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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R21 of 2022

Yelse: good ebening!!
Yelse: VC C thinking oliver into laird
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Yelse: i traded cameron for Gawn sorry guys
bushranger: Thinking the same Yelse
ajconodie: Is everybody getting a popup about the page being suspicious or something?
Pav300: yes me too aj
Stu7: Sounds good Yelse
Pavs: Evening all. Me the same Yelse
Stu7: Pavs
TheFlagger: 130+ to not take laird
Yelse: @ajconodie me too
Pav300: not surprising aj this site years overdue for a cleanup. Dont hold ur breath though
ajconodie: Glad I’m not alone.
TheFlagger: terrible defence from salem there
DrSeuss: Gawn starting forward again? Gotta love late season position changes
TheFlagger: oliver actually
bhg26: Good start Crispy
Yelse: picked up gawn and he plays fwd
wadaramus: Looking forward to a good Friday night contest, nothing happening at the Crows to interest me.
Pavs: Trac so strong
Grimes Jr: looking forward to a pies reality check tonight
TheFlagger: fuck me 18 points for that goal
MrWalrus: Evening all, Clarry into Lairdy, that pop up is phone AIDS
wadaramus: Oh wait, just the comeuppance that should have occurred 4 years ago!
MrWalrus: Beautiful, love a good run down tackle
Grimes Jr: bugger. should’ve gone dees 40+
Baldfrog: BT sounds disappointed Dees are in front
bhg26: This should be a good game
MrWalrus: Oliver, Petracca & Viney…. Must be the best mid group since early noughties lions
ajconodie: The pressure is through the roof!!
wadaramus: Looks like a very healthy crowd.
Badgerbadg: What?s the beef with langdon?
TheFlagger: called the pies a one trick pony on sen badger
bhg26: Called collingwood a one trick pony badger
Baldfrog: I was wondering that to Badger
Pies20: One trick pony comment badger
MrWalrus: Trash talking badger
beerent11: Surprised pies fans can read trash talk.
beerent11: Must have heard it on the radio
pcaman2003: Oliver no tons in 4 weeks. Needs a big one this week. Hope it’s not the finger still.
Badgerbadg: lol is he wrong? quack
Baldfrog: They heard it on the radio Beer no reading involved
Baldfrog: I must have slow internet tonight
Yelse: why did i pick gawn
ajconodie: I love how the biggest tools on FF never have their teams listed.
MrWalrus: Buckley “barely a free” as Moore attempts to unscrew Melksham’s head (which I approve of)
bhg26: That certain goal must make you feel better yelse… oh no
sMiles: if you post here, you should have your team up. Agreed
pcaman2003: I don’t know Yelse, but so glad I didn’t.
beerent11: I love it how the biggest tools on fan footy have a magpie icon. Yelse excluded.
MrWalrus: *not Buckley, only maiming Melksham’
Baldfrog: Yelse i picked up Witts and Nank both turned to crap as well
beerent11: Can?t get it to work. For the record,Roos supporter.
ajconodie: sMiles – It’s probably out of shame.
Baldfrog: Beer cmon tigers icon worse
MrWalrus: I believe you’ve explained this many times before beer
Pies20: What about me beer I’m offended 😁
beerent11: Good one ajconodie. Keep reinforcing the stereotype.
sMiles: You think they are GWS or Suns fans? ajconodie – also anyone see that benbrown push off a goal umpire earlier
circle52: @ Yelse my fault brough him in as last trade, Between him and Brayshaw so as usual wrong one,
MrWalrus: Hey! Next worst at most after pies I’d have thought baldy
TheFlagger: lol
pcaman2003: Jackson 32pts ?
bhg26: Collingwood fans must have just learned how to read walrus
NickyD: Cracking game this. Jackson looped looking good.
beerent11: You?re all good pies20. Maybe aj is the exception.
sMiles: Jackson in my team – sure he will manage a solid 65 by the end of the game
ajconodie: Gee that was a good mark.
frenzy: Max will ton, CD lovechild
NickyD: @sMiles – I hope you’re wrong, but we know it makes sense
pcaman2003: I traded Jacko out this round for Libba. He better not beat him.
ajconodie: beerent – I tend not to bag other teams out.
MrWalrus: Cox is hilarious, sparks of football divinity interspersed with generous lashings of complete excrement
Catatafish: Gawn as a unique vs Daicos is great
beerent11: All good. Let?s move on.
