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Chat log from R21 of 2022: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R21 of 2022

Stu7: Neale C good you good thang
Dredd: Only taken 5 minutes to be playing too pretty.. same thing, new week.. ffs this team is frustrating
Stu7: Not much interest in this game?
circle52: Try watching the same crap from the stands Dredd
Dredd: I did last week.. and the week before
Yelse: not watching atm is it a defensive game?
Dredd: I dont understand the thought processes circle.. how hard is it to just play it simple rather than being cute
Stu7: Off the bench Neale
Yelse: really don’t understand why pies are chasing Mcstay
Dredd: I can Yelse.. please take him
navy_blues: wow turnover ccity cant win when u miss your team mate by 20m
navy_blues: omg that wasnt high
circle52: You are welcome to him Yelse
Dredd: our ball movement inside 50 is horrific.. we make life so much harder for ourselves.. constantly our worst enemy
original: High free paid by umpire 75m away. Get serious
circle52: I agree with you dress. And there’s missed shots will kill us
Jukes82: baggers back to true form of the last decade, ordinary. Good times
BigChief: Carlton will struggle to kick 5 goals today.
Dredd: To be fair Jukes.. weve been very good defensively to start this game.. should be 5 goals up already like last week
runners47: What the heck are you doing, apart from nothing, Cripps?
Dredd: fk we are all over them.. maybe we can be 9 goals up this week? just to be safe cause we cant hold 7 goal leads
Grimes Jr: gotta love that carlton will miss the 8 🙂
Raspel31: Blues got this.
DrSeuss: Cripps spent early parts of the qtr up forward. After killing it on ball last few weeks. Interesting coaching decision
Jukes82: good point dredd, hopefully Brissy will turn up in the 2nd half this week tho
Dredd: I really hope for the same thing Jukes
Raspel31: Well, it’s good for Blues defenders.
Dredd: Not good for Kiddy Coleman… 3 sc :l
sfenda1: blues finals chance slipping
BigChief: This game over already.
beerent11: Geez how costly is that loss to the crows gonna be.
Grimes Jr: baggers will finish 9th, dogs 8th, tiges 7th, pies 6th, dees 5th
Dredd: dont say that chief.. everyone thought that last week and look what happened..
BigChief: Blues can’t kick goals Dredd, so you are safe.
Dredd: glad our sub isnt a ruckman this week..
Pavs: Cripps will nearly get two weeks for that
BigChief: Nothing in the Pavs. Was looking at the ball.
DrSeuss: Cripps should be fine – if gets weeks for jumping into a contest – its a joke. And I am a Lions fan
Jukes82: nothing in it
Dredd: A week at most.. thats it
sfenda1: cripps and saad only blues standing up atm
BigChief: How was that not a mark to McCarthy?
Dredd: um sorry?
beerent11: Chippy now
DrSeuss: Yeah….thats a mark
pcaman2003: Flower me! Was looking at a slim chance, but Doc killing me big time. I’m flowered now.
circle52: Agree big chief
Pavs: Opponet subbed out and hit in the head min 1 week. still reckon 2
Dredd: Umps helping another team back into the game against us.. wonderful.. worst umpired sport in the world
BigChief: Never hit his head Pavs. Ah Chee’s head hit the ground.
DrSeuss: FFS Lions – not again.
beerent11: Bit fragile the lions.
circle52: About time
navy_blues: um dont go there dredd you had good run so far
pcaman2003: Doc on 71 from 13 touches. Umm! Oaky!
Pavs: Fair enough BigChief
Stu7: 8 DT points this quarter Neale come on lift
navy_blues: i wouldnt panic brissy fans carlton dontblay 4 qtrs so u will get over line here
Yelse: if it wasn’t for saints and bulldogs losing blues would be in panic mode
Grimes Jr: Dredd lions always get heavily favoured by umpires at home. simmer
Dredd: We dont actually lmfao.. and lets not chat about umps mate, some of the trash you got last week was disgusting
thommoae: Grimes singin’ the song … again.
Yelse: dilemma now with cripps out for SC finals who to get
Urbs: As much as I also like complaining about umpires, that’s probably enough yeah?
pcaman2003: HTF is Doc on That score? What a farce CD has become.
Sam_R01: Urbs doesnt like Cripps, clearly jumped for the footy
bhg26: Boys I can cash out for 16 cents, yeah or nah
Number 8: Just saw the Cripps hit, goneski. Feet off the ground, hit him in the head, not playing the ball. 1 week if he’s lucky
Pavs: Lifes big questions
Stu7: Keep going Neale I need you to pick up the slack for Keays
BigChief: Voss is now thinking, what have I got myself into? Can I quit yet?
bhg26: If you take a shot every time hodge says smart you?d be dead
Stu7: Come on Neale wake the fvck up
circle52: Nice recovery from Coleman Dredd
DANGERous: doch you have done enough, go backwards now
bhg26: Off the bench Lyons you grub need 20 from you
Schillaci: Cripps gets off I reckon. Instantaneous almost. Arms out and attempted spoiling case easy to make. Free kick.
Pavs: Nope
Dredd: Yeah very good recovery circle.. like Heeney earlier
bhg26: Have Starcevich for 15, 3 touches in 10 seconds helps
bhg26: Pretty much just need 7 touches for lyons and a mccluggage goal and I win $675
beerent11: Oh no bhg. Are you a victim of the punt now?
Pavs: Thought you cashed out for petrol money bhg
bhg26: Yes beer, it?s my first punt
sfenda1: atleast doc finally puts a respectable sc score on the board
Hazza09: Piss off walsh
bhg26: It?s almost 3 bucks now pavs
beerent11: They get em young now.
Pavs: Tempting
Dredd: here we go.. classic of us to just stop
BigChief: Did Bris go home at 3/4 time?
Dredd: this is the exact reason we are not contenders.. these stupid lapses cost goals.. 4 for 3Qs and now 4 in this Q alone..
Dredd: happens every single week Chief
Jukes82: crippa playing well in his last game of 2022
bhg26: Coleman at least get near the pill
pcaman2003: Well! Doc has finished my season off nicely. A mere backman topping the scoring says to me how flowered SC is.
Dredd: Brisbane and last Q;s…. shambles
circle52: Adams concussion not helping. But yes until we play for 4 quarters no hope
Dredd: Yeah thats a good point circle tbf
Dredd: its a simple fkn kick for a player like him
Grimes Jr: Hahah lions in shambles. Good to see
Dredd: fkn charlie man..
bhg26: And Coleman bench, you just needed 6 touches in a quarter
Dredd: piss off grimes..
sMiles: jesus
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
navy_blues: where was this effort other 3 qtrs????
bhg26: There?s no way right?
sMiles: Jesus
sMiles: Nice Neale… but seriously
Grimes Jr: Lions should be better than this? mid club
pcaman2003: Doc allowed free reign. SC is totally flowered. This may be m last season.
colin wood: Big pts coming for Neale here lads 🙂
duckky: Neale is already on my bench as cover for Perez @ colin wood.
bhg26: Just Mccluggage goal and I get my money back
bhg26: Ah fuck yah
Dredd: Adams going off clearly hurt the backline.. still shouldn?t have let the ball go down there that much..
Jukes82: stop sooking jesus
colin wood: Neale 142 goes down to 137 with key clearances at the end there Righto CD?
pcaman2003: How is DOc even anywhere near the dominance of Neale. SC is so farcical.
bhg26: 8 out of 10 not bad

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