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Chat log from P2 of 2022: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, P2 of 2022

oc16: anyone know why shiel isn’t playing?
m0nty: shiel just a bit sore, he’ll be right for R1
DEESareSAD: Baldwin 123k forward rook
m0nty: Laird broken hand BTW
Yelse: what was colemans injury?
kascadev8: yelse, hamstring
TheLegend6: Draper making me reconsider my ruck plans again
Stuart88: Baldwin looks ok
DrSeuss: Draper is tempting but a lot of his points coming from tackles. Will he do that every week?
TheLegend6: Between him and Witts for me so I can strengthen defence with no rookies.
PAFC4eva: thinking same legend no rooks in d pruess draper witts r2
Ash777: Draper butchers the ball so go witts
TheFlagger: cant bring myself to go away from gawndy but this is the season to do so
Ash777: I went Grundy and ROB.
TheFlagger: rob was playing injured all last season i think so he should be a lot better
PAFC4eva: final league to fill BEST COAST CUP 964185 join if interested
kascadev8: still havent seen raspel yet, where is he?
Manowar: Banned
PAFC4eva: raspel using his unique skills against putin
hinsch: St Kilda rookies must be getting sore bums
navy_blues: was hoping to see hobbs my boys grew up playing against him
teachrtony: Down the Gutz league still has a few spots. Jump on if interested 175526
sfenda1: when does ryder come back?
Ash777: are we going have to get tall rookies to fill spots.
m0nty: Hayes +14 to pique fantasy interest
Hazza09: N Martin has looked good
Bulky: Why isn’t Tom Highmore playing?
oc16: who do people think will take up the slack left by Jones in the midfield? Clark perhaps?
kascadev8: oc probs clark, looks like it so far 🙂
Bulky: It won’t be Clark.
m0nty: there goes Clark, looked like a disco
kascadev8: Bulky wont be anymore
oc16: dropping like flies
TheFlagger: really want to see clark break out completely. shows so much promise but injuries and bad roles limit him.
Bulky: Highmore supposedly injured a quad today playing for Sandringham so he’ll be out of action for a while too.
TheFlagger: class from caldwell
TheLegend6: Lots of good mid pricers this year – add Caldwell to the list
Ash777: Caldwell is a trap lol
TheFlagger: most mid-pricers are
Ash777: Dons starting mids are not playing for the most part except parish who is take big spells in the fwd line
PAFC4eva: rather play ward than caldwell and rowell need the cash

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