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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Carlton vs Collingwood

Chat log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R23 of 2022

pcaman2003: Walsh being out will throw a spanner in some finals games. Can hear the cursing now.
bushranger: Looking forward to this one. Hello everyone
LuvIt74: Same cant beieve im saying this but i hope pies smash Carlton
LuvIt74: well only if dogs lose then i want carlton to win
DANGERous: walsh out has claimed a victim pca, me. need cripps to be big 150+ areas
elvundir: oh dear.. my opponent has walsh and cameron.
elvundir: i captained cripps thouh.. so far 0 x 2 = 0
Wahab_18: Power off Maynard go back to the backline and tag saad instead ffs
original: thats the free they pay. not the hold, not the drop, but that drop
LuvIt74: come on pies smash the blues now
Wahab_18: get off the pine cripps
Wahab_18: Cripps you better not go to the bench in the 2nd quarter
beerent11: And cue the crisp bashing ?. Now
beerent11: Hahahaha
Grimes Jr: Cmon blues
navy_blues: gee it would be easy to do a walrus and cry bout umpiring lol
bhg26: What are you talking about beer? Havent seen any crisp slander all year. Go Crispy!
original: vrisp has been garb for second half of year
MrWalrus: You were doing it last night navy & given you’re on to miss finals I won’t begrudge it
hinsch: with Walsh out throw in a Gawn Touk McCrae and finals are all but over my worst score in 5-6 weeks
beerent11: What a great scenario for the last day of the season. Hopefully the game lives up to it.
Raspel31: Crisp- you have ruined my life, my year and my marriage. Whoops. I don’t have you.
navy_blues: i pointed out 2 frees that were bad decisions that gave rich 2 goals thats all
MrWalrus: C’mon blues, you just can’t go from 9-2 to missing finals surely
navy_blues: a lot of frees not called for us already but same free is paid to coll thats all i will say
Grimes Jr: How is that not 50?
MrWalrus: Agree, would be against us 🙂
Catatafish: Haha beerent it pretty much comes down Crisp for my opp, so he’ll go 140 today
Ash777: Lets go pies
pcaman2003: Blues are watching the finals disappear in the rear view mirror. Better pull the finger out.
duckky: I thought Crisp was the leading cause of global warming … or was that umps missing frees for only one side?
DrSeuss: Put the C on Cripps. May as well finish this year with another terrible decision lol
beerent11: Yeah, he?s against me in my draft gf too catatafish.
MrWalrus: navy agree not paying obvious frees but it’s both ways, umps been letting it go last couple weeks
MrWalrus: True duck, also CD and Brodie’s TOG
duckky: Me too Dr Suess. My crappy season had nothing to do with crap selections and the 200 ruck changes I had to make
pcaman2003: Is Crippa getting the Brodie treatment?
BigChief: Cripps needs to lift. He is doing SFA
MrWalrus: Are you serious chief?! He’s the only blue giving his all so far
Raspel31: I made 203 ruck changes duccky.
Catatafish: Crisp going at 100% I never thought I’d see the day
Wahab_18: the free wasn’t even against cripps wtf
pcaman2003: Catafish. Spoke to soon. lol!
beerent11: From here I?m projected to win my draft final by one point. I?ve got salad vs Cripps, crisp, Warner heeney
Catatafish: I did pca, but I want him to do crap so is that a jinx?
beerent11: Saad not salad
Hazza09: Never again Cripps
pcaman2003: Catafish. In that case, brilliant reverse psychology
Raspel31: Carn Blues!
pcaman2003: The poor umps need retraining. Clueless as to the rules and many changes. Totally bewildered!
Catatafish: Haha I seldom have that luck in that capacity, so it is very much welcomed!
pcaman2003: Go Crippa!
original: high fend off having a laugh umpire
beerent11: Smacked him right in the moosh original
Pavs: Blues need more composure. bombing it in
pcaman2003: Crisp gone back to his do nothing ways.
frenzy: gee thanks catatafish, he aint had a touch since
Hadouken: blues are not a finals standard team.
bhg26: Cox is the biggest dumbalps in this sport
Grimes Jr: Neither are the pies
BigChief: Why wasn’t that a 2nd 50?
original: not a double 50, gutless umpire
MrWalrus: This game is the best pressure I’ve noticed from either of these teams this year
original: quaaynor has time to HB, doesnt, ball up. wtf
navy_blues: arent u a essendon supporter hadouken???? lolol
original: these umpires
Hadouken: no
Hadouken: id like to see blues win.
navy_blues: bs
runners47: Umpiring absolute joke
MrWalrus: Agree original but consistent and both ways, just rubbish umpiring but no advantage imo
navy_blues: now denying your side
Hadouken: haha, you wish navy. I put the hand up and say i go for the crows. def not bombers ! yuk.
fruity: Cripps is trying to do everything himself..
navy_blues: gee port good side arent they? lol
navy_blues: im sry if i got itv wrong but im pretty sure ive seen ess colours on your name
Pavs: Agree fruity that is also a lack of composure. Reckon Voss would have liked a time out half way through that quarter
Pies20: Keep it up pies big second half please
Hadouken: if blues happen to win, they wont go far based on how theyre playing
Hadouken: but i guess finals are a different thing altogether though. Blues my second team this year!
