Chat log from R20 of 2022: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

frenzy: howdy
zadolinnyj: Howdy frenzy
J.Worrall: Howdy frenzy. Hoping for a big one from Stewart.
bhg26: Funny how JJ has put off contract talks, as if any other club wants him
Pavs: CD having a rest.
pcaman2003: Stewart will go huge after freshening up.
frenzy: ball might not be down Stewart’s end much
cherry9: I?ve punted on Stewart as C
pcaman2003: Cherry9. Ballsy, but hope it comes off for you.
zadolinnyj: Very ballsy
cherry9: Logic being what you said pca. Also will have chafing at the bit to play
cherry9: Will have been*
pcaman2003: cheery9. I f he goes big, then Crisp is toast for me next week. He’s a goner
Catatafish: A typical Dunkley SC score, hit a target champ
Catatafish: I had to flog off Crisp this week for Stewart. Had Crisp 5 weeks, never again list
DEESareSAD: When you don?t have enough cash for Hewitt to Stewart grrr
bhg26: Same here dees, had to go to dale
pcaman2003: Catafish. Thought of doing same but holding off last 3 trades until after this week.
Baldfrog: Sorry about Hawkins I got him in this week
DEESareSAD: Already had dale. So I kid you not bhg. I was tossing up between a few different players. And now Hewett Is still there😂
pcaman2003: Dunkley V’s Crisp. Who sucks more?
bhg26: At least dunkley is getting it pcaman
bhg26: Not many around his price range other than like docherty and dale dees
DANGERous: crisp is now 1000000% gone, hes had enough chances
Catatafish: Pca well Crisp has been nothing but shit for me, he wins by a yard. Dunkley just shit DE these days
pcaman2003: bhg. Trade to Stewart probably my last backline trade. Need a forward trade too, but limited for Prem player.
bhg26: Stewart at his best is bang for buck pcaman
Raspel31: Go you good Doggies!
pcaman2003: bhg. I’m jsu peed off that he got himself rubbed out and I had to trade him. Wasted trade.
bhg26: Pretty inconsiderate of him pcaman, but i didnt own him so it helped me
DrSeuss: Stewart started on fire – has been going backwards since the first 15 minutes
bhg26: Jamarras gotten pretty good all of a sudden
DrSeuss: Ahhh McRae – you’ve done it again…
bhg26: Oh my god Hawkins, what the fuck was that lmao
mattmac24: That wasn’t really Hawkins’s fault. Danger should have gone back to try and kick a goal
Raspel31: Clever DrSeuss-lol- but never give up on McRae.
bhg26: true mattmac, but hawkins made himself look like a fool
bhg26: cd having a mare
bhg26: get off the pine dale
bhg26: English was on 38 at qt
DrSeuss: English get off the pine and start winning the football ffs
bhg26: So i think dunkley is better than crisp pcaman
beerent11: Think I?ll be starting Atkins next year. Looks ready to take over from the old guys
bhg26: You were doing so well bont, no youve just stopped
Raspel31: I believe the civilised world will breath a sigh of relief that justice exists if the Doggies win this.
mattmac24: Thinking the same Beer
Beaza18: Mitch Hannan … not a footballer’s flower.
pcaman2003: bhg. Looking like it now. Good comeback that qtr.
Manowar: got the C on sniper Stewart tonight!
DrSeuss: What is with Rucks this week (other than Marshall). English do something please
Catatafish: Seuss, rucks this year are a nightmare
DrSeuss: Agreed Catata – although I could say that about my entire team, has not been a successful year
Catatafish: True, forward line has been good, and mids too. Defenders stuffed me mostly
Catatafish: Fuck me English, want to contribute?
colin wood: Duncan intercept mark and effective kick for no SC .. ok CD?
duckky: CD is taking an extra 5 minutes to get the scores up Colin Wood. It takes time to translate the telegraph messages
Raspel31: Ah well, you gave it an early nudge Doggies. Damn
Social: Umps are killing us 😉
DrSeuss: Need the Dogs to look like scoring so Stewart can actually see the ball
Social: One of the great quarters of footy
Raspel31: There was a time Macrae was default cap- oh so many years ago.
Danstar: Fk Mccomb off goodnight
bhg26: Another failed captaincy, onto fantasy premier league
MrWalrus: Rasp, that was earlier this year
Raspel31: Indeed bhg- doing my draft tomorrow night. Carn Spurs.
Social: woof
Danstar: Can you make a icon for Mccomb. A sausage roll

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