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Chat log from R19 of 2022: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R19 of 2022

feralmong: went C merret.
DrSeuss: Darcy Cameron – any time now – feel free to get a touch
Yelse: crisp started better today cmonnn piesss
amigaman: cya not hanging around to watch the umps ream us
Pavs: So long as Zerrett and Naicos dont get 385 between them I am cruising to an easy win
1pistol7: amigaman ur kidding right?
DrSeuss: Come on Naicos another large one today young fella. Just outdo Zerrett – that?s all I ask
DrSeuss: Darcy Cameron – WTF are you doing.
dipstick: how has cameron got a clanger with 1 touch which was a goal?
Ninty: Lol Essendon fan complaining about umpires when they?re losing. I?ve seen it all!
DrSeuss: Free against I think dipstick
Yelse: thats bull on ginivan he will get so seriously hurt if umps cont ignore blatant high
original: name something jack crisp loves more than being on the bench
NickyD: @dipstick – clangers can be dropped marks etc as well, not necessarily disposal errors
dipstick: @suess thanx boss
DrSeuss: Off the bench Crisp and slow down Zerrett
Ninty: only has himself to blame Yelse
beerent11: Might start getting the witches hats out of the shed Urbs.
bhg26: Standard Crisp, starts okay, then goes to the bench for half the quarter, then doesnt touch it again
thesilentl: @ninty plenty of players b4 him known for ducking, never seen 1 get umpire approved targetting
DrSeuss: It?s the Crisp way bhg.
feralmong: 14 possie qtr zerrett. musta butchered it.
thesilentl: There’s been half a dozen bad hits to his head the past month because players know its free game, noone deserves that
MrWalrus: Toby Greene isn’t a ducker and gets umpire approved
simma1978: Witches Hat time. Classic!
original: respect to those that held him, but Ndaicos 57% effective and on 32sc?
MrWalrus: He gets hit in the head because he ducks into tackles, he should be banned until he fixes it
vamos77: Wouldn’t be the first time a vaginniva has been fucked
beerent11: 6 turnovers feralmong
Pavs: Toby Greene is a wank3r though Walrus. Pretty sure the umpires know that
MrWalrus: Players who continuously put themselves into dangerous positions should be banned for their own protection
DrSeuss: Is Cox doing the majority of the rucking?
Pavs: Cox can’t ruck I hope not Seuss.
Yelse: even the follow through on ginivan was brutal pulling his head off
MrWalrus: Well Pavs, there is that, Ginnivan is too though & as bad a knee buckler I can recall seeing
Yelse: maybe they are trying darcy fwd for when grundy returns
vamos77: It’s a biased view Yelse, like Geelong fans thinking that Selwood doesn’t draw the frees
Urbs: Can confirm Cox is looking like first ruck today
vamos77: On cue, he did it again. Lol
DrSeuss: Cheers Urbs, not ideal though – need Darcy to go large
bhg26: Are we sure ginnivans isn?t just 4 feet tall? Always down low
LuvIt74: What the heck, Ridley get a wriggle on ya floating turd
thesilentl: @mrwalrus every week you say something slightly dumber
MrWalrus: Selwood isn’t a ducker
pcaman2003: Luvit74. Stop being soft on him and call him out.:)
vamos77: Not ducking but manipulating to get the head high, same thing.
MrWalrus: Clearly you are not familiar with my earlier work silent
pcaman2003: Okay Crisp and Naicos, get those DE’s up.
MrWalrus: To me having a tackle go high when trying to break it very different to diving head first into the opposition
thesilentl: Free kick essendon
DrSeuss: Fuck off Zerrett – slow down
nbartos: wiches hats was a very early crow monty
DrSeuss: Crisp to the bench – surprise, surprise
Urbs: Pies might be copping witches hats in a second if this keeps up
thesilentl: Umps dictating this game, gave everything pies in the 1st, everything dons in the 2nd
Pavs: Lets hope he puts his boots on the right feet while he is there Seuss.
Catatafish: Crispy Crap to spend rest of quarter on bench?
DrSeuss: Get Cameron in the ruck Macrae – and Crisp get on the field
DANGERous: lift crisp
Urbs: This is a real bad case of the scoring end effect
MrWalrus: I’m kinda enjoying this, how good’s the umpiring
Fatbar5tad: Except for that crap intent call
Social: Punt Rd end fans will want a refund
DrSeuss: Time to put a tag on Zerrett
Yelse: geez that was hard work pies
thesilentl: Pies dont tag @drseuss so don’t expect 1
Fatbar5tad: No Pies do not follow Doc’s advice!
MrWalrus: 2mpeter has really been good the back half of the year, looks a good long term pickup
Fatbar5tad: let Z be Free!
Urbs: Pies lucky to dodge the hats smh
Yelse: i think at training they worked on the cox tap fwd to run on
runners47: Get off the pine, Caldwell & Martin & pendels
Social: I brought in duo metro pedro for ruck cover but he’s earned a fwd spot now
Pavs: Pretty sure Kelly could have a Doughnut thow Urbs?
Urbs: Nah Kelly’s got a kick so no donut. Not in the negatives either heh
Pavs: *though*
Pavs: Fair enough it was a clanger.
