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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2022

Manowar: Coniglio managed? WTF what are GWS tanking for?
bhg26: Can Brenton Speed stop commentating swans games, he just doesn?t like us
Wahab_18: Cogs out with soreness
DrSeuss: Seriously. Fuck this game sometimes. Culley come on down I guess.
bhg26: Sam Taylor is going to take 15 contested marks today
Wahab_18: Did Tom Green just go from 9 to -1? Wtf
DANGERous: go chad
bhg26: We have already had about 10 kicks not go 15
DrSeuss: Mills playing out wide on a wing again?
Raspel31: Mills ticking over nicely- hmm?
Grimes Jr: Lift mills spud
thommoae: What ya smoking, bhg? Brenton Speed is one of the better commentators.
bhg26: He doesn?t like us thommoae, always calls against us
DrSeuss: Where is Mills playing? Get him on the ball Longmire you flog
Wahab_18: Got a week off and cogs out today and T Green is still shower ffs
Pavs: Nice Mills
thommoae: Blimey, thin skin at the home of the ‘noble banner’ …
DANGERous: get himmelberg back into defence
bhg26: Preuss making Mumford proud, dog act
thommoae: “dog act’? Letting yer bias show, bhg. Free kick – a dumb one – but a free is all.
DrSeuss: Himmelberg back in defense and Mills back in the middle please. Coaches screwing with us all this week
bhg26: And you are letting your bias show thommoae, coward act. Anyone can knock someone over when they?re not looking
bhg26: Not you being a coward act that was meant for preuss
DANGERous: ok slow down now chad, lol
DrSeuss: Surely if Cumming is being tagged you move Himmelberg back to get some run and carry from behind
beerent11: Not watching. Is Himmel fwd?
DANGERous: yes beer, sadly
beerent11: No cogs?
bhg26: Rested beer
beerent11: Well fuck me
beerent11: As you were.
DrSeuss: Where do GWS coaches get this idea that Himmelberg is a good forward? Especially after his recent run down back?
DANGERous: seriously get himmel back, you’re getting ruined
bhg26: Wouldn?t mind Chad getting a touch this quarter
circle52: Bring in Himmelberg for Cogs to avoid donut. May have been better not trading.
DrSeuss: Wouldn?t mind a GWS coach that doesn?t seem to fuck with fantasy players each year.
Grimes Jr: Mills 120 pls
bhg26: Earth to Chad
bhg26: And I wish I could fly Seuss, it ain?t happening
DrSeuss: True bhg – I wouldn?t mind if their decisions actually made sense. Himmelberg has never been a great forward
pcaman2003: Who did Heeney blow to end up on 56 pts half time?
DrSeuss: Surely GWS coach switches it up in the 2nd half – first half they were killed
Wahab_18: Please take Himmelberg to defence 🙁
Raspel31: Simply loving Callum Brown’s bench cover- 2 superb disposals.
bhg26: Chadwick has vanished
bc__: Racking another beer. Cheers Himmelberg
Stu7: Aleer is showing him how it?s done Rasp
Grimes Jr: Happy with mills for a change
DrSeuss: Himmelberg moved back – gets a tag. Ffs
Stu7: Hey pca maybe it was Brown he?s spending a lot of time on the bench
thommoae: Witches’ hats. Sigh.
bhg26: Chad I love ya, but get off the pine
bhg26: You?ve had 3 touches since quarter time
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Preuss ffs
Stu7: Love your work Taranto
pcaman2003: Hey Stu7. I think he must have done the whole team at CD .
bhg26: Kingy doesn?t understand the rules
bhg26: Get off the pine Chad
Wahab_18: Himmelburg showrness making up for my opp having cogs 🙁
Stu7: Come on Heeney and Llyod
bhg26: Sorry for trying to have a bit of fun bringing Chad in, I?ll never have fun doing this again
MrWalrus: So true bhg, not watching this game but kingy 100% needs to brush up on the rules, always saying dumb stuff
StuL: Keeping Preuss was a good idea. Ffs
pcaman2003: bhg26. Just another of the many anomalies this year. So hard to predict who will play well
circle52: To true pacaman extra 5 trades this year and still can not get it right, Have to hold Short and Crisp due to injuries et
Stu7: Finger out this quarter Heeney
pcaman2003: circle. Isaid last week that this is my worst year yet over 8 or 9 years. Been a nightmare
Stu7: Nice work Llyod
DrSeuss: Stop ignoring Mills in space
DrSeuss: Pca – has been a hell year – yet somehow some people have dodged it all. Unbelievable
Social: come on Himmelbusch
pcaman2003: Seuss. Thta’s called the luck of the Irish more than great planning.
The Ogre: Wake up Heeney it’s junk time ole bean
bhg26: Junk time Chad
Raspel31: GWS stumbled upon a veritable goldmine in Callum Brown, sigh.
Stu7: Good work Heeney
bhg26: No not the bench flower me
Stu7: Ffs Llyod and Heeney on the bench wtf
NickyD: @Raspel, that would be Callum M Brown. Very officious name.
Stu7: Put Parker on the bench
Stu7: My opponent has him lol 😂
Stu7: Go back to sleep Taranto ya flog
bhg26: Flower off perryman games over mate let Chad be free
bhg26: That was absolutely pathetic from the Giants
Raspel31: Lol NickyD.

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