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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs Melbourne, R23 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
bigpens: Get on the ground Brodie
Pavs: Evening all. Grand final time.
Pavs: Is it a simple Olli VC Laird C? Thoughts
Yelse: gawn/ollie VC into touk. dunno which demon
Yelse: whats everyone thinking
Yelse: whats the weather up there at the gabba
circle52: Nice night for footy at the Gabba. Go lions
Pavs: Weather fine. Thinking Touk will get tagged
frenzy: Laird into Mills
hinsch: big pen wrong game but yep what is Brodies TOG
hinsch: Oliver to Touk is the way to go
Pavs: LIke that Frenzy. Congrats on the new coach
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies
zadolinnyj: Got the multi On Yelse
frenzy: thanks Pavs, bout time we landed one
Raspel31: Was heading out but finally smitten by covid- worse fates- weekend of footy. Good luck to all still in there.
Yelse: Multi is on @zadolinnyj if its getting close in 4th will let you know
zadolinnyj: I want a draw mate
Catatafish: Not a North game, but cheers Adams for dropping Hall and screwing me.
zadolinnyj: Fanfooty 1 has Moe deLawn vs Toumba FC. Either here
zadolinnyj: Fanfooty 2 has Walsh 18DRSC vs Buster gonad. Either here
Ash777: got Touk to Cripps
Grimes Jr: cmon brisbane not this rubbish again
navy_blues: go dees had to take them @ $2 double the money
Ash777: oh god bt never say stroking and letting it all hang out together again
Yelse: need gawn to beat trac in this game GF and Ollie VC
Raspel31: Oliver to Touk Ash.
DrSeuss: Good to see the Lions have learnt to help Neale deal with the tag
Raspel31: Absolutely DrSeuss- a fagile target.
Yelse: who is HArmes tagging
Ash777: totally smashed face
navy_blues: rayner report
zadolinnyj: e did not mean to smash his face obviously
The Ogre: Lions lost the plot here in trying to be physical
navy_blues: writing is on the wall already
circle52: Charlie gets tackled arondd the head no frer
original: was seconds away from emergencying gawn
Yelse: what gawn doing ffs
MrWalrus: Belt the hell out of each other, may be playing one of you in a couple of weeks
MrWalrus: Also, awful umpiring tonight, pay some HTB, there’s plenty there, obvious ones.
Hazza09: Trac should be on more
Pavs: Nice Trac my pod in this game 4x that score would do
Ash777: Rayner will miss the first game of the finals no doubt
Catatafish: Gawn contesting just no dice. Oliver dropping an uncontested turnover mark doesn’t help
Ash777: Imagine gawn next year together with grundy.
MrWalrus: Agree Ash, a bit unlucky, off the pitch would probably have been fine
Hazza09: Cmon Trac need a massive game
LuvIt74: is gawn in defence?
MrWalrus: That’s holding the ball! Pay it ump!
navy_blues: berrys ankle a balloon
LuvIt74: pickett bloody hell on fire after kicking that great goal last week… Confidence is everything…
DrSeuss: Not sure how we go with Hipwood and no McStay next year. Hipwood really needs to start impacting games
Catatafish: If Gawn could do something that’d be just swell
Raspel31: Hmm, had Gawn once.
MrWalrus: Well you also have this daniher bloke Seuss, might pay to go smaller
Yelse: this Gawn experiment fwd gotta stop
Catatafish: Gawn seem to be the days of relying on Maxy Raspel
navy_blues: i dont know why they keep selecting dripwood
Ash777: Gawn is done as a full-time ruck.
Dredd: We are the new st Kilda? this team sucks
MrWalrus: I think people forget Hipwood is only 24yo, 2m KPPs can take a while
beerent11: Yeah have a look at gawns last four scores ya fucken wombats.
navy_blues: true walrus but can u see him improving?
navy_blues: i see more potential in cumberland
Hazza09: Get involved Trac
Dredd: He was till his ACL navy.. hasnt been the same since
DrSeuss: Hipwood is young – but seems a long way from impacting games
frenzy: beer comes in swinging, Lol. evening
Catatafish: I meant the old days of 100 guaranteed. Still early, he’s done it before. Not passed it yet by any stretch.
original: gawn costing any of you in the GF too? thanks max ffs
Pavs: What have you done to him Hazza09
beerent11: Evening frenzy. Bring on the clarko era brother.
