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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Collingwood, P2 of 2022

PJ39301965: Hello everyone
kascadev8: afternoon PJ
PJ39301965: Very quiet in here Kas
DEESareSAD: Gday kas and PJ
DEESareSAD: Cogs = Locked Grundy = locked agree?
kascadev8: bit quiet ay, hello DEES
bushranger: Agree Dee
bushranger: Good arvo all, especially on Daics watch today
PJ39301965: Hi DEES I have them both along with Whitfield, and Degooey atm
PJ39301965: Bestcoast memorial group in SuperCoach is
buttox: Any chance we can get L plates?
navy_blues: hi all
PJ39301965: Bestcoast memorial group is SuperCoach is 325707 open for everyone to join
DEESareSAD: I have Cogs, Whitfield, Grundy, daicos. Considering crisp, degoey, jelly, pendles, lippa
TheFlagger: lipinski one to keep an eye on
m0nty: hard ot pick Preuss playing this role
bushranger: I so want to pick lipinski. Lots of options
kascadev8: lipinski grundy daicos coniglio for myself to watch
TheFlagger: I want to pick lipinski but all that coin is going to d5 now
bushranger: Bullish on Maynard too
PJ39301965: @m0nty Flynn seems to be ahead of him
PJ39301965: Jelly looks good at $582k
DEESareSAD: Yes he does PJ
DEESareSAD: Is everyone locking in Steele? I have Neale, macrae, Touk and potentially Cripps or jelly or brayshaw. Is Steele a must?
TheFlagger: I’ve only got steele, neale and macrae for premos in the mids. No rookies anywhere else really
kascadev8: i dropped Clarry to Wines yesterday
PJ39301965: @DEES I have had Him in and out atm it?s J Mac, Ollie, Neal and Cripps for me
DEESareSAD: Yep okay, I think my mid will be macrae, Touk/Steele, Neale, Cripps/brayshaw/jelly, berry, rookies.
navy_blues: havent got enough cash to get all the rooks i want
bhg26: Yeah dont try bump Callan “cement head” ward
DEESareSAD: What?s everyone?s structure atm? Mines 3-4-2-3. Leaving enough cash for those cogs, gov and high end rookies
bhg26: i have no idea at the moment dees, the lack of defender rookies is really annoying
PJ39301965: 3-3-1-1 premium and 1-3-1-5 mid prices
DEESareSAD: Anyone heavily considering Jelly?
bushranger: Is Maynard in trouble?
bushranger: Yes Dee, I am almost convinced
mattmac24: Is Flynn playing as No.1 ruck for GWS?
MercAm: So Nick Dacios and Cogs are locks
bhg26: yeah maynard in trouble
PJ39301965: If the AFL is serious about protecting the head then Maynard is gone for 2 weeks I?d say
kascadev8: yeh maynard gotta go
bhg26: thats fair pj
Ooost: i have 4 premium + mid price defenders.. Not sure I’ll keep that, but no rookies there is hard.
bhg26: Im the same, 4 premos + Hewett and Hinge
Ooost: haha exactly the same bhg26.. rough times in the backline.
DEESareSAD: Which backline premos do you guys have?! I have short, hewett and Whitfield.
mattmac24: I wouldn’t say Hewett is a premo… I have Stewart, Ridley and Short
Ooost: Short, Whitfield, Ryan and Llyod + Hewett and Hinge
PJ39301965: Crisp, Short, Whitfield, Hewett, McCartin, De Konning
DEESareSAD: Luke Ryan I wouldn?t go for. Lloyd wasn?t good last week but I?ll watch hi. Today, and I?ll also watch Stewart today
cmperrfect: Same Oost, but I have McCartin as D6.
bhg26: Lloyd, Ridley, Short and Whitfield + Hewett and Hinge
Ooost: Yeah Ryan can easily become Stewert or anyone else really.. I only picked him for a POD
2Ph0nes: pruess or hayes for R3?
Ooost: I have Hayes, cant afford Preuss at R3 lol
DEESareSAD: Whoever fits your structure better 2Phones
DEESareSAD: Surely Jelly?s ownership going to increase after this performance. Looks great!
kascadev8: anyone else have ryan?
RooBoyStu: Is it worth going Witts and Preuss in rucks in sc as r1 r2
RooBoyStu: Happy New Footy Year all
Harambe: Ginnivan the minivan
circle52: Late but my def is Lloyd, Rich, Ryan Whitfield with Sicily at D5
RooBoyStu: Sicily as useful as a vegetarian holding the tongs at a BBQ
navy_blues: cogs gonna make a load of cash this year
Ooost: Kelly defs putting his hand up for me
Ooost: I like the Rich inclusion there circle52
DEESareSAD: Jelly on the bench first time in a couple qtr
DEESareSAD: I have put Jelly in
Harambe: Preuss might have some MRP trouble for that tackle on Grundy

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