the other game on the wireless. I?ll go look.
_newcomber: got sharp, dunks, ashcroft, powell, ratkins and macpherson, still not watching this game tho NFF
Raspel31: He went huge beer.
_newcomber: Macrae did good i believe beer
beerent11: Ahh you were just jesting. I should know better by now.
_newcomber: very good in fact
Pavs: Ok Humphrey lets see what you can do as a new addition to my side
Pav300: To be fair Macca was heading for another 80 until Crows put up the white flag
Raspel31: No- I traded him out beer!
beerent11: Me too pavs.
beerent11: Classic raspel, you scoundrel.
Pavs: Also went Atkins beer. Just need to work out what Humphrey looks like. lol
DrSeuss: Get involved Macpherson FFS – turned to shit over the last 2 weeks
beerent11: Gonna be hard to lose Ashcroft when he is ready to trade.
BigChief: Pavs he is covered in fur and does not speak. Likes kids also
Pavs: Like it Chief no pants on.
zadolinnyj: Lol
beerent11: Doesn?t wear pants either
frenzy: Macrae is cheap, Ashcroft>Macrae
Pav300: smart pick Pavs, also does his best work about this time each night
beerent11: This should be a pleasant chat. The other game?s chat will be a bloodbath of insults.
BigChief: Forgot the no pants, but he does wear a tie
Pavs: Found him looks like one of the Beatles (early years)
Gotigres: Humphrey is brown and hairy Pavs. He also wears no pants.
beerent11: Is macrae up for dpp?
BigChief: Thats him Pavs. Ringo lookalike.
Raspel31: Wilmot a keeper- still somehow stuck with him but pure class.
beerent11: He also has had the ball in his hands for most of the game so far
Zooo: Steer clear of Macrae in my opinion, been horrible for me all year
Gotigres: And Humphrey is a good mime.
BigChief: I doubt it beer. Watch me be wrong though LOL
Pavs: Thats good beer. Got him for cover but might be ok.
Raspel31: My point exactly Zooo- why I traded him this week- aargh!
Gotigres: Got Humphrey and Rowell in this week. Luckilky Humphrey is making up for Rowell.
beerent11: Anyone?s vc or c in this?
original: Didn?t bring in Humphrey. Looks like I should have
bhg26: Really wanted to bring humphrey in but it would have meant i couldnt upgrade next week
beerent11: Go humph
Pavs: Wasn’t cheap original but might need him next week in place of Oliver.
Raspel31: Proud to say I brought Humphrey in but benched him.
beerent11: What?s up with clarry pavs?
Cottees: same problem bhg
DANGERous: cmon Dunkley do something
suns4ever: still cant believe people actually traded ashcroft out
Pavs: Hamstring beer not sure how bad
beerent11: Great.
beerent11: Is that real news or twit news?
Raspel31: Not me suns4ever- one of the stupid steps I have yet to make.
TheFlagger: cashcroft
Pavs: I traded him out suns but got Butters does that count.
TheFlagger: mitch cleary reported it i think
BigChief: Ashcroft to Margarine works Pavs. Nice work.
Pavs: Real news mate. Soz
DiggaDogga: Oliver hammy news
dodgybros: Witts first 200 plus for the year?
Raspel31: But when Butters only gets 150 next week Pavs you won’t be smiling.
Pavs: Won’t wipe the smile off my face
RGriffen: free ride for the lions tonight
beerent11: So not laird twit news then
Pavs: Sounds like Humpy wont get a lot of tog. Boo
Pavs: Very disbelieving of me beer. I did say not sure how bad.
beerent11: Ashcroft gives out Prince Charming from shrek vibes
BigChief: Very soft free to Cameron.
RGriffen: holy what a dive, suns have no hope
beerent11: More just hoping it isn?t so pavs. No disrespect mate.
Pav300: Cmon Pasta – remember when you used to be a fantasy star?
