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Chat log from R20 of 2022: Collingwood vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Collingwood vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2022

navy_blues: think port can win this
Pavs: Heads up all Coniglio out for GWS.
Pavs: Afternoon all
Yelse: geez this year keeps getting worse with the outs
Yelse: oh my umps here we go already sooo soft
bhg26: Daicos -44 lmao
bhg26: And Boak 138 and rozee -37 interesting scores
Raspel31: Boak having a cracker- 138 SC
Raspel31: Conigs out? Pooh.
Yelse: both teams left their skills at training
thommoae: Cheers, Pavs
MrWalrus: Hi all, bit sad today, somehow messed up my VC on Brayshaw so relying on captain Laird
MrWalrus: Let’s go port, keep the finals race interesting
Yelse: anyone know why cogs is out? is it just a one weeker?
circle52: Glad I kept my last 2 trades, Cogs covered by Hobbs
circle52: Any more outs and have to decide whether to trade or donut.
Catatafish: Coniglio soreness apparently
MrWalrus: Damnit Cogs, never had a doughnut until this season, this will be my 7th or 8th since byes
MrWalrus: My season definitely needs the Yin Yang icon
Dredd: Handy having Cameron has fwd emg.. saved me for now
bhg26: Onya Crispy, standard start
HolyNorf: Hewett, Houston and Coniglio all out, what a week
Dredd: Glad I trade Houston to Gawn with Hewett and now Cogs out
Raspel31: Ditto Holy.
bhg26: Did they just call a butters fumble that went to a teammate a turnover? Also missed a tackle
Catatafish: Good thing I have Curtis as backup…
Yelse: add treloar to that for me @ holynorf
navy_blues: curtis not playing
Yelse: plus VC on ollie having a great week and add crisp poor start
Hazza09: Nice start Crisp
Pavs: Sums up this season Catatafish
Manowar: early injury for Collingwood please, need number 45 on A-SAP
Yelse: umpires have ruined this game
bc__: My God Crisp what have you become
Dredd: Pies could be sucking freos ding dongs by seasons end for drawing with the tigs
DrSeuss: Crisp and Naicos WTF – I have you both and my opponent has fucking Duursma and is beating me
bhg26: Crisp needs his mrs to make another TikTok on how to score fantasy points again
thesilentl: Umpires having a laugh, 3 absolutely shocking calls for Port goals
Yelse: umpires have pretty much given port 4 goals
Hazza09: Seriously never again crisp
MrWalrus: Got the standard pie barracking commentating today I see
Dredd: I look forward to seeing yours tomorrow Walrus hehe
bhg26: Butters and Crisp, flower me
thommoae: To go with “never again, Tracca’, Hazza? 😉
Grimes Jr: If Collingwood finish 5th they will lose in week 1
Manowar: Collingwood supporters blaming the umpires, this is something new!
navy_blues: why is that grimes?
Stu7: Come on Wines you knuckle head as soon as I bought you youve turned into a spud
Dredd: Got pies to finish 7th atm but will be 8th by 2 pts to the tigs if they lose this game
Grimes Jr: They r average navy blues. Whoever plays them will win. Even we dealt with them comfortably
thesilentl: Typical anti pie losers in here, shocking umpiring and you’re all jacking each other off over it
MrWalrus: Dredd, only pies get commentators actively cheering them on, it’s really annoying, why have Buckley do their games?
Dredd: Yeah very true. Is tad annoying on that point. Never see a Browny get lions games for example
Yelse: trying to understand the first goal. didn’t know you can give frees before game starts
thesilentl: 100% agree bucks shouldn’t commentate pies games…or any games
Yelse: i don’t think any ex players should commentate their teams
MrWalrus: OK silent, deep breaths buddy, I mean barely anyone even mentioned umpires bar you
bhg26: Butters woeful
NickyD: Yelse nothing in that. Just one for the haters to soak up. Umpiring in 2022 has generally been horrendous.
navy_blues: you can always tell who the comm entators are going for though
Yelse: @nicky take away being a free or not which it wasn’t how do you pay one before game begins
Yelse: not even the clock has started
NickyD: Yelse well it happened, so it must be in the rulebook. Commentators said there was 0.01 second on the clock.
