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Chat log from R21 of 2022: West Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R21 of 2022

PAFC4eva: lets go crows another preseason camp after 2 weeks
pcaman2003: If ever I need Keays to go big, this is it. My last real hope for going another week.
PAFC4eva: nice start capt
bushranger: Last game here we go. Go large please Laird and Dawson
Catatafish: Go Hinge
Thomas1234: shocking start laird do something
PAFC4eva: 2 goals for the capt:)
Stu7: Off the bench Keays
Catatafish: PAFC my opp has him captain too, gulp. I took Oliver hope I’m safe!
Grimes Jr: captain my captain
PAFC4eva: could be close cata
Jukes82: put the C on Laird over Neale, was nervous but so far it looks the goods
Grimes Jr: get back on laird
DrSeuss: Where is Keays playing this week?
Stu7: Nice job Keays
wadaramus: Looks like Keays is on the outer wing.
wadaramus: Now he’s in the forward pocket.
wadaramus: Licence to roam I guess 🙂
Stu7: Neale on 70 at half time Jukes
Grimes Jr: cmon laird 170
DrSeuss: Cheers Wada – hopefully roaming rather than stuck forward
wadaramus: Soligo, Berry and Schoey really getting a good look at it in the middle.
Stu7: 72 actually
Mcswains: Onya Dawso
Jukes82: all good mate, i have 22 legit premos on pace for 2600 anyway
DrSeuss: Looks like Keays is forward. Great finish to the weekend. Looking forward to a big 60 or so from him.
pcaman2003: WTF Keays.! Laird killing me and so are you, you dud!
Gelly: kennedy for a bag of 10 for his last game?
sfenda1: kennedy saving best for last
Stu7: Ever since I brought Keays in weeks ago he?s done sheet fa
Gelly: maybe darling should retire too, then he could kick some goals
DrSeuss: Same Stu – seems like every mid I bring in – coach decides to move him out of position the following week
pcaman2003: Jukes82. If ever I’ve met a BS artist, You’d be it. PO idiot!!
Hazza09: Dawson from 40 to 32, wtf
m0nty: NicNat mark alert
BigChief: NicNat took a mark? How did that happen?
Jukes82: boy oh boy imagine not having Laird and still thinking you’re relevant
pcaman2003: Jukes. You still here fool? Go back to your playpen bud.
DANGERous: lets go laird
Stu7: Thanks Keays and RO you?re going to cost me my game you flogs
pcaman2003: Is Keays still alive? No heart beat detected.
Stu7: Ffs Keya s get off the bench
Migz: fuck me that has to hurt.
Stu7: Pca – Keays is going to cost me the game
Number 8: Nicks is overthinking this. Play your best players in the rightful positions
Hazza09: Come on Dawson
PowerBug: @Stu7 you cost yourself the game for owning them
Stu7: PowerBug – what a dumb comment
pcaman2003: Stu7. I was close to gone anyway, but this makes sus makes surt of it.
Ash777: ppl named will having poor luck
Stu7: PlayStation control broken is it?
pcaman2003: Stu7. I was close to gone anyway, but this makes sure of it.
Stu7: Pca I?m hearing you buddy
BigChief: Cmon Kennedy 6 more please.
Hazza09: Where is Dawson playing today?
Ash777: day & hamill always get injured
sMiles: Keays, cmon, man
beerent11: Laird is pretty much the number 1 sc player in the game now?
DrSeuss: One lucky week does not make Keays a forward. Nicka will lose this one
Grimes Jr: Oh my captain laird
wadaramus: Got to get Keays into the midfield, at least for something different.
sMiles: not wachign this … but why Keays… Why… What is happening!
PowerBug: If you owned higher scoring players you wouldn’t lose. Its not their fault 🙂
m0nty: Butts switched
wadaramus: Butts given the arse.
pcaman2003: Keays has finally flowered me. Thanks! Good luck everyone. My season is flowered. Cheers to all.