TheFlagger: my hump my hump my hump
beerent11: Humph in everything
dezlav: Contact Dunkley. 150+ please.
beerent11: Gold Coast have built a team of goers
BigChief: Wil you do something Powell?
naicosfan: flower kelli underwood. rather watch this game on mute
Hazza09: Piss off Neale
beerent11: Nothing stopping you naicosfan
suns4ever: oh my ashcroft
navy_blues: yes there is beer she isnt into guys
pcaman2003: C’mon Dunks! I know you’re out there somewhere.
BigChief: Could always watch other game and listen to Luke Darcy @naicos.
frenzy: lol navy
navy_blues: omg underwood is bad just called mcinerny witts
beerent11: Me neither navy
pcaman2003: Underwood needs a pay cut. She’s useless as TOAB.
navy_blues: good to hear beer
BigChief: That’s an insult to TOABs pcaman LOL
Raspel31: Is Underwood a woman- ah, now I get it. Hard to tell.
beerent11: Geez. I thought the other chat would be the trash one tonight.
Ash777: get moving powell
navy_blues: no tigers supporters there beer lol
Manowar: Rowell back to dud mode!
pcaman2003: True Chief! My humblest apology.:)
beerent11: Nice dunks
TorturedSC: Rowell seems to be tagging Dunkley, or at least trying to
beerent11: Got humph onfield but wasn?t expecting this
a1trader: good half Atkins, just need you to beat Anderson
pcaman2003: Nice fightback this qtr from Dunks.
Manowar: The Suns coach needs to be removed from his duties as a matter of urgency!
navy_blues: humph pass projected already
Pavs: Humpy and Atkins outstanding enjoying this.
BigChief: Doing a better job than Voss @Manowar.
pcaman2003: King does nothing until 2 goals in the last 2 mins. My opponent is smiling at that. Went from 18 to 45 then. BS!
Manowar: Voss will be removed from his duties tomorrow night @BigChief:
Pavs: More positive vibes Manowar. lol
TheFlagger: fucking every player on fire apparently
slydon: im not sure if you can classify 80% of the playing group as “on fire”
TimT14: Imagine if these were the quarter time scores.
Pavs: Match status say’s Quarter time thats why.
Pavs: m0nty got the fire extinguisher out all good
m0nty: just trying to fix that early Full Time bug
m0nty: fingers crossed I fixed it
beerent11: Cheers m0nty
naicosfan: Conor McGregor?
naicosfan: I think it?s the Kelli underwood effect, makes everyone go crazy
beerent11: Look at wilmot go.
DrSeuss: Any chance to get involved Fiorini?
Pavs: Yep still got him as well beer. One of m0nty’s favourites.
Hazza09: Piss of Neale, ofcourse this week you showed up
beerent11: Your rooks are on fire pavs. I?ve only got humph and Ashcroft
sc_god: any chance humprey bear could get on the ground
Gotigres: Get on the ground Wilmot and Humphrey
Pavs: Still have 4 on field beer includes Sheez
DrSeuss: Hump and Macpherson on the bench for the first 10 minutes – fantastic
Cottees: Oh yes. I love that. Dunkley, Ashcroft and Sharp combined thanks
beerent11: From a distance it looks like all of the lions have plumbers cracks.
pcaman2003: Dunks is looking ripe for a 140+
bc__: If he gets off the pine
beerent11: Once you see it you can?t unsee it.
Pavs: Is Kelli Underwood Harambe on here?
pcaman2003: beer. Is that similar to me not being able to unhear Kelli Underpants?
Raspel31: Sam Day subbed???Was having a cracker. Come back Rowell and tackle!
beerent11: How bloody good is Ashcroft
pcaman2003: Good! But not quite as good as Dunks. Go Dunks you good thing
Raspel31: Pretty damned good beer.
Cottees: Should of traded Anderson to Humps duh I am so dumb
pcaman2003: But considering Ashcroft’s TOG, this game is a great effort.
Hazza09: Has Humph gone home?
suns4ever: I love not trading Ashcroft after 1 game
Gotigres: Time to sub off Ashcroft now. The boy deserves a rest.
