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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Gold Coast vs West Coast

Chat log for Gold Coast vs West Coast, R20 of 2022

AlbySmedtz: @Monty Is it possible to have a Tick-box for players that we, and our opponents have next to Player#?
m0nty: look in the menu for the Watchlist feature
AlbySmedtz: wow. thats quick. seriously, thanks. appreciation
Manowar: need T Miller to fail today
Baldfrog: All aboard the Touk train
Yelse: two of my paid league opponents C touk need him under 120
Yelse: culley my cogs cover need to reach his projected
lukefield9: @monty sorry how does the watchlist work once you’ve ticked the players?
m0nty: reload the page to enable the cookie
m0nty: I mean log out and in again
lukefield9: great thanks for that
DrSeuss: Same Yelse – another 80 from Culley would be great. And 160 from Touk. Too much to ask?
Hazza09: Culley nowhere to be seen
DrSeuss: Going to need more than 1 touch Culley – the one week I need you
Hazza09: Seuss the week we need culley watch him have a mare
DrSeuss: Always the way this season Hazza. I need 130 from Touk – let?s hope he doesn?t let me down
Yelse: culley please get the ball or tackle
Yelse: geez miller slow downnnnn
Hazza09: Get off the bench Culley ffs
Yelse: why play a player if u gonna keep him on the bench these players need game time for next year
banta: Giving Resden points for nothing? Haven?t seen him get a touch but score goes up
Hazza09: Great culley cleaning up blokes too
Torz: Culley finally gets on, gives away a free kick and probably suspended ffs
navy_blues: culley be having a holiday by the looks
Pavs: Culley is off the bench and suspended for the rest of the season
DrSeuss: WTF Culley giving away frees and reported? Anything in it?
Yelse: frustration from being stuck on the bench simpsons fault
Torz: At least a week DrSeuss
m0nty: fine on Culley I reckon
sfenda1: culley gone
m0nty: but who knows with MRP chooklotto
StuL: Had to take culley because of cogs out. Not great in a final. I’m a goner
DrSeuss: Let?s hope it spurs him to actually get the ball
navy_blues: keep going touk
DrSeuss: Same StuL – this will be the one week he plays shit then gets a week off
Hazza09: Out of all weeks Culley ffs, seasons over
StuL: Also had to c on touk then went neale. Doh
Yelse: did culley get like 4 handballs in 15 secs where are they
bigpens: Slow down Touk, a 120 will do
StuL: Probably let my dislike of Richmond cloud my judgement Dr. Surely neale kills them?
Pavs: Dont think so Yelse?
DrSeuss: Nah bigpens – 130 minimum for Touk please.
StuL: Oh yea culled. That too
StuL: WC can’t play in qld. Never have
DrSeuss: Hope Neale kills it today StuL – they can both score 140 – happy with that
StuL: All the usual hoops fans must be busy keeping the lid on today
crazzzed: how does miller get a another for dropping on top of someone else tackle. free points
PowerBug: stop sooking crazzzed
crazzzed: not sooking. some player just get free points. doesnt affect me at all
Pavs: If it’s it my players thats fine crazzzed
Hazza09: Cheers Culley, pull a frikin mare out of all weeks
crazzzed: oh yeah i’ll take them too. i was just making an obversation
PowerBug: you sound affected by it
MrWalrus: Touk is as hard a worker you’ll find in the AFL, machine deserves every point he gets awarded
Pavs: Back to bed for you PowerBug. Try getting out the right side.
Pavs: Like that watchlist thing M0nty. Only been with FanFooty for about 15+ years did not know it excisted..
Pavs: Can’t get Touk to work though.
DrSeuss: Did Touk start on the bench this half? Or just off early?
bigpens: Will Culley get suspended? Need a loophole option
AlbySmedtz: you’re welcome Pavs #metoo
Pavs: Bench I think Seuss
Pavs: I reckon at least 1 week maybe 2
DrSeuss: Cheers Pavs – he needs to get on ASAP
Wahab_18: My match up was down to Zerrett V Culley + 86 and now it’s looking possible for me to win lol cheers Culley keep it up
DrSeuss: Get Touk on Dew – unless you want to lose this one
tor01doc: That Culley elbow was ugly. They will argue he pulled out and contact was minimal. 1-2 weeks.
DrSeuss: FFS Touk – this is not the week to take the 3rd qtr off. Get involved
MrWalrus: See me ride out of the sunset on your colour tv screen
DrSeuss: So Taggers can hold Touk at every stoppage. Ok umps.
Hazza09: That?s my year done. Thanks Touk and Culley, out of all weeks
bigpens: Touk is on 94 and it’s not even 3qt yet?
TheOnyas: onya hurny
DrSeuss: He was on 80-ish at half time Bigpens – hasn?t done much this qtr
Yelse: gamble on cumberland or take culley?
Pavs: Worth a gamble I reckon Yelse
frenzy: Is Bazzo your Capt Wahab
MrWalrus: Out for all that I can get, if you know what I mean
Wahab_18: I got Neale C
Yelse: took the gamble lol
Pavs: Tim Kelly very disappointing since being with the Eagles.
banta: get back on duggan and junk it
DrSeuss: Come on Touk – needed a big game from you. Someone smash Xavier ONeill for me please. Fucking taggers
Dogs5416: 6 turn overs hurts touk 🙁
tor01doc: Culley mare for
DrSeuss: Doing sweet FA since half time is what has hurt Touk
Yelse: his done for the season culley
tor01doc: Great trade that
StuL: Culley done injured now . The SC gods. Jupiter’s cork
DrSeuss: There goes all my Leagues needed 120 from Touk and 40 from Culley. Unbelievable luck this year.
Yelse: @dr seuss you def will get it
DrSeuss: Not so sure Yelse – just going backwards. Hasn’t done much this quarter and WC coming home strong
Tangent: Culley suspended anyways
Gotigres: Wow, nice move up Hollands
bhg26: Witts has been atrocious since i brought him in
banta: lol reddn a hand on the jumper adn the guy shanks the kikc and it counts as a tackle. the stats for tackles are a joke
Baldfrog: Same Bhg must have got him at same time
tor01doc: Miller going big
original: Witts wtfffffff. Gone backwards
Hazza09: Witts has been horrendous since I traded him in

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