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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Adelaide vs Carlton, R20 of 2022

DrSeuss: Anytime now Keays – feel free to get involved, get a touch, a tackle…
exatekk: doesnt look like hes playing on ball Seuss :/
DrSeuss: Great another coach changing positions this week to screw my fantasy team over
DrSeuss: Where is he playing?
Stu7: Can?t figure why my mid fielders can?t be consistent- bloody Keays
exatekk: looks forward
exatekk: you think thats bad Stu, i put the C on him
Catatafish: Go Hinge!
DrSeuss: Gotta love it when your midfielder is moved forward just in time for League finals – FFS
pcaman2003: Keays! Lol! The story of my last few weeks of comp.
DrSeuss: Keays can’t keep up with Saad – will run all over him and waste his ball winning ability. Good decision FLOG coach
bhg26: Seems these coaches dont like you very much seuss
DrSeuss: I need to stop talking shit about them I guess – they must see what I type in here
Stu7: Oh no exetekk
DEESareSAD: Is this the same Worrel that I brought in for a 13 last year before being dropped
Catatafish: Not this uncontested turnover shit again Doc
DrSeuss: The worst thing is – the more that Adelaide are in front – the more Keays will stay in a tagging role doing nothing
pcaman2003: Keays is rubbish, and, missing Cogs, Treloar and Hewett. My worst round in ages. Poo!
Wahab_18: Docherty must have 10/12 disposals as clangers of he’s on that score wtf
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
Bluebagg11: Get out of my football team Plowman. Then stay out.
original: docherty loves a clanger. has a comp with cripps each week for most clangers
beerent11: Hewitts quiet
wadaramus: Absolutely fuck the HTB rule.
wadaramus: The AFL must have a metric of pissing the supporters off with shit umpiring.
zadolinnyj: Did not try to get rid of it unfortunately
wadaramus: Did not know you had to do that, thought you just have to had held it for too long before being tackled.
zadolinnyj: If he tried would have beeen throw up
Raspel31: After a month Dawson does something- but carn Blues.
DrSeuss: Great job Keays – kept Saad to 12 disposals – great job
wadaramus: McHenry is a hack, so is McAdam and Murphy.
wadaramus: Jones is not a defender, Milera is not a forward.
wadaramus: Dawson does no damage from the defensive goal square.
wadaramus: Nicks is a shit coach.
wadaramus: Rowe was the best crumbing forward in the SANFL.
wadaramus: Nicks makes him run up to wing/half back to get kicks.
wadaramus: Then he drops him because he kicks no goals.
MrWalrus: All good wada? Got any vallium handy? This second half may be bad for your health
DrSeuss: Does seem to make some weird calls Wada – maybe he should apply for the GWS job. Would fit right in up there
wadaramus: Might turn the telly off and just listen to the radio, less annoying!
wadaramus: If I can’t see how diabolical the umpiring is, when I hear it on the radio it is less infuriating!
MrWalrus: Don’t worry wada, they have a way of evening things out, you should be good from here.
wadaramus: I didn’t realise it was 8-14, but it’s more the bad interpretations that annoy.
Raspel31: wada- how many times must I tell you the blue pills and then the red pills. Never the pink ones.
wadaramus: LOL Raspel, I’m on the green pills 🙂 (Coopers Pale Ale!)
BigChief: Just home and Crows have this easily.
DrSeuss: How is Keays tagging and has zero tackles – while Laird has nine. Killing me Keays
Raspel31: Blues got this.
wadaramus: The umps trying their best to get that result Raspel.
wadaramus: How the fuck is Berry HTB?
BigChief: Need to make an attempt to get it out Wada. He just laid on it.
Raspel31: Now the pink tablet wada.
wadaramus: Deadset fucking joke this HTB rule, absolutely abominable.
wadaramus: WTF BC, he got tackled as soon as he took it?
BigChief: You need to learn the rule Wada
wadaramus: How the fuck can you make an attempt if you are wrapped up by multiple players?
BigChief: Yes and just laid on it. As I said you need to make an effort to get it out.
sfenda1: cripps almost atlas worthy atm
wadaramus: If you think that is HTB, you’ve been hoodwinked by the AFL mate.
BigChief: Seriously Wada. learn the fucking rules.
Catatafish: Nice Doc, way to be utterly useless yet again
wadaramus: I don’t want to learn these shit “new” interpretations of the rule.
