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Chat log from R22 of 2022: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R22 of 2022

Pavs: Afternoon all. I would appreciate Bolton,Short & scrimshaw to have the day off and let Sicily roam free.
Raspel31: Getting nervous- next 2 games pivotal to hanging on. And have a shocker Sicily.
Pavs: Good luck Raspel but have to disagree about Sicily
Raspel31: Fair nuff Pavs- you still in the game?
Pavs: Yep struggling this week mate
bhg26: Boo short boo
original: Let?s go titch. 90+ pal
Raspel31: Good luck Pavs- I have a slight edge but looong way to go.
Raspel31: Tag Sicily- pleez?
original: Get on nanky boy
original: Nank where are you?
TheLegend6: Rioli is tempting for next season if priced around 400k
Raspel31: We need you Nanks!!!
navy_blues: shoulda been a block on riewoldt
Yelse: Lnch is the most important player for tigers by a long way
TheLegend6: made up for the trip they missed a minute earlier navy
navy_blues: opposition dont play lynch very smart they gotta rough him up get his mind of the game then he loses the plot
MrWalrus: Lynch will be scary good over the next few years, only really entering KPP prime
navy_blues: off
MrWalrus: Disagree Navy, firing him up is a bad idea for opposition, you want him disinterested
navy_blues: nope he plays dirty then gives away frees
TheLegend6: Titch lots of time on the pine
MrWalrus: Sure he does, I really love MJs work, best pressure fwd in the comp
don key: think presty is underrated
MrWalrus: Not by the club, he plays we pretty much win
original: Get titch off the bench. <60% ggf genuinely
MrWalrus: Umps just swallowed the whistle today
Pavs: I do not condone violence but please someone take out Scrimshaw
bhg26: How are you feeling about Sicily now raspel?
Dredd: Nothing is more certain in life than Walrus complaining about umpiring at least once..
MrWalrus: Ummm, what? Goal ump called behind, review inconclusive, throw in…
bhg26: Death, taxes and Walrus complaining about umps dredd
Raspel31: Sicily looks tired- bench him pleez?
TheLegend6: Goal umpire called no score @Walrus
Dredd: facts right there bhg
MrWalrus: Well 4 frees total in a quarter and a half is crazy low
original: Titch bench time is insulting
navy_blues: another free = another goal
TheLegend6: Made no difference navy
MrWalrus: Commentator said he called a behind, makes sense then
Jukes82: great umpiring
Jukes82: was a goal anyway without a free lol
MrWalrus: Lol, free was there, didn’t matter
Yelse: when you get rid of short this week for luke ryan and he nearly reached hs score already
original: Flower off short
MrWalrus: Death, taxes & salty trolls when Richmond play, now there’s your sure thing
navy_blues: jeka no free prestia shoulda been htb
navy_blues: your the biggest troll here walrus
Dredd: salty trolls… lmfao this guy
TheLegend6: Walrus a lot of your comments here are poor tbf
Yelse: geez this guy cumberland is a great kick
original: Bench is killing nank
original: 2x lowest game time players in my draft side ffs nank titch
navy_blues: cumberland very good prospecct for sure
original: Sicily where you gone man
bhg26: Relax walrus we?re all having fun here, except you
MrWalrus: Cumberland will replace Jack going fwd
Jukes82: or really, also water is wet
navy_blues: lol jukes
MrWalrus: I’m having fun
bhg26: Good to hear then
TheLegend6: Lynch 200 watch
Yelse: f u short done nothing last few weeks get rid of you and this is what i get all opponents still have you
circle52: @Yelse mostly because we ran out of trades. If I had trades he would have gone.
MrWalrus: Sonsie is impressive, has he had a rising star nom yet?
bhg26: he hasnt yet walrus
Raspel31: No- you’re not having fun MrWalrus- tooth ache?
MrWalrus: Tooth aches are a potentially serious issue for us Walruses
MrWalrus: Can Cotch?