TheFlagger: fend off surely htb
TheFlagger: umps lost it
ado88: Malware alert. Be careful when you first start this site as the first AD is malware
Pav300: cracker game
wadaramus: What a superb qtr of footy for the neutral observer 🙂
Baldfrog: Use an adblocker ado
ajconodie: This is a ripping quarter. Hopefully it doesn’t drop off.
MrWalrus: Too late ado, delayed pop up literally as I touched the screen, my phone now has AIDS
bhg26: Well trac you started well, done jack shit since
pcaman2003: Need you yo go bigger Ollie ,being my POD .
beerent11: It?s amazing what naicos is doing this season as a rookie.
ado88: It has been here awhile, mOnty needs to get rid of it fast
TheFlagger: trac is a freak
beerent11: Not often they live up to the hype
bhg26: Omg Fritsch passed the ball!
pcaman2003: beer. He’s been an amazing pick up. Glad I’ve had him all season.
MrWalrus: Wish I could get rid of it, may have to factory reset
sfenda1: crisp positive sc never thought id see it
ajconodie: I think Melbourne are timing their run perfectly.
Gotigres: Stupid rule
nbartos: afternoon Ladies
TheFlagger: not a bad start for naicos. decent d6 instead of the usual crisp or short
MrWalrus: Fit a lot of footy in this quarter
ajconodie: Gotigres – A rule nonetheless.
wadaramus: Sure is a stoopid fucken rule.
Yelse: just got back from picking up pizza geez i missed a cracking 15 mins
Pies20: He’s a gun beer, great quarter of footy 👌
wadaramus: Stand!
nbartos: what did Langdon say?
wadaramus: Let your opponent run past you unopposed.
wadaramus: Well played for standing still and doing nothing.
Hazza09: Opponent has Cameron, ofcourse going 120
nbartos: one trick pony – haha
MrWalrus: It’s a stupid rule wada but a rule nonetheless
feralmong: No league games this week, got the week off to watch my prelim opponents.
beerent11: Crisp looks to have picked up Adams? mid spot
circle52: This is a supid penalty to pay for moving when called stand should be 20mm max
circle52: *metres
wadaramus: It goes against the essence of the competitive instinct they grow up with.
navy_blues: awww cox
MrWalrus: Agree circle, stupid rule
feralmong: I hope so beer. He and Ridley my weak spot.
wadaramus: Again, the desire of the AFL to speed the game up means players literally have to stand still.
wadaramus: While their opponents simply run past them.
wadaramus: It’s almost embarrassing?
NickyD: Dees right on top. Looking ominous.
frenzy: nominate rucks is another stupid rule, under 10s
Gotigres: Naicos the best first year ever in the modern age. Apologies to Michael Barlow who only played half a season.
gazza39: Jackson showing his new club he has what it takes
navy_blues: lol think walsh would beat him
mattpanag: I think Daicos maybe better than Barlow anyway, as he is younger?
MrWalrus: Walsh way better but sure
beerent11: Sam Walsh was pretty good in a tougher position too gotigres.
mattpanag: Hard to go past Joel Selwood for debut years
original: Anyone can take kick ins
TheFlagger: both great
Gotigres: Walsh average of 87 in his first year. Naicos averaging 91.4. But yes, Walsh was in a harder position.
gazza39: Key position is way harder than running thru the midfield
circle52: Soft Free there though
ado88: Walsh gets my vote, but both going to be stars for ten years plus
MrWalrus: Umpiring has been pretty solid tonight, like it
DrSeuss: Why is Crisp so shit. Get involved
wadaramus: Agree circle52.
MrWalrus: Naicos isn’t key position, he’s lose off halfback
circle52: Agree Mr Walrus has been good apart from that HTB,
yeah_nah: Consistency in HTB not there though
pcaman2003: Why now Jackson? I dump you after weeks of mediocrity and now this.
MrWalrus: I disagree was HTB every day, just needs to be paid always, none of this knocked out in a tackle garbage
original: Yeh that HTB on melb kid was crazy hot
gazza39: I mean none mentioned are key position, they get no love, like the Brownlow I suppose
Gotigres: Selwood averaged 77 in his first year. Not sure if he played in the guts or as an outside player.
Grimes Jr: crisp fuck me pls for the love of god
original: 11 player draft side. Delisted Luke Jackson this week, kept Crisp. Genius me
mattpanag: amazing play pies
MrWalrus: Sorry gazza, misunderstood, you’re 110% right on that
TheFlagger: josh daicos is having a shocker
Gotigres: Didn’t realise WHE was playing
gazza39: My boy Jacko going ok though
ajconodie: Melbourne are so clean. Rarely fumble.
mattpanag: wasted play pies. yin and yang
beerent11: I?ve got him and Cameron on the pine in an 11 ten draft team with Gawn onfield original
NickyD: @Gotigres WHE is finished. Rarely has a good game these days
pcaman2003: Crisp back to his vacationing best.
ajconodie: NickyD – He has had a great month or so.
