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Chat log from R18 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R18 of 2022

feralmong: Whats the bet Kanga’s win today now they are freeeeee!
navy_blues: hope so!
Hazza09: Need a 150 from Short lol
TheFlagger: LDU is a fun pod
Social: I nned Wahab to put a fatwa on Nankervis
feralmong: i don’t think Nank’s knee will hold tbh.
feralmong: I think Cumberland solves our George problem.
pcaman2003: Curtis has 1 innefective contested HB for 6 points. That doesn’t seem right is it?
feralmong: 1 cp pca.
pcaman2003: I mentioned that feral, but 0%DE for a HB even though contested/
The Ogre: I’m beginning to think Hardwick doesn’t like DRioli
original: ffs anderson stop giving away frees
feralmong: get points in SC for winning the ball pca
pcaman2003: Easy points for a useless disposal, but I see your point.
Ash777: go goldy n mcdonald
navy_blues: gibcus forward?
feralmong: yeah navy, tarrant and miller down back.
navy_blues: at least u guys know he can play down back if needed
feralmong: bit spoiled for that now. have Balta, Broad and McIntosh as well.
pcaman2003: Got rid of Short for Dawson. That’s working out well. Another of my recent trade highlights.
Ash777: broad will probably get poached at end of season being a FA
feralmong: way its going Ash we’ll have 10 first round picks
Ash777: Nank has lost all his points
MrWalrus: Doubt he goes Ash, if he does someone will have overpaid by a lot
Fatbar5tad: Why do we never get the frees lol
feralmong: Broad is one of the best defenders atm. Elite for marks and above avg kicks.
Ash777: lol tigers lost the plot in that last few mins
feralmong: we good at that Ash. lol.
Ash777: Unless it’s someone like moore or stewart defenders dont get big money.
TheFlagger: i feel like short always goes 30+ in the first quarter
MrWalrus: Or McGovern or May or lever or Saad or Williams or Doch or
Fatbar5tad: Nank report looks ridiculous
MrWalrus: Not even sure it should have been a free Fat
feralmong: we always gotta do it the hard way
Crippa9: Looked more forearm to head to me with Nank
navy_blues: w8ithout cumberland tigers would be dead lol
MrWalrus: I feel ok about this start, we’ve been prone to getting a big start only to lose this year
TheFlagger: this is what happens when you drop deadeye castagna
MrWalrus: We have been wasteful though
thesilentl: North seem to have worked out their clearances, don’t know why it took 2/3s of a season
_Wang_: Lol tiges
original: nank LOVES a free against. almost more frees than hitouts
TheFlagger: nank is just shane mumford in disguise
sfenda1: short might actually ton up for once
TheFlagger: paul curtis is really solid
Fatbar5tad: Roos cant miss
thommoae: Brings a tear to the eye, Flagger. Mummy the FA King.
original: record pace here nank
pcaman2003: sfenda1. Most likely as I traded him to Dawson who flopped!
sfenda1: thanks for your sacrifice pcaman
navy_blues: goooo rooooooos
Ash777: go norf!
MrWalrus: This is ridiculous, still feel ok though
pcaman2003: sfenda1. My great displeasure. Been happening a bit lately on my trades.
thesilentl: Tigers just continuing on from last week’s 4th qtr
MrWalrus: Not sure what’s worse, Zurhaar’s tatts or his stache
TheFlagger: richmond cant stop momentum swings to save their life
navy_blues: least he kicks straight
Dredd: Beating your blokes by himself Walrus..
MrWalrus: For once silent I agree with you, tiges been putrid
TheFlagger: UDL smooth mover
Dredd: Classic umps to ruin the fun of another goal going to the Roos..
MrWalrus: Doesn’t excuse crimes against facial hair
Dredd: So called experts calling Rioli AA HB last few weeks.. lmfao.. back to his standard
Raspel31: Rioli indeed a bit slow off the mark- hmm?
thesilentl: This game would be great if the umps stopped giving soft frees to richmond
TheFlagger: selfish balta
navy_blues: wheres grimes jnr??? lol
MrWalrus: Riewoldt should be getting a free every i50, glad he isn’t though would choke, silent back to old self
Dredd: Walrus? man goes bang again
thesilentl: Typical one eye @mrwalrus, roos have been robbed multiple times
navy_blues: riewoldt past it
banta: wtf is rioli doing. today is a sick joke
Dredd: Kanga Kanga Kanga
TheFlagger: curtis is class
pcaman2003: Same again second half please Kangas.
