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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R21 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
DrSeuss: FFS – How is it that my players always attract the tag. Piss off Maginess. Go Touk & Titch
Grimes Jr: Touk will break the tag
DrSeuss: Hoping so Grimes – he has the VC
bhg26: Im going to start a petition to ban players from tagging other players. Touk owner btw
Hazza09: Hard tag on Touk ffs
Grimes Jr: Touk will be fine
DrSeuss: I will sign bhg.
Crippa9: touk was tagged at times last week
Social: Selamat pagi
Social: Greeting from the island of a thousand temples
bhg26: I dont miss doing indonesian in high school social
TheFlagger: hoping for a hard tag on zerrett. spike is almost as bad as leon cameron though so i bet he gives it a pass
Grimes Jr: I take back what I said. Touk will not be fine. Maginness such a hack
Social: Surely the Bintangs made up for it bhg?
DrSeuss: Come on Titch – kept you over Macrae – sitting on the bench isn?t helping
Hazza09: Finn hanging off Touk, ffs
pcaman2003: Lol! Tagging been around for decades. It used to be known as 1 on 1 accountable football.
DrSeuss: Main reason I hate taggers, Umps know what they are doing and let them get away with way too much – it?s BS
navy_blues: omg ump got it wrong there free goal to hawks
original: Awful umpiring then. Shocking against Collins
DrSeuss: Accountability is fine. Getting away with holding off the ball and playing man over ball – ruins the game
Grimes Jr: McGinness such an average footballer too
Jukes82: lol ppl sooking over a tag geez
pcaman2003: Seuss. That’s been around since I watched football back in the 60’s
thesilentl: Teams need to batter taggers in the contest, make them earn it all game
DrSeuss: I agree pca – but why does a ‘tagger’ get more leniency with rules than another player? That’s what I don’t appreciate
bhg26: New to the site jukes?
Social: Jehosephat Sharp!
amigaman: What a disappointment Rowell has become
pcaman2003: Seuss They’re just clever about it. I prefer old fashioned footy with accountability, not keepings off like the modern g
Stu7: Come on Sicily Witt?s
Jukes82: ha no bhg been a decade, but 95% of the chat is bitching tho lol
Social: Opted not to VC touk touk at the last minute
TheFlagger: vc oliver makes it easy
pcaman2003: Social. Who did you take instead?
bhg26: It really does flagger
TheFlagger: perryman has gone straight to zerrett in the other game lovely
Social: Went for Zerrett, had to go an early VC coz of limited loop options
Social: Satan would have been nice in hindsight
Stu7: Nice work Social
pcaman2003: Social. Hope it works out as I just read here he may be tagged. Good luck!
DrSeuss: Nowhere near Zerrett in the other game. Running free as usual.
Grimes Jr: Cmon Miller, witts
DrSeuss: Worst thing is no Suns trying to help Touk get rid of the tag.
original: Let?s go touky boy
Hazza09: Put a double padlock next too Touk, this is a brutal tag
pcaman2003: In hindsight, should’ve VC’d Oliie instead of Touk.
Grimes Jr: Someone knock maguinnes out
DrSeuss: Maginness holding at every stoppage, throws a fist at Ainsworth, falls in Millers back – play on. Watch the contest umps
Jukes82: lmao
bigpens: Were people expecting Touk not to get the tag today?
Hazza09: Same here pca, I had it on Clarry all week
Stu7: You must be bleeding Hazza
pcaman2003: Hazza. I didn’t VC him only because his past month had been uninspiring
Hazza09: Yeah I am Stu, will cost me all league games
Stu7: Come on Sicily
Stu7: If someone has 2 fwd�s on the bench as emergency they get the lowest score of the 2 correct?
pcaman2003: Correct Stu
DrSeuss: How TF am I playing someone with Hollands on field this week.
Stu7: Thanks pca – no idea why he did that – must have been an error!,
Stu7: Crying I chose Cumberland over Hollands 😩
Stu7: Go Sicilian
Dredd: Time to fly Miller
DrSeuss: Piss off Sicily – traded you out this week
Grimes Jr: Go touk
Stu7: Leave him Alone Dr lol
Hazza09: Someone needs to clean up Finn
Grimes Jr: Haha maginness such a flog
DrSeuss: I traded him out Stu – guarantee he goes massive
pcaman2003: Seuss. You traded out a 112pt ave. player who’s lowest score past month is 92? Lol! Taking the piss?
Stu7: It?s always the way Dr it happens to me when I bring them in – they go low
DrSeuss: Sorry pca – that was in AF – not SC.
Dredd: Was thinking that also pcaman.. whadaheck
Hazza09: As soon as Touk goes to the bench so does Finn, absolute flog
pcaman2003: Seuss. Phew! You had me worried about your sanity. I’m not familiar with AF. Cheers!
Grimes Jr: Witts touk get on the ground
DrSeuss: I am worried about my sanity as my opponent has Hollands on field this week – of course he has the game of his life
pcaman2003: Seuss. Any reason why Karma is following you around.
Hazza09: Finn even giving goal assists, absolute joke
Stu7: Always the way Dr
Stu7: -3 yes Touky boy
pcaman2003: Looks like Neale will now be my C.
original: Shh Stu
Dredd: And now he kicks another.. poor Seuss
DrSeuss: Haha pca – not sure – must have broken some mirrors this season – just lucky I guess
original: Tbh maginness is barely a footballer, you?re better than this touk
Jukes82: laird
DrSeuss: I have Touk – opponent has Hollands – I wasn’t expecting to go behind in points on that matchup
Stu7: Stop fvcking around Sicily
Dredd: Rankine looks like hes worth every bit of $900k.. good luck crows
Hazza09: Not good enough Touk
Stu7: Neale or Andrew Brayshaw as C?
Stu7: Lol Dredd
circle52: Who to bench to take Hollands score in AF – Butters or Brodie
Stu7: Butters Cirlce
pcaman2003: Maginness willl be the new Matt De Boer. Someone new for others to vent their vitriol.
Grimes Jr: Don?t think he?s anywhere near that good Pca
Stu7: Come on gents. I need 3 peoples opinion – Neale or Andrew Brayshaw as C?
circle52: Neale Blues do not tag
pcaman2003: Grimes. He’s still a young learner . Give him time before he gets really annoying. Lol!
Hazza09: Can?t stand Maguiness, hate the sight of him already
Stu7: Thanks Circle
Grimes Jr: Hahaha marines nice fumble spud
Hazza09: Geez Touk 28m gained all day, Finn has ruined him
pcaman2003: Just another 50 Touk and may keep you as VC.
pjw1234: should i take the lukosius cover for short?
Hazza09: Lol pca wishful thinking
pcaman2003: C’mon Hawks! Don’t drop your bundle now.
bhg26: Not often you see a bloke 30 metres on his own run too far
DrSeuss: Titch – would prefer if you didn’t take off the 4th qtr
Grimes Jr: Put the mare on impey
pcaman2003: Put the mare on the whole team. Have the wind advantage and spudding it.
circle52: Big recovery from Witts
original: Touk just another 20+ please. Kick the sealer
Hazza09: This really says something about Finn, avoid Hawks VC games at all costs
bhg26: rosas didnt even touch anyone lol
Jukes82: witts 52sc this quarter
Hazza09: Really poor Touk, just hasn?t worked hard enough to break the tag
Dredd: Laird v Eagles away or Neale v Blues home.. who to C?
pcaman2003: Wel done Hawks. Shaky,but good.
Jukes82: tough decision dredd. im in the same boat, im thinking laird. flip of the coin really
PowerBug: Laird easily

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