Gotigres: Past Humphrey’s bedtime Hazza
ceaserr16: Thanks for doing nothing Anderson
Ooost: Ashcroft 😀
a1trader: Anderson has been on 54 since half time I think
Raspel31: So glad I didn’t jump on that bandwagon ceaseer
ceaserr16: Yeah I?m tempted to rage trade next week
Ooost: Anderson = trap 😀
Gotigres: Sharp subbed out
Cottees: Oh yeah thanks Lions. Go frick yourself
Gotigres: Yes Humphrey
Hazza09: Well done Humph
beerent11: Humph!
Raspel31: And I brought Humphrey in and benched him???
Pavs: Humpy He’s a funny fellow that Humphrey
beerent11: I?ve only got him onfield because all of my other rookies are crap raspel
sMiles: Lift Rowell!!! Stay down Neale – oh and winLions!!! lol
Gotigres: He’s fun loving as well Pavs
pcaman2003: Keep it up Dunks. Loving your work ethic.
dezlav: Go you gun Dunks
Ooost: Lions steamroller incoming
sMiles: oh yeah – love ya too Dunks, Ashcroft, Wilmot atkins and Humph!!!!
beerent11: When you consider his role and the strength of his team, Ashcroft has to win the rising star to this point.
dezlav: @pcaman. Got the C on Dunks aswell have ya?
navy_blues: think sheezel might have something to say about that beer
sMiles: Ashcroft is a freak – keeping him all year just so it is enjoyable to wacth – he’ll score a lot of 70s, but just awesoem
pcaman2003: dezlav. Unfortunately not, but I wish.
beerent11: I?ve got the c on Fiorini
dezlav: @sMiles. Agreed. Regret trading him out last week.
dezlav: @pca. Ran the risk of t
beerent11: I?m a norf bloke and love sheez but it?s a different thing running off half back to playing in the guts.
Ooost: I snubbed Bonts VC for the Tom Stewart ‘option’
dezlav: @pca. Had the V on Gulden again this week. Didn’t work so need a big DUNK score now.
sMiles: @dezlaz – well – some got rid of Sheezel too – Rookie roulette
beerent11: I?m sure sheez could do it too but Ashcroft is doing it.
naicosfan: Go big Witts!
dezlav: @smiles. Still got Sheezel thankfully.
Ooost: rest assured dunks got 150+
dezlav: Thanks Ooost. Need the confidence.
dezlav: Giddyup Dunks.
beerent11: Cmon Fiorini! I passed on clarry?s 120 for this?
pcaman2003: dezlav. Had the C on Gulden and didn’t pan out like I hoped.
Ooost: Gunston 😀
Pavs: Noticed the dollar sign on Wilmot m0nty. Nice
dezlav: @pca. Feel for ya. Need Dunks to score as I’m carrying Hopper, Setterfield and Fantasia. Saving trades.
dezlav: And Hinge after today.
beerent11: Fiorini lifting!
Raspel31: You expected dinars or shekels Pavs?
dezlav: If only I put the V on Butters.
dezlav: Get a Goal Dunks.
Pavs: Goes back to round 5 Raspel. m0nty was interested who started wilmot for a 27.Soz m0nty.
Raspel31: Roger that Pavs.
Yelse: when you have Atkins Humphrey and wilt on the bench fun times
Ooost: Theres that 150 for ya dezlav
Ooost: junk it up some more Lions, lets make this look easier than it was
dezlav: Thanks for your hard work and support Ooost
dezlav: In other news, Can the Bombers get up?
Raspel31: I benched Dunks as I felt he needed a break.
pcaman2003: Wilmot waits until Rnd 8 when I dump him,then has 2 good games. Curses!
beerent11: Humph!
naicosfan: Dunkley getting traded out next week, Fyfe coming in
Pavs: He has stopped running away from the football pcaman.
a1trader: Dangerous tackle again Levi was ridiculous
sMiles: Phillips and Gawn my lowest rookies this week in SC – only Day and Naicos to go … sooo
sMiles: Pity I have bont as C
Pavs: Neale just stole Dunkleys medal.

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