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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Richmond vs Brisbane

Chat log for Richmond vs Brisbane, R20 of 2022

bigpens: Come on Bolton, 150+ pls
Yelse: lol short already doing great between him and crisp with hewitt disaster great back line
navy_blues: lions should win this
banta: Bolton the game breaker in this match. Surely they put someone to close tag him
banta: coleman consistently plays without an opponent
Tangent: I thought Lynch injured no?
bhg26: Boo short boo
DANGERous: short still playing mid? booo
Gotigres: Game over already
bhg26: So we arent staying top 4, stuff ya richmond
Yelse: looks like tigers not making the 8
Gotigres: Glad I got rid of Short about 5 weeks ago.
bhg26: must be nice gotigres
Wahab_18: Jeez short can’t kick to save his life
navy_blues: short wont be in my side next year
Baldfrog: Only way Richmond can get a goal is by umps cheating
Pavs: Good gamble Yelse.
DrSeuss: Richmond too far behind. Umps get involved.
MrWalrus: Long way to go, we’ll see how it all plays out
navy_blues: richmond lose this are they able to make the 8 still?
Gelly: not watching game but of bris 6 goals, 4 frees to those players
bhg26: Doesnt matter if short get 65 disposals in a preseason game, im steering clear
MrWalrus: Brisbane twice as many frees, ought to have been htb to prestia then too
DANGERous: do something short
MrWalrus: Swings and roundabouts, expect we’ll finish behind the ledger
bhg26: Marlion Pickett isnt playing well, is it time to bring on the tactical sub?
navy_blues: short on holiday already
navy_blues: lol bhg i notice ben miller fine this week lol
MrWalrus: Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story Gelly
TheLegend6: Miller was cramping last week
banta: the tackles they pay on the stat sheet are so soft. a hand on a player or if you’re second or third in your get the stat
banta: meaningless
banta: coleman such a jet without rich
bhg26: Oh no not a cramp! More of a fitness issue rather than an injury
Tangent: Coleman has the best kick in the AFL… WOW
TheLegend6: No need to be childish
TheLegend6: Cumberland is very very good
navy_blues: cumberland and sonsie showing rest of team whats needed
MrWalrus: Best kick? Wouldn’t have thought so but it is very good
MrWalrus: Cumberland is an animal, I like it
Stikman35: Noah saving me.
DANGERous: Q2 started lachie
bhg26: Thought i made a reasonable point. Every other player who has had a cramp has come back on a couple minutes later
Catatafish: Short will probably get -3 for that
circle52: Bailey sbbed
bhg26: Boo Short boo
TheLegend6: Charity goal for the lions
Dredd: Bailey broken ribs?
MrWalrus: bhg, I reckon most teams have been guilty of the strategic sub to be fair
Baldfrog: Don’t be childish Legend
MrWalrus: That was a massive call from the umpire then, they’re the ones that hurt you
bhg26: That is true. Its why they need to make the rule so the player has to miss the next week to stop it from being exploited
TheLegend6: When the lucks on your side, everything falls nicely doesn’t it
Dredd: Anyone got word on Bailey? At the game so have no idea what?s actually happened
MrWalrus: Agree 100% bhg & legend both
Baldfrog: Dredd c7 said he was coughing up something blood i presume
TheLegend6: Dredd heavy knock to the sternum was the commentary
banta: Commentators said knock to the sternum and he said to doc he was coughing something up @dredd
TheLegend6: That’s just not high is it…
MrWalrus: High! OMFG umpire
DrSeuss: That?s a terrible decision ump
Manowar: C’mon Neale need u to get 248
MrWalrus: When things aren’t going your way it sure is tough
DrSeuss: Why do the Lions keep picking Fort as the sub?
MrWalrus: Wow Cameron with the dog act slide, boo you filthy little animal
DrSeuss: Now that one should have been high
DANGERous: same mano, lol
TheLegend6: Balta – why do that?