Yelse: Gawn will prob cost me my GF ben though this is 1st game only 5 POD
bigpens: Lift McCarthy
Yelse: Gawn still time 40 by HT can ton up
Catatafish: If continues he’s done me in, original
thommoae: Possible that Max may have helped bring you this far, hm?
navy_blues: game over
Yelse: geez melb are getting lucky bounces
Hazza09: Goal Pav lol
frenzy: yep hope he can coach
beerent11: He got me into my draft gf thommoae.
Pavs: Thats better Hazza.
beerent11: We?ll find out
Dredd: Sack Fagan?
Ash777: bring out the witches hats!
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
Yelse: gawn in the ruck making a move
navy_blues: gawn lifting
beerent11: Max warming up. Some words will be eaten by games end I feel.
Catatafish: I just wanted to make a “Gawn” pun.
Torz: Hipwood is bad
Hazza09: Kick it Trac
Ash777: lol the crowd is just watching a train wreck
Manowar: Fagan get up in the box and starting coaching you damn fool
Gotigres: Nice camera work on Neal-Bullen
MrWalrus: This is brutal
Gelly: what an embarrassing showing by brisbane
Yelse: shocking by the lions have they checked in to finals already scared to get injured
bigpens: Game is done, have a rest Max
Social: I used to think Hipwood had potential
bhg26: Wow this is worst case scenario for us. Just needed a close margin
Manowar: whoever gets to play Brisbane in the elimination final will be getting a free pass to the qualifying final
bc__: Brisbane are pathetic. Failed every big test over 3 years
Catatafish: Still playing the Saints, bhg. All hope not lost.
Hazza09: What do you take from Oliver VC?
navy_blues: take hipwood off get mitch on least he will go at 100% effort
bhg26: They need to tank for the draft pick catatafish, pointless if they win lmao
Catatafish: Hipwood coming back from ACL as a young tall bloke. Give him a break and judge next year.
kano: Brisbane garbage. Pretenders.
Catatafish: Yeah it is, won’t stop Ratten tagging half your team though. #strategist
bhg26: Hipwood having one of my typical games when I played
navy_blues: ok accept that cata but tonight he is getting thrashed and u have mitch robinson on bench? no brainer 4 me
royboy16: can you take off Hipwood, Danaher, Lyons, McCarthy, Matheson….
Ash777: If McStay leaves Lions are going to struggle to make the 8.
bhg26: McStay is not that good ash
beerent11: Pumpkin soup
frenzy: isnt Buddy going to lions, Mcstay out to make room
Ash777: He’s better than the others they have
bhg26: Not by much ash, barely kicks a goal a game
Yelse: I am hearing the pies are getting misty for the backline
beerent11: Navy they can only bring robo on as an injury sub. Coaches would never cheat that rule.
bhg26: Would be stupid if he does frenzy
bhg26: Boys do I cash out for 3 cents?
navy_blues: lol beer ive seen players subbed off this year with “injury” and fine next week
navy_blues: and if u dont think that happens beer your kidding yourself
bhg26: Theyre subbing players off for cramps now navy
Gelly: Melbourne have more to play for now, they need to avoid coming 3rd on percentage, brisbane percentage irrelevant
thommoae: Er, this is beerent11, Navy; two dollops of sarcasm and a splash of irony methinks.
bhg26: beerent has never joked or been sarcastic before thommoae
navy_blues: yeah thommoe but its only conversation
Dredd: Too little too late rejects? Fagan needs to walk.. or we will become a joke of a club again..
beerent11: Or even facetious
bhg26: everything he has said has been with 100 percent sincerity
Dredd: What does Fagan become heroan?? Wtf
beerent11: I?ll take these all as compliments fellas.
thommoae: ‘Truths’, beer, ‘truths’.
beerent11: Nope. Definitely compliments.
Pavs: Hazza have a chat to Trac please.
LuvIt74: @Dredd To late i think mate
Raspel31: Whoops.
beerent11: What?s tonight?s punt bhg?
bhg26: Bunch of disposals and goals beer. Already gone according to Sportsbet
navy_blues: zorko in all the push n shove lol
bhg26: But its never over until the siren sounds
beerent11: Who and how many?
