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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Fremantle vs Geelong

Chat log for Fremantle vs Geelong, R10 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
slydon: lonely chat over here
Avarax888: they’ll all flock over now
TheFlagger: knevitt you gun
_newcomber: cmon serong
TheFlagger: good start brayshaw
bhg26: Not again Darcy
naicosfan: Need Darcy low
Hazza09: Ffs Darcy not again
pcaman2003: Anyone able to get this game on Kayo? Not showing up on mine.
loginpaul: Darcy for 200 will go smoothly
naicosfan: Ffs darcy
Cascadian: Yes big man Darcy!
bhg26: There we go
Zutroy: Feels like last week all over again
Zutroy: Poor goal kicking loses matches
sc_god: kayo is fine
Ash777: pca the game could be their indigenous names
sc_god: simpson up and about
pcaman2003: Ash.
banta: wtf tom stewart you hack
pcaman2003: Ash. Thanks mate! Found it. Sick of these name changes and fiddle farting by the AFL.
RooBoyStu: Homer Simpson needs the donut 🍩
pcaman2003: Geez Stewart ,get a move on on champ.
Hazza09: Frikin useless Simpson
TheFlagger: knevitt on field you beauty
loginpaul: pca sounding racist
navy_blues: piss off paul if u gonna sit there and judge every comment geez
TheFlagger: lol banfields ratio
pcaman2003: How so loginpaul? Haven’t mentioned race at all.
Avarax888: you dont have to accept everything that happens even slightly racist to do with other races, to avoid being racist.
BigChief: loginpaul sounds like a troublemaker.
Avarax888: theres a misunderstanding in todays society
TheFlagger: is loginpaul thinks its racist, its racist
Avarax888: slightly to do with race*
loginpaul: yeah fellas big troublemaker
loginpaul: just a rotten bloke trying to turn the world sour
navy_blues: there a ppl that just cant help themselves saying this isracist thats racist will be all mutes soon
Avarax888: if you dont speak up on behalf of others races, youre racist navy
loginpaul: no clue what this bloke is on about tbh
Troglodyte: Back to the game fellas
loginpaul: avarax has the goods
Harambe: You did have a good match with Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania though Loginpaul
navy_blues: now im racist?? go back to the rock you crawl out from
bhg26: Oo what did I miss
loginpaul: thanks mate, I live to entertain
original: I?d be happy with an early sub and Johnson getting good game time..
loginpaul: navy mate, claiming I have no home? racist.
navy_blues: and fotr your info i work will multiple races!!
Avarax888: are you talking about rocks, because dwayne johnson is a man of colour? thats racist
loginpaul: only a racist would say that
loginpaul: why would navy feel the need to point out other peoples races if he wasnt racist?
navy_blues: with
Cottees: oh boy, I hope you all love your lives continously talking about race this, race that.
TorturedSC: We try to lift our selves up, unfortunately too many of our people make poor choice, which impacts us all
BigChief: Avarax and floginpaul don’t have a clue. You 2 need to fuck off.
sheezel420: Donut for Simmo?
sc_god: are you related to logan paul? or you just forget to spell your first name?
loginpaul: some huge bigots in this chat I see…
Avarax888: hahaha clearly sarcasm doesnt translate in here very well
loginpaul: hello sc_god, thank you for the question! loginpaul
TorturedSC: Also, @navy is not being racist
Avarax888: read my text again, but in sarcastic tone and see how you feel?
BigChief: And you are the biggest floginpaul.
loginpaul: floginpaul is good
blashtroko: stewart getting a tag?
bhg26: Come on guys, can?t we all just get along?
sheezel420: no I’m still not over the interchange thing, let me be toxic
Cottees: bhg, humans getting along over the internet. Let me know when that day happens lol
NewFreoFan: We don’t have any forward taggers blash
bhg26: I?ll give you a pass sheez
Harambe: LOL if anyone gets the N word pass, it’s poor Sheezel420 right now
bhg26: Twitter is the funniest website on the internet cottees
pcaman2003: sheezel. Fair enough too.
sheezel420: I don’t have Simpson so it could be worse :’)
Hazza09: Ridiculous Simpson
Cottees: gotta love the blue bird bhg
BigChief: Nice goal Caleb.
