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Chat log from R18 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R18 of 2022

RooBoyStu: Breaking in warm up Bailey Smith seen sniffing boundary line and then squats.
Stikman35: That?s not nice.
Stikman35: Need a cheapie. Anyone think that Cumberland an ok pick. Don?t want to waste two trades this week.
frenzy: howdy
thommoae: Robbie Fowler used that one years ago, Rooboy
bhg26: Bont vc tonight, macrae to go huge
Pavs: Evening all.
zadolinnyj: Gents
frenzy: goodman bhg, thanks
Ash777: English VC for me
Social: Evening all
Stu7: Scores??
pcaman2003: Finally dumped Gresham this week. Watch him go big now.
ajconodie: Everyone at FFHQ asleep?
circle52: Still no data after 4 minutes,
pcaman2003: Have VC on Macca. He must be due another big one this week 🙂
Gotigres: Evening all. I have Steele vc, so he will have a quiet game
Wahab_18: Stats not showing up yet?
Stu7: Scores???
Gotigres: With Sweet in, English will also have a quiet one.
Gelly: i guess we dont have scores tonight
m0nty: oops sorry about that
Stikman35: bhg you should have made Macrae vc with that logic .
Silz90: low tog for brodie
elvundir: I went VC Bont, looks pretty lively!
m0nty: at least no one has scored yet!
Ash777: Last time sweet was in english went huge
bhg26: But then if i went vc macrae bont will go huge stikman
bigpens: Agreed Silz. Considering trading Brodie out
J.Worrall: A mighty lot of possessions for no score …@mint0
Stikman35: Vc mayhem in your little grey matter bhg
Yelse: macca treloar dunks english vs libs bont macca dunks sinclair
Yelse: how is smith on 13 he hasn’t’ hit a target
DrSeuss: Don?t stop now VC Steele.
Ash777: did no one realise that dogs is steele’s bogey team
Silz90: i dont think english has scored big since i brought him in.
Social: Rhino on fiyah
Napper: Smith same score as sinc but hasn?t hit a target sinc crazy underscored
Gelly: stkildas field kicking is horrible
Yelse: same here @SLiz90 either do noughts or sub 95
bhg26: Why are there still 6-6-6 warnings, its been a rule for 2 years
bhg26: Woods kick didnt bend back enough
upweydons: Some poor kicking skills in this game
Gelly: i dont think stkilda has hit a target by foot yet
Grimes Jr: Lift j Mac
Yelse: can’t see this week being shocking with treloar macca english dunks already straggling
Gotigres: Kick a goal Steele
beerent11: High pressure
bigpens: Get on the ground Brodie
beerent11: High pressure accounting for the skill level I think
banta: Can?t believe people used to have a go at Lloyd for acting weightman and ginivan worse
Raspel31: Evening ladies- bit late to the party. Thought this was The Dog’s to lose.
Wahab_18: Gresh useless as usual
Social: we couldn’t see the future banta
banta: Pathetic and gutless saints. How was dunkley so free??
ajconodie: @banta – Ginivan doesn’t act. He exploits. Weightman on the other hand should be on Home and Away
bigpens: Scoops not going to be happy
bhg26: My Saints tip is starting to not look so good
Stikman35: Ginnivan doesnt act or do dives. Lloyd didnt need to
Stu7: Gresham flog alert
Napper: Fuck off with Sinclair?s score . He just got 3 possessions and 2 marks at 100% for 6 points so fucked
navy_blues: lol exploits = drops the knees umps are waking up to him
LuvIt74: @Banta do u folow the saints mate…ol
zadolinnyj: Saints are bulldogs best player
bc__: Bont 45…bit overs?
bhg26: No way bc perfectly justified, I have bont vc by the way
Stikman35: Saints done. Score you sods. There goes my multi if you can?t contribute to a aggregate. Feel sorry for yas.
Social: Gresh is still in the rooms plucking his eyebrows. He’ll be ready to play very soon.
ajconodie: @navy_blues – Exactly. In other words, exploiting.
