Chat log from R20 of 2022: Fremantle vs Melbourne

MrWalrus: Stewart to Hall 4-5 weeks ago now officially my worst trade ever barring Stewart catastrophe, evening all
J.Worrall: Go Dees
Yelse: afternoon ladies and gentlemen. good luck for SC finals
Yelse: who is everyone VC C. thinking Laird into zerret
MrWalrus: Stewart to Hall 4-5 weeks ago now officially my worst trade ever barring Stewart catastrophe, evening all
Stu7: Evening all
frenzy: evening chaps
Stu7: frenzy
Stu7: Steele to Zerret
TheFlagger: Luke Jackson Cup. Darcy into Laird
J.Worrall: Jackson starts in ruck!
MrWalrus: Brayshaw (Freo) into Laird here Yelse
Yelse: i change Vc to oliver last sec now realised aish in on him
Stu7: Bugger Yelse
bigpens: Brodie TOG low
Pavs: Evening all. VC Oli Cap Laird
Social: Why on earth would Freo want to revisit this guernsey
Gotigres: Good evening.
DrSeuss: Gawn starting forward – not ideal in a wet game
Stu7: Hey Gotigres
Social: Laird gently into Miller
Stu7: Go 2 x Brayshaws
MrWalrus: Don’t be silly bigpens, but at 100% TOG he should be dominating!
Gotigres: Are you in the finals Stu in Fanfooty?
wadaramus: Happy Friday people 🙂
Stu7: Yes Gotigres – you?
wadaramus: Sucking on a can of Big Shed Boozy Fruit, yummo.
Yelse: come oliver what is going on grab the ball
MrWalrus: Lol social, almost tenderly?
bigpens: Was this Freos guernsey when Mundy debuted?
bhg26: Trac just staying forward, not great
Bluebagg11: Clean it up Clarry
original: Hope schultz gets a fine for that
Gotigres: Yes Stu. Somehow I finished in 8th spot. I’m very happy to live for one more week.
Social: shower free
stocko12: bigpens, Dockers have had 32 jerseys, this was the only one Mundy hadn’t worn til tonight.
Social: Yep Walrus, you can’t rush these things
zadolinnyj: I missed out in league 1 by Kelly score
original: On replay it was a dive but not fine worthy
zadolinnyj: Great goal
Catatafish: Slow down Clarry and Maxy don’t get too many points for me
DrSeuss: Gawn has had a handball, a free for and a couple of hit outs. What?s going on with his score?
ado88: Gawn dropped a sitter
Gotigres: Petracca already killing my season in Fanfooty
TheFlagger: death, taxes, dockers shitting the bed in wet weather
bhg26: wowee gawn
Hazza09: I can see Darcy having a mare tonight
DrSeuss: Gawn dropping everything tonight – generally not a good sign
Catatafish: Of course my opp has Ryan as a unique. Get a yo-yo 50 champ.
Catatafish: Hazza, looks like none of the rucks are setting the world alight tonight
original: Not a sliding free lol
Social: All coz that dumbass swans player broke his shins years ago
NickyD: Gee Brodie on the bench with 69% game time. Seems a tad low
Yelse: missed oliver tackle
PowerBug: How is it Round 20 and people are still talking about Brodie’s TOG
bhg26: You mean the one that plays for you now social?
DANGERous: you’re a silly boy pb
pcaman2003: Aish is towelling up Oliver. Oliver looks hopeless.
Gotigres: Yes NickyD. I’m very surprised Brodie has a very low TOG. Who would have thought?
zadolinnyj: Makes u wonder why aish not a midfielder. Drafted as one
bhg26: yeah whats the deal with brodies tog?
MrWalrus: lol bhg, it was Goodes’ fault but yeah, just what I eas thinking, also think it’s an excellent rule
Stu7: Starting to regret not putting VC on Brayshaw now
Gotigres: Start the qtr on the bench Brodie. You have not had a long enough rest.
