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Chat log from R23 of 2022: St Kilda vs Sydney

Chat log for St Kilda vs Sydney, R23 of 2022

Raspel31: As a Pom and a first time finalist is it possible to amass 700 from Heeney, Parker and Mills. No, I thought not. God ble
original: please sc gods. marshall and mills quiet. you owe me after walsh
original: big game steele and heeney
bhg26: paddy i know its your brother but man tf up
bhg26: What is this shit swannies?
bc__: So you tag every half backer but not Sinclair?
Pavs: 150 ahead with Docherty still a half to go against Heeney. Pretty comfortable at this stage
bhg26: Wake the fuck up swans
bhg26: King wont miss a shot today
bhg26: Heeney being manhandled every contest
original: keep up heeney
hinsch: mills and heeney saty low and make my day.
bhg26: He fucking kicked it!
bc__: Keep mills off the bench ffs
bhg26: Its happened again! Its happened again! Give them the fucking world!
bhg26: Chad Warner is the best footy player, change my mind
bhg26: 8 frees to 1 flower me dead
Gelly: so how many goals do sydney have to win by to get a home final?
bhg26: 8 or 9 goals, around that gelly
Gelly: you would think that is gettable
bhg26: Not at this rate gelly. Umps have money on the sainters
bhg26: Skills are also poor
bhg26: King is still 2 straight
bigpens: Lift Marshall, of all weeks you do this to me
original: c,on heeney
bhg26: Dont touch them swannies!
BigChief: Damn bhg you filling the chat LOL
bhg26: Its a bloody desert here bigchief, as if theres another more important game on at the moment lol
original: heeney wtf. lucky oppo has marshall
pcaman2003: BigChief. That’s because everyone else is at the exciting game.:)
cammo6556: Ugh. Mills running at Will Brodie TOG
Catatafish: If they’re tagging Warner, bhg, then I think the respect is all round. Gun player
pcaman2003: Heeney and Marshall. Lol! Finalists in my league would be screaming at their PC’s.
Ash777: Trust Heeney to kill sc coaches.
bhg26: Not many 30 game players are shrugging off steele, having a bounce then kicking a goal from 70+ catatafish, love him
bhg26: to death
bhg26: Curse this fucking ball, never bounces nicely for us yet lands in the oppos lap
bhg26: Yep and King isnt missing a shot, except for a no score but he is still 4 straight
bhg26: Camerawork has been absolutely woeful
pcaman2003: Coming over to keep you company bhg.
The Ogre: Possibly only 1 Melb final 1st week. Depending on margin.
The Ogre: Better watch the free count. Could be an AFL directive
bhg26: Its nice not being alone pcaman
Catatafish: Come on Steele get up son
bhg26: We just want fairness umps, but we aren?t getting it
bhg26: We have to kick it 25 to 30 metres apparently or else it?s not 15
bhg26: If a saints player gets held it?s called instantly, but Buddy is getting borderline sexually harassed by Wilkie and noth
bhg26: and gets nothing
Pies20: 2517 with parker and sinclair get me to 2600 please
Ash777: saints fans going to be happy to get rid of hill.
original: Keep up Heeney
bhg26: Wilkie should seriously have 10 frees against him
pcaman2003: And a few others too ASH. Got a few passengers IMO.
Rebuild: Hang in there saints
bhg26: Hooray he?s got one!
bhg26: Only took two blokes grabbing him with their back to play to get it
bhg26: Hanners, you will always have a special place in my heart, but bugger off
bhg26: Don?t need ya having 40 touches against us, but still I love ya
DANGERous: come on marshall and steele i need you
frenzy: feels like Mills has been on the pine for ages
bhg26: Saints are trying to put us to sleep
LuvIt74: what a great Sunday of footy
Gotigres: Who is Toumba FC?
bhg26: Fuck me mcinerney!
Catatafish: Steele vs Mills comes down to this.
duckky: Sydney needs to win by 9 goals to get a home final
LuvIt74: What do you think the average will be this round?