Hazza09: English looks like he can?t be stuffed
Danstar: Come on bonty (vc)
Wahab_18: Hope clearly gets subbed on he’ll cover the Clarry donut
bc__: I have bont too
pcaman2003: Stu7. Finally got rid of him. Feeling the relief already.
Stu7: Pca I couldn?t get rid of him as Oliver & Whitefield are out spewing
Raspel31: Okay- Clarry the most sold player? Not by this little black duck. One game- sheesh.
beerent11: Surely no one is surprised to see Gresham go down with Steele returning
Grimes Jr: I pick the wrong dogs vc every week
J.Worrall: If you must trade, don’t buy Bont, they said …
Yelse: what has everyone done with oliver? cover?
bigpens: I’d be worried if i was the saiths
Stikman35: Yelse. I need a cheapie. Don?t want to do 2 trades. Have about $390
Yelse: bonts score is bull
Raspel31: Yelse- covered- why on earth trade? The razzer was keen to go this week.
Catatafish: My cover is Dunkley with Paul Curtis now starting forward..
Social: Laird into Zerrett for me
Stikman35: Cover rasp. No one is trading Oli
Napper: What Sinclair?s DE? On phone can?t c
bhg26: 58 with 2 clangers napper
Stikman35: I can cover with Curtis. But thinking Cumberland in for Rioli.
wadaramus: On the bench for me too Raspel, only 3 trades left!
DrSeuss: Come on English ffs
Hazza09: Piss weak English
Social: Gresh just waxing his legs… almost ready
bhg26: Bonts been superb tonight
banta: Dogs flooding tactic? Bevo thinks that will
banta: Dogs flooding. Bevo thinks that saves his job lol
bhg26: when saints are bad, theyre really bad
DrSeuss: You know it?s bad when Ugle-Hagan is killing you
Social: oh hang on, I think he’s gonna wax the undercarriage as well…
Raspel31: Admiring the Saints strategy- lulling into false sense of security.
pcaman2003: The Saints are playing like school kids.
bhg26: waiting for the time to strike raspel
damoj88: Gresham what a poonce. Waxes his eyebrows. LEL
Stu7: Lol damo well said
beerent11: Had to be herb
beerent11: *htb
damoj88: Needs to concentrate on how his footy looks, not how well sculpted his eyebrows are
Gelly: have to bring out the witches hats soon
DrSeuss: WTF English – get a touch
st_steve: Footy?s heaps fun
banta: The deliberate out of bounds is a disgrace, such a joke what they call now
Gelly: buku cant kick, get him out of defense
MrWalrus: Lol banta, being 10 goals up at half time is not bad, feel like bevo’s JS is pretty good, are you a saints supporter?
Stikman35: Great Friday night footy saints.
Pavs: Would appreciate Mr Sinclair hitting a target.
bhg26: Game on
navy_blues: bont killin them
MrWalrus: It’s not deliberate any more, you have to try and keep it in
Hazza09: So much for holding English
Stikman35: Pulling away from victorys score now saints. Well done.
bhg26: Good lord Bont is a superstar
beerent11: Bont 200 is on
Gelly: bonts gona be on 200 at HT at this rate
MrWalrus: English may be ok yet but he really is trying to get me to not captain clarry this week
bhg26: Youre rubbish tim tim
pcaman2003: Maybe they should put Steele on Bont.
navy_blues: 18 weeks in and not use to deliberate out yet? lol
Raspel31: We all got English- who else? Confident Saints got this.
banta: Dogs played in a grand final last year and won?t play finals this year. Wouldn?t bank Bevo?s job on this one game.
DrSeuss: Steele and English – get involved.
bhg26: Dont know why they call it deliberate, its always just insufficient intent now
pcaman2003: These shoddy review cameras are embarrassing.
TheFlagger: ahaha for gods sake i reversed my trades and took the vc off bont. macrae looks like he’ll go alright anyway, or laird
Catatafish: Is English up forward a fair bit a la tandem ruckmen?