SilverLion: sound like spud numbers tbh
DrSeuss: I have Darcy Cameron – but how is he on 50sc from 2
DrSeuss: 3 possessions and only 4 hit outs. They must have been amazing
pcaman2003: I think Naicos might’ve spent it all last week. Can’t complain as has been a great pickup this year
circle52: Redman subbed concussion Red cross
bhg26: 2 contested possessions for naicos, standard
Catatafish: Good to see Crisp keeping Zerrett accountable and killing it. Spud.
thesilentl: Clear throw, umpires have lost the plot
Yelse: seriously mcrae put someone on merret ffs
DrSeuss: Zerrett killing Pies – if McRae doesn?t make someone accountable for Merrett – deserves to lose.
pcaman2003: Catatafish. Crisp is a love /hate relationship.
Catatafish: Definitely should’ve gone Zerrett not Trapshaw
feralmong: yess C Zerrett
MrWalrus: Theory: Crisp’s decline in scoring has coincided with Pendles increasing his mid time as the season has gone on
LuvIt74: get ridley off the pin
pcaman2003: Zerrett’s stats are insane. If only he had fewer clangers and higher DE, he’d be off to the moon.
DANGERous: do something crisp
thesilentl: Another clear throw, since when are open hand slap ups allowed
Yelse: ppl that think we should trade grundy are deliusional
pcaman2003: Well! Crisp and Naicos are having a nice vacation now.
DrSeuss: Naicos, Crisp and Cameron – how about doing something ffs?
thesilentl: If thats 50 in suprised we don’t 100 a game
thesilentl: 16 of the last 19 frees to the dons
DrSeuss: Zerrett is going to outscore my 3 pies players at this rate ffs
pcaman2003: Pies are taking the power for not minding Zerrett. He’s tearing them a new one.
Catatafish: Fuck injury trade contingencies, you’re gone Crispy Crap
mattmac24: Silent.. that means pies were ahead on frees, 10 to 2.. no reason to complain.
thesilentl: Essendon have now won 19 of the last 23 free kicks
original: Crisp cmon man wtf
Wahab_18: Ahh Captain Zerrett 🙂
Crave: pies normally get the rub of the green against the dons law of averages at work
original: Total frees one 18 tho
runners47: Cameron screiwing a lot of us with this ‘performance’
RuffLeader: Silent, interesting they’ve won 19 out of the last 23, when they have only got 18
Jukesy: Pies lose the free kick count for the first time in a decade and spit the dummy, classic
RuffLeader: Also that would suggest Collingwood got the first 9 frees before Essendon even got one Silent.
DrSeuss: McRae deserves this loss – changed Cameron out of number 1 ruck and letting Merrett run free
Jukesy: Pies actually so bad when Ginnivan isn?t allowed to cheat for frees, congrats whoever gets to play them in finals
Social: Let’s see if Gil gets on the phone to help the pies ‘find a way’
Catatafish: Merrett alone in his own postcode half the time. Tearing it up on the inside as well
Catatafish: Seems like Elliot at CBAs and Crisp fingering his arsehole. Shovel for Elliot, turd for Crisp.
pcaman2003: Watching Zerrett makes me realize how friggin lazy Crisp is.
Fatbar5tad: Go captain Zerrett!
Torz: Also has a bloke who kicked 3 in the first quarter only playing 55% game time @DrSeuss
crazzzed: it helps when essendon 3 extra player on their side
DrSeuss: Seems like McRae is just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks in this game
bhg26: Rice Crispy you are terrible
LuvIt74: Cmon Ridley doin well now ton up son
Fatbar5tad: Nah, its a Daicos no free
DANGERous: junk it up crisp u hack
thesilentl: Afl got their wish, wouldn’t want the top 8 decided so far out
LuvIt74: cannot believe collingwood, what the heck…
Fatbar5tad: 3 goals since quarter time and its the AFLs fault ha ha
Napper: Crisp should be on 96 after that play I reckon
HolyNorf: Good decision to C Merret I guess
Hazza09: Your just as worse as short Crisp
DrSeuss: Crisp starts touching the ball – takes himself to the bench – ffs
original: It?s the crisp way
circle52: and I have both Hazza
pcaman2003: Carmichael will outscore Crisp soon:)
DANGERous: crisp was just projected 87, should be easy for junk time
LuvIt74: Ridley off the pine mate
MrWalrus: Why is the score still moving? From the chat a minute ago I thought the game had ended
Social: Gil has other ideas Walrus
LuvIt74: This season has been so testing, usually defence is so unpredictable but this year its Defence, Mids & Rucks
MrWalrus: Looking just at the stats you’d think Ess would be 10 up, must be Gil
Social: I know right, revenue rules
LuvIt74: lol pies what idiots
TheLegend6: Weren’t pies 6 goals up early?
LuvIt74: Elliott nice kick
TheLegend6: Elliot marks with 31 seconds on clock, no play on? hmm
bhg26: Fucking hell essendon, one job
kano: elliot was actually moving after 30 seconds , unlike Balta
nbartos: never in doubt they say
MrWalrus: Are you serious Legend?
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
MrWalrus: If that truely happened I’m calling a full royal commission
Stikman35: Flower you anti pie haters. Daics is a bloody star. Get that up ya
Social: Gil gets it done again
1pistol7: legend mate learn the rules – he has 30 seconds to start his run up…. which he did with about 6 or 7 to go… muppet
Catatafish: Lol bhg, they just did their one job
bhg26: Anti pie haters, you mean pies fans stikman?
Stikman35: You bhg. You. I mean you.
MrWalrus: Lol bhg, he doesn’t even understand what you did there
Fatbar5tad: Great finish pies, laughable finish Dons.
bhg26: I don?t want pies to win because of the swans stikman, that and I don?t like ginnivan
MrWalrus: Pies with yet another undeserving win but at least they’re getting it done, will need to be better in finals
Pies20: Top 4 yeew
Stikman35: Your all a bunch of muppets

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