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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle, R21 of 2022

bigpens: I’m seeing double here… four S.Darcys
navy_blues: macca on bench?????????
Manowar: Manowar is going for Freo this afternoon!
Hazza09: Great start Brayshaw
bhg26: Tf darcy and brodie
bhg26: And Dale and Macrae
Dredd: Get Ryan off the bench ffs
original: Caleb daniel. Bruh. What happened to you man
Grimes Jr: macrae is cooked
Yelse: what has happened to the old reliable C macrae days
zadolinnyj: here for the brodie tog discussion.
sMiles: that’s better Mr Macrae!
bhg26: Darcy just went down for handballing to a teammate
Yelse: brodie is out after this week for marshall just didn’t trust marshal in geelong lol
pcaman2003: Not sure how the ump missed Darcy fend off to Treloar’s face.
Hazza09: Darcy has been terrible since I traded him in
bhg26: Why is Brodie TOG so low?
bc__: Fuck me Darcy. Your actually shit
zadolinnyj: thanks bhg
original: Draft, decided to play caleb daniel over a midfielder like amon or Simpkin fml
bhg26: My computer just autofills it now zado
pcaman2003: 49% TOG. What a joke! Will avoid next year to start with.
pcaman2003: Off the bench Treloar.
DrSeuss: Why are the Dogs playing English in defense so much – FFS
MontyJnr: @pcaman brodie will be mid only next year lol obviously you will avoid him
bhg26: Flower me dale
Hazza09: What ever happened to Darcy?s ceiling? Been horrendous
Grimes Jr: how is darcy only on 14, hasn’t been that bad
Ash777: drseuss because dogs defense is poor
Hazza09: Going backwards Grimes, what a joke
pcaman2003: M Jnr. I would consider Brodie if he played more and improved his tank. Huge potential.
MrWalrus: What’s with Brodie’s TOG?
Stikman35: Youd think after half a season that Brodie would have played more than one qtr after half time.
pcaman2003: Walrus. Everything for a guy with his talent. Shame really.
sMiles: Screw you Ms Macrae
MontyJnr: @pcaman Brodie would need to a season of 115+ average for me to consider him in the mids
pcaman2003: And screw you Treloar. Done nothing this qtr.
MrWalrus: What’s the shame? That he has a poor endurance ceiling?
pcaman2003: M Jnr. Sounds fair to me. Will see how he starts next year.
Stikman35: Brodie last bloke Id pick next year Monty. Not worth the spend unless he returns to rookie price
Hazza09: Screw you Darcy, never again!
pcaman2003: walrus. Just him not getting on the park enough.
navy_blues: theres gonna be a few funny looking teams next year with all these “never agains” not playing lol
beerent11: Bit of anger in here today. Some take it way too seriously.
pcaman2003: Thanks Beveridge for playingv Treloar out of normal position. Now I’m screwed.
pcaman2003: navy. Add Treloar to my never again list along with the other 40.
zadolinnyj: I am going to be all rookies I think Navy. Maybe Neale, witt?s and sicily the only premiu
Catatafish: Why is Brodie’s TOG so low?
pcaman2003: My season looks done. Good luck all those still in finals. Cheers!
zadolinnyj: I assume my never again list will be that big in 3 years I will only have aflw players eligible
beerent11: Is that Luke Darcy?s young bloke playing in the backline?
Catatafish: It is Beer
Stikman35: Ive decided Brodies tog is a gltche and a false representation. Can?t be true
Hazza09: Same here pcaman, Darcy has just finished me off! Been a horrendous year.
beerent11: Well we can only really blame ourselves I guess. We picked these players.
Grimes Jr: Darcy pathetic prick
Hazza09: Absolute shit show from Darcy
Stikman35: Darcy is pure. Riding star next year over Ashcroft
beerent11: Ease up. It?s his first game.
sMiles: lift Missie Macrae, lift
Grimes Jr: Darcy going to cost me top 55
DrSeuss: Massive thanks to English for doing sweet FA. Rucks have been a shit show lately
Catatafish: Off the bench English you lanky spud
piro: shrek and english hopeless
sMiles: move it ms Macrae – Move your self please
sMiles: DArcy, and Ryan, please … you can rest up
DANGERous: this is horrendous Darcy
Yelse: ok this is the deal Ugle kick a goal and dale to 20 possies and i am a happy man
zadolinnyj: same for me yelse. Worried about ugle
Yelse: not looking good
Jukes82: why are both ruckmen having stinkers?
DANGERous: brodie darcy dale, far out
bhg26: Same boat here dangerous
DrSeuss: Brayshaw has hit the brakes. Don?t stop now
Social: I?ll be relying on Bruce Laird to carry his bat tomorrow
Gelly: poor ugle
Yelse: cmonnn Uglleee seriouslyyyy
zadolinnyj: bugger me
Yelse: from hero to villain
navy_blues: frederick good goal kicker accuracy wise
Wahab_18: Freo have cracked the code. they are better without fyfe lol
zadolinnyj: need 3 more from brodie so no good
Catatafish: I reckon this the first time I’ve been annoyed by Brodie’s bench time.
DrSeuss: Great final 15 minutes Brayshaw – stopped dead
navy_blues: danger out tonight
navy_blues: blicavs out
Stikman35: 62% Brodie tog = incontinence
Stikman35: Danger out

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