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Chat log from R10 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R10 of 2023

Fromage: Lads
Cottees: Please Gulden VC go huuuge
frenzy: swans by how far
Troglodyte: Go the Roos… unless Stu gets on here then go the Swans 😉
pcaman2003: Taking a risk and put the C on Errol.
TheFlagger: aaron hall go large son
Troglodyte: Need McAndrew to earn more games after this one, need the cash
bhg26: Lads
Closer: Gulden VC lets go
pcaman2003: bhg. Will Gulden kill it again this week?
a1trader: VC Ziebell
karens: lads and ladies
lana2146: Gulden vc let?s rock n roll
bullet08: sheezel forward oh no
TheFlagger: stink it up gulden
lana2146: Sheezel will still score ok
navy_blues: arvo all
pcaman2003: Flagger. He just might as I have the C on him.
bhg26: With his form pcaman surely
BigChief: Is Scott tagging Gulden guys?
TheFlagger: lol I hope so. Had the choice between him and butters and chose the latter. vc was nice last night though
bhg26: Our goal kicking should mean Ziebell gets 20 kickouts
Cottees: yeah bhg, tell your team to kick straight. Need Zieball low lol
navy_blues: yes chief
Grimes Jr: take oliver or risk bont/english?
Cottees: Grimes, if you really need to gain positions take the risk but ifyou’re happy with where you at. Take Oliver
Harambe: Which format Grimes?
Pavs: Think I will risk Bont Grimes
TheFlagger: take oliver
navy_blues: going C on libba today got a feelin big game today
BigChief: bhg am I seeing things or has Buddy taken 2 overhead marks?
pcaman2003: At least Errol is on the board now. Go wild Errol
Harambe: Buddy on 13 watch
Reexys: if your on supercoach id take bont.
Zutroy: RIP Sheezel and the kangas forward line. Move him back Ratts
Ooost: Ziebell best seagull
pcaman2003: Navy. Tossed up between Libba and Gulden. Hard choice to make.
suns4ever: is gulden getting tagged or just not near it?
Cottees: Man, I wish I wasn’t 20k off Zieball this week. But at least I got butters
Pavs: Bont with Dawson I reckon. Both like to find the football
bhg26: We should be 5 fucking goals up
Cottees: Gulden getting a tag 🙁
Harambe: Don’t worry, Hall bound to ping a hammy soon and Sheezel will be in defence again
bhg26: Way to capitalise swannies
TheFlagger: classic swans shaking the post
suns4ever: looks like gulden is running around alone
Reexys: is shaking the post legal?
navy_blues: simpkin loose
TheFlagger: agreed suns
pcaman2003: Cottees. Who’s tagging him?
TheFlagger: no reexys
navy_blues: nice kangas
suns4ever: swans gotta stop ignoring errol
navy_blues: good ball movement shot of goal crap lol
Pavs: Scott is tagging he is on the bench atm
bhg26: This is a shocking game already
suns4ever: nah gulden has been running around alone at stoppage
sc_god: buddy blue moon
navy_blues: goal!
Rebuild: Great goal wow
lana2146: Wardlaw looks a good buy
SwaggyP: Curtis just won a car
TheFlagger: wtf
BigChief: Ratten you spud, put Sheezel where he can get the ball.
sc_god: he looks alright but is already 194k, unless he will average 70 plus its pointless
lana2146: Why do I get the feeling there?s a upset on the cards today?
sc_god: Rats this is why saints gave you the arse!
Manowar: Thanks for that useless information!
Harambe: Reckon the Suns will beat Brissy Lana?
lana2146: Nahh lions will win that 1
Cottees: bhg, mate if swans screw my tips after I get Port right -_-
lana2146: I got a feeling the Roos gonna win lol
Pavs: Manowar started aggressive he is up and about.
BigChief: Gulden having a Barry so far.
Hadouken: gulden to wardlaw this week
a1trader: Happy to see my opponent with Gulden vc and I’ve got Ziebell vc
lana2146: Something just not right with the swans
navy_blues: lol its the change of coach always works
TheFlagger: gulden has 50 point quarters pretty much every week wouldnt be concerned
Harambe: If you traded in Errol this week, you are Gul-able
thommoae: Retire after your Row Z one, Harambe – you peaked.
bhg26: We are going to be late front runners for the Harley Reid cup
Harambe: My peaks are low, so the valleys never seem so bad
feralmong: C on Gulden fmsc. lol.
TheFlagger: and here errol goes
ceaserr16: You and me both feral. Fml
ceaserr16: I know Errol is known to get 50 point quarters, but fml this has happened too many times in 10 rounds
PAFC4eva: Hope warner goes huge chose him over butterballs
bhg26: Absolute horseshit we are
a1trader: Nice Zeibell, 80 by 1/2 time works for me
bhg26: We are legitimately a 10 percent chance from set shots
BigChief: You muppet Errol.
bhg26: Worth every cent this game. Can you believe these guys get paid to do this?
Cottees: If Gulden could use the ball today, he would be on 50 by now 🙁
Cottees: Might go early on Wardlaw next week if hes looking this good
PAFC4eva: Swans cant lose this can they?