Grimes Jr: Clearly a mark to Marshall
MrWalrus: Ginnivan really putting his head down after a slow start
Yelse: wonder why carmichael got dropped again should never have been dropped after crows game either
MrWalrus: Agree Grimes, young Burgoyne reminds me so much of his uncle silk.
MrWalrus: I reckon it would be his decision making Yelse, he can get it but what happens from there was a bit of a lottery
Stu7: Wines you d1ck
pcaman2003: So peed off Cogs being managed in other game. I thought he was playing,now I’m screwed.
Yelse: where is crisps playing? fwd?
Grimes Jr: Why r pies fans spooking so much about umpires?
DANGERous: cya later crisp
Grimes Jr: Haha ginnivan such a flog
thesilentl: Burgoyne with the duck…add him to the list
Yelse: anyone know how grundy did in VFL?
DrSeuss: Same Pca – just when I thought my team was ok?Crisp and Naicos making it worse
thesilentl: @Grimes big man sledging a 19year old? Stick to crying about losing to North
Grimes Jr: Tbf can?t be annoyed at daicos drseuss. Ultimately a first year player
DrSeuss: Where are they playing Naicos this week?
thesilentl: Cop that Grimes, more tears
Yelse: umps really aren’t giving the blatant obvious FK to pies
MrWalrus: 19yo is fair game, can legally drink, vote & flower, is a massive flog
Grimes Jr: Ur an angry man silent! #hotpies
colin wood: Good job Ginni
SwaggyP: Paying out on a 19yr old is weird but it’s funny seeing pies fans take the high ground on something lol
DrSeuss: More annoyed at Crisp tbh Grimes. And Macrae when he plays about with positions from week to week.
Breezey: That puts Ginny up with you then Walrus
bhg26: Ginnivan just backed into that bloke expecting a free
Grimes Jr: Agreed Seuss. I?ve got crisp and short at d 5 and d6 with 2 trades left after cogs. Frustrating
DrSeuss: Was also too late to trade out Cogs – so now relying on Culley cover
Grimes Jr: Feel like if gingival didn?t have this whole ego/ Ballantyne like presence he wouldn?t be relevant. Not overly talented
MrWalrus: Wrong breezey, I’m an old fat opinionated loudmouth, totally different thing
Yelse: looks ike adam gabbed his groin
colin wood: Love the Ginni hate keep it coming guys
Breezey: Put him down for another one Grimes
NickyD: “Ginnivan not overly talented” as he kicks his 3rd goal. LOL Grimes you flog
SwaggyP: Love Ginni. Wish he was on my team
xjumpman23: Liam Ryan, Cumberland or Culley? Anyone under 237k. Missed the cogs late out…
SwaggyP: every good team needs a pest that will do damage on the scoreboard and do damage mentally. Ginni is that 100%
NickyD: Onya SwaggyP, fair play
bhg26: Ginnivan is talented, just has to settle down on trying to draw frees as often as he does
colin wood: Good quarter Butters
DrSeuss: Every week my opponent has some random that has his best game – seems this week it is Duursma
zadolinnyj: my team is decimated with injury. COGs the final straw
MrWalrus: Lol, as if oppo teams get mentally damaged by a flopping little twat, it’s his footy that’s damaging, not his flogginess
Stu7: Hi all is Boak okay?
colin wood: Love the hate from the Richmond boys in here keep it coming
Stu7: Same here Zado
Stu7: Given this covid shit they gotta start introducing at least 3 trades
MrWalrus: Zado, since byes has been a nightmare for some, others seem to have almost completely dodged it
MrWalrus: The only “hate” in here is black & white colin, why waste any emotion on your trash club?
Stu7: xjumpman23- hollands $217 Suns
colin wood: Trash club? That?s laughable enjoy your next 40 years of shitness lol
Stu7: What injury do Boak cop?
xjumpman23: thanks Stu, over Culley you reckon?
