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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, R21 of 2022

TheFlagger: carn pear
wadaramus: The Pear be minus the Magpies soon?
wadaramus: Never tear us apart?
wadaramus: Not trying to deflect the Crows camp implosion.
PAFC4eva: did the crows have a preseason camp wada?
navy_blues: cmon port
wadaramus: Hahaha, yeah they sure did fuck shit up!
wadaramus: I am furious at their inability to own their failures!
TheFlagger: short piss off
navy_blues: lynch trying to umpire the game lol
wadaramus: Just fucking admit you fucked up.
PAFC4eva: still trying to say nothing to see here
wadaramus: 100% PAFC, why keep pretending there is nothing to see?
wadaramus: Fucking own up to it, then we can try to reconcile and make amends.
PAFC4eva: afl saying the same thing
wadaramus: Massive cover up from all corners.
wadaramus: I am a 30 year supporter of the Crows, the camp saw a massive downturn at the club.
original: Butters being robbed
wadaramus: Own up to it, so many people/players left,
wadaramus: Way to go Crows, you fucked up big time.
PAFC4eva: performance an d crowds wada
Wahab_18: any news on wines?
wadaramus: PAFC, everything went South after the camp, and the Crows just tried to gloss over it.
MrWalrus: We are being wasteful again….
MrWalrus: Beautiful conditions here so no excuses
PAFC4eva: none more so than that flog on triple m
wadaramus: Top of the day to you MrWalrus!
TheLegend6: Wines is okay @wahab
TheFlagger: powell pepper goes so hard at it love him
Hazza09: Short to Stewart looking like a great trade, stuff this
Catatafish: Lol I feel for you Hazza. I still have Short only because I have 1 trade left.
wadaramus: I’m a 5AA man myself PAFC, but yeah, I don’t know what to think of Roo.
PAFC4eva: i like roo but never shares info on crows but will take potshots at every other club
PAFC4eva: bit like eddie
wadaramus: The Crows never share info on Crows, that’s the problem.
amigaman: Short get off the bench
Stu7: Chose Cumberland over Woods oh dear
PAFC4eva: happy for roo to keep quiet but dont rubbish other clubs if your not you to eddie
MrWalrus: Evening wada, evening all
wadaramus: The Crows need to admit they fucked up, not just say sorry because players were upset.
TheFlagger: wines’ kicking is fuckin awful
TheLegend6: Bolton is a star. If he can nail down his goalkicking, he could be anything.
PAFC4eva: but they had good intentions wada
wadaramus: Hmmm, good intentions matter not when you fail to upkeep player welfare.
wadaramus: I keep wanting to ring 5AA and unload my frustrations!
wadaramus: Cornesy hung up on Hutchy this morning, totally bad form!
PAFC4eva: same as triple m wont talk about it
Stu7: Any idea what the go is with Cumberland
wadaramus: I must say, I am stoked that Eddie, Josh, and Bryce Gibbs have spoken up.
wadaramus: About time the players spoke up!
Stu7: Apart from nothing
MrWalrus: No kidding Legend, never looked like not marking that against 2 bigger blokes
wadaramus: Splinters in his arse Stu7 🙂
Yelse: is wines out?
PAFC4eva: they wont be the last
MrWalrus: Cumberland fine, got alir on him
MrWalrus: It’s why lynch is dominant, McKenzie is not big enough
wadaramus: Spot on PAFC, you bloody magnificent stonemason!
PAFC4eva: i must be wada keep getting pay rises 🙂
wadaramus: You must be the straightest, the truest ,and the plumbest!
wadaramus: Your perps and and bed joints are of the highest quality!
PAFC4eva: wont argue but proberly more to do with lack of brickies
wadaramus: Fukn about time the brickies prospered mate!
navy_blues: gee richmond have missed some easy shots at goal
TheFlagger: lol broad muppet
TheLegend6: Like most weeks navy
MrWalrus: Very wasteful, that rule is complete pus
Stu7: Cumberland- how can you not touch the footy?
TheLegend6: Cumbers is almost locking Aliir down
Stu7: Cumberland you?re going to bury me if you keep this up!!
navy_blues: wasnt being a smartass either just observation
Grimes Jr: u can tell who the commentary team want to win!
Stu7: Rioli such a hot & cold player – very frustrating
MrWalrus: A very accurate observation navy
Gotigres: Keep going Burgoyne. I would love 80 from you.
Stu7: Cumbers 1 touch in 50 minutes and straight to the bench – ffs
Wahab_18: Rozee all good?
Gelly: nah he looks cooked
zadolinnyj: Cumberland the new Stewart dew. 5 goals with last 6 kicks
Stu7: Good boy Wines keep it up
Stu7: What s up with Rozee Beads?
Gotigres: Knew I should have started Teakle ahead of Darcy
Yelse: need rozee to be subbed out before ht if he aint coming back
original: Any port fans here? I rate drew
DrSeuss: So when I had Wines he had 70% TOG – Opponent has him – TOG is fucking 85
original: Flower off that?s wines sc score. Get out. Total bs
Stu7: Off the bench Cumbers you flog
colin wood: How was that not a free lol
Grimes Jr: this commentary lol. the barracking for port is unreal!
Gotigres: Nice goal Burgoyne
MrWalrus: Stu, I’m sorry Cumberland is doing a job for the team and not concentrating on his fantasy score
Stu7: Grimes – is it Dwayne Russell?