Cottees: PAFC, they definitely can cause they hate my tips. But have to thank Port for winning for me though
TheFlagger: how is that not htb
bhg26: This is a terrible game from both teams, every 30 seconds there is a fuck up
PAFC4eva: You tipped them cottees well done
_newcomber: norf remembering they want harley
Cottees: Backed Port at Adelaide oval. Knew it was risky but rewarded for once
beerent11: Imagine bringing in Errol at top dollar.
_newcomber: when the commentator says , one of the best kicks in the competition…
pcaman2003: Safe to say Errol won’t get his 156 his week.
Harambe: It was an Errol of judgement beerent
beerent11: It?s point chasing harambe.
PAFC4eva: It was a great game cottees still drying out 🙂
Pavs: We are all point chasing beer
Cottees: beer, my excuse is I have had Gulden since the start lmao
TheFlagger: boo
Cottees: Absolutely PAFC, so fun to watch. They did scare me at once point though haha
_newcomber: oh harambe
BigChief: Errol should still get the ton from here.
bhg26: What a horrible half of footy
sc_god: well it is 2 shit teams
_newcomber: any of you lads care to tell me how to get the team icon next to my name
bhg26: Not denying that sc god. Must be too hard to play under the roof
sc_god: swans have many injuries but should be better, wtf is wrong with heeney he’s garbage this season
bhg26: Zero confidence sc god. He never was a great set shot but this is fucking comical. Should be playing him in the mid
bhg26: Instead of paps rotating through the centre
Pavs: When you set your name up you are asked what team you follow I think newcomer.
_newcomber: oh alright pavs, thought i put that in
pluggerpig: i also chose my fav team and it doesnt show up.. not sure why.
pluggerpig: maybe my logo will show up when the swans do.
_newcomber: k plugger lol
Pavs: Can they edit to fix this m0nty?
bhg26: Can we fucking get paps out of the middle
Drizzledee: Come on gulden
bhg26: We are just fucking awful
navy_blues: cmon roos do it for rats
hmmmm: ryan to mcandrew could be on next week with nank back
pcaman2003: With Gulden as my C I think I’m screwed. Shocking disposal efficiency
PigeonPies: hes doing fine, if he starts hitting targets he’ll ton up
naicosfan: Man gulden wants to have a 50 point qtr
Drizzledee: Buddy!!
Pavs: Sheezel to Wardlaw get used to it for a lot of years to come.
bhg26: And rowbottoms limping, lovely
pcaman2003: Does Phillips own a pair of feet anyone?
suns4ever: drury sucked a few in didnt he
navy_blues: great workrate wardlaw
sc_god: wardlaw looks a ripper
naicosfan: Gulden u spud! Find the ball
_newcomber: gotta find a way to loop wardlaw off my bench now in af
sheezel420: does BHG ever not complain?
Cottees: pca he got a kick! lol
BigChief: Wardlaw showing why he was pick 2.
Pavs: Pick 4 I think Chief might be wrong
pcaman2003: Cottees. Hahaha! 2 in no time.
_newcomber: reckon kennedy will be sub over cincotta?
naicosfan: Great gulden?. Now to hit some targets
Cottees: pca, thank you for waking his kicking boots up 😉
bhg26: No sheezel
pcaman2003: I need Errol to kick a couple of goals to catch up a bit.
BigChief: Yeah you are right Pavs. My bad.
BigChief: @newcomber Hewett already named as sub.
pcaman2003: Cottees. My pleasure. Have him on the field. Who can I target next?
SwaggyP: Drury is not up to it
navy_blues: yeah we just use our mids as sub at carlton great coaching move
naicosfan: Voss having hewett as a sub? I don?t watch Carlton is hewett sub-worthy or does Voss have no idea
_newcomber: oh thats great, thanks chief
Cottees: Pca, I have him on field too cause needed too. Really need VC Gulden please sir
BigChief: pcaman please use reverse doll on Errol.
bhg26: Oh no Gould
_newcomber: whoops, kennedy was named already
suns4ever: if swans could mark guldens marks that’d be great
pcaman2003: No way Chief. Errol is my C.
TorturedSC: Is Lloyd even playing?
PigeonPies: idk why youre acting like gulden is doing bad
navy_blues: ziebell has stopped
BigChief: Thats why I said reverse doll as he is my C also.
pcaman2003: And, they CD missed a very good Gulden tackle several mins ago.
Cottees: Gulden doing amazingly considering efficiency. Would be on 100 by now if great efficiency
naicosfan: I need gulden 120+ hes my c
pcaman2003: Chief. I get you now.
pluggerpig: another cracking score from Drury
BigChief: Why stop play? Ladhams not close to the play.