Pies20: People looking at 2500 plus in sc this week?
bhg26: haha nooo pies
navy_blues: ive said for ages carlton dont play 4 qtrs last week was prob 1st time id seen them play 4 qtrs and still lost lol
Pies20: My team finally decided to show up this week bhg i should
Hadouken: in patches theyre brilliant and good to watch. But their worst …..yeaahhhhh
Pavs: 2529 Pies20. don’t reckon I will get there though
Stikman35: Ordinary capt choice in Miller and Ridley has limited me this week pies
Stikman35: Need mills to play out of his skin to win
pcaman2003: Ridley? Lol!
Pies20: 2607 pavs won’t get that should get 2500 plus I’m hoping
bhg26: i mean i should get 2400 but touk captain, walsh having the week off, plus dale, witts and darcy hindered me this week
Stikman35: Ridley wasnt my captain. But he was on my ground. Horrors
pcaman2003: Stikman. Phew! You had me worried for your mental health.
MrWalrus: I’ll go about 2300 with a doughnut, a Burgoyne cover & all the other spuds of the week
beerent11: So who have Essendon got lined up to coach? Don?t think they would sack truck without having someone.
Pavs: In the grand final still Pies20?
BigChief: Hird to return to Ess?
navy_blues: i will coach them lol
bhg26: It would be a very essendon thing to do beer
pcaman2003: beer. Give it to Malthouse. He’d be a good match.:)
navy_blues: who will take he risk with ess is the question atm
hinsch: beer pretty obvious to me Hird as the new coach.
navy_blues: hird would be a step backwards id say
Pavs: Backward step for Hird to coach them. He needs another team like GWS
beerent11: That?d be pure comedy pcaman
hinsch: before this round projected score 2560 after this round lucky to get 2200
Stikman35: Old man has been a bombers member for ever. 82 yrs old. He wont talk footy. Bombers should be ashamed. Idiots.
Pies20: Haha pavs not all knocked out last week 2200 score and way down the ladder in ff leagues
frenzy: Lol pcaman
beerent11: I?d like to see Ross Lyon coach again but seems pretty happy in the the media/real estate investment areas.
Pavs: Unlucky Pies20 on a great score this week
pcaman2003: frenzy. At least your blokes picked up a good one.
pcaman2003: What about Trump?
frenzy: Mathew Lloyd, reckons he can
Pies20: That’s been my year pavs woeful until this round
pcaman2003: I only say Trump cos they’d never get rid of him.
Pies20: Big half coming up
BigChief: Leigh Matthews to coach Ess?
Ash777: Scomo will coach essendon
amigaman: @BigChief no please
Grimes Jr: Haha fuck off de goey
Drak: Essendon have the problem where they have a supporter base that won’t buy memberships.
frenzy: The Herald Sun will coach em
BigChief: Doc has looked good in the middle last 2 weeks
pcaman2003: Docherty pulled off a good con then with DeGoey. Nicely played.
Drak: Caro Wilson?
Stikman35: Doc was a good mid before Carlton whacked him in defence.
beerent11: Saad crook. That?s my gf gone.
Pavs: She could turn up to training on her broomstick Drak
Hadouken: nice leg cherra
Drak: Lewis Young has certainly come good for Carlton. He could be a 10 year journeyman.
duckky: So having Gene Simmons at Princess Park this week helped with Carlton’s stagecraft?
Drak: She is such a insidious human being, then gets all incredulous when people say they dislike her.
Pies20: Umpires squaring it up this quarter
pcaman2003: Wasn’t she one of the ugly stepsisters?
Pavs: Carlton V Collingwood game Drak can’t use big words like that.
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
BigChief: If Blues win it’s Coll v Rich 1st week of finals. Huge game that would be.
Drak: Haha, pavs. harsh but fair.