TheFlagger: surely kangas have learnt their lesson to hold on after last week
MrWalrus: OK silent, Mr voice of reason that you are lol, go get that brain injury of yours checked
MrWalrus: Curtis is indeed class, great hands
thesilentl: @mrwalrus you mad? Stop sooking about getting towelled up by north
Hexorism: Hope Norf keep this up
bhg26: Why is your name silent, you are quite possibly the loudest of all of us
Stikman35: Go north. Special day. Curtis go on son?..
Dredd: Ghee idk if your the one to talk about getting towelled up by north Silent.. lucky to win last week
MrWalrus: Love the pile in from the neutrals as usual BTW, where’s Frenzy? He actually deserves to be getting stuck in
thesilentl: @bhg Grimes jr isn’t here mate, no need to protect hjm
thesilentl: @dredd…..pretty sure the pies won mate
Stikman35: Nick daicos. Trade out to a Richmond premo defender?
MrWalrus: Silent is thinking impaired guys, lay off a bit 😛
Ash777: the oxymoron
navy_blues: at least walrus is here not like some others
thesilentl: Using mental impairment as an insult? You must he a serious POS in real life
bhg26: Why would i protect hjm?
thesilentl: Youre the type of bloke who calls player the r word @mrwalrus, awful human being
bhg26: Bloody hell silent calm down mate lmao. “awful human being” is probably a bit much
thesilentl: The bloke loves to throw around insults like its the 1950s, deserves to get called out
Baldfrog: Hardwick needs to try Cotchins wife next this new ones no good
navy_blues: you look to see who the supporters are here when their team is losing they are supporters
bhg26: Love to know how you live your day to day life if youre offended by that, i say 15 worse things before breakfast
Stu7: Hi all can anyone tell me what is going on with Rioli
navy_blues: the others who only turn up when team is winning are just passengers
Baldfrog: I thought real sups went to games Navy?
_Wang_: I’ve checked out for the yearnow.. Lol
thesilentl: @bhg26 are you boasting that you like to use absurdly derogatory terms for groups?
beerent11: Back from the tip. What?s going on here?
navy_blues: i cant fly round the country lol plus im 4 hours from melb
navy_blues: got to 2 games so far tho
Ash777: I cant get to games I live in WA
beerent11: Hang on. Wasn?t silent vs the world happening about four hours ago?
pjw1234: should be an age limit in this forum. Both physical and emotional
Stu7: Hi all can anyone tell me what is going on with Rioli ??
bhg26: Nothing stu, thats why hes on 3
Pavs: Needs to STFU was wrong before and is wrong again. Just thought I would call you out on that.
_Wang_: Stu7 playing shit
MrWalrus: Because thinking impaired is aweful but complete pos awful human being is fine? 🤣
Baldfrog: Lol Pjw how you gunna police that?
pjw1234: Looks like spicer is sitting on Rioli
pjw1234: Its pretty obvious I think
MrWalrus: I’m SA based, get to about 5 games a year, I do my part
Stu7: Bhg is he tagged?
bhg26: Yes silent, as part of my morning walk i walk around and shout obscenities as loud as possible to offend the neighbours
thesilentl: @mrwalrus haha do you actually think using mental impairment as an insult is ok? That’s low even for you
Baldfrog: Glenelg doesn’t count Walrus
MrWalrus: You to bhg it’s best doing it comando in an untied bathrobe & slippers
Baldfrog: You fit right in in Sydney Bhg
beerent11: Who?s this Cumberband bloke?
thesilentl: Any decent human knows you can’t talk like that @mrwalrus, if you don’t understand that I feel bad for u
beerent11: This argument is hilarious.
MrWalrus: Baldy thems fighting words, up the mighty blues!
Baldfrog: Dunno beer never heard of him
navy_blues: u go for the blues walrus???
Baldfrog: Only on for 5 mins so thought stir up some trouble
MrWalrus: Not an insult silent, an opinion. I genuinely believe you have some kind of disorder, how is that wrong?
Baldfrog: I was at Centrals Walrus we just scraped in
MrWalrus: Only in SA and Alice Springs, Carlton dad’s team so had to get into him somehow
Baldfrog: Double blues Navy
beerent11: Millennials
zadolinnyj: anderson must have money on richmond with that handball
navy_blues: ahhh ok
MrWalrus: So delicate beer, but currently more interesting than the game
Ash777: 3.15 lol horrible
MrWalrus: You don’t say ash…..
beerent11: Cmon jayds
MrWalrus: Oh thank the every available deity!