LuvIt74: English not lookin so good
Stu7: Gresham he?s alive
zadolinnyj: They are protecting English due to score
DrSeuss: Steele has had 2 touches this half. WTAF.
DrSeuss: Haha this qtr – not half. Still shit though
Stikman35: 7 goals down is nothing if you can outscore your opp by 4 goals per qtr now saints.
bhg26: Carlton do it once a every game stikman
bhg26: Or against them i should say
Gotigres: I will gladly accept charity for vc Steele
Catatafish: Lol Seuss, Steele says fuck ya haha
DrSeuss: Happy for that response Cat
DrSeuss: If only English would do the same. Useless stick
Catatafish: I’ll bet, nice finish for the half
J.Worrall: Come on, Timmy! we all know what you can do …
Stikman35: Timmy needs to kick 2
nbartos: tackle saints you blouses
bhg26: Theyre going to need to do a lot more than tackling nbartos
TheFlagger: lotta junk possies for sinclair
Ash777: 13 tackles in a half is horrible
nbartos: bhg 100% and clearances Steele Gresh and co – non exist almost
Hazza09: Geez 3 disposals in a half is not good enough English
Yelse: why don’t they tag bont
blashtroko: English and Steele 3 metres gained between them
MrWalrus: I imagine he’s near untaggable on his day Yelse but you’re right, it would at least slow hom down you’d think
Social: times like this I start to feel a bit for the saints
Social: and then I remember Stephen Milne
navy_blues: no one in saints team capable of tagging bont
Yelse: steele can tag or jones
Pavs: Cmon Sinclair you haven Bont 60 headstart now close the gap
Yelse: that was holding the ball by bont
zadolinnyj: Agree yelse
Tangent: Evening all
Social: Ahoy there Tangent
MrWalrus: Lol social, people forget Montagna was in his club too, also Steven Baker is the dirtiest player this century
navy_blues: wow zak jones scared to tackle
Yelse: english so out of form can’t hold a mark
Hazza09: Ffs English FFS
J.Worrall: Chocko to the Roos? Really?
zadolinnyj: Baker and Milne pests
beerent11: Just out of touch. He?ll come good.
Tangent: My SC season is done, just here for fun. Can’t even field 21 lol.
Stikman35: Have the dogs signed English yet. He is looking like a marginal player tonight.
pcaman2003: Tangent. Yeah! It’s been a tough year for some.
Social: All true Walrus, zado
beerent11: Plenty in that boat tangent. You out of trades?
Yelse: i think theres gonna be many tears with HS protocols with or players prob need another 10 trades
beerent11: None of the blokes on this site ever had a bad game or a bad day at work I guess.
zadolinnyj: What does that feel like beerent
Stikman35: Need Teakle to make a Lazarus recovery
Tangent: 16 trades I’ve had to use due to injuries/suspensions … some rage trades too
pcaman2003: Don’t wait for the ball Treloar, go get it.
beerent11: A bad day? Get on with it tomorrow zad.
Social: It is time, enter the Gresh
MrWalrus: Hehe beer, never clearly, English is useless & what’s with Brodie’s TOG?
Yelse: i think treloar getting stooged
Hazza09: So one good day at work out of say 7 is good enough?
zadolinnyj: Lol. I will definetly have a bad footy game coming out of Covid Sunday for sure
pcaman2003: Social. I’m hoping getting Parker will vindicate my trading Gresh out this week. He was driving me mad.
bhg26: Oh my fucking god english the the fuck was that
MrWalrus: English likely the biggest lock in SC for the next 10 years or so Hazza but sure, write him off
Grimes Jr: Cmon j Mac 125 plus
Stikman35: Fairdimkum. If Brodie doesnt play more than 70% I?ll pick him next year as a pod.
