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Chat log from R22 of 2022: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R22 of 2022

Hutto: Drew looks like he might be tagging Merrett
Hutto: Wasn?t with him that centre bounce though. Was following earlier though. Us Merrett owners safe for now
Hadouken: hope not, need merrett to get at least a ton today
Yelse: merretto get his projected cmonnn lift
Yelse: ffs merret please don’t cost me my finals
Raspel31: Earth to Houston- thanks. Even though against my team.
amigaman: Umpires making up bullshit rulles to suit
bc__: Stay on the pine all game Merrett. Loving it
original: Cmon butters you butcher
navy_blues: stay low merrett plz
Stu7: Who?s tagging Zerrer?
MrWalrus: Burgoyne, C’mon buddy, you can do it
elvundir: ambrosio on the field for me covering hewett, super happy
original: Boak gets done HTB and goes up 1sc
original: He got done twice!
original: Downfield free vs parish, please take those point off him
Stu7: Boak anchor at it again
BigGryan: boak pls lift
original: CD cmon get the free against parish
LuvIt74: Drew doin a good job on Zerrett
Mcswains: Boak and Merrett ending my year. Thanks lads
Stu7: Same here Mcswains they both needed to go big
MrWalrus: Butters, I reckon you’re giving me no choice but to role the dice on you again next season
Hadouken: come on merrett you useless spud !
original: Still waiting on that down the field free vs parish. I need every point here
original: Free against
BigGryan: eed boak and butters to combine for 210 to win, looks like finals is over for me
Hadouken: hmm, i require zerrett to get to 90 for the win. interesting.
Yelse: ok merret need 84 more points to win 1 game and 53 to win another
Yelse: merret we need one of your special quarters
BurtCocain: funny, i require zerrett to disappear for the rest of the game
Hadouken: 5 goals merrett, just to be sure
Yelse: merret ffs someone knock drew out
navy_blues: stay on pine merrett plz
Catatafish: Need Wines and Merrett under 218 combined. Keep it up Drew
LuvIt74: oh good i won my leighs and held of usin my last trade
original: 108 + bitters vs boak + parishx2
BigGryan: boak cost me finals :((
Hadouken: come onnnnnnn zerrett, 17 more
navy_blues: time for bench merrett
navy_blues: good boy
navy_blues: rest up for next week
frenzy: get a kick Houstless
Social: You’ve stuffed my SC season Merrett, you and your pants friend Sam Walsh
frenzy: bout time
MrWalrus: Woo! First time over 2300 this year in fantasy, been a shocker too but different reasons
Raspel31: Earth to Houston- haven’t broken 2500 for a while- good lad.
LuvIt74: Navy_blues – do you think you’ll beat the pies next week? If dogs win then I hope not.
navy_blues: if we play like last night maybe if we play our usual 2 out of 4 qtrs i doubt it luvit
MrWalrus: Navy, so long as your lot makes us play pies first week I’ll be happy, reckon we have them covered at home 😉
Raspel31: I’ll be rooting Blues- ah- that was sad.
Hadouken: man up aholes
Hadouken: cheers merrett. useless. night all, goodluck in finals. salty
LuvIt74: @Catatafish close but u are safe
MrWalrus: Somehow I’ll limp into best of the rest GF in FF2, basically been 1 short since byes
Catatafish: Bugger me very close
Raspel31: 2522 and ran out of trades a month ago- whoopee.
Jukes82: cool story bro

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