Gotigres: Love that kick Petracca. Please lose 15 points
zadolinnyj: He obviously has an average tank
DrSeuss: Ok I get the normal Brodie TOG issues – but this is even worse than normal – Nearly at 50% ffs
zadolinnyj: Viney wow
pcaman2003: Oliver! Look at
Yelse: seriously oliver lift ffs get to 50 at least min by HT
pcaman2003: Oliver! Look at Aish and gets some tips, cos you’re stinking it up .
Ninty: Oliver was always a trade out once injured. Spuddy bud pud dud
Stikman35: Get off Brodie. Over exerted on that free
Danstar: Shattered I put Oliver back in over laird
sMiles: Hard to catch a ball with a broken thumb – Geelong fixed his little red wagon
yeah_nah: umpiring broken in this game.
DrSeuss: So glad I have Gawn – playing teams with both Brayshaws and Trac
Chelskiman: What is going on with these umps!
zadolinnyj: Broke
pcaman2003: Brayshaw never has anyone near him so gets easy touches. Obviously doesn’t worry other teams.
Grimes Jr: Cmon darcy
Stikman35: And Brian Taylor told you so
DrSeuss: Yeah Brayshaw gets a ridiculous amount of easy touches – but just runs all day
pcaman2003: Only 1st game and my round is looking stuffed already. My craziest season ever.
DrSeuss: Also Gawn has been completely useless since starting the game forward.
Yelse: they need to stop the tag not working
Social: 10 pts bhg, you get to spin the wheel
Fatbar5tad: Dont think m ill be going Darcy next year
Hazza09: You?ve been useless Darcy since I bought you in
pcaman2003: Hazza. The rucks have been hot and cold all year. Hard to find high consistency anywhere.
DrSeuss: Brodie starting on the bench – unbelievable. Also Gawn how about trying to win a ruck contest?
sMiles: PLease stop cpmplaining about Brodie – not owning him has killed my season.
bigpens: Is Brodie injured?
DrSeuss: Brodie has been awesome – highest contested possessions on the ground – just magnetised to the bench
pcaman2003: Didn’t expect Aish to score so highly while making Clarry look very average.
hinsch: Melbourne seem to play better than Naarm
Grimes Jr: Cmon Darcy
DrSeuss: Gawn with 1 mark so far this game. Couldn’t catch a cold tonight
Yelse: if i didn’t lose treloar and hewett this week brodie would have gone with darcy cameron
Gotigres: Better get on the bench Brodie. You’ve been on field for 5 minutes.
DrSeuss: Stupid thing is Brodie has been unreal for Freo but just keeps getting pulled to the bench – moreso than usual
Gotigres: Thanks for listening Brodie…not.
bc__: Darcy you big fkn dildo. Do something…..anything
zadolinnyj: Can we stop talking Brodie and bench. Seem him at least 4 times absolutely cooked. He has not played much footy in caree
Hazza09: Piss weak Darcy, never again
DrSeuss: Out on the full – that will be back to the bench
Yelse: petracca and brayshaw for opp and me with VC oliver gonna get knocked out of two finals
DrSeuss: Guess who starts on the bench lol
DrSeuss: Brayshaw having a massive seagull game. 4 contested possessions out of 25
dipstick: @bc a big fuck dildo is known as a daffodildo
pcaman2003: Yelse . I’ll probably join you. Oppo has Brayshaw,Ryan and Tracca. I have VC Clarry, Brodie and Jackson.
pcaman2003: And down 116 already. Call me Titanic.
bhg26: Darcy you giant spanner
pcaman2003: bhg26. Don’t complain! I have 3 tools playing and none as useful as spanners. lol!
dipstick: @pca is one of them lever? or cox?
piro: can brayshaw get the quadruple double?
DrSeuss: How was that not HTB on Brayshaw? Only HTB when a Brayshaw makes the tackle?
MrWalrus: Was going to VC Tracc, lucky I went Brayshaw though, finally Aaron Hall has a use
frenzy: Maxy with overs
TheFlagger: junk it darce
beerent11: Only Andy Brayshaw and trac in this with no clarry. Nice start to the round for a change.
frenzy: Clarry with the late BS

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