MrWalrus: That’s how you break legs
thesilentl: Stop sooking about umps @mrwalrus, one of the better officiated halves of the year
Catatafish: Short channelling Brodie today
MrWalrus: Nope lifted the arm and it was after Cameron took the legs the dog
Baldfrog: Jack throwing the ball the dirty animal trying to cheat
TheLegend6: It was 5 years ago Baldy, time to move on from your hatrid ahaha
DrSeuss: Haha if you think the one on Mathieson wasn?t high – not sure what to tell you. He was low and coming up. Not dropping
MrWalrus: Zorko did exactly what jack got pinged for, holding! This is some a grade bs right here
thesilentl: Keep sooking
MrWalrus: It was high seuss but it should have already been our ball due to Cameron
Wahab_18: Lift Neale
MrWalrus: Consistency is all I want
boges11: Neale always goes easy when the Lions are winning by a heap
navy_blues: richmond turning ball over a lot
navy_blues: wont get consistency with so many rules and interpretations
DrSeuss: If you want consistency with umps – you need to stop watching AFL
Wahab_18: Need a 100 points 2nd half Neale
MrWalrus: Agree navy re turnovers, been terrible but for consistency it really shouldn’t be so hard, it is not a complecated game
Baldfrog: Legend even we don’t lose to Norf
TheLegend6: At least we don’t choke in grand finals xx
Baldfrog: No you just finish 9th
Baldfrog: Good to see Tig and Grimes in hiding again so quiet on here
MrWalrus: Actually Baldy that’s a bit of a myth, we are however the only team to be beaten by 9th in finals
Baldfrog: Haha were you who beat you Walrus?
MrWalrus: Lol, Bailey went the push with Pickett and ended up on the end of a prison rules push
Gelly: carlton, when essendon got done for peptides
MrWalrus: Carlton when the bombers had their little drama
Baldfrog: Cheers Gelly forgot about that year
MrWalrus: Insufficient intent……
DANGERous: cmon neale do something
MrWalrus: Why would Lynch have passed that?! Kick the goal! It’s your job!
banta: lift neale!
thesilentl: @mrwalrus last night you said it was the best umpired season in years, now it isn’t? I just want consistency from you m
MrWalrus: I said it was the best bar a few shockers silent
DrSeuss: Haha – that?s a good point silent.
MrWalrus: Are you suggesting that the umpiring today is poor and tiges are getting ripped off?
Baldfrog: Hate to be in the commentary box BT is about to blow!
MrWalrus: You must be because if it was good then what you said makes no sense
duckky: Shot has really dropped away over the last month.
MrWalrus: Go away and see how long you can hold your breath, there’s a good chap.
thesilentl: Umpires are poor every game, this ones no different
Spifflicat: Umpiring AFL is flowering near impossible. I am amazed that they get people to front up every week
wadaramus: The umpires are bad because the AFL Rules Committee suck.
banta: Tigers will miss the eight now. Can’t make it
thesilentl: Correct @spiff and @wadaramus. Umpires are no chance, half the rule contradict the other half
TheLegend6: Reckon that should’ve been a free after the goal there
DrSeuss: How do you not pull back that bounce? Oh because it went Richmond?s way – ok.
MrWalrus: No shower, that’s ridiculous, just throw the goal kicker to the ground
DrSeuss: For Bolton?s dive after creating contact?
thesilentl: After the naicos one yesterday should have been against Bolton
MrWalrus: Bloody good game though
TheLegend6: For Berry slinging Bolton to the ground mate
arbel: @legend to who … Richmond? He smashes into Berry for no reason after … play on and don’t be a d**k maybe
Baldfrog: Walrus bolton had no reason to run into Berry serves him right
MrWalrus: Ummm Suess, he did initiate but that was so far from a dive
banta: Bailey out injured gonna cost me my draft final. bad way to end the season
arbel: Lol good one. I would stop watching football if they give that a free no reason for Bolton to do that inthe first place
TheLegend6: Bolton allowed to push Berry lads, Berry made illegal contact. Snowflakes haha
MrWalrus: You neutral guys are cooked if you reckon what Berry did is fine and in the rules because it just wasn’t
navy_blues: cant tell who BT going for lol
bhg26: Boo short boo
DANGERous: bit of argy bargy, stop crying
Napper: Stop crying Walrus. Bolton ran 10 meters to bump berry then berry just pulled him to the ground.
