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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R21 of 2022

thesilentl: 11 in a row
frenzy: howdy
TheFlagger: perryman straight to zerrett fuck yes
bhg26: Okay silent
Jukes82: yes conigs great start lad
amigaman: Hahaha Preuss 14 for 1 HO
bhg26: Gee Callum Brown stiff to get dropped after having 2 touches last game
Social: Heimie Himmelberg!
Social: Righto Zerrett, let er rip
DrSeuss: Ahh Preuss – on the bench too long then giving away frees
TheFlagger: makes no sense why other teams havent tagged zerrrett. hes always been susceptible to tags
Yelse: is merrett getting tagged?
TheFlagger: yes by perryman
Yelse: how many ppl got rid of cogs?
Stu7: Not I Yelsie
MrWalrus: No way, cogs is ensconced, also couldn’t if I wanted to
Stu7: Nice work Zerret stay low brother
Stu7: If someone has 2 fwd?s on the bench as emergency they get the lowest score of the 2 correct?
MrWalrus: Time for Green to stop I reckon, not sad using my last trade on him, was ok but frustrating
Yelse: cmon merret do a special quarter like last week
Crippa9: Yes Stu7
Stu7: Cheers Cripps
Stu7: Crippa that is
Stu7: No Zerret no Essendon maybe?
pcaman2003: Get some more CP’s Kelly and get that score up more.
Hazza09: Kayo saying Cogs ankle is no good
pcaman2003: Cogs not bothering me as all finalists in my league have him. Have Burgoyne and Owens backup
DrSeuss: Preuss – FFS – need to stop training with Mumford.
Jukes82: lol ppl still have preuss hilarious
SwaggyP: Parish the handball king
Stu7: Perlman keep on Zerret
pharace: Zerret on track for 172AF again?
Yelse: looks like cogs has trouble changing directions
pcaman2003: Perryman giving Zerrett a real bath.
Yelse: maybes oce upon a time used to be a good SC player
Stu7: Loving it pca
Stu7: Zerret s lowest half time score ever
pharace: Same as last week isn’t it @Stu7
pharace: AF at least….. so on track for 172
pcaman2003: Stu7. I or others in my league don’t have him so don’t care either way.Just want Kelly massive.
Stu7: Neale or Andrew Brayshaw as C?
Stu7: What do you suggest Monty?
Stu7: Come on gents. I need 3 peoples opinion – Neale or Andrew Brayshaw as C?
ado88: Neale, Carlton don?t tag
Crippa9: Neale but you shouldve VC’d Oliver last night like I did
SwaggyP: Neale is a 170+ lock
Stu7: Thanks heaps Swaggy, Nipple Crippa and ado
Stu7: Crippa sold Ollie when he got injured
beerent11: Damn, got perryman on the pine in draft
bc__: Merret clanger? -3 ??
pcaman2003: Stu7. With Hewett and Kennedy both out, Neil might get a fair crack at it. He’s now my C.
Stu7: Cheers pca appreciate that advice – Neale it is
Grimes Jr: Laird over Neale
pcaman2003: Off the pine Kelly. You’ve added no points this qtr yet.
DrSeuss: Do something Himmelberg
beerent11: Neale is just a safe 110-130
pcaman2003: beerent. Hoping today will be his for the taking. Fingers crossed.
bc__: Whitfield on pls
pcaman2003: 9 point qtr Kelly. Don’t be a spud and get moving.
Social: Doesnt look like this zerrett move is gunna pay off
Yelse: ohhh myyy merrett what have you done what have you done disgusting score
ausgooner: Merrett’s singlehandedly sunk my season
Yelse: how many ppl got sucked in with redman?
DrSeuss: Himmelberg – any time now champ. Go get some of that easy ball
pcaman2003: Stop screwing me over Kelly and off that bench
Yelse: lol whitfield held you for so long got jack from you and u now wake up
DrSeuss: Himmelberg – 15 minutes – not a touch. Stop being lazy ffs
pcaman2003: Yelse. Both him and Kelly on my never again list.
pcaman2003: Kelly not tagged was 66 half time and added 16pts since. Lazy Flower!
Yelse: yeah kelly was on my never list 2 years ago too injury prone, along with inconsistent heeney
pcaman2003: Yelse. Injury not his problem this year. He’s not contesting like he used to. Become very lazy at times.
Yelse: merrett lazy when tagged, crisp another one that stopped, short positions keep changing, weird year
pcaman2003: Yelse. Unfortunately some players don’t like playing 4 qtrs, maybe 1 or 2
feralmong: captain merret yikes. lucky got this week off.
pcaman2003: You’re a Sloth Kelly. Sorry to all Sloths for the comparison.

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