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Chat log from R19 of 2022: West Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R19 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Need a big one from Kelly and Kennedy to make fanfooty 1 finals
Social: I’ve dropped the C on Sinclair
pcaman2003: Social. Same here after Ollie crashed and burned as VC. Thinking outside the box now.
Social: He’s a dark horse for sure, fingers crossed
pcaman2003: First time ever I have put the C on a backman.
zadolinnyj: Not even whitfield
DrSeuss: Enjoying having Sinclair – till I realise my opponent has him as C
Yelse: my app got marshal watch him go big
Hazza09: Cmon Steele
MrWalrus: Someone should let the Eagles know the game has started
MrWalrus: Oh, there ya go
Gotigres: This is the week for St Kilda to experiment with Sinclair as a decoy fwd pocket
pcaman2003: Hopefully Sinkers will keep up this pace of scoring.
zadolinnyj: Kelly killing me
Social: Kelly’s in his counting house, counting all his money
Catatafish: Only need 180 or so Steele, move it along haha
zadolinnyj: Getting scragged
Social: Nice start from the mullet
pcaman2003: Social. Looks like our choice of C may be vindicated at this rate.d
Social: He’s definitely on track pca
DrSeuss: Back on field Marshall
zadolinnyj: What?s the worst individual half ever
Catatafish: Not good enough Steele!
DrSeuss: Need a repeat of that from you both Marshall and Steele – or more would also be fine
Stikman35: Just watching that last quarter again. Marvellous
bhg26: Just know you have the second best young talent stikman
Stikman35: Haha. Muppet
Hazza09: Cmon Steele ffs
bhg26: Youre beyond saving stikman
zadolinnyj: Must feel amazing just beating bottom eight sides last three weeks. Lol
Stikman35: haha
bhg26: Chad Warner>your favourite player
zadolinnyj: Have over achieved under McRae. Good coach
StuL: WTF Kelly? A shadow of his Geelong self
Hazza09: Culley looks a player
pcaman2003: C’mon C Sinclair. You were killing it earlier. Get cracking!
TheOnyas: onya steeley
DrSeuss: Steele good – Marshall not so much – big finish please Rowan
pcaman2003: Great 5 minutes Sinkers. That’s more like it.
Hazza09: Massive Steele, the trade from Hewitt to Steele looking ok this week, got me into 5 finals
pcaman2003: So glad I dumped Gresham some weeks back. He’s played rubbish ever since.
Wahab_18: Need Sincalir and Gresh to combine for 41 more in the last to hold onto 1st position in my league
DANGERous: wahab you can have them from sinclair, as i also have him
Wahab_18: would be nice dangerous
DrSeuss: Ffs Marshall stop giving away frees – I needed 100 from you
Wahab_18: oh damn gresham almost
DrSeuss: Is Marshall getting towelled up by Williams?
beerent11: evening
Wahab_18: Marshall is playing well he’s just given away too many frees
Hazza09: Is Hewitt a certainty to come back next week?
Hazza09: Who?s trading Short to Stewart?
frenzy: ouch, opp had Redman Capt
DANGERous: do u go short or crisp out first?
Hazza09: There both as bad as each other Dangerous
pcaman2003: Danger. Short gone already,Crisp next upgrade to Stewart most likely.
Wahab_18: gresham get back on the ground
Wahab_18: flower u steele turned sinclairs cp handball into a clanger ffs
pcaman2003: You still here Social?
DANGERous: ive got both 🙁 anyone good around their price? doubt it tbh
Wahab_18: greshams cooked great
pcaman2003: Wahab. Put him on your never again list.
beerent11: tom atkins about the best dangerous
Wahab_18: gonna fall about 15 points short of a win to stay 1st 🙁
Hazza09: Gresham done
MrWalrus: Good call beer, I’d hold though even if the situation weren’t already forced

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