Yelse: will gawn get the ton ffs
LuvIt74: oh this is more than over this game is cooked
Hazza09: He?s playing to fwd tonight Pav
Yelse: brisbane might 6th the way its going
beerent11: This is my first week all year with 22 premos on field in classic.
bhg26: Bailey needs a goal, rayner and starcevich for 15, lyons and gawn need 20, trac, viney and mccluggage need 25
Hazza09: There you go Pav, I had the chat hahaha
bhg26: I can currently cash out for $0.00
Social: Are Melbourne back or are Brisbane scared little girly men?
Pavs: Petracca!!!
Yelse: so comes down to cameron one goal and viney 20 to win multi getting dicey
beerent11: Yeah you may be in trouble there bhg
bhg26: Little bit of column A and a little bit of column B social
bhg26: I picked the right players beer, they just arent performing up to standard
Yelse: goodwin you tool gawn needs to be in ruck cost me my final i reckon
beerent11: Yeah the Brizzy boys are all a bit down. Viney a bit quiet too
beerent11: They?ll hide him now yelse. Save him for finals.
bhg26: I just went the players averages and i could have won $775. too bad they all suck
LuvIt74: why cant u select live on the AFL ladder site?
hinsch: If Max can keep under 70 i can loose all seven of my leagues
Yelse: jackson ruck the whole quarter wtf
dipstick: @hinsch oooo, tha would be sweet if maxy went under 70
Raspel31: Close call but picking Demons to pull this off.
beerent11: Dees just timing their run to perfection I reckon
bhg26: Jesus raspel, ballsy
beerent11: Great team goal
Social: they’re looking ripe beer
beerent11: Maxy is on track for a ton at half time?? oh
LuvIt74: dunno why they dont put Jordon on and remo either one of Gawn, tracc or Oliver
LuvIt74: and continue rotating these guys on the bench let them rest even though i have them
circle52: Dees goal kicking accuracy as well Can not miss
beerent11: It?s not half time is it.
Yelse: So last quarter need a cameron goal and 7 disposals to viney any chance
Raspel31: I think Gawn has had a simply splendid game so far- as I don’t have him.
Pavs: Normally an optimistic person Yelse but um No Chance soz
dipstick: @yelse fat fucken chance. its not much but its something
navy_blues: jackson leaves might get gawn next year if jackson stays wont e en lookat gawn
Yelse: Thinking i should cash out with money back ffs
navy_blues: even
beerent11: Reckon Charlie might get a junktime goal. Viney might be the issue
royboy16: what is the controversy causing the heads to come together – Danny Daly and
beerent11: Game on!
Social: que?
Hazza09: Go back and kick it Trac ffs
Social: Rasp, Hazza do you want Hird back?
navy_blues: thats why i dont like charlie to selfish with the ball
Catatafish: I think some different words might be eaten tonight, beerent
Manowar: Rayner going on annual leave early?
Hazza09: No Social, stick with Truck give him 5 more years lol
LuvIt74: Can someone try the AFL ladder site and let me know if you can select live as id love to know Dee’s %
Social: Yep, thought he handled himself really well today Hazza
dipstick: does anyone think the Blues will make the finals?
LuvIt74: Now Gawn will ton up
Yelse: see goodwin you play jackson all day in ruck this is what you get
LuvIt74: @dipstick i hope not only if bulldogs win but if dogs lose then hope so
frenzy: yep dipstik, but out first week
Manowar: don’t be a dipstick! not only will Carlton make the finals, Carlton will be 2022 premiers
navy_blues: lol
beerent11: You may be right catatafish
Pavs: Dont stop TRac
Social: Dees are three point four points ahead on percentage now
beerent11: The afl website is a shit show
Raspel31: Nice work Clarry but is it quite enough? Touk or Mills- the final decision.
beerent11: Touk all day rasp
Raspel31: Leaning that way beer.
Hazza09: Is 115 enough?
dipstick: i dont think Mills has ever tonned against the saints
Social: touk touk go bang bang
Raspel31: He hasn’t dipstick so Touk it is.
Hazza09: Touk could go huge tomorrow
Raspel31: By the way dipstick- rooting for you guys.
Hazza09: Not enough Trac

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