Raspel31: Who didn’t cap Connor Rozee last night?
LuvIt74: @duckky well that wont happen…
Ash777: My chances of winning 1 gameis to have mills be under 128.
Gelly: swans need 99 points atm for a home final
bhg26: If we kick 7 and saints kick 2 this quarter we finish 2nd
original: long knew exactly what he was doing
Raspel31: For me Luvit- 2547 last week- 2150 if lucky this week. Go Spurs.
bhg26: Just fucking lay down saints
thesilentl: Love a saints win here
bhg26: Bugger off silent no one asked
original: steele get any points for that goal? seriously
bhg26: Wicks is so shit fuck me
duckky: Can you get reported and get 3 Brownlow votes in the same game?
bhg26: That is as holding the ball as it gets for fucks sake!
duckky: Sydney playing bruise free footy at the moment.
Gelly: yep sydney can forget about home final now, saint want to win this
bhg26: Fuck me just take third!
Ash777: lol 5 goals from 5 behinds last week
bhg26: It bounced outside the fucking circle!
thesilentl: Swans playing bad
thesilentl: Really poor from the swans
duckky: Deep breaths bhg… deep breaths
Gelly: sydney playing for home final against dogs
bhg26: Buddy held again
duckky: One against the flow
bhg26: Shut up howard you turd
frenzy: wake the flower up Mills
bhg26: Should be something to deter defenders from blatantly lying to the umps
pcaman2003: Saints player trying to cheat by saying he touched it. Clearly not! No respect. C’mon Swans.
duckky: Heavens to Betsy… I am sure that no defender from the other 17 teams would ever do that
Raspel31: Picking the Demons from here- open slather.
duckky: Rampe doing a Dougal now…
bhg26: Lloyd you fucking dumb fucking idiot fucking piece of fucking shit
thesilentl: Ramped trying to cheat claiming he touched it, suspend him
duckky: Have you considered chamomile tea bhg? Very calming.
Catatafish: Lol bhg, in your team?
thesilentl: No comment @bhg? You were fairly critical of dougal
The Ogre: Valium wouldn’t even help I don’t think
NewFreoFan: hope they win for your blood pressure bhg, but hope they lose for our 4th spot
bhg26: Invested in the game silent piss off, obviously the same thing as dougal
Ash777: Mills has gone to defense
Grimes Jr: hope they win bhg. pies will lose to cats
Gelly: a draw and sydney play geelong
duckky: NewFreo – you lot get a home final if you come 5th though.
pcaman2003: You need to get off the Roids bhg.:)
LuvIt74: Will score 2500
thesilentl: You’ve said that every week @grimes jnr, pies love rent free in your head
NewFreoFan: Rather have a home final second chance and maybe not even need it than I one and done home final
NewFreoFan: don’t think the pies have played the cats every round silent
Grimes Jr: haha silent. cant wait to see u go out in straight sets champion
Catatafish: And Steele seals the granny for me, just above 2550. I’ll take it
thesilentl: Rent free @grimes jnr. You are a bitter human, I hope you find something better outside of footy
pcaman2003: Well done Catafish. Don’t spend all your winnings at once.
duckky: This week Steele cracks the ton. Really needed it last week…
thesilentl: @newfreofan , Grimes jnr spends all game every game talking about the pies and how they are about to lose, it’s pathetic
bhg26: And you are a pest silent
Ash777: sweet mills move let me win with a 0
bhg26: So we didn?t get second
duckky: I’m glad you made it through the game bhg without blowing a gasket
pcaman2003: All over for naother year. All the best everyone and congrats to all GF winners. Cheers
Raspel31: And Mills yet to clock up 100 v the Sainters.
bhg26: I?m in Gold Coast on a holiday duckky, if we lost my phone was going to suffer an 11 storey drop
bhg26: Love ya Hanners
bhg26: Always a swan
Catatafish: No winnings pca, I’d rather go back to draft.

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