MrWalrus: At least he’s getting involved bhg, always an upside
Social: I’d planned to upgrade him pca but spent too many trades on other cock showering flowers
Hazza09: Not writing him off Walrus, he?s just given me 1 decent game out of 7 or 8 since I traded the house to bring him in
zadolinnyj: Maybe Brodie scores so we?ll because he is fresh from bench time
TheFlagger: boo
dipstick: seriously. hows gresham so fucken useless? his lowest score was100 when i got him the clown
nbartos: haha the brodie tog talk – again
Tangent: Saints are losing due to Brodie’s low TOG
Raspel31: As finals near the moans get louder. Yes, we’ve all had injuries and Primos let us down. Stop whinging ffs- enjoy!
Stikman35: Freo are groundbreaking in their bench use. Dane Swan would be proud.
pcaman2003: Social. I was lucky I still had trades left to play with. Only have 3 left though
zadolinnyj: One of Hannans better games
pcaman2003: 6 poionts for the qtr Treloar. What is this rubbish? Get going!
zadolinnyj: That candy was mint
TheFlagger: what a freak dale
Tangent: Lift Bont
Grimes Jr: With a full team if u have 5 or more trades ur set for yr
Tangent: On que pca
pcaman2003: Hahaha! He heard me. Always seems to happen.
nbartos: Raspel – OG been here for years knows
TheFlagger: is king on the field
dipstick: thats right… @nbartos been fucken flyin’ for years
Grimes Jr: Hill is a putrid footballer
TheFlagger: on cue
MrWalrus: Not true Raspy, the best teams have dodged the majority of the carnage, can’t win without luck but certainly enjoy
Gotigres: That’s enough Sinclair, you can go home now.
nbartos: hehe Dip
Social: Nice work flagger…
Social: Is Gresh on the field?
DrSeuss: Why have all the rucks been so trash in this game? No stoppages?
pcaman2003: Steele has turned the ball a few times, but only 1 clanger. Lucky boy!
Raspel31: For god’s sake English I didn’t destroy my life to see this crap. Just joining in.
TheFlagger: jesus bont
dipstick: @walrus true. its mostly luck. warnedawg gor his first injury this week. 18 weeks in. ive had 9 LOL
zadolinnyj: Luck certainly plays its part. Trying to not rage also helps
Ash777: bont going to be 150 at 3qtr time
zadolinnyj: Much better raspel
banta: Hill downhill skier
Raspel31: You are a piece of excerement English!!
nbartos: costing me a multi banta 25 possies
Social: JJ turning back the clock
MrWalrus: My weakness (after consistent poor luck) is the speculative Pick, whoa Rasp, double!! Is too far
thommoae: Unexpected venting from you, Raspel – normally the Master of the (Sigh)!
Social: Attaboy Rasp
Tangent: Fielding 19 this week, opponent has VC on Bont and projected for 2600. Please kill me
frenzy: is that a word raspel
zadolinnyj: Intellectual abuse double points Raspel. Avoiding shower for class
Raspel31: Feel much better now lads- phew.
zadolinnyj: Just awaiting the normal three quarter time, saints will win Raspel. Don?t get distracted
pcaman2003: Waiting for Macca to have a quiet qtr now so I’ll have to find another C .
Pavs: Thats a world of pain Tangent
Raspel31: Not when spelt wrongly frenzy- EXCREMENT.
pcaman2003: Tangent. I can’t throw the knife that far mate. Sorry!
MrWalrus: I’m one short this week unless cooper cat gets a sub run, going to hold my last 2 trades now
frenzy: it comes from ya vent rasp Lol
beerent11: He?s a gun
poolboybob: Just whack the star on Bont now
Pavs: Nice Sinclair seagull now
TheFlagger: yes sinc
nbartos: anyone top 100?
Grimes Jr: 30+ final quarter pls jmac
pcaman2003: Gee! 4 rucks and none reached 50 yet.Lol!
beerent11: Game on!
zadolinnyj: Think we had one on here nbartos
nbartos: cool cmon FF fellas
MrWalrus: If I were top 100 not a chance I wouldn’t be advertising the fact regularly
beerent11: My season is so far gone I bought in danger for 438k this week just for schitts and giggles
DrSeuss: English is playing weak af. Doesn?t look interested against Marshall
beerent11: Tom green and crippa out. Steele and danger in.
