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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, P2 of 2022

navy_blues: cam zurhaar and will phillips not playing
Manowar: No Anderson? didn’t he get jabbed?
navy_blues: yes he did
m0nty: Thomas staying forward
NewFreoFan: wet and scrappy, hard to assess players
kascadev8: McCartin lookin good
PJ39301965: McInerney is interesting at $411k
PJ39301965: SuperCoach group Bestcoast memorial is 325707 please join if you haven?t already
teachrtony: Am in thanks PJ. Anyone have the code for FF group?
PJ39301965: @teachrtony 195621
bhg26: Earth to Heeney
PJ39301965: That?s a FF league. Bestcoast memorial group is the one from last year. Legend sent me emails addresses that he had
PJ39301965: I agree bhg
navy_blues: i never take heeney
PJ39301965: There is spots in two fanfooty leagues if anyone hasn?t joined yet
kascadev8: think im in all of it PJ haha
mattmac24: Heeney still a trap
original: Nearly had me fooled in 2022 heeney
Fatbar5tad: @Manowar I’ve read Anderson was on my diet over Summer
Fatbar5tad: Thomas must be a trap as well as Heeney goals
NewFreoFan: Lol I only just realised what your name actually says Fat
TheFlagger: heeney playing well but deep forward isnt ideal
teachrtony: PJ, that code came up as a full league??
PJ39301965: There we go bhg. Now just need more mid time.
teachrtony: Looking for the FF group code.
Fatbar5tad: Heeney will be a REBCat and you blokes can yak it up when he gets 58 in Round 3 and I’m salty AF.
PJ39301965: It is now. Want another code
teachrtony: Am looking for FF group code.
TheFlagger: mccartin looks like a lock for d6
Fatbar5tad: Thank God Flagger.
kascadev8: at least one of the FF group code is 760663
bhg26: It is literally Hinge McCartin then flower all
Fatbar5tad: Gibcus?
original: Ok Heeney I?m watching now
teachrtony: Cheers Kasca.
TheFlagger: gibcus d7 for me at the moment but I hate having that much coin with him and kemp on the bench
bhg26: McCartin and Hinge still in front I reckon, Gibcus third
bhg26: Is Kemp playing round 1 flagger?
PJ39301965: De Koning from Geelong still to come
Fatbar5tad: Kelly must be some chance for the Pies now Murphy is hurt surely? There’s SDK at the Catters as well.
kascadev8: mccartin gibcus o’driscoll my D6-D8
TheFlagger: hinge’s dodgy shoulder concerns me, as well as role when milera, dawson and seedsman play
bhg26: SDK will average 20 points, but at least he will play
DEESareSAD: What about wilmot for Brisbane now that coleman is out?
TheFlagger: wilmot suspended
kascadev8: pat lip ankle may change things for me
TheFlagger: kelly has a chance to play but I doubt he stays in the team long enough to make enough cash
StuL: There is not another round of practice games is there? This is it?
2Ph0nes: lol
Fatbar5tad: Yeah no more Stu.
DEESareSAD: Even though wilmot is suspended he should be in round 2 and we could still chuck him in there. I?d rather him over gibcu
Fatbar5tad: No O’Driss today is most inconvenient
bhg26: Stephens looking the goods
Ooost: Heeney setting a trap?
bhg26: Probably ooost but he is in my team
StuL: Heeney is burn man every year but this is the year he isn’t? Pass
frenzy: wooden spooners can make anyone look good
RooBoyStu: Jason Horne-Francis needs a Dusty haircut as he is the next Dusty
2Ph0nes: Needs a bit more than that mate, Dusty is the greatest player to ever play the sport.
kascadev8: lol
mattmac24: Surely not 2phones?
Ooost: lol
Ooost: LLoyds role changed or just quiet by his lofty standards?
navy_blues: lol
navy_blues: well dusty was lazy last year
bhg26: Heeney just resigned 6 years with the promise of more mid time
bhg26: Not saying he is definitely going to have an amazing season but the pieces are there to be good
Ooost: Elijah Hollands not playing tomorrow damn it
StuL: Fwd and Bac benches are dodgy as. Struggling to find enough likely to play.
mattmac24: Same here Stul
kascadev8: StuL and the ones who are all seem to be 180k :/
StuL: The plan to limit they number of exy roookies is out the window. Take whoever is playing. Not enough practice games.
DEESareSAD: Not worth starting Lloyd this year. Can?t see him averaging more than 100 that for sure. Get him in after price drop.
teachrtony: Ha Dees, I have played that game with Lloyd and it has bitten every time. 1st picked now.
mattmac24: Lloyd dropped 100k in the first 10 rounds of last season for Supercoach. Worth the risk in not starting him
m0nty: Lloyd or Crisp, that’s my choice
original: Why wouldn?t I start with 4x 250k fwds. I?ll wait
bhg26: Blakey looks phenomenal
DEESareSAD: This year is much much different Teachrtony. Lloyd will begin to fall off this year
mattmac24: Will be interesting to see if Xerri keeps this up
teachrtony: Why do you say that Dees? What has changed?
DrSeuss: Will be interesting to see if Mcinerney can keep this up – always looks up and about
beerent11: Well, hopefully
beerent11: Hopefully lots of people pick heeney based on this.
mattmac24: Is there anyone missing from the Swans side that may move McInerney to another position?
DEESareSAD: Sydney are a different team this year. I just highly doubt Lloyd will go 105+ I?m thinking 98ish is around the mark.
DEESareSAD: In my opinion there are better starting options
StuL: Seagull to clean up all the chips late and go 120
DEESareSAD: Lol Stu
TheLegend6: I won’t be pulled into getting Heeney again… argh

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