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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R20 of 2022

DrSeuss: No Shiel, surely you put a hard tag on Zerrett
ausgooner: Why would you bother tagging Zerrett (no, him being my C has nothing to do with it)
navy_blues: nearly took norf for a line bet +41.5
banta: two throwws there. simpkin and ldu. ump did nothing. cmon
banta: surely teams tag LDU. He’s way better than Simpkin
duckky: Why at this time of the year do the bombers name a debutante as the medisub? A load of crap.
DrSeuss: Redman – 49 last week. Opponent has him this week – watch him get 150.
duckky: Dawson. Stop it. You score too high this year, you’ll be too expensive next year
Ninty: Keep going Stringer 🤩
DANGERous: chill out a bit redman, you
DANGERous: you’re my ideal short/crisp replacement
duckky: Not only a bottom 4 v bottom 4 class game. The Umps seem to be the bottom 4 was well.
banta: lift mcdonald you spud
DrSeuss: Opponent has Redman and Martin – guaranteed monster scores this week
banta: Laverde should be in AA conversations. Always undersized and does awesome
DrSeuss: Where TF was this before I traded you out Martin?
Zee94: Redman is like an athletic Fletcher man, love the bloke
Yelse: omg merret if you don’t get to 100 i loose ffs lift
duckky: Wright and Stewart in the same team dont seem to work
duckky: Ylse, you may be in trouble. North is smashing Ess on the clearances.
duckky: All the drive is coming from the backline
LuvIt74: Zerrett cmon m8 ffs what a joke
DANGERous: redman gonna be priced out of, oh well
Yelse: whats reman worth atm
banta: get the ball mcdonald
navy_blues: now thats a free lol
thommoae: Hey duckky – how did it go this weekend?
MrWalrus: Apologies lions supporters I missed an N and changed a sentences meaning entirely you guys are all ok good game
DrSeuss: It?s ok Walrus, umps reviewed it and put the ?N? in for you.
DrSeuss: PS. That was a joke. Also, can?t dislike someone for being passionate about their team.
DANGERous: slow down redman
DrSeuss: Piss off Zerrett need you to stay low. Opponent already has Redman the seagull.
MrWalrus: 🙂 all good, was a good game, shame anyone had to lose, seeya in September 😉
duckky: I just returned from the influenza ward thommoae. Jesus it is cold in Melbourne at 4AM when you are streaking
banta: would love a richmond or blues v pies first round of finals
navy_blues: fair bit of shrinkage id say duckky lol,
DrSeuss: Zerrett up 30 in 10 minutes. Opponent has him as C
banta: wright held and arm chopped all game and getting nothing
DrSeuss: Make that 37 AF for Zerrett in 11 minutes. There goes all my leagues
banta: zerk thatcher amazing!!!
banta: great passage of play. awesome footy
navy_blues: shoulda been 50
Dogs5416: LDU 100%DE. Score unders surely
DrSeuss: Zerrett with the DT cape in 18 minutes WTAF
wadaramus: Go Zerrett!
wadaramus: Well peeps, Crows had a win, Port lost, the Cowboys are flying, it’s been a good weekend 🙂
wadaramus: Listening to the new Killers record, totally excellent.
Yelse: thanks merrett you champ nearly there 10 more to go
banta: lift mcdonald do something
original: Need a ziebell and Martin I cash out
Wahab_18: Biggest Mistake made taking the C off Touk and Putting it on Neale.. Never again VC or C Neale in my life
Torz: Get out while you can Original
banta: sportsbet not refunding my multi but caldwell got injured? they’ve refunded before when a player got injured?
wadaramus: Liverpool beat City, bring on the EPL.
Pies20: Zerret massive quarter!!!
original: Banta – Injury or sub before half time is void bet
Yelse: @banta has to be in the first half the sub
Wahab_18: Another Quarter like that Zerrett and I win all my league maatchups need 10 points for the eliminator one though
DrSeuss: 75 DT for Zerrett in a quarter.
Malaka: I wonder if Jason ‘got the’ Horne-Francis will leave Norf at the first opportunity.
pharace: Wow, Zerrett as C went 37 to 112 in one Qtr in AF
MrWalrus: And that Wahab is why you’re the spud, never C or VC Neale again?! My goodness
Wahab_18: Mrwalrus it’s annoying because Neale scores 140+ in every game he was expected to be tagged in
MrWalrus: Zerrett is up there with Swan, Rocky & Titchell when it comes to racking up stats it’s crazy
MrWalrus: It sure is Wahab but in supercoach hate the game not the player
Wahab_18: oo if that was a goal it would’ve been very interesting
Wahab_18: Keep going Zerrett come on!
bigpens: Keep going Zerrett, need you to beat Touk Touk
Wahab_18: Zerrett not getting the cd love this quarter tbh
Pies20: Totally agree walrus he’s a pig
bigpens: Need about another 40 points from captain Zerret and Ridley
Pies20: Plenty of points left wahab
Wahab_18: you’re joking the bloke got his head smashed into the ground and gets a free paid against wtf
Wahab_18: you had more time there zerrett ahhh
DrSeuss: Norf are a joke – how do you let one player own you this badly in a half
LuvIt74: Most AFL womens league will beat North, they are shocking.
Wahab_18: Zerrett just doesn’t stop how good haha
Wahab_18: and another HTB just to add a cherry on top on the siren ahah
Wahab_18: Imagine he kicked that omg
ado88: Merritt 100 in second half nice
twinpeaks: So did he have 135 points in the half? Good having him but made Touk C over him 🙁
pharace: Can you believe Merrett’s 2nd half? 137AF. And was lamenting him near half time – just wow as Captain
Pies20: 3v1 zerret 30points up at half time think i just won by 5 thanks zerret

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