Baldfrog: Exactly Dangerous
MrWalrus: Not tiges navy, not sure what happened when he played there but he generally hates us
MrWalrus: Berry ran 10 metres after all clear called & slung him to the ground, it’s a free every day, it’s quite bizarre really
Baldfrog: No walrus richmond sups are bizarre
thesilentl: Another @mrwalrus classic sook. Dont see you defending ginnivan for all the illegal contact
arbel: Ok we get it walrus. Bolton didn’t act like a duck qt all. Nothing wrong but he expects to nit get retaliation when he t
arbel: But no comment as wellwhen they then shoce Berry inthe head hence why I said play on nothing in it
MrWalrus: You guys love telling an interesting story
Dredd: Walrus stfu tosser.. did you not see Lynch jump to the side with 0 contact.. you are a deadset clown
MrWalrus: I’m not defending him but you can’t just run up to a bloke & sling him to the ground off the play
arbel: Can’t shoved a guys head into the ground. They only did that cos he slung Bolton.
MrWalrus: *not defending Bolton
Napper: MrWalrus what are you saying u spud. He bumped berry and then he jsut pulled him to the ground. He flopped to the ground
arbel: Bolton only slung cos he smashes into berry for no reason. So Bolton does nothing then nothing. But blame berry
Napper: With his arms up he was looking for the free. Then 5 rich players were on berry stop crying mate
thesilentl: Everyone leave @mrwalrus alone, last thing we need is an even bigger chip on his shoulder
Grimes Jr: Great atmos at ground. If lions lose from here no chance in finals
MrWalrus: This is hilarious, take it personal and make up stories, loving seeing who the mental defectives are here
thesilentl: Its you @mrwalrus
Yelse: anyone know the reason short has turned to playing fwd it hasn’t worked for them for 8 weeks
thesilentl: Noones made up anything, you just don’t like being called out for trolling
MrWalrus: Silent, you’re my favourite, barely legible most of the time my special guy x
TheLegend6: He’s literally not trolling, real weird group of people here.
banta: go neale go beast
MrWalrus: So Berry didn’t run up and sling Bolton to the ground? My mistake there
MrWalrus: Good game though
Yelse: Riewolt lol for taking that of lynch such a selfish act
thesilentl: @mrwalrus do you know what legible means? Don’t reckon you’ve seen my handwriting recently. Nice try though
Baldfrog: Urbs any chance of a special chat room for Walrus?
navy_blues: without young cumberland last month richmond would be gone
MrWalrus: Silent, look up legible again because you clearly don’t understand the meaning
MrWalrus: Sorry Baldy but why should I just let these clown have a crack without defending myself?
thesilentl: Doubling down on a mistake, bold move by you walrus
Tangent: Who were the twits crying and saying it was game over in the first quarter?
DANGERous: lift neale
DANGERous: do whatever short, ur gone
runners47: Get off the pine, Coleman – need all the points you can get…
Spifflicat: Lynch is a twat, I love watching him fail
TheLegend6: Big grab Lynch
Spifflicat: Sucked in
TheLegend6: You must have some stuff going on in your life to wish that Spiff
Yelse: trying to work out who i would prefer lions or tigers to win re ladder situation
MrWalrus: Great game
NickyD: Yelse, easy choice. Tigers lose.
MrWalrus: Tiges win best for you Yelse ladderwise, we won’t catch you
sMiles: vomit
Spifflicat: I don?t know why, but Lynch just across as a flog. I love Dusty, but Lynch and Bolton, but Lynch is just irksome
navy_blues: think luck has changed lol
LuvIt74: cant see carlton making the 8
sMiles: umpires cheating
TheLegend6: Why did they score review ahaha
MrWalrus: What? Why review if it was a free?