Catatafish: Oh Doc you hero, I might actually win now haha
Grimes Jr: Hoping it ends that way bigchief. Reckon we?ve got them covered
Drak: Back on the game, as a bombers supporter, Not a lot of holes in Carltons starting team.
pcaman2003: I want someone to pull Cox’s glasses back 3ft and let em’ go.
pcaman2003: Blues have some good players coming back over next 2 weeks. Will make a big difference
Grimes Jr: Pies fans going quiet in here 🙂
Pies20: Lift pies shower quarter move!!
Grimes Jr: That example of ginnivan pacing evidenced how overrated he is – too slow
Raspel31: Without those glasses pcaman Cox is just a lumberjack. And not a very good one.
Yelse: wtf wtf is going on pies just stopped they giving the standard lead to teams
beerent11: Crippas playing pretty inspiring footy. Lifting his team.
pcaman2003: Someone should tell Crisp the 2nd half has started. He’s forgotten.
beerent11: Anyone would think Cox didn?t grow up playing the game
Pies20: And the whole magpie team pca flower me
Yelse: the pies are still in the change rooms?
pcaman2003: Pies20. They’re not handling the increased intensity well.
bhg26: Ginnivan loves the big games
Pies20: Finally
Pies20: Nope hopefully that’s going to get them going pca
NewFreoFan: Curnow not minding a big game either
duckky: Every free to Carlton has resulted in a goal. 4 from 4. Collingwood is not defending well.
bhg26: That is disgusting, that has to be advantage ball never stopped
Raspel31: To whomsover I suggested N Daicos over Crips- I have gifted you 7 pints. To date. You owe me.
Wahab_18: ofc they didn’t pay advantage coz cripps passed to docherty ffs
BigChief: Rules say if non officiating ump pays free there is no advantage.
pcaman2003: bhg26. exactly! Could’ve scored if allowed. No advantage paid is rubbish.
beerent11: 7 pints sounds pretty good raspel
BigChief: Stupid rule if you ask me.
duckky: I thought Rasp was asking for a date…
pcaman2003: BigChief. But then this is the AFL. Other sporting codes must laugh at our crazy rules and constant changing of them
frenzy: salad still scoring beer
Yelse: whats the fre kick count out of curiosity at the game
BigChief: 100% pcaman.
Raspel31: Dating a Bulgarian ballet dancer at the mo duckky- but you’re next in the queue. Go Blues.
pcaman2003: Yelse 18 to 13 favouring Carlton
Ash777: pies had 1 job
Pies20: This is woeful jeez 😳
Grimes Jr: Hope the pies end with a percentage of sub 100. Would be fitting
duckky: 8 goals to Carlton this term after 2 goals in the first half. Bloody hell…
Hadouken: wonder what the doggies are thinking atm ?
beerent11: Probably not enough though frenzy. Copped a heavy knock in the first. Playing through it.
pcaman2003: Hadouken. Probably hitting the beers already.
beerent11: Free kick count is in the team stats box yelse. Gives frees for. Don?t know where to find frees against though.
Stikman35: Its momentous for blues to make finals. They havent performed so well since Malthouse was at the helm. Well done.
navy_blues: havent done it yet stik as a said blues dont play 4qtrs they might stop
navy_blues: think blues deserve to be there more than dogs tho
Stikman35: I agree
beerent11: Reverse psychology all over the shop
Wahab_18: every flowering time cripps does something good ffs
pcaman2003: Hope no one here relying on Heeney
Yelse: umpiring disgraceful
beerent11: I?m relying on him to play shit pca
pcaman2003: Cripps is a bull. Flicks off players like they were ants.
zadolinnyj: will collingwood get back?
Wahab_18: Here come the umPIES
navy_blues: here we go
Raspel31: Thought that last Arsenal goal to Odeegard was a tad offside. Farewell fanfooty till next year x
NewFreoFan: So, anyone know if Cats will host us at GMHBA or Melbourne week 1?
original: wtf.
beerent11: He?s basically Carey?s ht and wt as a midfielder pca
Pies20: They were there last quarter wahab
beerent11: Prob Melbourne new freo
pcaman2003: Then you were safe, but he’s just goaled. Jumped from 13 to 32 in seconds.
NewFreoFan: Even with Demons and Pies having home games beer?
m0nty: no finals at Geelong this year due to construction
BigChief: Geel v Freo will be GMHBA
NewFreoFan: oh really? cheers m0nty
Pies20: Our decision making and skills are woeful this half
pcaman2003: Good health and good luck Rasp. I won’t be here next year. My last SC year.Cheers!
BigChief: I forgot about that m0nty.
