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Chat log from R21 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Sydney

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Sydney, R21 of 2022

bhg26: Lol they are doing the premiership reunion in front of about 15 north fans
Stu7: Afternoon all
frenzy: chaps
pcaman2003: bhg. Bit of an exaggeration there. More like 10.
Stu7: Frenzy
Stu7: Llyod and Heeney
Stu7: Is that including the mascot pca & bhg ?
DrSeuss: Need Mills (c) and Hall to save my season. Let?s go lads
pcaman2003: Have Mills and Parker, but probably won’t help me much.
Stu7: Good luck Dr
Dredd: well last night was a disaster.. lets hope for a better day
DrSeuss: Thanks Stu – story of my season is they both get 50-ish lol
Stu7: Ha ha I?m hearing you Dr – same story
beerent11: Afternoon all. Got the lurgy so nothing else for it but a day on the couch I reckon.
amigaman: CD is a joke. Heeney drops 2 difficult overhead marks, 2 muppets. Lazzaro drops a sitter, no muppet.
Stu7: Hey beer
Dredd: Somehow on the way to lose if Heeney is gonna keep this up.. after Oliver VC, Gawn, Daicos, Ryan, Dunkley.. kms
Stu7: Get well soon mate
Stu7: Heeney is in for a shocker I can just feel it
Dredd: and Witts.. pain
beerent11: Cheers lads. Looking forward to watching hall and Stephenson squabble over the easy chips.
navy_blues: hope norf win 4 u beer
Pavs: Hi all. Heeney 3 clangers 2 possesions?
DrSeuss: Off the bench Hall – can?t get the easy +6?s from there.
pcaman2003: POavs. Dropped mark maybe?
Stu7: You imbecile Llyod
navy_blues: mills will go big cos i dont need him as vc or c lol
DrSeuss: Hope so Navy – hope so.
Pavs: Thanks pca tuned in late
pcaman2003: navy. Unless Horse banishes him to the back line again as he does sometimes.
beerent11: I?d settle for a good contest navy
Raspel31: Hmm, not looking like Heeney’s day.
DrSeuss: Lloyd tackling today? What is going on?
pcaman2003: beer. At least your mob is showing some spirit early. Hopefully they’ll keep it going.
Raspel31: Make that 4 clangers Heeney.
navy_blues: lol heeney
Dredd: can’t wait to quit supercoach after this game.. was on for 2700 after dogs v dockers and now will be lucky to get 2300..
Dredd: thanks stewart, vlastuin, steele and heeney
amigaman: Heeney back to zero. He is a Muppet
Stu7: Dredd it only takes a couple of flogs to lose you a game – thanks Heeney
Stu7: So I hear your frustration
pcaman2003: How is Heeney back to 3 with 4 muppets and 33%DE?
navy_blues: but ppl still pick heeney
Dredd: Knew it was too good to be true with how the round was going Stu.. guess I was right.. trainwreck
DrSeuss: Don?t stop now Mills – need you to beat Oliver as my C
pcaman2003: 3 more qtrs like that Parker and Mills and I may have the slimmest of chances.
Pavs: Heeney just doesn’t work hard enough. Very good player if he would move and lead up but stands forward then tries for th
Pavs: ground ball
Dredd: Sounds like every needs Mills to do well.. meanwhile I need him to stop.. lol
pcaman2003: Tossed up between Mills and Neale for c. Picked Neale. Hope I’m right with pick.
Grimes Jr: mills will fade – i have him
SangaT13: does everyone believe the safest remaining C is Laird? tossing up between him or Neale
DrSeuss: Silence Grimes – don?t need that kind of talk here
pcaman2003: Be hard not to pick Laird as C. Just wish I had him now.
Stu7: Wake up Llyod you muppet
beerent11: Yep definitely sanga. That?s what I?m doing
Dredd: Please fade.. I need it big time
Pavs: I would go Laird Sanga
beerent11: Bought in Stephenson into my draft team. Will wonders never cease.