Baldfrog: Good too see the AFL allowed Geelong to bring their own umps today
sc_god: is brayshaw injured?
Cottees: Good man Serong
blashtroko: Assumed maybe banfield
pcaman2003: Stewart, I’m going to put my arm somewhere and turn you into a puppet,so smarten up.
Manowar: Stewrat not good!
slydon: he must be injured hes playing well
bhg26: Do it pcaman, show some follow through
NewFreoFan: Only negative play from Banfield is his disposal and decision making
naicosfan: Opp has Johnson fielded, still doing better than Simpson? lol
Baldfrog: That sounded weird pcaman
sc_god: oh hes back on now
slydon: simpson out this week
pcaman2003: Didn’t mean to scare you Baldy.. bhg. I’ll show you follow through.:)
slydon: two garbage games in a row
NewFreoFan: Did the 50 Banfield conceded not count as a free against?
Bulky: At least Simpson’s uniform won’t need cleaning. That’s a positive I guess.
Hazza09: Simpson will be dropped
naicosfan: Great kick by banfield
Manowar: Geelong not good!
TorturedSC: Walyalup a great name for a footy club
BigChief: No @NFF just goes as a muppet and bad – points.
pcaman2003: Anyway,my threat has worked as he more than doubled his score in the last few mins.
naicosfan: Gee Wizz freo owning this qtr
NewFreoFan: Interesting BC, never knew that. Seems wrong
Loggy17: keep up the threats pca
naicosfan: Simpson In the positive!
stemy1243: Need a 200 from Brayshaw to make up for the fact that Simpson is not interested today!
BigChief: Awesome half from Treacy.
slydon: is jezza actually just a 7 foot midfielder?
slydon: and he still hasnt even sat yet
Loggy17: Simpson’s BE is 9, so he could make 1k or so
naicosfan: Fyfe used to having free reign on the mark
BigChief: 2nd 50 against Fyfe.
pcaman2003: Loggy. Nice analysis! Haha!
slydon: 50s getting tossed around like theyre free shirts at an nba game
bhg26: Youre welcome freo, we played you into form
slydon: but loggy his cash gen is done, his be will go up to like 55-60
NewFreoFan: Cheers bhg
slydon: can we play sydney soon?
bhg26: Eventually slydon, eventually
BigChief: Will either team kick a goal next week @bhg?
RooBoyStu: Tom Stewart gets 5pts when he scratches his plums
bhg26: No BigChief. Carlton will miss 25 snaps and we will miss from 15 metres out
pcaman2003: How is Cameron on 48 with such a low DE and not many stats.?
loginpaul: awesome, from loginpaul
FlagDons11: simpson needs to wake up
pcaman2003: RooBoy.Yeah, but they’re big plums which attracts extra points. Cheers!
Czars: Will simpson get subbed out?
BigChief: Was thinking the same bhg. Do we bring Saad and Blakey in just for the kick ins?
bhg26: Well theyre guaranteed for 20 kicks each chief so why not
Social: yeah nah
zadolinnyj: Cmon Stewart and Atkins
BigChief: 2nd half has started Caleb. Get involved please.
Social: considerable plums deserve at least 5 pts RBS
Loggy17: Judging by that logic Social, Horse Longmire would’ve started each game with +50
NewFreoFan: And Nahas would be the greatest fantasy player of all time
bhg26: Get an effective hitout shrek
Loggy17: haha
pcaman2003: I thought Simpson was a better player than this.Glad I don’t have him now.
pcaman2003: I want Stewart to beat Cameron by at least 25pts. C’mon Tom!
Loggy17: +3 for golden balls Stewart for out on the full lol
Hazza09: Ofcourse this week Darcy being ineffective
BigChief: Cmon Caleb that’s enough resting.
Zooo: I’m cringing with Simpson on field this week for me right now
Loggy17: Henry dedicated that goal to his brother’s busted nut
Harambe: Which website did he bust a nut to Loggy?
pcaman2003: That Cameron is within 8 pts of Stewart defies logic. Just ask Spock.