NickyD: Walrus with the self contradiction. Hilarious!
Yelse: adams out? i called it when i saw him grab that groin
Stu7: No I?d go Cully if you have the coin for sure
MrWalrus: 40 years of not being a haven for rapists, criminals, cheats & general human trash, I’m happy where I stand on this.
Grimes Jr: Ok. Game on. Pies to lose
MrWalrus: Hehe, degoey = rowboat
NickyD: Walrus thanks for sharing your opinion. We can all relax now.
colin wood: Lol – quite hilarious. Might want to check on your own club mate as Richmond have done all of what you said. Classic.
Stu7: Anyone tell me what happened to Boak please? Than? you
m0nty: back on the game please
colin wood: Hammy tightness I believe Stu
Stu7: Thanks Colin wood – champion
zadolinnyj: not watching, how many high free kicks to Ginni
NickyD: @Zado – 0 frees from 1 attempt
Grimes Jr: How was that not 15. It was about 20
bhg26: 25 I thought grimey
colin wood: 0 from frees – but the Richmond boys in here say he?s not talented. They have Costsgna and Aarts but who are much better
zadolinnyj: ta NickyD
Grimes Jr: No one ever said Cartagna or aarts were good, champion
zadolinnyj: 3 goals seems pretty good to me in a half
bhg26: Why is Carmichael medi sub again, he?s pretty good
bhg26: Nah that?s not high
Dredd: Boak has been on 61 since QT..
zadolinnyj: Cox has 5 possessions and a goal and celebrates like he is killing it
bhg26: Ffs port do something
pcaman2003: I feel better now seeing Crisp playing another blinder, just like my other champion players.
bhg26: Crispy absolute rubbish
bhg26: Collingwood fans must have so much fun at the footy just complaining all day
SwaggyP: kills me that the pies are a good team
DrSeuss: Crisp is always nearby – teammates just looking the other way. Naicos much the same. Running round – getting nothing
SwaggyP: bhg26 sunday was a madhouse. Pies fans are victims, always.
thesilentl: @bhg you have fun all day whining about pies fans
colin wood: Great hands Ginni
thesilentl: Pies are an average side @swaggyp but playing an entertaining style and been very lucky in tight games
bhg26: First time I?ve said anything about pies fans? today. not my fault you are all miserable watching the footy
m0nty: welcome back Darcy C
bhg26: And at least I?m having fun
pcaman2003: I’ll lose this final,but able to laugh at the comedy central chat. Makes my day.
Yelse: anyone know if grundy did well VFL to replace cox
colin wood: Pies have won 9 in a row far from an average side. We?re young and still developing there?s a difference. N
DrSeuss: Where tf was this last week Darcy C?
Raspel31: Hmm, happy I held on to DC- been a while.
Grimes Jr: For all the soaking about the umps pies getting a pretty good run
colin wood: How so Grimes? Who?s complaining? Champion
MrWalrus: Not compared to normal though Grimes
MrWalrus: Still very much game on here, colin….. Surely you jest?
SwaggyP: Silent, the pies have shown if you don’t put em away, they’ll get ya. Good side imo
banta: wtf crisp absolutely useless spastic
colin wood: We?re a young team Walrus it?s never over any game isn?t over until the siren sounds.
Yelse: i think ppl are forgetting they stopped melb run and thrashed them beat free in perth on this run
a1trader: @Yelse, the VFL is tomorrow morning
Stu7: Boak anchor
frenzy: 11 disp 21 hitouts, Yelse
pcaman2003: Raspel. I chose Jackson over Cameron some time back now, but having buyers remorse now.
Stu7: Duursma 18 for 45 ripped off
Dredd: Pies played today in VFL @a1trader.. smh. And not really Yelsa, got beaten in hit outs v Southport plus 11 poss
Yelse: Thanks @ a1trader
Stu7: Crisp is fried
pcaman2003: Well, Crisp is definitely on my never again list, no matter how cheap he is.