NewFreoFan: Will they do 3 games at the G? Or move maybe Pies Tigers to Marvel?
sMiles: was thinking I might not have too many sc seasons left – takes so much time…
Gelly: pies vs tiges at marvel… lol
NewFreoFan: I haven’t played SC in years pca, still turn up for banter and tracking the odd multi
duckky: 3 at the G NewFreo … Fri, Sat and Sun. The AFL loves the money
Gelly: that wont happen, id say they schedule games on different days
NewFreoFan: I agree Gelly, but as minor premiers Cats would probably cut up rough at playing Marvel
Ash777: I doubt pies n tigers will be at marvel
NewFreoFan: Pies will probably do another single digit win and sink this discussion anyway lolo
Gelly: lets see if carlton can hold a lead though first, might not be tiges vs pies
pcaman2003: NewFreoFan I’ll probably stay around for the banter possibly ,but tired of SC after many years of it.
beerent11: When the blues get Walsh and Hewitt back they?ll be dangerous
hinsch: Mason Cox he is only a big game player, comes good on the big days no wonder Collingwood signed him up again
NewFreoFan: yeah, too much effort pca. I put my tracking of players to multi use with player disposals, turned out pretty good
bhg26: Gee its not like carlton to choke a lead
Yelse: silvani holds cox in every ruck contest
Pies20: Blues fans nervous?
LuvIt74: What a huge cox it is Rex
bhg26: Its awful lonely in the other game
pcaman2003: Game on!
Hadouken: this last 5 minutes is going to be intense
NewFreoFan: Oh boy
Wahab_18: oh no
LuvIt74: wtf what a game
LuvIt74: was it touched
bhg26: Decent kick
NewFreoFan: is it much of a game bhg?
BigChief: Blues choking again?
Pies20: Come on pies!!!!
pcaman2003: bhg26. You must be dry in the throat with all that chatting.:)
bhg26: Not really newfreofan
Hadouken: almost chief. almost
NewFreoFan: Odss on a draw?
Grimes Jr: Jeez pies get a lot in big moments. How is that not a free to mckay
bhg26: The fingertips are red pcaman
Wahab_18: No free Mckay?
pcaman2003: McKay in the back no free. BS umps!
original: no free then? laughable
bhg26: Absolutely a free to mckay
Yelse: cripps HTB first original
The Ogre: Umpires make decisions in Woods fwd line and let them go in Blues
Hadouken: yeah bhg, i feel the umps have the pies colours’ on atm
NewFreoFan: Different umps in each forward line
Hadouken: wowsers
NewFreoFan: Thought BT was gonna drop the magic Tom Boyd style then
Grimes Jr: I hate Collingwood with a passion
duckky: 103 seconds left.
The Ogre: HTF do they keep doing this! Luck is gonna run out soon
Stikman35: Grim reaper lol. Hold that one
Gelly: durdin absolute potato
Raspel31: Oh no- carn Blues.
pcaman2003: Durdin took too long to kick and turned it over. Terrible play.
Hadouken: uh-oh
BigChief: Durdin you moron.
bhg26: All they needed was a score, and durdin kicks it to the fucking pocket. Absolute potato
beerent11: This is a bit richmondy
The Ogre: Reminding me so much of the Colliwobbles of the 70’s
duckky: FMD. Doggies play September
Pies20: Go you pies flower yeah!!!!!!
Grimes Jr: Scum pies
Hadouken: hang your head durdin
NewFreoFan: Wowee
pcaman2003: What a ripoff. I’m lodging a complaint to the ACCC
Gelly: well thanks durdin
Drak: Thats just inexperience. Stiff for the baggers. They will be a force next year.
duckky: On the plus side, my Brother is a carlton member. I think I’ll give him a ring
Hadouken: durdin, top of goal square for a fist through….finals
thesilentl: Cop that haters, pies top 4
thesilentl: @grimesjr nice to see you being a dumb cunt as per usual
bhg26: Years and years of tanking to not make finals this year lmao. Umps licking their lips seeing the doggies in the finals
Grimes Jr: The most undeserving top 4 side in league history
Fangman: Bwahahaha!
Pies20: Unlucky blues fans heartbreaking next year
Wahab_18: good win umPIES
Migz: durdin bruhuhuh, any score mate ANY Score!!
original: 0.6 in the last. but you can’t play one quarter and expect to win games, our problem all year
fruity: any score Durdin…and you kick it into the pocket..DOH!!
bhg26: Biggest choke in AFL history? 8-3 to missing the finals after being 4 goals up in the final game
MrWalrus: They were 10-3 I believe bhg, must be close
MrWalrus: Feel for blues supporters
bhg26: It was 9-3 walrus. Wowee
MrWalrus: Agree Grimes, sad we don’t get them week 1, easily the worst team in the 8 let alone 4
Catatafish: Jesus what a match

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