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Chat log from R22 of 2022: Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R22 of 2022

bhg26: Not a great kick lloydy
original: Let?s go crisp
Pavs: Desperate trade. traded out Heeney for Parker. Go Parker
original: Goal for crisp is not to go to the bench early
navy_blues: so peaceful in here no dribble lol
bhg26: That?s like me on the left heen come on
Dredd: lol
ajconodie: Early days @Navy_Blues
The Ogre: Too late
ajconodie: Our risk game through the middle won’t work at the SCG
Dredd: and brisbane fans dont want buddy.. smh.. smart decision
PAFC4eva: you mean no walrus or richmond in general navy ha ha
Social: garn heinie
PAFC4eva: you picked it bhg genius
Gelly: that was htb on paddlebum
bhg26: Wasn?t expecting a rampe goal
navy_blues: pafc wink!
Dredd: glad swans play saints next week.. Sinclair to get tagged with everyone having him.. lovely
Raspel31: My opp got Nick Daicos- nice tagging Swannies.
bhg26: I know pafc
Dredd: Why did gini torp that with 2 players by themselves.. bit silly
bhg26: Been 2 years and still there is 6 6 6 warnings
bhg26: Hayward is an unbelievable mark
ajconodie: @bhg26 – Probably the best mark for his size in the game. Very underrated.
bhg26: His forward pressure is unreal too aj
navy_blues: pops up with a goal regularly too bhg
ajconodie: You’re not wrong!!
Raspel31: Golly- poor N Daicos- 1st time copping a tag. That’ll learn him.
navy_blues: posts keeping coll in game atm lol
bhg26: Skills haven?t been that great to start off with
bhg26: The SCG is a shocking ground for tv, 3 quarters of the ground is shadow
bhg26: What was that for? It wasn?t a mark and it wasn?t a free
bhg26: Ball don?t lie
original: Lift crisp
bhg26: Not quite reid
bhg26: Come on I can?t be the only one commenting here, where is everybody?
thommoae: Blimey – it’s the bhg show!
Yelse: they gotta be kidding themselves anyone who says we don’t need grundy we haven’t got the ball out of centre since R5
bhg26: You?re smashing us in centre clearances yelse
bhg26: I?m trying to comment as much as the tigers fans combined. Make it look like the swans are flooding the chat thommoae
original: Need 90+ crisp
Social: You might want to send Clarke to Crisp horse
bhg26: Chad too strong
thommoae: I think you’re succeeding, bhg. Fine solo effort.
Raspel31: Perhaps an investment in ground lights would be a bonus.
Social: Paddy’s sitting on big Cox hehe
MrWalrus: Hehe, big Cox
bhg26: Should have another 3 or 4 goals
Stu7: Social ouch!!!
bhg26: The in the back rule is still stupid
MrWalrus: Pies are just no match are they
bhg26: Sidebottom nearly kicked Reid?s head off and still not in danger
ajconodie: Our greatest strength is moving it through the middle. That isn’t going to happen today.
bhg26: And there it is. Good on you ginnivan you fucking cheat
ajconodie: Finally legitematley high.
bhg26: Okay that?s a free but he still is raising the arm
NickyD: lol @bhg. High immediately. Mac needs to go lower
bhg26: Bit faster than you nickyD
original: Get the FLOWER involved crisp
ajconodie: Yeah he needs to stop raising his arm.
MrWalrus: All good there, next one though is the one to watch
bhg26: Home ground advantage my alps lol, aren?t you supposed to get more frees at home and when you are winning?
bhg26: That has to be ball
MrWalrus: Not in my experience bhg, especially v pies
bhg26: Well that?s different walrus, when nank is playing you aren?t winning many free kick counts
MrWalrus: Of course what would I know? Always complain about the umps I do pies probably robbed
ajconodie: I haven’t seen our players so fumbly for a while.
bhg26: Yeah that?s Nick daicos BT
bhg26: One day we will kick straight
MrWalrus: Naicos not going so well being manned up for the first time this season
ajconodie: MrWalrus – You keep believing he hasn’t been manned up.
MrWalrus: He’s been a loose half back all season, been good at it too but rarely given oppo attention
bhg26: Collingwood players never really fill up the stat sheet do they? Except for n daicos
MrWalrus: More mid time more recently with accountability but now actually getting manned up
MrWalrus: Unsurprising given the coach bhg, classic Richmond style
bhg26: Ginni out
bhg26: We never get the good bounce
navy_blues: lol
bhg26: With the amount of music played at the scg deaf people would confuse this with a big bash game
Yelse: this is the first game i haven’t seen the pies got through the centre always going wide
Yelse: finally down the middle ffs
bhg26: I mean blind lmao
MrWalrus: McCartin would have to be close to AA 40 this year, playing like a #1 pick
bhg26: Ruined the joke there
bhg26: Johnson should have been polaxed there
original: You?re a fraud crisp
bhg26: Again with the bounce
original: Crisp probably about to go back to the bench too
LuvIt74: This years ladder is so tight. Swans go from 6th to 2nd unreal
Yelse: and thats not a free HTB
bhg26: Yeah nah probably yelse
Grimes Jr: Pies average. Will finish 6th
bhg26: Ump was about to pay it too yelse
LuvIt74: I hope Pies win against Carlton next week and Dogs smash hawks to make thee 8
bhg26: Logan is a lot quicker than I thought
Yelse: we don’t have a midfield left
bhg26: Oh my fucking god! What was that for!
original: Crisp cmon man fffffssssss
bhg26: Have to kick those
Pies20: Higher than you grimes 🤣
original: Just watched for 10mins. Crisp just going thru coasting motions. Moving but not sprinting. Does not want it
bhg26: What! That is absolutely disgusting!
RuffLeader: That is the most disgusting call I’ve seen in the AFL this year. It’s just flat out WRONG
navy_blues: ump got that wrong for sure bhg
Cr1cketeer: You can see where the ump’s coming from, but that’s just wrong
MrWalrus: Swans really should have had this about sealed already, inaccuracy is a killer
bhg26: And that has turned the game good on you you fucking cheating fuckwits
bhg26: Bloody oath walrus
original: Get to 80+ crisp you faker
bhg26: Moore just ran 25 metres there
bhg26: Does brad Johnson ever get tired of smiling?
bhg26: Buddy has been awful
bhg26: Howe marks everything but drops that?
Social: Paddy’s been sitting big Cox all day
bhg26: Bang!
bhg26: Lord Voldemort has come onto the ground
MrWalrus: Umm, I could play as awful as Buddy
MrWalrus: *I wish
bhg26: Last two touches by him have been dreadful. And has not looked like taking a mark
bhg26: Crept up like a librarian!
bhg26: There have been 4 times at least where they haven?t called run to far!
bhg26: Awesome by Heeney!
Jukes82: chips with 8 tack;es whata joke lol
MrWalrus: Feels like the pies are being belted by more than 5 goals
Amare: All duck, no dinner
The Ogre: C’mon Heeney. It’s junk time buddy!
Bluebagg11: N Daicos wall
bhg26: Florent has been awesome this quarter
Dredd: Just need blues and saints to win next week now
bhg26: JPK going straight to the coaching staff
Pies20: Bluebag 18touches wall haha
bhg26: Never thought we would be in second

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