Grimes Jr: Do something crisp
pcaman2003: Trac kicks ball, marked by Howe, and his DE goes up by 3%. What!!
wadaramus: MrWalrus, why not just pay HTB every time a player puts their hand on the ball and gets touched by an opposition player?
Gotigres: Crisp limping towards another 60-70
MrWalrus: Was between Brayshaw & Hall when Stewart got done, glad Hall’s back this week…
zadolinnyj: Ginny not doing much
wadaramus: You’re allowed to pick up the ball and try to dispose it.
Gotigres: Wow, Pies hard done by the umps
NickyD: @ajconodie – 2 goals in 4 weeks is not a good month
Grimes Jr: never picking crisp again
pcaman2003: zad. Ginny taking lessons on slacking from Crisp
wadaramus: Give the player making the ball their intent a chance to use it.
Pies20: That’s bullshower
original: Agree with fritsch, guy on the mark did move
MrWalrus: Correct wada and if you fail to dispose of it then it’s HTB, good decision before
original: It?s funny cos all the Melbourne players heard the whistle. Was 50m
beerent11: Naicos has killed crisp as a sc scorer
navy_blues: gawn marking well
wadaramus: How is failing to dispose of it holding the ball?
MrWalrus: You’re making up interpretation where there’s a perfectly good rule already
wadaramus: Holding the ball is having way too long to get rid of it and failing to do so.
wadaramus: Not having a split second to get rid of it and failing to do so.
Gotigres: Why do pies play Crisp in midfield? He is hopeless there. 8 possies only
bhg26: because they need to give the make a wish kids a go gotigres
MrWalrus: Incorrect disposal, been a rule for 100+ years you must kick or handpass
Grimes Jr: nice to see the pies getting shown up for what they are – pretty average
original: Daicos steals all crisp cheap ball these days
MrWalrus: Disposed is HTB, always has been except the last 10 years or so in the AFL
gazza39: Casual observer but Hibberd is a liability
pcaman2003: I have a sudden dislike for you Jackson.
MrWalrus: *dispossessed
wadaramus: Incorrect disposal is wantingly throwing it, not having the ball dislodged a split second after taking control of it.
DrSeuss: Crisp gets into space around the ball – just gets missed or gets into awkward positions
wadaramus: You’ve been brainwashed by the AFL MrWalrus.
wadaramus: Go and watch any other league of Australian Rules Football.
ajconodie: I put Jackson on the bench thinking wet weather footy won’t be great for the big guys. Oops.
wadaramus: You won’t see the junk free kicks you see in the AFL mate.
NickyD: Lucky to be so close. Cracking game though.
MrWalrus: No wada it isn’t it’s been the same way since I started playing in the 80s
NickyD: @ajconodie I hope you have the E on Jacko. He’s looped for me.
ajconodie: Yeah E is on.
Pies20: Still in it nicky d great game
circle52: @ wadaramus The number of times you see players dropping the ball when tackled and not paid is my real gripe atm.
MrWalrus: Agree AFL level adjudication is bizarre wada but you can’t drop the ball!
wadaramus: The players just drop the ball, by themselves?
circle52: Is incorrect disposal according to the rules.
wadaramus: It’s the modern want for instant gratification.
Hazza09: What a joke crisp is
wadaramus: You used to get the opportunity to dispose of it before you were punished.
MrWalrus: No wada, you’re wrong
nbartos: freo got smashed from here can see a that repeating
wadaramus: Now you get no opportunity, sorry mate, no reward for being the one that wants the ball.
wadaramus: Just reward the player who doesn’t get there first and has no intent to take the ball.
wadaramus: The pressure is so intense in modern footy, but the AFL does not want more play on or ball ups.
MrWalrus: Wada there’s no prior for that but you Can’t. Drop. The. Ball.
wadaramus: They want fast moving footy, so they pay more free kick as a means to an end.
MrWalrus: No prior is the reward, don’t drop the ball.
wadaramus: I’m not talking dropping the ball specifically. Just HTB in general.
MrWalrus: More frees slows the game down, you are exactly talking about dropping the ball, if you get it, don’t kick or handpass..
wadaramus: The rules aren’t moral, they are a fabrication to manipulate the perceived spectacle of the game.