BigChief: “new”? Been the same for years. But Adel are home so don’t blow a gasket
Raspel31: 15 points ahead wada- deep breaths and the pink tablet.
bhg26: Ah go fuck yourself cripps
original: throw. lol wtf
BigChief: Okay how was that reversed? Walsh had years.
Raspel31: GOD captained Cripps tonight.
Wahab_18: Go away Laird stop ruining Crippas hard work
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
DrSeuss: How TF does Keays have no tackles
wadaramus: Sorry BC, the HTB rule has never been so idiotically in favour of the player without the ball.
wadaramus: Part of the AFL’s mantra of fast moving footy, pay free kicks that are non-existent.
pcaman2003: Laird goes massive most weeks. Is it that he’s unable to be tagged?
Raspel31: He has a very small head pcaman. Slides through tackles.
DrSeuss: Laird has only been massive in recent weeks because his tackle numbers have been through the roof. Hard to tag that
wadaramus: Maybe his possessions are not damaging enough pcaman?
pcaman2003: Raspel. Lol! Not a head but a mere pimple.
pcaman2003: Wada. I think he impacts a lot. Without him on ground, Crows would be stuffed IMO.
BigChief: Crows should be 6+ goals up.
DrSeuss: Can Keays go a whole game as a defensive tagger and not make 1 tackle?
pcaman2003: Seuss. Yes! Next question!
wadaramus: There you go BC, is that HTB to McGovern?!
original: lol that free
BigChief: Yes Wada. He dived on it.
DrSeuss: OMG – Keays got a tackle. Give him a medal
wadaramus: Hahahaha, it was between his legs, he had no fucking idea where it was!
BigChief: Still dived on it Wada.
wadaramus: Is the AFL paying you to advocate their shit rules?
Raspel31: Come on Spurs- 1 week to go.
wadaramus: I’m loading up on Son and Kane in FPL Fantasy Raspel.
DrSeuss: It is crazy that teams don’t at least man up on Laird – at least negate his impact a little
pcaman2003: Broke 3 tackles and goals. Lol! Learn how to tackle Blues.
MrWalrus: Somehow messing up Brayshaw as VC may pay off here, cheers Mr Laird, been a star this year
Social: Wowie
pcaman2003: Crying in my milk I don’t have Laird.
BigChief: Hahaha Plowman you spud
Pies20: Wow wee boy oh boy carlton haha
Social: Ala Crippetta back in VC contention
Ash777: where’s the ump?
pcaman2003: Ump has lost his whistle. WTF!
Breezey: WTF are these umps doing
a1trader: Something special about watching Carlton crumble
frenzy: thanks Keays, nice recovery
Raspel31: Perhaps I will kive to regret Soligo’s 60 plus for Callum Brown’s monunental 9.
Pies20: Isn’t there a1 game over
pcaman2003: frenzy. Yes! Keays vastly improved after rubbish 1st half.
TheFlagger: carlton of 2021 haha this is rubbish. well played crows
frenzy: brought him in for Cogs, Lol
Ash777: mitch gets a special icon but astro naughton doesn’t :/
Raspel31: Norff apparently in the market for Erlig Haaland.
BigChief: Walker the star? Smith has been BOG by a mile.
a1trader: I barrack for Collingwood and whoever is playing Carlton 🙄😐🙃
pcaman2003: frenzy. Bet you’re sighing with relief.
Pies20: Agree chief
frenzy: last roll of the dice pcaman
TheFlagger: monster statline for crippa finally not playing ruck
MrWalrus: Because brackets is an awesome nickname, astronaughton is not, also astronaut is taken
Raspel31: 40 possies Cripps- there you go!
Social: If only there wasn?t a salary cap? imagine what you could achieve
zadolinnyj: Go crows but I want the 3rd draft pick
TheFlagger: laird captain lock every week
pcaman2003: Well played Crows. Showed the Blues up good and proper.
Social: Reckon I?ll take Lairds VC
MrWalrus: Blues were 10-3? Could legit miss finals yet, incredible choke if that happens
TheFlagger: media about to kill us for the missed tackles. very deserved but they salivate over carlton headlines
Pies20: Won’t help you zads but good effort tonight
Raspel31: God bless, goodnight- another year gone. Come on Spurs!
TheFlagger: a richmond fan talking about choking wow
DrSeuss: Don’t rob Keays of his 2nd tackle just before full time.
MrWalrus: Flagger, Carlton being disappointing is hardly a headline
thesilentl: Could be worse blues fans, at least you didn’t lose to north

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