Raspel31: Bench Macrae now Beveridge you prima faeces?
Raspel31: Tom Green out- oh poop!
TheFlagger: macrae get off the pine!
zadolinnyj: Best service king had all night
beerent11: No he?s playing rasp. Just not for my team anymore
TheFlagger: uh oh bont
Grimes Jr: Ffs macrae
pcaman2003: Raspel. You’re in a mood tonight. Very un Raspel like.
DrSeuss: How do the Dogs trust Dale so much. He does those turnovers 4-5 times per game
MrWalrus: I think he means traded Rasp, can I have one if you’ve got a spare beer?
Raspel31: Just checked beer you naughty boy- he’s covering Olly.
Tangent: Saints would be up if they had average goal kicking.
beerent11: If I could give you one I would walrus. But I can?t so I shan?t
Raspel31: pcaman- if you can’t beat them, join them.
pcaman2003: Like I was saying. Macca to have a quiet qtr cos I have the VC on him. He’s a tease I tell ya.
Tangent: Saints would be up if they had below average goal kicking.
Raspel31: Well, a quiet qtr if Beveridge benches you for 11 minutes pcaman.
DrSeuss: Marshall is killing it with Ryder out and English playing like a spud
TheFlagger: he spent the first 9 minutes on the bench
pcaman2003: Raspel. Yep! Too frustrating!
pcaman2003: Seuss. English looks unfit to me. He’s moving slowly and showing no urgency for the ball.
Tangent: Why’s BT acting is if saints have a chance?
Gotigres: I suppose you’re better than a donut English, just 600k more expensive.
toddless: @tangent maybe it’s his job as a commentator to try and make the game exciting
Grimes Jr: Cmon jmac 130 plus
Raspel31: So who too now pcaman et al- Touk for my money. Unless of course you have Bont.
pcaman2003: What a find Sinclair was this year. Helping Saints stay in this.
frenzy: one of ya great games English
Hazza09: Ofcourse English a unique in most cash leagues
DrSeuss: Frenzy – finally traded in English this week. Serves up this shit
Stu7: Gresham made amends
zadolinnyj: Great headlock
pcaman2003: Raspel. I have the C on Touk if Maaca doesn’t score 125+
DrSeuss: Haha Dunkly tackles – Bruce grabs his head – free kick to Bruce.
bhg26: I got a Vice Captain right! Thank you Bont!
frenzy: thanks Dr
Stikman35: No one answered. Have the dogs signed English
Stu7: Straight kicking could have seen Saints win this
navy_blues: 11 leg multi up good start to weekend
Olli32019: Not that I give too poops but saints might have been right in it if they played all game like they’re playing now.. dumb
zadolinnyj: Earlier in the year someone gave me shower for saying sinclair would be top 8 defenders
TheFlagger: season done and dusted
Pavs: Hope Lairdy is paying attention to Bonts scoring.
Raspel31: Hmm, Hough to Bont next week?
zadolinnyj: Great work navy
dipstick: what a weak effort by speaker no
pcaman2003: Treloar tackles player to ground with the ball, but no tackle paid. Utter BS!
bhg26: English absolute rubbish tonight
BigGryan: assuming jmac hits 130, take it or should i C laird or took?
piro: mason wood’s SC lol
Hazza09: Piss weak English, absolute disgrace
Stikman35: The dogs song is the most pathetic song ever
frenzy: signed til 2024 stikman
pcaman2003: Playing safe and takin Maccas score now.
beerent11: Worse than freo?s stikman?
Stikman35: Thanks frenzy. Just looked like bont was cutting his lunch all night with a glare
StarvyJ: As a Pies fan I?m expecting Laird to go close to 150 against us tomorrow
TheFlagger: dunkley poo
Stikman35: No Freos is even tougher than that soft love song
Grimes Jr: Take 130 macrae easily
Stikman35: Yes starv. Pies miss our only clearance mid. Out again
Social: ya cant do nuffin bout the bulldog breed

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