MrWalrus: .. it’s a drop
wadaramus: If the ball is dislodged in a tackle whereby the player has not had enough time to dispose of it, it’s play on!
wadaramus: Dropping it is dropping it!
wadaramus: Not losing hold of it!
MrWalrus: Nope, wrong
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, why are we so determined to punish the player trying to make the play?
MrWalrus: You’re the AFL brainwashed one, knocked out on the tackle is not a rule
feralmong: Could be old news cos I?m slow but Taranto is out.
wadaramus: Looks like everyone else has left MrWalrus? Just you an me bitching an moaning?
MrWalrus: Good tackles should be rewarded
wadaramus: How am I brainwashed by the AFL when I am anti everything they implement?!
wadaramus: Only if the player with the ball has had a chance to dispose of it mate!
wadaramus: You just want to reward every tackle regardless!
ado88: Incorrect disposal is a rule
Grimes Jr: crisp will get 60
wadaramus: I know incorrect disposal is a rule.
Pies20: Maynard is a bull
wadaramus: Your interpretation means players will not want to attempt to take hold of the ball?
wadaramus: For fear of being pinged in a split second tackle?
pcaman2003: Grimes. Whatever he scores,it will be too little to late as usual.
MrWalrus: You don’t need a chance to get rid of it, only take possession then there’s 3 options, disposal or incorrect disposal
wadaramus: There you go MrWalrus. You don’t need a chance to get rid of it, what a fucking joke that is!
wadaramus: As I said, the modern need for instant gratification.
MrWalrus: Of course they will want the ball! Also my “interpretation” is actually the rule
DrSeuss: FFS Oliver having a Merrett qtr
wadaramus: Holding the ball was when you held the ball for too long without disposing of it legally.
wadaramus: Now there is no chance to hold it at all.
dipstick: if oliver tops 175sc im gonna have to rub one out
Hazza09: Crisp on the never again list
wadaramus: Anyway, back on the game please.
yeah_nah: Ferals in the crowd up and about.
pcaman2003: Keep it up Ollie. Make up for Crisp a bit.
Pavs: Ollie entering Beast mode
DrSeuss: Carmichaels disposal is terrible. If Pies clean up disposal they will be fine
zadolinnyj: Did that umpire just yell out holding Cox
Grimes Jr: jeez ginnivan is a shit lol
GOATdusty: lol ginni such a pussy
Baldfrog: I see collywobbles sups can count to 1
MrWalrus: Collingwood with the new clubhouse leader for strategic subs
DrSeuss: Salem?s dive was just as bad to be fair
Grimes Jr: macrae is why collingwood are any good
yeah_nah: Salem only did the dive cause Ginni did I reckon.
Catatafish: Bloody Daicos, shank a kick at least haha
Catatafish: Oliver is such a beast
DrSeuss: What was Oliver on at HT? Massive 3rd qtr
MrWalrus: How Collingwood are still in touch is beyond me
Wahab_18: Reason why Clarry is going well this quarter is coz he hasn’t gone to the bench yet like other power tanked mids do
pcaman2003: Seuss. I think he was on 62.
nbartos: what gap?
zadolinnyj: U kick straight you are always in it
MrWalrus: Goal
DrSeuss: Cheers pca – been getting a lot of it
bhg26: Carmichael has to be averaging the most number of clangers a game
Pies20: Go pies!!!
thesilentl: Carmichael looks like a bloke from a midfield who had no help. Always looks to kick it instantly
nbartos: wowee
DrSeuss: You might be right Wahab – Oliver spent about 2 minutes on the bench then straight back on
ajconodie: I swear some of our supporters get day release to go to the G
bhg26: Gawn has to stop taking shots at goal lmao
nbartos: be robbery if pies win
MrWalrus: Ginnivan incorrect disposal, play on
bhg26: The rule has to be if you say youre having a shot, you have to have the shot and not pass it off. Stops players…
zadolinnyj: Some ajconodie. All
bhg26: chewing up seconds
DrSeuss: Petracca and Oliver massive quarters – but Pies closing the gap. Interesting
Badgerbadg: For an average team, Collingwood go alright
wadaramus: Just a super game of footy.