MrWalrus: OMG, Cotch can
original: Sub players get more time than titch
PAFC4eva: bhg whos clarke likely to tag next game need help
bhg26: Maybe Nick Daicos? Cant really think of any other player he would tag
original: Cmon nank you crab
PAFC4eva: cheers mate wont put him in multi
MrWalrus: Hows the pass from MJ
Yelse: de goey out for pies ffs
Dredd: Pies to finally lose… De Goey late out
Catatafish: Second half has started Jayden
Searly34: Give DGB the hat m0nty
original: Cmon nank
Dredd: Maurice has done this a few times this year.. flat track type.. he will sleep week 1 of finals
MrWalrus: I reckon there’s a few teams worried about finishing 6th
MrWalrus: MJ just getting reward for the effort he puts in every week, opposite of flat track
navy_blues: lol they have no opposition today lmao
Dredd: Pies or Dees would be worried if finishing 6th.. your out week 1 if you have to travel to optus, scg or gabba..
navy_blues: if norf can beat richmond….
Dredd: but dont lose to the bombers next week walrus.. 7th isnt locked for you yet
MrWalrus: We travel ok but agree Dredd, MCG is our ground
Dredd: LOL navy hahahahahahaha.. Tigs away from the G are poo
TheLegend6: Thought the Blues had already won the flag?
MrWalrus: Also true Dredd
Gelly: we won a premiership on your home track dredd
MrWalrus: Really Dredd, I recall a home final you guys lost to us
Dredd: Youll be cheering us on hard next week to beat the dees to push them to 6th.. would laugh to see the dees out week 1
Dredd: didnt play us on that track in the gf, did you? and dont forget you lost to us in the QF
Dredd: first final for 10 years and for a lot of the group.. quick to forget your 3 straight EF losses walrus?
MrWalrus: Dredd, what are you talking about lol
Dredd: MrWalrus: Really Dredd, I recall a home final you guys lost to us
Dredd: i know you speak a lot of rubbish but surely you are not that stupid to not realising what i was replying too..
MrWalrus: What does 3 straight EF losses maybe one time have to do with us beating you in the Gabba granny?
Gelly: i think brisbane would be the easiest match for richmond first week in the finals
Dredd: omfg warlus.. read your comment.. you said you beat us in a home final.. which was our first final for 10 years..
MrWalrus: Oh wait you didn’t make it, we play well away is the point
Dredd: then i mentioned the first time you got back into the finals after years and that you lost 3 straight EFs..
Dredd: everyone knows how much finals experience helps against inexperienced finals teams
MrWalrus: Winning at the G doesn’t mean we don’t win away from home too
MrWalrus: One to Carlton who finished 9th, I try and repress that
Dredd: You werent thinking that at HT 2 weeks ago Gelly and that was with one of our most important defenders out..
Dredd: Every single person who knows AFL knows that Richmond away from the G is a much different Richmond compared to at the G
Gelly: nope, but im saying it now
Dredd: hahahaha equal best home record this year.. but hey, easiest match for richmond first week in the finals.. sure
Gelly: its just an observation, dont take it personal
Dredd: stupid observation tbh.. dees and pies would be easier for the reason of it being at the G..
TheLegend6: Need Baker to grind out 6 more touches for the multi
Gelly: thats subjective
MrWalrus: Honestly if I could choose I’d go with playing Collingwood weakest of the 8 with blues imo
original: Strong finish nank
original: Flower off short ffs
original: Sicily cmon man. Get on titch
MrWalrus: Is that a massive mole on serong’s cheek
amigaman: Thanks for moving Sicily to FB hawks you twats
MrWalrus: This quarter hawks have done a good job stopping Lynch we look for him every time
TheLegend6: Lynch been on the bench the whole quarter Walrus
MrWalrus: No he hasn’t and when he was on we
MrWalrus: Went him every time
Jukes82: not even possible when he on 91% tog lmao
TheLegend6: Sorry – he spent half the quarter on the bench
MrWalrus: Still not possible

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