Hazza09: Need another 4 of those Short
Baldfrog: Still think Norf will lose
beerent11: I?m only here to fulfill my duties as president of the Todd Goldstein fan club.
MrWalrus: Love Goldy, LDU is going to be in my starting side next season, becoming the player roos thought they drafted
Malaka: MrWalrus, there is only one true deity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
navy_blues: bolton stuff all today last week they were talking bout him as the new dusty lol
beerent11: Self elected
beerent11: Slow burn walrus
beerent11: Slow and low
MrWalrus: Got my colander on as I type
Baldfrog: Only 1 member Beer?
beerent11: As far as I know baldy
Pavs: How do I join up Beer?
Malaka: R’Amen
Baldfrog: Crack a Bonar with ya Cox in the Butts Pav
Raspel31: Phew- bit worried Rioli would end up on 3.
Stu7: Rioli is alive!!!
beerent11: Just say you?re part of the club. That?s all I did.
Pavs: That was m0nty baldy not I.
Baldfrog: Bugger forgot to include Cumming
MrWalrus: Butts & & Cox without Cumming? Bugger indeed,so unsatisfying
pcaman2003: So happy for my opponent who has P Curtis. and Short. Ifr only my Voodoo doll wasn’t broken.
beerent11: The umpire is a member too
Hazza09: Piss off curtis, this week you decide show up
beerent11: Ldu was touted as the next Chris Judd when drafted.
Catatafish: I have Curtis and Short pca. Looking good for once
beerent11: The fix is in
Ash777: Rofl the catch of the supporter shouting.
beerent11: Go boys!
pcaman2003: Catafish. Lucky dude! I’ve had a shocker today with Kelly and Keays. Really needed something my way,but not to be.
MrWalrus: This is genuinely hilarious, teams are supposed to play well when the coach is sacked not the opposition be terrible
Baldfrog: Nice to see u sup Roos again Beer
Torz: Jed not tackling like he normally would
beerent11: Never left bald
MrWalrus: Starting to look it too beer for about the last 2months been awesome
Catatafish: I’ve been due some luck pca, but taking C off Laird wasn’t wise!
pcaman2003: Catafish. Oh dear! Who for C now then?
beerent11: North have been through longer and leaner times than this. Every club has.
MrWalrus: Lol Cotch, nice try
Baldfrog: The Nank who stank is flying
Catatafish: I decided to take Macrae, may need to risk Miller for a win against one opp now
navy_blues: surely norf not gonna lose another deserved win
MrWalrus: Balta will kick this
beerent11: Risky catatafish. Caldwell will probably go to Touk
Hazza09: Has short gone home as he usually does?
beerent11: Cmon kangas. See it out.
Raspel31: But will the nank who stank be out for a couple? Hope not.
pcaman2003: Geez North! Don’t give them so much space. It’s keepings off.
MrWalrus: Could be the current biggest kick in the comp, one of the few 70m blokes
beerent11: What?s wrong with 80 at 3qtr time hazza?
st_steve: Late to this game, what did Nank do?
Catatafish: It is beerent, we’ll see where the scores are at tomorrow first
MrWalrus: Nank fine, Short fine after the head knock, game on
Pavs: Good call Walrus
MrWalrus: Nothing steve, ump reported him for a knee to the head, only the ump saw it
beerent11: Tossing that up with neales 121 or go Brayshaw v swans or touk.
Number 8: Reckon JHF could have a busted rib
beerent11: Or zerret.
zadolinnyj: agree number 8
Catatafish: Hard choice beerent. I’m trying to choose a mid to bring in – Walsh, Mills, Zerrett or Brayshaw.
Napper: Why did short go from 84 to 79 any reason
st_steve: Cheers Walrus
Baldfrog: Walsh or brayshaw cata I have mills still not sols
beerent11: Look at their runs home catatafish. Use that as a guide.
Baldfrog: Sold on him*
MrWalrus: Had Laird beer, flip a coin between Brayshaw or Touk, were my 3 after the fri vc punt
Fatbar5tad: Tigers so good at getting a hand in. Great defence.
Hazza09: Who you trading Catatafish?
Catatafish: They all look pretty good on player form against them. Hard to plan for a tag or not
Fatbar5tad: shorty leaking again.
Catatafish: Parish…
MrWalrus: Cotch having real throwback night
zadolinnyj: The gold stain
Pavs: Cata Mills is a beast when in the centre but cant trust Horse to play him there. I reckon Walsh
MrWalrus: Brayshaw for me Cata
Pavs: Greenwood a changed player. He is looking interested in playing again.