Pies20: Don’t worry about the umps enjoy the game been shower both ways, plucky pies still in it
pcaman2003: Traca with 19 points last 4 touches and flew past Ollie.
thesilentl: @mrwalrus you are a king tool, been a great game and you sook about umps as per usual
zadolinnyj: Agree bhg
DrSeuss: Melb getting away with a lot of HTB calls – great game of footy
Grimes Jr: ginnivan 4 touches no pressure no goals. go figure
Pies20: Well said wada and badger
TheFlagger: boo
bc__: Petracca and Oliver SC way different on here to SC app
MrWalrus: Agree bhg, hate when a guy you know can barely go 40 points to goal 60out
Torz: Pretty happy with the Gawn VC
TheFlagger: huge clarry quarter
NickyD: @Badgerbadg – Can’t argue with that.
TheFlagger: you love to see daicos putting 32 points on crisp
nbartos: crisp you would think would get more ball with ol mate Adams out
ajconodie: @badgerbadg – I would have been happy with 6 wins this year. Incredible turnaround but still a way off.
beerent11: Best game I?ve seen this year.
MrWalrus: Oh, hi there you special man, you’ve just been waiting, lurking, touching yourself…
nbartos: you have a shit memory beer
Gotigres: No I don’t The Flagger
Grimes Jr: crisp to finish on 65
Gotigres: 150 please vc Oliver
Badgerbadg: Pies genuinely showing some fight that just wasn?t there under bucks
Pies20: Walrus wtf? Who is that aimed at?
Grimes Jr: fade out pls oliver.
pcaman2003: Grimes. 65 is a tad optimistic isn’t it?
beerent11: Comin in hot nbartos 🔥
MrWalrus: Silent pies, your biggest cancer
Grimes Jr: no way
Grimes Jr: crisp with a good hit. am i dreaming
TheFlagger: ben brown has been huge
bhg26: Naicos down
dipstick: ton up crisp yaf log
thesilentl: Sook on walrus you flog, biggest shitkicker in here
zadolinnyj: was holding ball and throw on fritz
Gotigres: Naicos going off injured.
MrWalrus: Surely fritch inside the 5m before play on called then
StuL: Too bad if you traded Daicos for a “real” premo. Not so much Crisp
DrSeuss: How TF was that play on for Naicos
StuL: Nooo
Pies20: One to many walrus?
banta: How is that not a throw?
bhg26: Hooray silents back
wadaramus: I stayed home and made pizza to watch this game, well worth it 🙂
DrSeuss: Agreed Walrus – that should have been 50 to Naicos. Now he is injured – fuck off
nbartos: hehehe what have you done beer
wadaramus: 50 for what, a strong tackle?
MrWalrus: Who pies? Me no, silent most likely off his meds though
StuL: Daicis WAS going to be a great POD
banta: Ginnivan biggest wanker on this planet
zadolinnyj: Why do they boo when they are just checking. Mental
DrSeuss: He was within 5m – coming from behind of a player that had taken a mark.
wadaramus: What a shank!
Wahab_18: umPIES are back
nbartos: no gap now no bobble
TheFlagger: lol
bhg26: Wowza
Wahab_18: Now that’s what you call Karma at its best haha
MrWalrus: wada you really should go and learn the rules
Raspel31: Tighter than… my great aunt’s purse strings.
DrSeuss: Should have taken the point lol
Grimes Jr: cmon crisp. pls repay the faith (and 2 trades left)
zadolinnyj: Keep the personal insults off here boys. Surely we can be adults. Lets talk about PENDLES and bball
wadaramus: Give it a rest MrWalrus, I’m 50 years old, I know the fucking rules.
TheFlagger: daicos you king back on
StuL: So the pies are back. May the be magic and disappear in September again
bigpens: Brodies TOG high
Gotigres: Calm down Gawn. My opp has you.
zadolinnyj: Or Brodie time on bench
MrWalrus: Me too and clearly you do not wada
zadolinnyj: Lol big pens u beat me to it
TheFlagger: hot footy
gazza39: Hibberd again, just sayin
pcaman2003: Crisp to kick winning goal. In my dreams of course.:)
wadaramus: Stop being so pretentious mate. You see it one way I see it another.
nbartos: LOL wada you old bastard – like me
bhg26: Whatever the result is, footy is the true winner tonight
zadolinnyj: Cmon lads. I think we can all agree that only the umps don?t know the rules
wadaramus: I haven’t once said you don’t know the rules.
bhg26: That is a fucking awesome tackle
zadolinnyj: What a tackle
MrWalrus: High, but I liked it
GOATdusty: dees look cooked
nbartos: blindsided – easy pickings
beerent11: The afl make it too hard on the umps. 3 or 4 rule changes every season. Different interpretations from week to week.
zadolinnyj: Every week beerent there is rule interpretation changes. Hard for umps
wadaramus: Not according to MrWalrus beer, the rules have been this way for 100 years.
