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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Geelong vs St Kilda

Chat log for Geelong vs St Kilda, R21 of 2022

DMS774: IN: L.Dahlhaus OUT: P.Dangerfield
DMS774: IN: L.Dahlhaus OUT: P.Dangerfield
navy_blues: dangerfield out
Pavs: Danger a late out
Yelse: why did two ruckman late outs for cats
DrSeuss: Well – great to have Tom Stewart this week – hasn’t even seen the ball yet
ajconodie: @Yelse – Weather and ground condition I imagine.
DANGERous: lol marshall 🙁
navy_blues: this is game to watch without all the umpire sooking
duckky: Brought Marshall in this week. Sums up my season really.
Wahab_18: thanks for the pretending last week Rowan
ajconodie: My favourite litle Oriental with the forward tag on Stewart.
navy_blues: omg muppet close
DANGERous: same duckky, between mcevoy and marshall
TheFlagger: two tags fuck me
Yelse: just realised stewart no where to be seen ffs
duckky: Two Tags? Sounds like a “Frankie Goes to Hollywood song.
DrSeuss: Of course this is the week Stewart is a unique – WTAF.
original: Steele on track to score 100 with 0 disposals
duckky: Poor old Hanners. Time to hang up the boots son.
Pavs: Not sure what you want from Stewart. The ball needs to get in the back line first. Blame St Kilda
biggerz: Marshall and Stewart in to my team 20 mins ago, unreal.
Catatafish: Marshall should be fine. Stewart not so much..
StuL: We’re crushing the ants. That’s why Stewart is quiet
Hazza09: Can?t believe how much of a nightmare this week has been, now Stewart
DrSeuss: Same Hazza – so many of my players getting tagged – while my opponents has rookes like Hollands on field.
StuL: Aints
Catatafish: Negating tactics working a treat there Ratten you spud
DrSeuss: That’s the way Tom – keep giving away free kicks
Dredd: Ratten is pathetic.. 2 tags.. no wonder this club continues to be a joke
StuL: Why would you tag a back man ffs!?
original: Flower off steele. Stay low. You too Cameron. Lift stewart
Dredd: On for 2700 if Stewart just hits proj.. fk off him saints
Yelse: wtf stewart omg nooo
Grimes Jr: pls tag stewart out of game
TheFlagger: boo
DrSeuss: Steele, Stewart and Marshall in this. Oh what a night
duckky: Why does Marshall get a -ve when he tapped it to Steekle who wasn’t strong enough to keep the ball?
Dredd: Another free kick? fk off Stewart
DANGERous: same here Seuss
colin wood: Stewart going to cost me here..
DrSeuss: FFS – Stewart is having a mare. Absolutely terrible. Just giving up. 4FA in a half and zero impact
sfenda1: had a choice between stewart and sinclair for hewett. i think u can guess who i chose
pcaman2003: Traded Hewett out for Stewart thinking I’d be better off. Lol! I was already stuffed,but making sure.
original: Flower off steele. Been shower all game. Gets a goal right back on track for a good game
Yelse: we need saints to kick some behinds asap
Amare: #freekickstkilda
colin wood: Saints yet to miss doesn?t help Stewart
Dredd: Not the only one pcaman
DrSeuss: Colin – wouldn’t make a difference – tagged out of the game – letting it get to him
pcaman2003: Dredd. I think a number of premos and near premo players have been really bad this week creating uncertainty.
beerent11: You beauty Stewart stay down
colin wood: Well it would make a difference as he would get a few kick ins
pcaman2003: I think you’re pretty safe beer.
colin wood: Stewart can?t get on? ffs
DrSeuss: He might as well stay off to be honest. He will likely just give away another free kick
Catatafish: Stewart on the move, only 82 more points now
DrSeuss: Stewart doubled his score in 5 minutes. OMG
pcaman2003: Just heard Judith Durham died. Another good one lost
StuL: Stewart will cost a few SC seasons
DrSeuss: Need to tag Duncan or Smith – they are providing all of the Geelong run
pcaman2003: Stul. Him, Kelly and Treloar have sunk my finals hopes.
navy_blues: saints gone cant give away cheap 50m and turnovers everywhere
StuL: I have Stewart as a pod but I am hopefully far enough ahead anyway
StuL: I wouldn’t have been 100% sure Judith Durham was still alive to be fair but oh well, that sucks
StuL: This would have to be Stewart’s lowest ever score by that far it’s ridiculous
DrSeuss: That is a terrible 50m call. Still not as terrible as Stewart’s game tonight
mattmac24: That 50m was horrible. Butler trying to force another by running into Bews as well
pcaman2003: Butler is a weasel.
pcaman2003: Good qtr Stewart. More than doubled your half time score. Phenomenal player!
DrSeuss: I have Sinclair – but not sure how his SC is so high. Fairly unsighted in that qtr
Gotigres: Sinclair v Stewart. No need for me to tell you who I have.
DrSeuss: Atkins tagging Steele in the 2nd half as well – just to add to my players being tagged this week
Gotigres: Better calm down Stewart, otherwise you might reach 50
DrSeuss: FFS Steele – want to do anything this quarter?
navy_blues: bolton dive
navy_blues: oops sry
original: Flower off Cameron ffs. Oppo has him ggf
sMiles: just tuning in – Oh No! Hannebery? Really? Poor sod – what happened
DrSeuss: No wonder Owens was used as a tagger – terrible in most other aspects of the game
original: 17 at half time ffs
pcaman2003: Seuss. Bit harsh on a 4 game player. He’s doing better than Stewart.
StuL: Not having Sinclair is probably stupidly fatal. Looks like Sinclair v Stewart is going to sink me
StuL: Oppo has nank ffs. Hea going like Marshall last week
DrSeuss: Not good StuL – a lot of this game comes down to luck in the final rounds
pcaman2003: Nank playing a power house game. Blimey!
Hazza09: What a shitshow Stewart
original: Junk icon for steele
original: Junk icon for jcameron
Social: Sometimes teams think more about the result than SuperCoach

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