Danstar: Noah just did a gr8 dive lol
Napper: Great umpriing!!! Check if its a goal just for it to be a free kick
navy_blues: lol umps why review was free a after thought?
sMiles: game over – umpires are on this
RuffLeader: Richmond fans in here seem to not be mentioning the umpires now that they are giving the game to the Tiges
DrSeuss: Yeah these umps are amazing
banta: lift neale ffs
sMiles: I am mentioning it though
TheLegend6: Rush it ffs
Baldfrog: Pickett you flog
RuffLeader: Pickett is top 1 grubs of the comp
sMiles: lucky robnson didnt’ get a free against for headbutting his fists
Tangent: Marlion Pickett trying to go back to jail with attempted murder
Napper: They still wouldn’t pay that for ginnivan
Yelse: that little rat tail robinson has crack me up
LuvIt74: absolute mayhem these umps are a joke
a1trader: Ginnivan wouldn’t have got a free there
Danstar: Free kick Richmond
sMiles: this is bullshit
banta: ginnivan is a cheat so he probably would have
DrSeuss: Anyone see where he actually got hit in the head there??
Baldfrog: Jesus this is #freekickrichmond time
TheLegend6: Stop crying, we cop this every week
LuvIt74: Umps – 3 votes to all Richmond players.
Tangent: Richmond cheats
MrWalrus: We cop worse, rayner or Mathison 2nd in got him pretty good Seuss
Tangent: How is that 15 metres? what?
DrSeuss: Lol Nice 10 metre kick
navy_blues: looks like umps are cheating when review a score then goal to bris but then they pay free to richmond
Catatafish: Thanks again Short you fucking spanner
Tangent: And no high tackle LOL
sMiles: yeah – fuck this – game is over and the game is cheating the lions
banta: how was that not a fifty against the Tigs?
MrWalrus: For the first time this game we’re not getting reamed by the umps & suddenly we’re cheats, lol
Spifflicat: Cracking game of footy
DrSeuss: Oh no high tackle on Rayner as he gets his head taken off
Spifflicat: Lynch?. Ffs
a1trader: Wow, Pies third. So Coll vs Melb next Friday for 2nd spot
navy_blues: when the luck ainnt with you….. lmao
bhg26: Top 4 yay
TheLegend6: What a bloody win that is
MrWalrus: Bring the tears all the on lions sooks, they make me stronger!
DANGERous: seriously walrus? settle down mate
pcaman2003: Cue the violins for the cheating ump syndrome. Lol! Yeah!,the umps love to cheat,don’t they.?
DrSeuss: Walrus you shed more tears in here than anyone. Just happy now cause the umps finally got you home.
LuvIt74: Lions robbed, sad that this crap occures…
Danstar: Clear 50. Stepped off the mark
MrWalrus: Oops* non lions, lions blokes are all ok, apologies & good game
circle52: The missed high was crucial in the context but we are are used to umps not giving frees in late stages
Dredd: Umpires rode the tigers home so bad? fkn flogs
RuffLeader: Walrus, just asking why you weren’t mentioning how bad the umps are/were when it was Tiges benefiting in the 2nd half
Danstar: Umps don?t cheat. Just get sucked in by crows noise
DrSeuss: Umps don?t cheat – but they get sucked in by crowds and momentum. And they miss way too much as paid professionals
MrWalrus: Ruff the only one I really mentioned was the (ridiculous) Berry non call
Grimes Jr: Hey silent. Cop that flog
MrWalrus: Actually suggested earlier that it would even up… It did
Gelly: well im glad cumbo is standing up now, looks a good replacement for jack when he retires this year
thesilentl: @grines jnr tigers winning benefits the pies, thanks for help
MrWalrus: I agree Seuss, just glad it wasn’t us copping it late for a change, cost us a few wins this year
thesilentl: Suprised to see you though Grimes, thought you were still crying after losing to North loser
Grimes Jr: Love how lions blokes whinging when they had a pretty good run all day and get favoured at home
thesilentl: Only bloke wringing was your bff @mrwalrus. King of the sooks all day long

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