BigChief: Can’t believe I am about to say this, but Cmon Cats.
NewFreoFan: Uncalled for BC
sheezel420: Johnson gonna outscore Simpson <3
BigChief: NFF I tipped them and have 3/3 and 1 point off margin.
Hazza09: Serong killing me, Ofcourse frikin opponent has him
_newcomber: Just found out i tipped port by 4 and could get a perfect round, so… go the cats
naicosfan: Brayshaw killing me
Cottees: Chief, Sames except 3 pt margin
Social: I feel ya BC
NewFreoFan: Pav absolutely cannot pronounce Walyalup
pcaman2003: Serong is having a breakout year and proving to be elite.
pcaman2003: Okay Tommy boy. A big 45+ last qtr and nothing less please.
Social: Pav’s a south Australian
zadolinnyj: So a non convict free settler @social. I can say freo
BigChief: Keep going Caleb. Another 35+ point qtr please.
a1trader: the song will be interesting Walyulup way way to go, we are the walyulap dockers. Doesn’t really flow off the tongue
beerent11: That?s how you tackle
BigChief: Hunter and Jonas suspended ATM.
pcaman2003: beerent. It was a beautiful tackle. Poetry in motion by Stewart
Manowar: Knevitt can you stop being a witches hat!
Hazza09: Ffs Darcy killing me today
BigChief: Clear throw Tomahawk.
naicosfan: Brayshaw don?t go 130+ please and thanks,
Social: we could really benefit from having Danger, Guthrie, Duncan and Stanley in the middle right now
slydon: at least simpson has made his last bit of cash. hes gone next week
NewFreoFan: Thanks for your contribution Simpson, enjoy being subbed
Hazza09: Simpson subbed
BigChief: You are missing SDK Social.
Hazza09: He can go, he?s been pathetic
sheezel420: Johnson’s PPM are insane
Social: True BC, the full back would be handy, as would Rohan, Bowes and Oh Henry
beerent11: Didn?t see last weeks game. Was Brayshaw tagged?
pcaman2003: FFS Stewart you goose. Totally unecessary!
Social: another Box Hill week
BigChief: FU Geelong.
Pav300: nah Beer, Syd tagged J Clark
beerent11: Stewart?s lack of discipline is really killing his score. Should have been 110+
pcaman2003: Bye bye Cats!
NewFreoFan: Cop that BC
Loggy17: Chief, you seem to be on a cats rollercoaster
BigChief: LOL NFF. Your guys been so much better. Deserve the win.
TheFlagger: knevitt scored 7 points since quarter time
TheFlagger: do i take sharp over knevitts 52?
Cottees: Rip my tips but Serong please keep going. A goal would be nice 😉
BigChief: I concur Cottees. Keep going Caleb.
pcaman2003: Cats are in disarray.
navy_blues: banfield done well
sheezel420: Johnson scored 40 in basically 1 and a bit quarters, solid
Yelse: who to C Dunkley Witts Wlash or Diacos ?
naicosfan: Bruhn?s ratio amazes me
bhg26: Oh Darcy
Cottees: Yelse. Coin toss at this rate haha.
beerent11: Romar if you have him. Rucks go huge vs gws.
BigChief: Yelse not Witts or Walsh.
stemy1243: Ryan just junk timing it hard!
_newcomber: brayshaw had low tog as well
Cottees: beer, I swear if you just jinxed Marshall. YOu’re dead to me lol
Yelse: @ stemy didn’t think of marshal very tempting
beerent11: I don?t think I have that power cottees. We?ll see.
BigChief: GWS have different ruck this week.
Cottees: I hope so Beer please Marshall go huuuge
TheFlagger: saints are up 40 at 3qt and ross subs off marshall
TheFlagger: to be fair steele is probably the one who gets subbed
_newcomber: no dont say that BC
Ash777: great first win walyalup!
Cottees: Flagger -_-
_newcomber: depending on romar
beerent11: Maybe naicos then
beerent11: Or Witts out of the ones you named
BigChief: Naicos will prob get 40+ again.
NewFreoFan: Naicos will own the blues

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