Catatafish: True Pavs, but Sydney have a good run home so Mills shouldn’t be needed in defense
mattmac24: I haven’t seen it, will Nank cop a suspension from his report?
MrWalrus: Riewoldt is keeping this interesting, reckon he has had a couple of didn’t even get a point shots too
Catatafish: Looks like Giants are tagging now but Brayshaw against them r23 still concerns me!
beerent11: Lucky they?re not playing them then catatafish
Catatafish: Giants aren’t tagging*
beerent11: Oops thought you were talking about tonight.
Pavs: I have Mills but like baldy not convinced. Goodluck choosing Cata
Catatafish: Haha nah, final round
navy_blues: lol umps will get em home just like collingwood
Hexorism: these umpires are handing the game to the tigers
pjw1234: whats wrong with gawn against no ruck?
Ash777: games ruined because of umps who want these teams in finals
beerent11: We got em right where we want em
MrWalrus: We should be 20 goals up to be fair
MrWalrus: Clearly the better team
Fatbar5tad: umps nothing to do with this result ffs
Hexorism: Whatever your smoking walrus can i have some?
MrWalrus: Had double the scoring shots
beerent11: Bad kicking is bad footy walrus. Footys a funny game
Pavs: North coach Adams showing way to much emotion. Got a bit to learn yet
sMiles: agreed – Norhts still putrid… Just that Richmond awful at goal… Something wrong there
MrWalrus: You’re not wrong beer, also a funny game, not to mention fun
beerent11: Richmond just 4 points less putrid
navy_blues: ccj still playing for tigers lol
sMiles: I almost feel sorry for Tiger supporters 11 21 OMG
Ash777: short sent back to the bench
MrWalrus: Boo Short, boo, dying of blood loss is no excuse, never again!
zadolinnyj: I notice how lazy curtis is in defence. good he?s on the bench. very lazy chasing
Hazza09: Ffs short
Fatbar5tad: Nice one Greenwood
zadolinnyj: zeeeehaaaaaa
LuvIt74: North second game they threw away,if they lose this
sMiles: Play Curtis E or roll the dice with Jackson (melbourne)
beerent11: Goldy you star!
Rebuild: What a tap!
Hazza09: I agree Walrus, never again
pcaman2003: Can North hold the lead, or stuff up what should’ve been a win?
beerent11: Perfect ruck play
Silz90: Kanga kanga kanga
zadolinnyj: i would think another goal is coming
LuvIt74: how long to go?
navy_blues: lol
sMiles: lol – 2 weeks running for Tigers?
zadolinnyj: wow
zadolinnyj: 1 minute
bhg26: Bunch of idiots playing for north
zadolinnyj: could have milked 30 secs
Fatbar5tad: aarts!
MrWalrus: PCA, in no way shape or form should this have been a north win
navy_blues: man in front mark but no
pcaman2003: Giddyup North!
LuvIt74: boody hel
navy_blues: wd norf!
zadolinnyj: 5 secs
kano: lol Aarts. trash.
Fatbar5tad: Beautiful
blonde0na: where’s walrus
beerent11: Beauty
pcaman2003: What a win! Tigers lol!
Gelly: pathetic, cya next year lads
navy_blues: well deserved
Social: Sack your coach, get a win, works every time. I dunno why more clubs don’t do it.
sMiles: pathetic Tigers – hang your head – money has changed hands here for sure
thesilentl: Good game
beerent11: Bad luck walrus. Just came up against a better team mate.
Silz90: Where are the tiger trolls. Walrus Ur alright but the trolls are quiet tonight
beerent11: Tongue in cheek
MrWalrus: Bahahaha, well done roos, we didn’t deserve a w after that joke of goal kicking effort, pathetic
Pavs: How happy will Frenzy be.
Pies20: Well done kangas totally agree silz
banta: have a good look at yourself rioli
thesilentl: Roos much improved last 2 weeks
beerent11: Classy as always walrus
MrWalrus: Cheers beer, deserved it, could easily have crumbled but held up which is great (for you)
Gelly: im glad north got the win, richmond dont deserve to play finals
Ash777: I hear the microwaves going.
MrWalrus: Still might Gelly, still not writing us off, this may be the trigger
beerent11: Faark. Should have had the c on goldy
beerent11: We just won the gf
frenzy: keep a lid on Pavs

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