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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, R23 of 2022

frenzy: carried Ned Long all year, finally gets a game
navy_blues: go hawks!
MrWalrus: Big game this, cmon doggies, make pies v blues interesting
Pavs: Bont against Bailey Dale in this one as pods. Afternoon all
original: Lift liba
bigpens: Bont to have Brodie like TOG pls
MrWalrus: So if doggies win by 3 goal or more, blues will need to win by a similar amount, is this the basic situation?
Hazza09: Libba geez
navy_blues: blues will just need the win
Hazza09: Out of all weeks Libba
pcaman2003: Arvo gents! Hope Big Boy has a huge last game.
original: Agreed hazza/ lift liba ffs
MrWalrus: Oh yeah of course, Walrus brain fart, cheers navy
Raspel31: Well Connor Rozee stuffed up any hopes I had- but too old a dog to let go.
snake_p: cape for Sicily Monty
pcaman2003: What’s going on? WB tanking today? Should be beating us. Mmm!
navy_blues: poor rutten ess treated him like crap
navy_blues: go hawks pca lol
runners47: navy, they did indeed – Rutten deserved better. Keep the momentum Hawks
snake_p: Essendon rabble at least Rutten gets pay out
pcaman2003: And go Blues later on navy.Cheers!
pcaman2003: Feel sorry for the future coach of Bombers. Totally dysfunctional rabble.
navy_blues: why is dermott barracking for dogs?
original: liba ffs
Pavs: A few teams like that pcaman
pcaman2003: Unfortunately Pavs. Coaches these days constantly looking over their shoulders. Thankless job!
original: hows the hold on my boy liba at that centre bounce ffs
original: cmon hawks ffs
navy_blues: young darcy looks good forward
pcaman2003: We’re trying original. Like the look of Saunders too.
Pavs: Totally agree pcaman
MrWalrus: We have a shootout, can the hawks stick with the dogs? I think not but happy to watch & find out
Raspel31: Rutten officially sacked. Hmm?
LuvIt74: This is a ripper game thus far
pcaman2003: Pretty disgusting Raspel. He didn’t deserve the treatment he got this week. Poor form!
Raspel31: Think Doggies will pull away- but yep Luvit.A nd yep, Essendon board- shameful.
LuvIt74: What BS that was a free
pcaman2003: Luvit. Thought so too as Bruce dived on the ball. Dodged a bullet.
original: good few mins liba
pcaman2003: Liking the effort of a lot of our new guys. Exciting times ahead I feel.
original: i love sicily, great player
m0nty: Sicily chasing N. Riewoldt’s 200
original: ablett has the sc record doesnt he?
DEESareSAD: Sicily 114 dot is out of this world
MrWalrus: I thought Jonathan Brown had the official record
Grimes Jr: God the dons r a joke. Hope he comes back to tiger land where we treat people properly
MrWalrus: Oh, DT/AF, not SC, sorry Walrus brain still rebooting today.
Catatafish: I hope so monty. Thought I was dead last night but a Sicily monster score puts me closer
dipstick: wtf? since when was hewett and sam walsh dropped for todays game?
original: hewett didnt make the side. walsh late out. kills us
Crippa9: walsh has back soreness
Ash777: Walsh out just killed all chances of winning my gf leagues for me 🙁
pcaman2003: Finalist in my league had Walsh, but no playing backup. Ouch!
pcaman2003: Bad luck Ash. That’s SC for you. Full of nasty surprises.
amigaman: @Grimes is that when you spit on your players?
MrWalrus: Excuse me amiga, care to elaborate on that one?
original: gotta hope my opponent doesnt have a walsh trade cos i used my last one to loophole short
Ash777: I used mine to bring macrae in over Keays
The Ogre: Mmm Field Owens or take Burgoynes score for Walsh?
dipstick: who to play on field out of daicos and crisp?