_newcomber: if ladhams is out mcandrews gonna be great
pluggerpig: stretcher
TheFlagger: lloyd ruining my week
bhg26: 1 game. Just 1 game without an injury
Cottees: bhg, feel sorry for you guys. Been destroyed by injuries
sheezel420: you wanna check our injury list bhg? :’)
BigChief: WC, Norf and Syd all terrible inj lists.
bhg26: Check the names on ours sheez
naicosfan: Gulden hasn?t touched the pill in 5 mins, cmon
bhg26: 3 best defenders, 2 rucks, an all Australian mod and 3 key forwards
bhg26: mid*
PigeonPies: only 5 are best 22
bhg26: But yeah, too many injuries for norf too. Hence the standard of this game
mattmac24: Geelong, Saints, Essendon and Richmond all just as bad. Lots of injuries this year
sheezel420: sure that’s the reason you’re barely beating norf
sheezel420: at least mcandrew looks the goods
bhg26: The main thing with ours mattmac is that it?s mostly key position players.
BigChief: Only 2 or 3 teams with less than 5 injuries. Terrible season for them for sure.
bhg26: I?m under no delusion that our standard is piss poor this year. We?ve got one mid injured and we cant get a centre
bhg26: clearance
Social: take a breath bhg
bhg26: Also too many shocking skill errors and unnecessary plays. Don?t know what?s happened
sheezel420: that’s true, when sheezel and wardlaw are smashing you in clearances you know something’s up
original: Said to my mate pre game Eddie ford would be a better choice than Drury and Humphrey
sheezel420: eddie ford will average 55, no way this scoring is consistent – that’s all we really need atm though
Social: coupla tasty cows ina coupla weeks
Social: I’d love to see Ratten get a win
beerent11: You beauty. Was worth holding Phillips
_newcomber: imagine if wardlaw had higher tog
original: Please lift ziebell. You were on track for a monster
_newcomber: sheezel a natural fwd
_newcomber: or maybe not
navy_blues: go norf
bhg26: That was inevitable. Don?t deserve it
TheFlagger: fucking hell
TheFlagger: no ldu no worries
bhg26: Which north player is going to win the clearance?
bhg26: Don?t know where we have got 23 clearances. I think we haven?t even got 5
TheFlagger: new coach always does this
_newcomber: good commentary geez
gorg: what happened to ziebell
naicosfan: Gulden ton
_newcomber: or should i say, sheez
Cottees: yes the sheezel. Making our lives easier as a rookie premo
_newcomber: cmon ziebs
TheFlagger: ffs
Cottees: omg yes Gulden thank you! Keep going mate
TheFlagger: so lucky
lana2146: Wow I called upset kangas lol,,,,the new coach effect wins again
naicosfan: Yes gulden more of this
lana2146: Same thing happened in the NRL last night
_newcomber: why is wardlaw on the pine again
Drizzledee: 120+ please errol
original: Ziebell 30 points in 2.5qtrs. Cmon man
PAFC4eva: Well done warner thats why i brought you in
bhg26: Don?t care how many injuries we have, this is appalling
navy_blues: cmon sheez kick this
BigChief: Sydney been terrible. Norf deserve a win.
bhg26: Get Heeney out of the forward line
pcaman2003: My week looks crook now after C Gulden going backwards.
bhg26: See he kicks it outside 50
LMartos: Gulden never had a tag lol
Cottees: bhg, cant kick from 20-30 but too easy fro him at 50 lol
naicosfan: Same pca, every other one of my players having a great week so far
pcaman2003: And Phillips totally stopped after 3rd qtr.
lana2146: Surely pressure builds on Longmire
BigChief: WOW. what a decison. Norf might have been robbed.
bhg26: Oh my god
suns4ever: north really want harley reid huh
Ash777: maybe swans are tanking the season for a special daly draft target
Rebuild: Oh no
lana2146: Hypothetical swans lose another4/5 does Longmire go
Cottees: I am so disappointed for North but thanks for my tip Sydney please hold on
TheFlagger: bullshit robbery
navy_blues: lol didnt deserve it
lana2146: Oh forget I said that lol
sc_god: no one was robbed
suns4ever: lol north literally are tanking
pluggerpig: how is that being robbed, its an infringement.. they know about the limits.
suns4ever: not robbed flagger, theyve used too many interchanges lol they did it to themselves hahaha
navy_blues: great game norf u outplayed them
pcaman2003: North incredibly stiff.Should’ve won this.
SwaggyP: unbelievable way to end a game
naicosfan: Ffs gulden no ton
sc_god: the sydney players shouldnt be celebrating lol
pcaman2003: Oh Errol!
sheezel420: I’m not even mad, the lads played well
Cottees: North definitely did it on purpose lol
BigChief: I did say might have been robbed before they said too many interchanges.
TheFlagger: lol didnt realise they did it themselves
beerent11: We just can?t have nice things
sheezel420: why not sc_god? they won? you clearly know nothing about sports teams
pcaman2003: Oh Errol! Never again as my C. Learnt my lesson.
suns4ever: only controversy is north tanking
sc_god: the boundary offical won the game, not sydney
sheezel420: less controversial than the suns’ existence
sc_god: glad the swannies won tho than the other mob 🙂
bhg26: We did not deserve that. Interchange steward getting the sack
_newcomber: leaves a sour taste after a poor but close game
pcaman2003: Terrible and costly error by North. A shame!
Social: buggery

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