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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Brisbane, R18 of 2022

navy_blues: will neale get tagged
gazza39: Can Ash stop him?
Wahab_18: Better start Tommy Green
Raspel31: Hmm, so far glad I avoided capping Neale or Cogs
pcaman2003: Hi gang! Hoping Kelly will do much better than this.
navy_blues: kelly was off b4 with sore back pca
Yelse: where plseeee get to 50 u my cover for oliver
bhg26: Wtf Sam Taylor
thommoae: Feels as if we?re watching this game through the small end of binoculars. Vision is mostly a long, long shot.
pcaman2003: Thanks navy! I’m watching other game so wasn’t aware. Is he alright now?
Raspel31: Hmm, Kelly still not back. Bit of a worry.
DEESareSAD: Kelly back on the field finally. Fingers crossed he puts up an 80+
navy_blues: back on
banta: lol kelly cooked. trust, just my luck
Pavs: Stay down Cogs
pcaman2003: I’m going so well other game so hoping Kelly not cooked, otherwise I might be.
Gelly: that flop from sidebottom, very silly
bhg26: Wrong chat Gelly lol
Gelly: wrong game my bad
beerent11: Hope spike keeps the job. Much better for sc. Himmel back, no tags, cogs on the ball.
beerent11: Yes lachie, run free. Free as a bird. Cacaa
banta: gws are actually pathetic. so much talent on the list. gutless
Dredd: McStay?s value going up by the minute
Dredd: Spoke too soon lol
pcaman2003: C’mon Kelly and get that DE up. Push through the pain young man.
pcaman2003: And now a goal. Thank you!
Manowar: what happened to the lock icon on Neale? did someone make a rookie error?
pcaman2003: Try and get to at least 40 by half time Kelly
m0nty: Ash is not hard tagging Neale between stoppages
Dredd: Tripping is allowed now? Andrews got tripped big time? clown umpires
banta: Zac bailey was good last year. What’s the drop off due to?
beerent11: They?re taking turns playing tight on Neale at the stoppages. Cogs, ash, hopper. Letting him go in general play.
beerent11: Not working very effectively tho
Wahab_18: I miss the early rounds Tom Green 🙁
romeo33: Wahab hes been so lackluster and inefficient its been such a pain to own him
Rebuild: Finally got rid of Green this week. Can’t say I’ll miss him
MrWalrus: Green was fine until 3-4 weeks ago, timed it perfectly to coincide with injury carnage for me
Stu7: True Walrus
Wahab_18: How do u get 5 points from your last 6 disposals as an inside mid
pcaman2003: Watching other game, but is Kelly looking better with his sore back?
Stu7: Go Green and Neale
pcaman2003: I need you to fire up Kelly. Pick up the pace a bit.
Stu7: Green you spud
cherry9: Based on early form, I went to some trouble to bring in Cripps and Green this year. Must note for next year
Gotigres: Third qtr has started Cogs
navy_blues: lolol ginnivan
banta: my god kelly effing lift
Stu7: Ffs Neale get a move on
Stu7: At this stage Wehr is going to pass the Green spud
Stu7: DT points that is
pcaman2003: Geez! Wehr has passed Kelly too. I give up! 🙁
Stu7: Wehr is this going!
Raspel31: Cogs might struggle to get 142 from here.
Wahab_18: Flower off cogs you were doing so good why are u trying now
navy_blues: need cogs to get 20 poss
Stu7: I give up VC on Neale and bloody Green the spud
Dredd: Clugs showing is superstar potential today..
Stu7: True that Rasp
Wahab_18: Tom Green is gonna get dropped at this rate worrying signs
Stu7: He?s going next week Wahab for sure
Dredd: Traded Green for Steele this week.. big success there
kangablues: @Navy Need Cogs to get 30! Got no chance.
pcaman2003: Let’s make it a big last qtr Kelly.
Stu7: Come on Neale 36 more
Stu7: Off ya ar5e Green ya spud
banta: wtf seriously kelly you hack
Stu7: Green you?re going on the hard rubbish next week
navy_blues: get back on cogs
pcaman2003: Kelly in this game and Keays in the other. Crapola!
Stu7: Sh1t hey pca
banta: giants the most soulless club in the afl
Gotigres: Kelly gone into the rooms
kangablues: Kelly is in the sheds
pcaman2003: Stu7. The pits! Started well both games until these 2 spudded up.
feralmong: the line probably just got drawn through McVeigh on coaching shortlists.
Stu7: Won?t be VC Neale again
banta: gfy kelly
Gotigres: Eighty would be lovely Wehr

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