Grimes Jr: Why would u own Keats
sMiles: @Grimes Jr – Draft – dumb question mate
wadaramus: Why does Nicks not get Dawson into a more influential spot on the ground?
sMiles: For my opp it is Dawson, Cerra, Shuey
Stu7: Bad luck Pca
pcaman2003: Smiles. Wasd cheap and average of 107.
sMiles: Me it is Rich, Saad, Neale and Keays and I am 29 ahead… Need Keays to get at least 50 or it will cost me
sMiles: @pcaman2003 – for AFL fantasy he’s been ok – until this week
pcaman2003: Grimes. Are you for real? 107 average and cheap so why not? Such a foolish comment.
pcaman2003: Stu7l. Thanks bu
pcaman2003: Stu7 . Thanks bud. Hope you’re going better than me.
navy_blues: how can butts be on 6 points with no touches and a FA
pcaman2003: navy. Exactly! It’s the wonders of CD scoring criteria. Has everyone bewildered.
Pavs: mmm. Might put Kennedy in next week
pcaman2003: See you all next year. I’m out! Good luck and fortune to those still in finals contention. It’s been a pleasure.
Blaircam: What are the chances both rucks have the same points at halftime?
DrSeuss: Better luck next year Pca – I am hoping for the same
Stu7: Pca all the best bro
Pavs: Next year pca.
wadaramus: Keays in the middle.
DrSeuss: See if he stays there Wada. I am sure he would love some consistency in his role
Catatafish: Butts four one percenters. Must be spoils, it’s how SDK scores a few extra.
DANGERous: lift laird
duckky: Crap – is Tex reliving the camp today?
sMiles: keays lifting ffs about time
PAFC4eva: nothing to see here ducky
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
frenzy: is that a Butts plug, Lol
pcaman2003: Guess who my first pick is for next season?
Catatafish: pca, is it Keays?
sMiles: is it Bazzo?
beerent11: Josh Kennedy pcaman?
PAFC4eva: motlop pca
bhg26: Dean Towers?
beerent11: Bjorn borg?
sfenda1: laird has to be all australian this year
Pavs: Butts?
Pies20: Laird obviously
beerent11: They don?t pick em on sc scores sfenda1, but has to be a good chance
pcaman2003: Catafish. Lol! No way in hell. Laird is the man.
beerent11: This is awesome for jpk. So happy for him
pcaman2003: beer. Bjorn Borg.? Interesting. Everyone else hates me I thiunk.,
Hazza09: Laird is a machine, not going with him over Brayshaw 7 weeks ago has ruined my year
Pies20: Are they looking for him to much beer? Totally agree awesome last game
beerent11: Jpk is burning butts on the lead. Like a vindaloo
beerent11: No one hates you pca just a bit of fun
beerent11: Doesn?t matter if they are pies20. What else have they got to play for.
DrSeuss: Is Keays still mid? Or back forward? Or just a spud?
pcaman2003: Does any team with half a brain think of tagging Laird? Don’t do it at your peril.
pcaman2003: All good beer. I don’t take it too seriously, but there is some frustration.
Pavs: 17 over 100 this week c’mon O’Brien make it 18. Nice in a bye round
Raspel31: I don’t hate you pcaman. Maybe despise a little but fedinitely not hate- carn Dawson and stay down Keays.
Pavs: I believe you have the same sentiments for all of us Raspel31
Raspel31: Go Soligo- you going to have to cover Cripps next week after the Ahchoo incident.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hahaha! Had a slight chance until Kelly,Treloar, Keays and Stewart. Got totally screwed over. Oh well! That’s it
bhg26: He?s taking the power now
Raspel31: Luck of the draw pcaman- I on the other hand have fluked 2 wins from impossible odds. Fare well.
sfenda1: what a final game
pcaman2003: Didn’t expect Keays to be such a soft cocki.
bhg26: Lmao I forgot you could say cock
pcaman2003: bhg26. I’m surprised too, but no one cares about that stuff now. Cheers!
Raspel31: Personally I prefer oysters.
bhg26: Crows didn?t read the script
pcaman2003: Raspel. Or maybe gonads?
poolboybob: Redden muppet
beerent11: Schofield is shocking
pcaman2003: Laird V Keays. 22 more touches with less TOG. Weak as water Keays.

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