HelloJack: Last round, may as well take it on
original: opponent traded mills in for walsh. flower. need liba to lift
LuvIt74: dipstick tough one flip a coin
original: i’d go crisp. can see us tagging daicos tbh
navy_blues: that was htb
amigaman: @MrWalrus short memory mate.
Raspel31: Regardless, hope Blues send them back to the dark ages. I’d fo Daicos.
pcaman2003: Holding the ball not a free anymore apparently.
dipstick: fuck it. i use my last trade daicos to docherty and put the E on crisp
Pavs: Bont get involved please
pcaman2003: Doggies thrashing us in clearances.
original: liba need to move son
bc__: Give us a 140 Ken doll
hinsch: Walsh out for Carlton, story of my round so far. Better luck next year
Raspel31: There was a day Macca was an automatic cap lock? Fine effort Hawks- but bye, bye.
pcaman2003: Raspel. With the tagging brigade growing, Auto C’s will be a thing of the past.
Raspel31: Bench cover hinsch? And yep pcaman- Touk tagged out yesterday, sigh.
Grimes Jr: Question. When was the last time a club was in as greater turmoil as Essendon
bhg26: Essendon in 2013 grimes
pjw1234: Looking ok for a change have Sicily, Dunkc, English and Macrea (unfortunate c pick) and no walsh
MrWalrus: Does Essendon in 2013 count
Catatafish: Probably Essendon again for the drug scandal, Grimes.
pcaman2003: Okay Blues fans. Support us hard last qtr if you want to stay 8th. C’mon!
beerent11: Yep Essendon in the drug scandal
Raspel31: Bontemplii M0nty?
LuvIt74: @Grimes Jr – It’s been probibly since the long going Supplempent saga in 2013 and if Hird ends up coaching them again
Grimes Jr: I?m group the drug scandal and this. Almost the same period
LuvIt74: what a bloody mess that’ll be
beerent11: And Carey, stevens, archer before that.
DrSeuss: Crazy how taggers have emerged again over the last 4-5 weeks. Hate it as a role – but definitely making a comeback
Grimes Jr: Grouping *
original: lets go liba son. you will fight gallantly and have 15 last qtr touches while dogs lose
Raspel31: Agree DrSeuss- should be more strictly controlled.
Catatafish: Agree beerent, although Melbourne tanking during the dark days was bad
bhg26: Not as great of turmoil but the crom camp wasnt very nice
beerent11: Cmon hawkers
original: dunkley neck throw. those should be fined
MrWalrus: Breust HTB every day there, 2 blokes had hands on him, dropped it
pcaman2003: original. Lol! Forever the optimist. I like your thinking.
MrWalrus: After tanking we then end up way back to brown paper bags
original: flower sake liba. can he get points for just going near it
MrWalrus: Anyone else noticed the umps have switched to let it go “finals” umpiring the last few weeks
Raspel31: Go Spurs and stuff Arsenal.
pcaman2003: original. Treloar stealing Libbas tackles too.
Catatafish: Come on Libba ffs. Don’t stop now Sic!
original: Mr Walrus yeh i did last week. crazy
original: get on liba ffs
bigpens: Stsy low Bont, Dale and Liba
pcaman2003: Libba is finished. Looking towards next year and not finals.
MrWalrus: Well pca he’d best start thinking about finals, I sense the blues are on course to pull off the biggest choke in recent
original: can liba get a goal please
pcaman2003: I expect a good hard game. The Blues will put up a good fight I think.
MrWalrus: Memory
pcaman2003: How close is your final original?
pcaman2003: Our ball handling and disposal has turned very sloppy now.
pcaman2003: Umpire picked out a throw. Pity he missed the previous dozen. Plonker!
MrWalrus: Yeah pca, I’d put that down to fatigue, young team, you’ll be good again soon
pcaman2003: Hope so Walrus. Lots to learn but should come good
MrWalrus: Well done doggies, did what you had to
pcaman2003: Good innings Big Boy. Thanks for the memories.

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