Stu7: MrWalrus – that was deep
TheLegend6: Some goal by Shai
zadolinnyj: I?m not hearing the commentary barracking and I hate port
Stu7: Rest up Cumbers don?t over do it bro
beerent11: Whichwhatwho dr Seuss?
Stu7: Does Rozee look cooked?
navy_blues: yes
Stu7: Thanks navy
MrWalrus: Bit of rain at half time here, no faffing about now boys
Grimes Jr: how no free to vlaustin?????
Gelly: well hes back on, but knee heavily strapped
Grimes Jr: jeez dixon is scum
MrWalrus: Vlas looks done
Stu7: Cumbers 2 touches wooo hooo
navy_blues: lynch does the same grimes
TheFlagger: in the side wtf
navy_blues: rozee might of had a jab he is back on stu
Catatafish: Teakle could be a good back up to have up forward
Stu7: Cheers navy
TheFlagger: mckenzie stinks
Grimes Jr: hahahaha joke decision
TheFlagger: gotta love butters
TheFlagger: here comes the super sub
Wahab_18: for flower sake vlastuin i clicked him by accident on my multi and he ruins it
Catatafish: And there’s the Short we know and hate. Do something plodder.
navy_blues: well better check your multi better dont blame the player lmao
Wahab_18: navy all that’s left is Vlastuin for 15 and Wines for 25
TheFlagger: 21 point lead solid from the tigers without key players
TheLegend6: stiff but that’s punting for you
navy_blues: ok butvu said you clicked him by mistake so who is at fault?
Wahab_18: I made a sgm for this game with 3 seconds left because the geelong game looked shower
TheFlagger: game over
TheLegend6: relax it’s all a bit of fun. If you’re genuinely annoyed then you should consider not doing it.
Grimes Jr: think amon will be the next polec
Kekkington: sounds like a you problem @wahab_18
toddless: pfp suit u @wahab
Stu7: Rioli stopped
Grimes Jr: jeez u get nothing in adelaide.
MrWalrus: Dixon htb?
original: Get on bitters smh
Grimes Jr: walrus – you get nothing interstate
Catatafish: Get a couple more possies before you retire to the bench, Short
Stu7: Nice work Wineo
Catatafish: Thanks again, Short
Dredd: Vlastuin subbed injured and no trades left? kms. Guess short will be playing again now
MrWalrus: But SA is my state Grimes
MrWalrus: Port supporters migrating away from the ground already
Yelse: all i got left is rozee for 20 possies not looking good
Napper: No points for short kick.
Gotigres: Can Tigers lose it from here?
Tommy_C: No lead is safe this year gotigers
Grimes Jr: yes.
TheLegend6: We’ll sure try ahaha
bhg26: Boo short boo
Raspel31: Bit of a step up this week Nanks?
Manowar: hurry up and lose Richmond
pcaman2003: My sympathies for those who still hold Short. He’s a real burn man.
Catatafish: Cheers pca, the muppet is gone soon pending forced injury trade
Yelse: i still got short nearly got rid of him for reman but since in two prelims held off
Gotigres: Is MRJ the uncle of Daniel Rioli?
pcaman2003: I moved him on some weeks back. Got Sinclair instead and didn’t look back.
Gotigres: I don’t have Short but I have Stewart
Raspel31: Come on POOL- 5 nil against Fulham one hopes though my old stomping ground.
MrWalrus: Sure is Tiges
Catatafish: I have Sinclair also. One trade, no injuries and Short is done.
Yelse: dunno who to really get for short that D6 is hard
pcaman2003: This year sucks harder than my missus.
Gotigres: Wow, thanks MrWalrus
Grimes Jr: i have us playing the pies first week of finals. and winning
Catatafish: Yelse, I don’t have Sicily or Dawson – I pity the coaches who have the one I bring in
Yelse: @grimes pies will finish top 4 not playing tigers
Grimes Jr: lewis – ‘for the sake off half a metre’ – pickett. goal. cop that lewis you flog
Yelse: @catatafish got them both lol
colin wood: Grimes your opinions crack me up. Good jokes
Catatafish: I’m still using Hinge for Hewett cover. Short a worse D6 right now
Grimes Jr: pies will lose last two games
kano: Monty should work in a Mute option in these chats, where you can choose to not see posts from specific people
Yelse: grimes u have it against the pies, u still think they fluking it
colin wood: Kano I agree. I know a certain Richmond fan who I?d mute in a heartbeat
pcaman2003: Short fell short again. Short changed his owners
Grimes Jr: yes i do else.
TheLegend6: we did beat the pies pretty easily this year tbf
kano: yeah i wouldnt be seeing too many Grimes Jr posts any more Colin wood
navy_blues: u also lost to norf legend tbf
Grimes Jr: stating facts kano. come back to me when pies are knocked out week 1
kano: im no pies fan mate. but all you do is rag on other teams and whine about the umpires
Catatafish: I am Short of temper with him pca. Ucontested ineffective cat shit
TheLegend6: That’s okay Navy, doesn’t change what I said haha
pcaman2003: Wish they’d get rid of these $20 review cameras, the cheapskates.
Mcswains: Go to bed Colin Wood lol
colin wood: Go to bed Mcswains 😉
Mcswains: Love that guy haha
pcaman2003: Catafish. I’ve slept much better with him out of my team.
Catatafish: Running out of defenders with Short on never again list. Soft boiled spud.
Catatafish: Meh, it won’t matter in a weeks time because he’s dead to me

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