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Chat log from R23 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R23 of 2022

frenzy: chaps
m0nty: congrats on the new coach frenzy
frenzy: pretty cool hey, could be a major turning point for us
Pavs: Frenzy m0nty hi all. cogs go big Brayshaw go low
Pavs: Four coaches in five years Frenzy please give this one a chance
Dredd: Only if my club had the balls to make decisions that would lead to turning points.. rubbish coach and captain 🙁
Pavs: Horrible thing said Dredd. feel bad for you
Dredd: Horrific on field performers in big games for 3rd year running.. its becoming a joke.. then Zorko saying what he did..
Dredd: our club is a joke at the moment for the players we had.. severely underperforming.. fagan wont take us further
Dredd: fages*
Hazza09: Is Darcy playing full forward? Ffs
PAFC4eva: know how you feel dreed stuck with funkley for another year
pjw1234: No Lobb no logue so Darcy will play a bit forward
Ash777: Will happen next year too with jackson there
bigpens: Get on the ground Brodie
Pavs: On the ground Cogs
Catatafish: What’s with Brodie’s TOG?
NewFreoFan: yeah no lobb, taberner, amiss, treacey, logue. Our forward line is stuffed
frenzy: who gets to drive the Ferrari next year
Ash777: need brodie n brayshaw to lift
original: Cogs was single digits sc on that first qtr until the last 5 or so mins ffs
Ash777: carlton need dons to win so they dont get pies 2 weeks in a row if they win.
Ash777: 2 games even
Catatafish: Quarter has started Brayshaw
BigChief: @Ash play Coll who they just beat or travel to either Perth or Brisbane? I know who Carlton would rather play.
Dredd: glad i put brayshaw emg.. feared this would happen
NewFreoFan: If we can lift we can still take it to the orange team, might have given them too far a start
Ash777: yeah nvm.
Pavs: Is Cogs at the ground or has he gone home?
Hazza09: I was so close to trading Brayshaw to Parish, should have done it
m0nty: why is Brodie on so much, get him off
bhg26: damnit m0nty
hinsch: You spent 20 weeks trying to get a full premo team in SC, think the premos satyed home this week.
Yelse: brodie for Gawn great trade for me NOT
Catatafish: Monster quarter there Brayspud
DrSeuss: Agreed Hinsch – Gawn, Andy Bradshaw, Touk – ?premiums? – ffs
Pavs: Bruise free footy from Cogs. Scared of the ball and opposition players. touch something
RuffLeader: Umpire pays free, doesn’t signal which way, pays fifty
Ash777: cogs probably just want to get through the game
NewFreoFan: Strange game where Pearce is kicking clutch goals
Pavs: A close game though Ash surely pride comes in somewhere
RuffLeader: CD just gave that clanger 50 to Himmelberg instead of Aleer
bhg26: Damnit orange team
NewFreoFan: oh God Fyfe kicking for goal for the lead, could go anywhere
bc__: Lift shrek
navy_blues: need freo to win by 13 at least
Pavs: A lot of the very elite players struggle around goals. Not sure why.
pcaman2003: 24 min 2nd qtr Kelly on 55 pts. Now 25 min 3rd qtr Kelly on 55 pts. So, so lazy like last week.
Pavs: pcaman they have definetly checked out
Pavs: Worst part is its the senior group that have given up
DrSeuss: Cogs, Brayshaw and Himmelberg. What a round. Brodie still the shining light of the season
Dredd: They can give up once they have beaten Freo today.. we need to avoid the tigs week 1
Dredd: If Brayshaw gets 90 or less, do I stick or go Naicos? both uniques
pcaman2003: You’re right Pavs.Kelly need to set the example, but not doing so. He’s become sloppy and lazy.
Ash777: who do lions fans rather face in finals?
NewFreoFan: Mundy and goals after sirens. Two great tastes that taste great together
Dredd: only 3 options really.. cats if we survive the 4, blues if we finish 5th and tigs if 6th.. prob blues at the Gabba again
NewFreoFan: What about if Dogs jump the Blues?
Ash777: You also got a chance to face dogs
Dredd: yeah forgot about that option.. freo lose here but pies and dogs win.. wouldnt want to face dogs or tigs tbh..
Ash777: These umps suck
Dredd: looks like 5th or 6th for us now.. giants gave us hope for a bit.. praying the blues can get up tomorrow now
Pavs: Brayshaw 5 min burst putting my GF in a little bit of doubt. Stop now
Dredd: GWS doing their best to make our weekend feel slightly better
Ash777: self inflicted head high lol
Dredd: what a kick from Hogan
navy_blues: freo stopped now
Dredd: how do you miss that..
Dredd: can we trade Andrews for Sam Taylor.. bloke is an actual gun
DrSeuss: Himmelberg and Cogs – get a touch?
Hazza09: Meek has ruined Darcy today
Pavs: Gee thats poor from Cogs
NewFreoFan: Meek needs to become our Clark Keating, September specialist ruckman
Dredd: ward was tempted to run the whole field there.. what are freo doing..
pcaman2003: Kelly has turned into a spud lately. He is no longer elite..
DrSeuss: Brayshaw getting tagged? Playing forward?
Dredd: full time?
Ash777: this is excruciating
Tangent: Sam Taylor man… This match confirmed his AA appearance.
pcaman2003: Don’t think he’s tagged Seuss. He’s had a huge rebound 2nd half.
m0nty: Brayshaw has been playing HF a bit, yes
Dredd: fuck a draw would do
Dredd: welp.. thanks for the hope gws.. our own fault but some luck would have been nice.. only gotta suffer 1 loss tho
pcaman2003: Taylor showing great signs for a SC future.
Dredd: omfg ash.. what tf was the arm flick thing.. shocking player..
Pavs: Blow the siren going backwards here
Ash777: Taylor playing against no forwards.
DrSeuss: Cheers Monty
Manowar: u can thank Fagan & Zorko for Brisbane’s failures!
Dredd: glad fages name comes up strange for other people.. what is this heroan crap..
original: Needed Kelly and cogs to get 1 touch each and they were NOWHERE ffs
Pavs: Thats embarrasing GWS huge problems there
Tangent: Same… Had Cogs for 20 ruined the whole multi
pcaman2003: Kelly 2 weeks in a row with less than 30 SC pts second half. Very ordinary effort.
DrSeuss: Seriously – how hard is it to realise Himmelberg is useless when moved forward. Do it every week – same results weekly

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