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Chat log from R10 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R10 of 2023

Fromage: Kid standing half naked in the ground for indigenous round
TheFlagger: are bont and dawson going head to head?
PAFC4eva: Gday all should be a good game this one
Cottees: apparently Laird on track for 300 hahaha wow
navy_blues: still havent put libba s point and kick up
ceaserr16: I hate this game
Grimes Jr: lift bont
Pavs: Somebody wake up Bont please.
navy_blues: CD asleep today gave johannisen libba s point grrrr
navy_blues: hayward holiday
Pavs: I take it you went Bont as C Grimes
Grimes Jr: yep pavs
Cottees: Grimes, good choice I think. Bont will get going and get at least 120 for you
Pavs: Not really liking his work rate so far
pcaman2003: Has Dawson got a pulse?
Avarax888: finally got an account to work
Avarax888: only taken 3 seasons to get a message through
Pavs: Welcome Avarax.
thommoae: And two in a minute now, Avarax. Welcome!
Avarax888: hahah i was on here years ago, as avarax. account got locked for something
Avarax888: i si here every week, but couldnt type
Avarax888: not a ban, think i got rid of an old email address and couldnt reset password
TimT14: I had same issue with my old account.
Pavs: I’ll go with welcome back Avarax then.
TimT14: Get going BWilliams
TheFlagger: another sub ton please dawson
_newcomber: haha avarax same thing happened to me
_newcomber: took a couple years to finally get on
Rebuild: Cheers Laird
pcaman2003: I think Dawson is sitting on his hands
Social: 8 degrees, feels like 4
Social: crows oughtta walk over icicles in the preseason
Grimes Jr: cmon bont
naicosfan: Bont injured
Cottees: hahaha of course. I trade in Bont a few weeks ago and he gets averageish scores and now injury hahahahahaha
Pavs: He’ll be right
sc_god: he’s fine, settle down ladies
biggs2dujj: Bont letting me down again.
pcaman2003: Get near the ball Libba.
naicosfan: Need gulden to go bigger than Bont, I got c on gulden, opp got c on Bont, both horror shows this week
thommoae: Is there such a thing as a pleasant day in Ballarat?
clay007: Resting Walker was a good move.
biggs2dujj: Only pleasant thing about Ballarat is the road out to Melbourne
thommoae: Why play games there when it’s freezing/blowing a Force 10/Foggy etc etc?
Ash777: why play games in tasmania for the same reason
naicosfan: It?s why they are protesting for a roof on the new stadium ash
sc_god: its a winter sport, harden the fuck up
lana2146: Anyone going Tom Stewart Captain today
Ash777: mars is getting major upgrades shortly for the commonwealth games
andychiz: @ash777 hobart is actually drier than sydney
Pavs: If the Bulldogs are instructed to go to the outside Bont stop running inside please
lana2146: Had the v on gulden so nahhh
Ash777: ballarat doesn’t get much rain either it’s mostly just really cold
andychiz: sydney 1200 mm hobart 500mm melbourne is 659mm
Ash777: no one said rain anyways it was cold blowing winds and foggy
thommoae: Winter still has pleasant days, sc – just never in Ballarat it seems.
biggs2dujj: Bont still being weak?
Troglodyte: This must be a stellar game if you blokes are debating the weather
navy_blues: wtf?? omg sydney escape
TheFlagger: rest laird
ausgooner: Laird spends half the game on the bench, he doesn’t need a rest
sc_god: 81% is half the game?
SwaggyP: get a ton bont pls. damage control for a bad c
BigChief: @ausgooner half time on the bench huh? Looks like 81% TOG
TorturedSC: Classic Nth admin error costs them the game
PigeonPies: half the dogs team have the ton
ausgooner: geez guys, you’ve not heard of hyperbole?
ausgooner: my point is he usually has the lowest tog among the top premos
BigChief: Still not even close to half Ausgooner.
hmmmm: nah it was just a joke guys haha lol
PigeonPies: taking it too seriously fellas
_newcomber: hmmmm lol
Harambe: Is hyperbole like the Super Bowl, but even bigger?
sheezel420: dawson 2 sub tons in a row, finally not owning him isn’t killing me
Ash777: Macrae loves mars
pcaman2003: Another good game Libba,so thanks.
pcaman2003: And thank you Lairdy for another outstanding game.
loginpaul: you lads don’t get out much do youse
hmmmm: bye bye pedlar
pcaman2003: And no thanks at all for you Dawson. Flop!
loginpaul: it is merely a game lads
hmmmm: who asked login
loginpaul: who is login
pcaman2003: loginpaul. What’s a youse? Some kind of sheep maybe?
loginpaul: loginpaul, love from loginpaul
loginpaul: pcaman2003 does not know what colloquial language is.

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