Jukes82: the only muppets are ppl who have jake lloyd in their team
Dredd: Keep on the move Heeney
Stu7: nice input Jukes
pcaman2003: beer. Hope you bought a Tatts ticket this week. On a roll!
Stu7: Got 22 Lairds in your team do you?
Dredd: Go North.. open the door for top 2 again pls.. even though its our own fault if we lose it after last week..
beerent11: Scoring well since moved back pcaman. Goes to show how easy that role is.
navy_blues: warner very quiet
circle52: Just about to leave the game Dredd.
pcaman2003: beer. He’s flying today,but the whole team is making the Swans work extra hard.
nbartos: whose fkn flying!
Dredd: Can mills sit on the bench please.. 95% TOG ffs..
beerent11: Halls kicking has been costing us
beerent11: Don?t know whose flower flying nbartos. Interesting question though.
Dredd: Heeneys -6 has become a distant memory.. keep kicking on now!
nbartos: m0nty flyin I bet
Dredd: Heeney 50 before HT :o… what is happening
yeah_nah: Was it Larkey or Zurhaar that held off contract talks?
DrSeuss: Ok Mills – that?s enough time on the pine
beerent11: Uh oh
pcaman2003: Dredd. Don’t know but 5 muppets at 54% and on 52 is a miracle gift from CD.
navy_blues: mills started on wing that last cb
Raspel31: Norff are flying beer- just the wrong way.
Pavs: Bad 5 mins Beer
DrSeuss: Fantastic Navy – just what I need – Mills to hit the brakes because Longmire is a flog
Stu7: Ice comeback Heeney – 1000 apologies
Stu7: Now follow Heeney lead Llyod
MrWalrus: Arvo all, looks like Hall trying to make amends
beerent11: Yep. Can?t fault the effort so far. Just don?t have the cattle.
Stu7: Howie Walrus
pcaman2003: How Heeney is that close to Gulden, I think CD taking the piss.
Pavs: Seem to struggle on the recruiting front beer
DrSeuss: Longmire doing all he can from the coaches box to screw my team lol.
beerent11: Yeah been like that forever pavs. Just need to do our time down the bottom and try and get the top picks to stay.
beerent11: Every club goes through it.
bhg26: Wish we could kick straight, should have another 4 or 5 goals
beerent11: We can?t raid the top wa players like we did in the 70?s
Pavs: Follow what Carlton has done
beerent11: Otherwise we?re just a last chance saloon for players like hall and Stephenson
Dredd: Heeney beating Mills now! After being like 40 sc behind.. boy oh boy wowee
pcaman2003: Josh Kennedy may be finished after another serious hamstring injury. Terrible shame!
beerent11: Goldy like a midfielder! Star.
bc__: Sold the farm for you Mills. Lift son
pcaman2003: Get going Parker. I need a huge effort from you this half.
beerent11: Please don?t let hall have the ball. Every second kick he turns it over.
Raspel31: Just checked fanfooty league pcaman- somehow you and I might limp through for 1 more round- then kaputt.
navy_blues: lol
beerent11: He can just have shots at goal. That?s all.
Stu7: Off the bench Heeney
navy_blues: goldy on fire this qtr
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’m on my last gasp depending on what happens this game.
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’m not in any FF league by the way. Must be someone else.:)
colin wood: Heeney lose ball get and handballs straight to buddy who gets belted and he gets +6 sc lol
Raspel31: My bad pcaman- was thinking of zado- you all look the same.
Dredd: Oh my Heeney.. thank you very much
pcaman2003: colin. How Heeny is that far ahead of Parker has me stumped.
beerent11: Why jhf why
Stu7: Ditto Dredd
pcaman2003: Why does Papley remind me of my punching bag?
Raspel31: Only 3 players in this- Heeney, Parker and Mills- thankyou and goodnight.
Jukes82: you have a punching bag? mate you couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight
beerent11: It?s about the value of one goal pcaman
Pavs: Greenwood 5 poss. Needs to be traded out by North
beerent11: Thanks for the update rasp. Was wondering about that.