MrWalrus: Carmichael is an aggressive jerk of a player, I like it
Stu7: Pca same here like Boak
Grimes Jr: Carn pears
bc__: Crisp needs a spell in the 2s
Yelse: crisps needs a rest too many consecutive games
pcaman2003: Stu7. Had Boak earlier in the year and burnt me .
colin wood: Crisp has had a niggle for the past 6 weeks. Definitely not playing at 100%
Grimes Jr: Go u pears
Stu7: If you can?t hack the heat crisp stay over from the heat
Stu7: Pca totally regret buying him
MrWalrus: Crisp is playing fine, just been shuffled to a non fantasy role, naicos has the halfback distribution role
banta: why play someone if they aren’t 100%. stupid. crisp is never again. sucks
bc__: McCreery gonna be a player
Stu7: ?Over – out
thesilentl: Another dodgy port goal
DrSeuss: Crisp and Naicos – great week to forget what the footy looks like.
Yelse: if anyone says umpiring has not been against the pies this game u are delusional
Stu7: Walrus – no one plays fine unless they?re scoring us points lol 😂
Grimes Jr: Been some poor decisions both ways and u have had 6 more frees yelse.
MrWalrus: Umpiring has certainly not been against pies Yelse, oops forgot that Stu
Stu7: Off the bench ya slug Boak anchor
Yelse: @ grimes frees are frees but when they get them wrong and and to direct goals its huge
Grimes Jr: There u go. A poor one given to Cameron that gets the pies out of jail
Grimes Jr: Which leads to a goal?
colin wood: A poor one? Lol.. kidding yourself
colin wood: Nice try but
MrWalrus: Grimes don’t be ridiculous, that was the best umpiring all afternoon
Grimes Jr: Mcreery holding the ball not given
DrSeuss: Carmichael about to overtake Crisp – useless fucking flog
colin wood: Richmond boys clutching at straws love it.. wish I could spend my weekend trolling
NickyD: Grimes 2nd team is Richmond. His 1st team is whoever plays Collingwood that week haha
MrWalrus: But you are colin
thesilentl: Grimes only supports Richmond when they are winning, took him 2 weeks to reappear after the north lost
colin wood: Who am I trolling Walrus? I reply to you and your mates deluded comments
bhg26: I think everyone who owns Crisp should get an extra trade for putting up with crisps shit
bhg26: Crisp owner btw
TheLegend6: Love his durability but I’m never picking Crisp again
colin wood: Onya Jordy
Stu7: Crisp is burnt out 😂
MrWalrus: Suggesting perhaps the pies aren’t getting robbed by the umps today is deluded?
Social: All these close finishes against lowly teams would be giving Gil indigestion
MrWalrus: Nice Stu
Grimes Jr: Fair play to pies for still being in the 4. Will be the worst top 4 side in the past 20 years if they make it
thesilentl: Why so salty @Grimes
circle52: @bhg Thought with the 5 extra trades thuis year we would be OK. How wrong Crisp and Short have to keep due to injuries
StuL: Crisp could have been axed instead of Short. Dud
Manowar: C’mon Port Adelaide, the real Magpies!
bhg26: Spewing I?m stuck with those two spuds circle
Social: Gil just did a little vomit in his mouth
bhg26: Dixon you moron
TheLegend6: Pies in a close one again, against another team who won’t play finals
colin wood: 10 in a row
Stu7: Goal on the siren Boak anchor
MrWalrus: I believe Grimes’ comment about worst top 4 side is statistically supported
NickyD: Pies players only 1 ton in SC in two weeks. None last week.
daniel87: once again collingwood gifted the win gotta love the bias umpires
thesilentl: 10 in a row! What a team
Manowar: umpires, get Collingwood another win!
navy_blues: another “just” win
NickyD: GO PIES!!!! 10 in a row. Keep the trolls and hate coming 🙂
a1trader: Does anyone give Melbourne a chance next Friday against these hot pies?
Grimes Jr: Yes. Melbourne will wipe the floor with them
Social: Get your series tickets now pies
thesilentl: Like last time @grimes….no wait pies wiped the demons
Grimes Jr: Silent look at ur percentage. Says it all champ
NickyD: silent got “champed”! Oh no!

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