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Chat log from R20 of 2022: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R20 of 2022

MrWalrus: Carn’ hawks, strictly for ladder reasons, hope Hanners goes well
Stu7: Go Steelo 170 please
Baldfrog: Don’t say that Stu tossed up between Steele or Touk for C and took Touk
Hazza09: Don?t shaft me today Sicily
Stu7: Bald frog ok mate – come on Steelo 169
Baldfrog: That’s better Stu
MrWalrus: Marshall could be a killer pick next year as lone ruck with Hayes supporting
DrSeuss: Fantastic to see another of my players tagged in this game. Let?s go Sinclair
Baldfrog: Marshall gets injured too often tho
Hazza09: What?s that icon next to Sicily mean?
MrWalrus: What ruck doesn’t these days Bald? It’s for Membrey Hazza
Pavs: Playing on Membrey Skunk
bhg26: Rowan going bonkers
Baldfrog: Agree with this year Walrus rucks have been a nightmare
Hazza09: Geez didn?t even realise Owens was a late in
banta: can’t beieve Crouch hasn’t been injured in so long. Used to get inured all the time. Good now
pcaman2003: Dangerous tackle? Lol! Great tackle by 2 Hawks brought him to ground.
Baldfrog: Hanners should win bounce of the year
bhg26: yay hanneberry
zadolinnyj: Love to see hanners
DrSeuss: Why is Steele being played forward??
zadolinnyj: Got a draw in this one
banta: how was steele not KOd
TheFlagger: hill piss weak. teammate down back gets tagged and still does fuck all
MrWalrus: pca I want your lot to win but looked pretty dangerous to me
Hazza09: What?s up with Steele today?
Wahab_18: Go rowann
MrWalrus: How good is Hanners!? Been a real shame how he’s struggled with injuries, an absolute A grader
DrSeuss: Stay on the ground Titch – need a good score from you
pcaman2003: Walrus. We’ll need to improve a bit,but still a chance. Be nice to beat Saints.
Baldfrog: Saints gunna lose this playing nothing footy again
DrSeuss: How is that high contact – he literally shrugged under the arm
sMiles: scores are suss – MArshall? C’mon
DrSeuss: Taggers are a blight on the game when all they do is play the man.
Baldfrog: Mind you umps are trying to help saints
Hazza09: Ffs Sicily
Stu7: Off the bench VC Steelo
pcaman2003: Seuss. Between taggers, crap umpiring, injuries ,players rested, etc etc, this year wasted my time.
TheFlagger: all i care about is players not getting injured for the rest of the season
DrSeuss: Injuries, Taggers and Coaches just changing players positions for fun. Why TF is Steele playing so much forward today?
pcaman2003: Where are the Hawks of the past few weeks? This is terrible.
Stu7: Marshal
MrWalrus: Apart from a few bits of silliness I reckon umpiring standard has been the best in years
banta: crouch a freak way better than his brother
TheFlagger: the new rule changes are great for the game
Grimes Jr: Calling a b grader a freak lol
StuL: And guess who my oppo has as a unique? Marshall of course
zadolinnyj: To be fair he has had a great half
cherry9: Looped in Owens for Tom Green last minute. On track so far
Hazza09: Is it worth trading short to Stewart?
thesilentl: @mrwalrus youd be the only person whod say umpiring standard is good. Umps no chance with all the interpretation changes
TheFlagger: absolutely hazza
TheFlagger: likely 30 point difference each week
TheFlagger: upside for 50 given all the games played at gmhba
pcaman2003: Hazza. If you have enough trades to do so, I would if it were me.
Hazza09: I have 2 trades and 97k
frenzy: unny for the Lul Lol’s hazza
Catatafish: Be careful Hazza, I brought in Stewart for Crisp so he may be tainted!
pcaman2003: Shocking half Hawks. Wake up!
thommoae: I traded that way Hazza – but had to backtrack when Cogs was out.
Hazza09: Cata you nailed that trade
MrWalrus: What interpretation change silent? The only change has been to pay HTB properly at last, ie remove interpretation
MrWalrus: Hazza the rest of your team must be awesome to be upgrading Short but if he’s your biggest problem then go for it
beerent11: Reckon short goes back to defence this week. Ralphsmith out. No defender bought in.
TheFlagger: who is a bigger problem than short walrus? cripps i guess and crisp no one else really majorly owned
circle52: Josh Morris subbed for Emerson Jeka
Pavs: Owens looks like he can play abit
tor01doc: Go Maginnes – stop Steele
pjw1234: to bad i missed owens in. have him on the bench and no e next to his name
beerent11: Thinking of looping Owens in for danger. If he gets to 80 feel like I have to
Pavs: I have him on the bench also pjw1234, dont need him this week but looks like reasonable cover.
Catatafish: Hazza that’d be a first for defenders, although Stewart hasn’t played yet..
Stu7: What?s with Steele ffs
DrSeuss: Sicily and Steele doing sweet FA this qtr
pcaman2003: Wowee! Hawks goal. Clap,clap,clap.
Stu7: I bring in Steele and he dies always to happen to me
Stu7: Spuds
bigpens: Keep going Rowan
beerent11: He?s on 80 before 3qtr time stu. Get ya hand off it mate.
Wahab_18: Big Rowan single handedly saving my matchup
Dogs5416: How steele and Sinclair are the same is beyond me
Hazza09: Steele and Sicily out of all weeks
pcaman2003: Make the Saints accountable Hawks, Stop allowing them so much space. I hate modern football.
beerent11: Why are knobs complaining about Steele? He?s on for 110-120
bigpens: Lift Marshall, of all weeks you do this to me
DrSeuss: Hawks getting all the frees right now
zadolinnyj: That?s what you do on fanfooty.complain about points, -layers, umpires and Brodie tog
Manowar: The knobs need more, they need something extra!
tor01doc: Too
bhg26: whats this about brodies tog zado?
tor01doc: Too late in the season for Owens. Can?t capitalise.
DrSeuss: Sicily getting ignored by all of his teammates this game
pcaman2003: I have a complaint. Complainers are always complaining about complainers.
zadolinnyj: Ask Pendles after basketball bhg26
bhg26: what does he have some sort of basketball background zado?
Stu7: 110 – 120 doesn?t cut it for VC beer
MrWalrus: It’s why time seems to slow down when he has the ball bhg
Wahab_18: Go Rowan finish big!
MrWalrus: 110-120 is welcome anytime
Stu7: Look like it Zerret for C
Baldfrog: Thats why u get a C incase your VC is $hit
bhg26: Is bont going to get tagged?
pcaman2003: The Saints can’t possibly lose this, can they?
DrSeuss: Surely not. Steele – maybe you could do something for your team in this quarter?
Wahab_18: flower you whoever gave the free away to steele
Stu7: Pca they certainly can – they are experts at it
Wahab_18: Go Rowan loving it!
bhg26: 30 touches, 9 marks, 7 tackles and 34 h/o. ridiculous
Wahab_18: fml i wish that went out on the full from steele
Stu7: Go back to sleep Steele to late to
Stu7: Make amends now
MrWalrus: This is why Ryder must go bhg, Marshall is a gun when he gets to ruck all day,makes the saints look better too.
Stu7: Bhg that?s nuts hey
bhg26: Pretty nuts stu
bhg26: Anyway is bont getting tagged yeah or nah?
Wahab_18: bhg praying he does get a tag
Pavs: Cats dont really tag bhg
Stu7: He should be fine bhg
bhg26: doesnt o’connor tag though?
simma1978: Cheers Cogs for being a late out. Traded Trealor for Marshall

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