TheFlagger: come on dees!
TheFlagger: but also go daicos
Grimes Jr: nah pies will lose from here
sfenda1: i think the dees need you clayton
MrWalrus: Dropping the ball has been wada, the 5m exclusion zone is new though, catch up old chap
pcaman2003: Okay Crisp. Last chance for some redemption. Ton up!
zadolinnyj: Brown taken some good marks under pressure
bhg26: Oliver is just untackleable
dipstick: EXTRA EXTRA Howey said twice- cox in the box. i repeat cox in the box
Grimes Jr: crisp cooke
TheFlagger: oliver huge
wadaramus: This game is fucking off tap!
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
Gotigres: How many times and different ways can you stuff me up in a season Gawn
bhg26: God i love footy
pcaman2003: Cracking game!
MrWalrus: It’s like Pendlebury just hs so much time
zadolinnyj: Had bad season in sc and wife just showed me her team with Oliver,trac,daicos,Gawn. In my face
DrSeuss: Oliver and Trac can get stuffed. You too Crisp.
yeah_nah: Great game
TheFlagger: this is a ripper game
bhg26: Again, god i love footy
wadaramus: Wholly shit, I don’t want this game to finish.
pcaman2003: Oliver you twat. Stop passing it to Tracca.
beerent11: Best game I?ve seen all year
wadaramus: Wow, not good zado!
TheFlagger: degoey such a hack
wadaramus: 100% agree beer 🙂
zadolinnyj: Agree beer. Especially for Friday nigh6
MrWalrus: Certainly in the top 5, been a few crackers this year
TheFlagger: huge flop
sfenda1: how did pies get so good?
Grimes Jr: pies get a free ride
banta: Umpiring a disgrace. Favourite the pies who keep diving cheating
bhg26: And the oscar goes to
wadaramus: Def a push in the back there.
Grimes Jr: Almost reminding me of 2018 collingwood. were never good enough but somehow kept winning. found out eventually tho
colin wood: Lol that was a push in the bank everyday of the week
MrWalrus: Nah, was in the back, been a bit rubbish for dees but that one was there
zadolinnyj: The scoring makes this the best. Absolute seesaw
bhg26: Its was in the back but he made sure of it
Badgerbadg: Lock these 2 in for the gf for when geelong eventually choke
bhg26: This is going to be a looong quarter
bhg26: Cheers badger
pcaman2003: At least Crisp has fought back well this half.
Pies20: Especially if you are a pies fan bhg 🙄
MrWalrus: Pies won’t make the granny, dees should be 3-4 up
Grimes Jr: wow crisp. amazing
bhg26: Wow, good stuff crispy
TheFlagger: the weekly cope after pies win
pcaman2003: Ollie gone into devil mode. On fire!
Pies20: Tiger’s won’t make the 8 enjoy watching the finals walrus
MrWalrus: Ben Brown is such a liability if not marking on the lead
TheFlagger: lol fuck you crisp
Ninty: Never doubted you Crisp
Grimes Jr: its crazy how much pies get from umpires
DrSeuss: How is no Pies player marking up on Oliver around these bounces
beerent11: He?s back!
Catatafish: Crisp still a dud with no chance ever being on my team again
wadaramus: Poes scrapping for the win, can Melbourne grab a draw?!
nbartos: rub of the green with the umps Coll
DrSeuss: Lol – Oliver given a tackle for jumping on at the end
ajconodie: Loving the hate being back!!
TheFlagger: great win for the pies
TheLegend6: Pies very good tonight
nbartos: how many times can you dive on it
TheFlagger: crisp you absolute flog
wadaramus: Pies win, fukn amazing!
Grimes Jr: just crazy this average club are second
Wahab_18: Noble last second to win me the multi!!
Pies20: Flower yeah go you pies!!!!
blonde0na: duck dinner too succulent tonight it seems
MrWalrus: Dees only have themselves to blame, just too wasteful
beerent11: Well done pies
pcaman2003: Thank you Ollie Crisp and Naicos. Nice start!
wadaramus: Great Friday night entertainment.
DrSeuss: Great game. Interesting to see the massive SC scores on the losing team
bhg26: Crisp plus 30 for the last mark right?
Pies20: Not bad for a team that finished 17th last year🤭
bhg26: Good luck in FPL lads
wadaramus: You too bhg!
Valorlonga: Any Fpl league to join for fanfooty? or just guys on here?

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