Stu7: Need Heeney to go massive to cover for Lloyd?s lame a55
beerent11: Just another Polec pavs.
Pavs: He’s on holiday with you guys mate
Raspel31: Lol beer- happy to keep you updated at any time.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Don’t worry mate. CD making sure he goes well.
DrSeuss: Of course opponents have Parker and Heeney – while I have Mills –
pcaman2003: Good work Parker, but keep it up.
Stu7: Cheers pca let?s hope
Dredd: -6 half way through the Q1.. well played Sir Heeney
DrSeuss: Is Mills back on a wing while Parker and Heeney on ball? Or is Mills just disinterested?
Stu7: Nice work Heeney
Dogs5416: Ziebell worst captain in afl history
bhg26: 54 point quarter from Chad, huge
beerent11: He?s pretty bloody good bhg.
pcaman2003: Seuss. Mills ahead of his proj this round and you’re complaining?
Raspel31: But the sort of captain a team like Norff needs Dogs5416.
bhg26: I love him beer
beerent11: Nice trolling effort dogs5416. Back to the drawing board.
DrSeuss: Yes Pca – he had possessions in the first. 9 possessions in the next two. Was hoping for more.
DrSeuss: 8 possessions in the first.
bhg26: Larkeys getting looked after
pcaman2003: Seuss. I have Mills too but not complaining. He doesn’t always put together 4 qtrs, like many players.
original: Flower off Warner
Pavs: That was a definite free bhg26
DrSeuss: All good Pca – just frustrated – Opponent has Parker and Heeney while Mills is my C. Won?t even cover them
beerent11: Bhg is just about blow!
bhg26: I?m at the other end pavs can?t see that well
beerent11: Just about to blow! Rather.
pcaman2003: Seuss. I understand the pain mate. Hope it works out for you. Cheers!
DrSeuss: Where is he playing? He has just stopped now.
beerent11: Go Stephenson you good thing
original: Warner 29 at half time. Has had a huge second ffs
runners47: Get off the bench, Parker – lot more points in you yet
Pavs: On the ball Seuss but has a soft tag
Stu7: Off the bench Heeney and Lloyd
DrSeuss: Cheers Pavs – explains his 1 handball in 10 minutes. Just another of my players tagged this week.
pcaman2003: Runners47. I’m with you on that. C’mon Parker!
Stu7: Sydney should go above Melbourne with this percentage
pcaman2003: Massive muppet for Stevo. Lol!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Sleevo, what were you thinking…
Pavs: Stephenson again twice today
beerent11: Oh no
Raspel31: Imagine if Sydney could kick straight??
pcaman2003: beer. What’s happened mate? Great first half,but collapsed in a hep.
Stu7: Finger out Llyod 100 please
beerent11: Happens most weeks this year pcaman. They try hard but just not up to it.
thommoae: Lol Raspel.
DrSeuss: That?s the way Mills – put it in reverse champ.
Yelse: need lyod to get to 20 ffs can’t be that hard
pcaman2003: qbeer. They seem to keep up for a while,then fade. Maybe have talent .but not cohesive for 4 qtrs yet.
beerent11: Very young too pcaman.
Stu7: Come on Heeney DT points please bud
pcaman2003: Get going Parker I implore you.
DrSeuss: Mills will 13 possessions in 3 quarters – piss weak effort. Faded hard
Yelse: two more lloyd please
Yelse: one more kicking lloyd
beerent11: Lucky he?s not on report Seuss. That hit on Simpkin was pretty average
runners47: pcaman2003 still with you on that one !
Dredd: Is it me or does Chad Warner get the Star every week on here? smh
DrSeuss: Not watching beer – he should be frustrated though – has dont nothing in the 2nd half
bhg26: Because he is one dredd
Pavs: Won the quarter beer a little consolation
pcaman2003: Disappointed with Parker score after half time.
pcaman2003: The Heeney score highlights the flawed scoring values in CD. Needs a major overhaul.

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